Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc

Realty Company

229 N. Tennessee Avenue, Lakeland, Florida, 33801

Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc is a licensed real estate corporation in Lakeland, Florida and has a total experience of 19 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 1023744 was issued to Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc on 06 September, 2005. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc's license document is 229 N. Tennessee Avenue, Lakeland, Florida, 33801. The license is effective from 05 April, 2011 and will expire on 31 March, 2021.

Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameSmart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience19 yrs
Contact Address229 N. Tennessee Avenue, Lakeland, Florida, 33801
Florida License Number1023744
Alternate License NumberCQ1023744
CountyPolk county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ1023744 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On06 September, 2005
License In Use From05 April, 2011
License Valid Upto31 March, 2021

Employees of Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc

As per our records, there are 125 real estate agents who are currently working for Smart Realty Referrals Of Fl Llc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Sewell, PatriciaBroker Associate23 yrs111949
Taylor, Linda FSales Associate19 yrs135342
Daley, Margaret EBroker Associate37 yrs173917
Moosbrugger, Walter PSales Associate13 yrs176419
Sherrard, Jeanne Scott LlcSales Associate46 yrs203427
Tripp, Michael EBroker Associate42 yrs250252
Richardson, Raymond WallaceSales Associate23 yrs3011817
Lashkajani, Amy HarrisSales Associate23 yrs3016560
Miller, Corey JohnSales Associate22 yrs3022755
Wesche, JillSales Associate22 yrs3035952
Callahan, John DSales Associate21 yrs3056187
Bravo, Jose MSales Associate21 yrs3056693
Fowler, JudithSales Associate21 yrs3062399
Buurma, ClarkSales Associate20 yrs3075420
Delattre, JamesBroker Associate20 yrs3091280
Williams, Kimberlee CatherineSales Associate20 yrs3095133
Byerly, Michael AnthonySales Associate20 yrs3106719
Huff, Marlene KaySales Associate19 yrs3109021
Mesiemore, Johnny AllenSales Associate19 yrs3122620
Goff, Charles AnthonySales Associate19 yrs3122831
Kurien, John VSales Associate19 yrs3129401
Rogers, Martha MaeSales Associate19 yrs3138062
Mclaughlin, Thomas Christopher JrBroker19 yrs3148392
Mahoney, Susanne BernadetteSales Associate19 yrs3150995
Roberson, Suzanna FarrellSales Associate19 yrs3153172
Mccoy, Paula MSales Associate18 yrs3159850
Trask, Gail TSales Associate18 yrs3164484
Moyer, RuthannSales Associate18 yrs3167450
Oliver, CathySales Associate18 yrs3177624
Herrscher, Laura JSales Associate18 yrs3181680
Gallant, Christine ElizabethSales Associate18 yrs3188008
Payne, Gary EdwardSales Associate17 yrs3195621
Trees, Kara DayleneSales Associate17 yrs3195627
Swim, Cary MelissaSales Associate17 yrs3202175
Parga, Dunia CarolinaSales Associate17 yrs3205075
Walker, Linda AnnSales Associate16 yrs3207269
Signorelli, Anthony ThomasBroker Associate16 yrs3208059
Hristozova, SvetlanaSales Associate16 yrs3215132
List, Jessica MarieSales Associate16 yrs3216937
Ramnarine, SheldonSales Associate15 yrs3225161
Bolduc, Steven PaulSales Associate15 yrs3226153
Gavula, James MSales Associate14 yrs3231566
Fortson, JenniferSales Associate14 yrs3231946
Ruhmann, LorieSales Associate14 yrs3232276
Patel, Kunjanbala BSales Associate14 yrs3233785
Hildebrand, Rodrigo ASales Associate14 yrs3236870
Fry, Deborah LynnSales Associate14 yrs3236976
Fertig, Wanda MarieSales Associate14 yrs3237724
Fryrear, MichaelSales Associate12 yrs3259845
