Westgate Marketing Llc

Realty Company

5601 Windhover Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819

Westgate Marketing Llc is a licensed real estate corporation in Orlando, Florida and has a total experience of 14 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 1036937 was issued to Westgate Marketing Llc on 27 May, 2010. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Westgate Marketing Llc's license document is 5601 Windhover Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819. The license is effective from 04 June, 2010 and will expire on 30 September, 2021.

Westgate Marketing Llc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameWestgate Marketing Llc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience14 yrs
Contact Address5601 Windhover Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819
Florida License Number1036937
Alternate License NumberCQ1036937
CountyOrange county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ1036937 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On27 May, 2010
License In Use From04 June, 2010
License Valid Upto30 September, 2021

Employees of Westgate Marketing Llc

As per our records, there are 360 real estate agents who are currently working for Westgate Marketing Llc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Grunsky, James PatrickSales Associate23 yrs3011916
Lugones, Josue ArielSales Associate22 yrs3027594
Elfakir, Mohamad LouiySales Associate22 yrs3028574
Loaiza Rodriguez, Martha IsabelSales Associate22 yrs3033830
Rodriguez, Marlyn PaSales Associate22 yrs3038678
Amato, Paul PaSales Associate21 yrs3047230
Uncein, Alejandro AlbertoSales Associate21 yrs3051244
Saire, Keith GlenSales Associate21 yrs3055530
Curry, Victor TroySales Associate21 yrs3061252
Jordan Malave, Carlos TomasSales Associate21 yrs3065292
Wilkinson-pugh, Cheryl MarvaSales Associate21 yrs3067691
Sewell, Michael JeremySales Associate20 yrs3072434
Smith, Patricia JSales Associate20 yrs3073817
Salom, Renny AntonioSales Associate20 yrs3081093
Santiago, Maria ESales Associate20 yrs3081096
Pereyra, Consuelo MSales Associate20 yrs3103621
Rivas, Jose PaSales Associate19 yrs3119248
Prada, AliciaSales Associate19 yrs3127969
Rausseo, DanielaSales Associate19 yrs3129584
Brown, Andrea DSales Associate19 yrs3137154
Voytyuk, Ganna P PaSales Associate19 yrs3139154
Forero, Edison O PaBroker Associate19 yrs3141556
Rossel, Renzo PaSales Associate19 yrs3141570
Desamours, Tatiana ISales Associate19 yrs3141692
Amato, Carolina PaSales Associate19 yrs3141910
Targownik, MaribelSales Associate19 yrs3143679
Cruz, Carlos E PaSales Associate19 yrs3144977
Ramos-reyes, RubenSales Associate19 yrs3146467
Nava, Valerie LlcSales Associate19 yrs3147950
Largo, Edison VSales Associate19 yrs3148655
Williams, Edda PaSales Associate19 yrs3151359
Tahmaz, EdinaSales Associate19 yrs3151904
Millan, Fredy ArmandoSales Associate19 yrs3152315
Cruz, Hector Manuel PaSales Associate19 yrs3152480
Lopez, Alvaro Javier LlcSales Associate19 yrs3153089
Sanchez Garcia, Julio CesarSales Associate18 yrs3154424
Lopez, LizaidabethSales Associate18 yrs3156821
Urdaneta, Nerio AngelSales Associate18 yrs3156823
Mendoza- Brito, Adriana SashaSales Associate18 yrs3158516
Saravia, Alicia M PaSales Associate18 yrs3159012
Marino, Claudio A PaSales Associate18 yrs3159205
Meier, Milton AntonioSales Associate18 yrs3159937
