Vip Realty Group Inc

Realty Company

13131 University Drive, Fort Myers, Florida, 33907

Vip Realty Group Inc is a licensed real estate corporation in Fort Myers, Florida and has a total experience of 30 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 1001173 was issued to Vip Realty Group Inc on 18 August, 1993. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Vip Realty Group Inc's license document is 13131 University Drive, Fort Myers, Florida, 33907. The license is effective from 06 July, 2001 and will expire on 30 September, 2021.

Vip Realty Group Inc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameVip Realty Group Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience30 yrs
Contact Address13131 University Drive, Fort Myers, Florida, 33907
Florida License Number1001173
Alternate License NumberCQ1001173
CountyLee county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ1001173 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On18 August, 1993
License In Use From06 July, 2001
License Valid Upto30 September, 2021

Employees of Vip Realty Group Inc

As per our records, there are 121 real estate agents who are currently working for Vip Realty Group Inc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Whitney, Clotilde VSales Associate45 yrs192080
Van Sciver, Harold GBroker Associate42 yrs197923
Cohn, DanielSales Associate45 yrs203719
Schuldenfrei, David LBroker Associate45 yrs267421
Ashby, Amy EBroker Associate26 yrs3005650
Gerasin, Cathy AnnBroker Associate26 yrs3005655
Osterholt, David BSales Associate22 yrs3012923
Staley, Deborah ASales Associate22 yrs3014508
Stocks, Diane ElgaSales Associate21 yrs3022417
Anderson, Judith JeanSales Associate21 yrs3023531
Festa, MarianneSales Associate21 yrs3032400
Johnson, Brian HarkerSales Associate21 yrs3043510
Kennedy, Timothy J PaSales Associate21 yrs3043511
Vollmer, William AlanSales Associate20 yrs3055691
Green, Dennis AugustSales Associate20 yrs3057394
Herres, Kim ASales Associate20 yrs3065848
Majorie, Sonja KiddeSales Associate20 yrs3069716
Dattola, John P.Broker Associate19 yrs3071786
Simons, George H Sr LlcSales Associate19 yrs3072618
Anderson, Brian DouglasSales Associate19 yrs3075134
Smiley, Ron MSales Associate19 yrs3085502
Payne, Richard HSales Associate19 yrs3092894
Bortman, Karen FlorenceSales Associate19 yrs3097839
Tooley, RobertSales Associate18 yrs3119522
Bailey, Mary LouBroker Associate42 yrs312308
Doto, Michael AnthonySales Associate18 yrs3123143
Smith, Hollie ESales Associate18 yrs3134117
Jones, Mark Robert LlcSales Associate18 yrs3140062
Dakos, Rosemary GibneyBroker Associate39 yrs314099
Hudak, Kimberly ReneSales Associate18 yrs3142558
Alonso, Ennio A LlcSales Associate18 yrs3154228
Baker, Teresa ThomasonBroker Associate17 yrs3162962
Smith, Martha SueSales Associate17 yrs3166612
Wolf, Janice LeeSales Associate17 yrs3182887
Liptak, John MatthewSales Associate17 yrs3183661
Bjorkedal, ArikaSales Associate16 yrs3190872
Brunsell, Catherine AnnSales Associate14 yrs3224443
Berning, Robert CharlesSales Associate13 yrs3231240
Goodman, Joel MSales Associate13 yrs3232425
Morris, Mark L LlcSales Associate13 yrs3235278
Wexler, DanielSales Associate12 yrs3248290
Mulka, BeckySales Associate11 yrs3258785
Schumacher, Ethan LlcSales Associate11 yrs3265772
Dillow, Patricia PaSales Associate11 yrs3265909
Kinsey, Elizabeth ABroker Associate34 yrs327152
Tatooles, James EuclidSales Associate10 yrs3276105
Dicharia, Tina R. PaSales Associate10 yrs3281337