Perez, Kimberly AnnSales Associate12 yrs3262258
Giddens, Gary LeeSales Associate12 yrs3267557
Schultz, Steven PaulSales Associate11 yrs3271113
Ragland, Patty LBroker Associate37 yrs327358
Demian, Enas LabibSales Associate11 yrs3275661
Buhr, Annette KSales Associate11 yrs3277906
Savage, VincentSales Associate11 yrs3283132
Henderson, Mary BethSales Associate11 yrs3284329
Caldwell Wilson, FeliciaSales Associate11 yrs3285883
Crockett Fullhart, Sunny GlynnSales Associate10 yrs3288726
Fritsche, Joseph W LlcSales Associate10 yrs3290956
Newman, Randy MarcSales Associate10 yrs3298087
Jarvis, LindaSales Associate10 yrs3301728
Ehlenbeck, Michael JohnSales Associate10 yrs3308194
Leal, Leo Lee JrSales Associate10 yrs3314023
Farhangi, MehrdadSales Associate9 yrs3334422
Honea, Jared LeeSales Associate9 yrs3335711
Behr, Celia AngelaSales Associate9 yrs3336602
De La Cruz, Heather AnnSales Associate9 yrs3338642
Ford, KimberlySales Associate9 yrs3341628
Ford, GeneSales Associate9 yrs3341629
Bennett, Heather ReneeSales Associate9 yrs3342463
Miller, DavidSales Associate8 yrs3345011
Foradada, Jose Ramon IvSales Associate8 yrs3345927
Shadlich, GinaSales Associate8 yrs3348165
Andruss, JennySales Associate8 yrs3355868
Vesey, BryanSales Associate8 yrs3356438
Blake, Morgan ChristineSales Associate8 yrs3357167
Groff, Kenny RSales Associate8 yrs3358737
Cameron, Shannon MarieSales Associate8 yrs3361617
Cromartie, Matthew LlcSales Associate8 yrs3362118
Tober, Rebecca JaneSales Associate8 yrs3363749
Murphy, Leah MarieSales Associate8 yrs3364281
Shapiro, StevenSales Associate8 yrs3365375
Mcgee, Michael JohnSales Associate8 yrs3365759
Procko, ChristinaSales Associate8 yrs3370902
Terry, Michael ScottSales Associate7 yrs3379922
Simpson, David HunterSales Associate7 yrs3389660
Barakat, HalaSales Associate7 yrs3399406
Ossian, Mark AndrewSales Associate6 yrs3410896
Suarez, JanetsySales Associate6 yrs3413352
Whitney, Susan GSales Associate6 yrs3419763
Gass, AubreeSales Associate6 yrs3421145
Yang, JingSales Associate6 yrs3427453
Shanstrom, Robert JosephSales Associate6 yrs3428112
Breitung, JamieSales Associate6 yrs3429039
Kraker, Halleigh MarieSales Associate6 yrs3431478
Kalb, Karla JeanSales Associate6 yrs3431703
Nesheiwat, Nicola AdnanSales Associate6 yrs3432186
Sanchez, Jeannette MSales Associate5 yrs3440342
Gatos, Kathleen EBroker Associate5 yrs3442049
Pires De Camargo, NathanSales Associate5 yrs3445220
Holmes, Tamara DeanSales Associate5 yrs3453234
Cameron, Patricia ASales Associate43 yrs366054
Milewski, Virginia IdaSales Associate42 yrs392256
Greenway, Patricia CSales Associate42 yrs394985
Kelly, Patricia KellBroker Associate40 yrs400226
Coffman, Kathleen Mc ConnellSales Associate38 yrs474556
Diggins, Rhonda La MoineSales Associate38 yrs482864
Spector, Jane WolkSales Associate36 yrs518930
Fernandez, Jeanette BrelandBroker Associate32 yrs534755
Mallory, Tamara JeanSales Associate33 yrs579541
Dysert, Terry GeneSales Associate33 yrs580689
Bowne, Douglas NealSales Associate32 yrs588073
Spiwak, Wayne BrianSales Associate32 yrs590078
Covington, Cindy HarrisSales Associate28 yrs635123
Groover, Rosemary AnneSales Associate27 yrs650485
Mc Keel, Seth Douglas JrSales Associate26 yrs659898
Leban, Jean CharlesSales Associate26 yrs660957
Shelton, William DavidSales Associate26 yrs665115
Loftheim, Marguerite StulbSales Associate26 yrs665905
Shannon, Patricia AnnSales Associate26 yrs668339
Taylor, Sarah TinaSales Associate26 yrs669799
Hartman, Richard CharlesSales Associate25 yrs678549
Smith-addison, Karen JoyceSales Associate24 yrs698136
Robertson, Melissa LynnSales Associate23 yrs699956

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