Wood, Lorenzo L.Sales Associate18 yrs3160470
Soto, Diomedes SantiagoSales Associate18 yrs3161326
Ramirez, Julio Noe JrSales Associate18 yrs3163042
Jones, Ruth SharonSales Associate18 yrs3164525
Bejarano, Jorge HernanSales Associate18 yrs3166338
Quesada, Nixon Andres LlcSales Associate18 yrs3170658
Cobos, Norma ISales Associate18 yrs3172105
Reyes Cruz, Milegdy ASales Associate18 yrs3174691
Mchale, DeboraSales Associate18 yrs3174699
Ramirez, Joaquin EmilioSales Associate18 yrs3174771
Casimir, Nephtaly VerloSales Associate18 yrs3177263
Davis Iii, Herbert W PaSales Associate18 yrs3178774
Fouissi, NourddineSales Associate18 yrs3179110
Lorenzana, Lizette PaSales Associate18 yrs3181437
Chalarca, Diana ASales Associate18 yrs3182651
Justice, Pamela LlcSales Associate18 yrs3182921
Devoe, David CharlesSales Associate18 yrs3183464
Ramirez, Jennifer LlcSales Associate18 yrs3183585
Ben Rejeb, Imen LlcSales Associate18 yrs3183882
Poventud, Josue AlbertoSales Associate18 yrs3184675
Viehweger, Robert Anthony PaSales Associate18 yrs3185344
Santos, ChristineSales Associate18 yrs3185447
Gonzalez, Jesus LeoSales Associate18 yrs3186234
Martinez, IvanSales Associate18 yrs3186321
Blandon, Julio PaSales Associate18 yrs3189253
Kamel, YounesSales Associate17 yrs3189874
Fox, Debbie VirgeneSales Associate17 yrs3194060
Bartholomew Cottone, Tracey A PaSales Associate17 yrs3201173
Pineda, Maria AlejandraSales Associate17 yrs3201756
Hill, Heather LSales Associate17 yrs3204621
Rivera, Wanda IvetteSales Associate17 yrs3204803
Martinez, Ana MariaSales Associate17 yrs3204848
Clark, Christopher Lewis PaSales Associate17 yrs3205806
Weaver, Frank Mohammed PaSales Associate17 yrs3206947
West, Lillian AlbertaSales Associate16 yrs3207330
Kreyer, Jackeline CSales Associate16 yrs3207574
Rotella, Kelley E PaSales Associate16 yrs3212651
Estelle, Sam Allen IiiSales Associate17 yrs3214012
White-reed, Jodi AnnSales Associate16 yrs3214345
Restrepo, Marlon LlcSales Associate16 yrs3214613
Caban, JuanSales Associate16 yrs3215384
Fikri, Amal PaSales Associate15 yrs3217847
Vasquez, Faryde Del PilarSales Associate15 yrs3219043
Taylor, Paris TSales Associate15 yrs3219365
Silver, Claudecy LSales Associate15 yrs3219756
Capper, MaSales Associate15 yrs3223618
Dukhi, NazeemaSales Associate15 yrs3225855
Chater, RolandSales Associate15 yrs3225896
Benrhanem, SamirSales Associate15 yrs3226620
Hasan, Bashir AmirSales Associate15 yrs3227819
Velasquez, Anelisse LlcSales Associate15 yrs3228410
Castillero, Carlos LlcSales Associate15 yrs3228723
Elouajguali, SalahSales Associate15 yrs3228887
Lawson, Laurent LlcSales Associate15 yrs3229172
Coven, Ross HunterSales Associate14 yrs3229789
Casalini, GuillermoSales Associate14 yrs3229903
Siegel, David ABroker14 yrs3234466
Diaz, HomerSales Associate14 yrs3235854
Dillman, LoganSales Associate14 yrs3237021
Busby, PaulSales Associate14 yrs3240120
Arcadia Panet, JulimarSales Associate14 yrs3240894
Grimes, Gary Kenneth JrSales Associate13 yrs3241277
Rios, Ian C LlcSales Associate13 yrs3241392
Mathes, Tiele De Carli MinottoSales Associate13 yrs3242274
Johnson, Prince OSales Associate13 yrs3243658
Ferrer, Erica M PaSales Associate13 yrs3244144
Uncein, Lusalba Del ValleSales Associate13 yrs3244272
Deeb, Claire LlcSales Associate13 yrs3245648
Forestier, Dimas ASales Associate13 yrs3246515
Bello, Angil M PaSales Associate13 yrs3250197