Wainwright, Amy FancherSales Associate10 yrs3287526
Baron, John ISales Associate9 yrs3295288
Elliott, JessicaSales Associate9 yrs3301338
Bouthillette, PaulBroker Associate9 yrs3308554
Mast, Steven HSales Associate9 yrs3309530
Serrat, Jose PaSales Associate9 yrs3312119
Archambault, JeffreySales Associate8 yrs3316601
Dick, RyanSales Associate8 yrs3317178
Bouthillette, Norma JSales Associate8 yrs3319110
Kucera, IvanaBroker Associate8 yrs3324254
Shepherd, John CharlesBroker Associate8 yrs3328024
Dean, Lisa MarieSales Associate8 yrs3338445
Benjamin, Ted AlanSales Associate8 yrs3338922
Kucera, PaulSales Associate8 yrs3342114
Morris, Mary EllenSales Associate7 yrs3346435
Porterfield, Janet StevensSales Associate7 yrs3348193
Spettel, Anne MSales Associate7 yrs3353322
Varmuza, JankaBroker Associate7 yrs3358329
Carreras, Jose PaSales Associate7 yrs3369872
Moore, Trevor ScottSales Associate7 yrs3374165
Lagunas, LeoncioSales Associate6 yrs3381926
Sieradzki, Stephen JasonSales Associate6 yrs3384105
St Germain, Alexandra LynSales Associate6 yrs3390891
Vaccaro, ValerieBroker Associate5 yrs3408147
Cote, Anthony LeeSales Associate5 yrs3409511
Lord, Eric JasonSales Associate5 yrs3411703
Dumas, ShawnSales Associate5 yrs3418383
Rodriguez, Neisa CookSales Associate5 yrs3419035
Torregrossa, Sharon LynnSales Associate5 yrs3423210
Kinning, Julie ASales Associate4 yrs3440887
Webb Baldwin, Danielle JSales Associate4 yrs3443925
Reichenback, Alexandra EliseSales Associate4 yrs3446083
Pegurri, Scott EdwardSales Associate4 yrs3454223
Long, AnnaSales Associate3 yrs3466403
Hawkins, Amanda BrookeSales Associate3 yrs3469816
Durand, CodySales Associate3 yrs3470140
Carretta, Glenn LBroker Associate34 yrs351443
Robideau, GeorgannBroker Associate30 yrs381800
Mc Menamy, KeithSales Associate41 yrs394106
Bates, John FarrellSales Associate41 yrs396599
Spring, Frederick E P ABroker Associate35 yrs404067
Rivera, Benjamin LlcSales Associate40 yrs417304
Traverso, Cashel JosephSales Associate39 yrs420747
Haas, Sharon JBroker Associate37 yrs440181
Sobczak, Charles BradfordSales Associate38 yrs444335
Humphrey, Robin CliveBroker Associate34 yrs446939
Traverso, Lynda PaBroker Associate28 yrs470579
Petty, Stephen EdwardBroker Associate33 yrs488882
Bell, Karen LynnBroker Associate34 yrs494524
Burruss, John RoySales Associate36 yrs507761
Cronin, Robert WilliamSales Associate36 yrs508380
Ringdahl, Debbie DSales Associate35 yrs517904
Gaeta, Anthony NeilSales Associate34 yrs537484
Gaeta, Kathryn TwistSales Associate34 yrs551244
Hall, James DudleyBroker Associate32 yrs551962
Sims, Sherrill BinfordSales Associate33 yrs560348
Farrell Sands, LisaBroker26 yrs562289
Corey, Denise DonnaSales Associate33 yrs567381
Donaldson, Marlene Diane PaSales Associate32 yrs577201
Smith, Deborah BardSales Associate31 yrs593014
Osterholt, Judy Du BoisSales Associate31 yrs593039
Haas, Gary EugeneSales Associate31 yrs594291
Hudnall, Nancy JSales Associate29 yrs614322
Reddington, Judith DanaSales Associate28 yrs627975
Hetmanek, James F PaBroker Associate25 yrs641728
Hetmanek, Penny LouiseSales Associate27 yrs643812
Bailey, Patrick NormanSales Associate26 yrs649497
Gleason, Deborah Mc QuadeSales Associate26 yrs651256
Amaro Liptak, Naylet PaBroker Associate25 yrs660627
Howland, JanieSales Associate25 yrs662796
Simmons, Glen RaySales Associate25 yrs665656
Dunn, Susan Thielen PaSales Associate24 yrs672275
Walters, Constance LSales Associate24 yrs674208
Lumley, Jayne ESales Associate23 yrs685625

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