Ash, Christopher E Jr LlcSales Associate13 yrs3250593
Roman, David EdwardSales Associate13 yrs3250596
Volcy, NakitaSales Associate13 yrs3251370
Adkins, Bradley DeanSales Associate13 yrs3251576
Thompson, Franz PaSales Associate13 yrs3251915
Williams, Reynaldo JrSales Associate12 yrs3253831
Salomao, AmeliaSales Associate12 yrs3257530
Pena, Viviana MSales Associate12 yrs3257820
Mendez, Yenis NayisbethSales Associate12 yrs3258175
Solomon, DominicSales Associate12 yrs3258213
Morgan, GizelleSales Associate12 yrs3258518
Moncada, Brenda PaSales Associate12 yrs3260471
Silen Rivera, Gerardo E PaSales Associate12 yrs3260556
Torres, Yunior PaSales Associate12 yrs3260968
Regis Saintil, RebeccaSales Associate12 yrs3261386
Mercado, Hector LSales Associate12 yrs3261517
Winn, Dora Silvia PaSales Associate12 yrs3262055
Zambrano, AlbertSales Associate12 yrs3262647
Bernal, Jorge HumbertoSales Associate12 yrs3263543
Torres, Melba DSales Associate12 yrs3264524
Ramon, Reinaldo Luis PaSales Associate12 yrs3264987
Faria, Romulo PaSales Associate12 yrs3265202
Lahmadi, Taoufik MSales Associate12 yrs3266018
Muratovic, ErolSales Associate12 yrs3266294
Mqalo, MawethuSales Associate12 yrs3266503
Montoya, Maria JulianaSales Associate12 yrs3267598
Jimenez, AaronSales Associate11 yrs3268591
Morales, IsmaelSales Associate11 yrs3269528
Landicini, Katherine MarieSales Associate11 yrs3269637
Hinton, Julius DewayneSales Associate11 yrs3271775
Sacks, Naima FarhaneSales Associate11 yrs3272738
Armas, David L PaSales Associate11 yrs3274936
Tolentino, YomarySales Associate11 yrs3277788
Girdhari, DoodnauthSales Associate11 yrs3278187
Drai, SabrinaSales Associate11 yrs3278996
Lord, Erica SuzanneSales Associate11 yrs3279085
Sosa, Luis ASales Associate11 yrs3283513
Ramirez, Juan ManuelSales Associate11 yrs3284147
Zaccour, Erika EliseSales Associate11 yrs3285317
Stoun, MitchellSales Associate11 yrs3287826
Williams, Anthony Shane PaSales Associate10 yrs3288387
Seminario, Jean PierreSales Associate10 yrs3288442
Jewett, Jodi Traverso PaSales Associate10 yrs3290709
Abdelatif, Mohamed LlcSales Associate10 yrs3291404
Spencer, Jason MichaelSales Associate10 yrs3295164
Santos, Patricia Pereira PaSales Associate10 yrs3296889
Hernandez, RobertoSales Associate10 yrs3299890
Lozowski, MichelleSales Associate10 yrs3304821
Watkins, MyronSales Associate10 yrs3305448
Michael, AyanaSales Associate10 yrs3305937
Salomon, NathachaSales Associate10 yrs3307555
Johnson, PatrickSales Associate10 yrs3308100
Mcgill, Matthew DouglasSales Associate10 yrs3310565
Lopez, Sherima NicoleSales Associate10 yrs3312693
Insua, Norberto PaSales Associate10 yrs3312809
Gregory, Allisa LlcSales Associate10 yrs3313220
Kron, MaxSales Associate9 yrs3315378
Ayala, Keyla MarieSales Associate9 yrs3315752
Elsayed, Youssef Yo PaSales Associate9 yrs3315790
Grossi, Fabiola EdymarSales Associate9 yrs3317468
Forbes, FloydSales Associate9 yrs3318961
Martinez, Jorge Enrique LlcSales Associate9 yrs3320717
Boykin, Fabian LlcBroker Associate9 yrs3321410
Deberadinis, Lauren PaSales Associate9 yrs3322693
Miller, Stella PaSales Associate9 yrs3323511
Franco, Dubirney LlcSales Associate9 yrs3323967
Liz, Isabel Sasso DeSales Associate9 yrs3326474
Crow, MariaSales Associate9 yrs3327623
Vega, Monica KarinaSales Associate9 yrs3330991
Richardson, NatalieSales Associate9 yrs3331655
Dou Alvarez, Anelisa LlcSales Associate9 yrs3332354
Richardson, KaylaSales Associate9 yrs3334430
Navarro, Johnny Raphael Jr PaSales Associate9 yrs3337261
Piedrahita, DanielaSales Associate9 yrs3337931
Irani, PhirozeSales Associate9 yrs3338409
De Jesus Ramos, Ivonne LlcSales Associate9 yrs3338617
Salgado , ValerieSales Associate9 yrs3339458
Schneider, Christopher LlcBroker Associate9 yrs3341271
Santiago, Richard Brandon PaSales Associate9 yrs3342218
Saoudi, OlayaSales Associate9 yrs3343814
Acero, Miguel AndresSales Associate8 yrs3345339
Ahmed, JunaidSales Associate8 yrs3345760
Arroyo Martinez, Jose LuisSales Associate8 yrs3348094
Bonnet, Anthony DavidSales Associate8 yrs3350457
Rivera, Harold JosephSales Associate8 yrs3351044
Spivey, Jeremy RaySales Associate8 yrs3353666
Beltran Perez, Abel Santiago LlcSales Associate8 yrs3353864
Andrade De Rangel, Eliana XellibelSales Associate8 yrs3355572
Gallareta Laviada, Jose AntonioSales Associate8 yrs3356271
Valle, SherleySales Associate8 yrs3357238
Gomez, JustinSales Associate8 yrs3358399
Castillo, GabrielSales Associate8 yrs3359049
Montes De Oca, Jaziel JazSales Associate8 yrs3362467
Crupi, DelinnaSales Associate8 yrs3365361
Gonzalez, Alvaro FranciscoSales Associate8 yrs3365619
Hodgkins, Sean MarcSales Associate8 yrs3365980
Snoussi, Faysal LlcSales Associate8 yrs3366009
Palmer, David DanielSales Associate8 yrs3366326
Alfaro, RonaldSales Associate8 yrs3367000
Lotfi, Rania Nabil ZakariaSales Associate8 yrs3368441
Ortiz Tomicic, Mayra MelodySales Associate8 yrs3369618
Lora, Andres VinicioSales Associate8 yrs3371429
Hernandez, RaysaSales Associate8 yrs3371805
Perez Quintana, Jill D PaSales Associate8 yrs3371970
Ferreyra, Pedro ManuelSales Associate8 yrs3373046
Saddler, ZachariasSales Associate8 yrs3374097
Alvarado, Jackeline PaSales Associate7 yrs3375263
Rago, MichelleSales Associate7 yrs3376142
Ramirez, Daniel AlejandroBroker Associate7 yrs3376409
Mcdowall, KarishaSales Associate7 yrs3376863
Gomez, Carlos JulioSales Associate7 yrs3378814
Briceno, Jesus MiguelSales Associate7 yrs3381295
Perez, YudietSales Associate7 yrs3382755
Flores, Jorge F JrSales Associate7 yrs3383061
Bravo Valdaliso, YailenSales Associate7 yrs3383665
Canela Miller, JessicaSales Associate7 yrs3383882
Carrazana, YanizSales Associate7 yrs3384079
Diaz, MadelineSales Associate7 yrs3385335
Quijano Jr Ii, Benjamin LlcBroker Associate7 yrs3385438
Winters, Austin JordanSales Associate7 yrs3385715
Campo, LeonardoSales Associate7 yrs3386629
Osorio, Mario Andres PaSales Associate7 yrs3388924
Dorbat, Jessica LuzSales Associate7 yrs3389996
Merchan Mendez, Marcos LeonSales Associate7 yrs3390286
Tapia Gomez, Jose EliasSales Associate7 yrs3390291
Escudero Cornejo, SteffanoSales Associate7 yrs3390992
Caminero, JessicaSales Associate7 yrs3391212
Alcantara Placencia, KarlaSales Associate7 yrs3392810
Villegas, Victor AlfonsoSales Associate7 yrs3395315
Maclean, Iain MichealSales Associate7 yrs3395733
Thomas, Chanelle YvetteSales Associate7 yrs3396092
Canevaro Duarte, Jorge Osvaldo LlcSales Associate7 yrs3396301
Zerpa, Yender RafaelSales Associate7 yrs3396370
Intorcia, James Anthony Iii PaSales Associate7 yrs3398311
Sierra, Matthew PaSales Associate7 yrs3400034
Suarez Fernandez, Maria AntoniaSales Associate7 yrs3402038
Philpot, Joy PaSales Associate7 yrs3402179
Porcella, Stefano PaSales Associate6 yrs3403847
Carvajal, Dayana JSales Associate6 yrs3404164
Carvallo, Diali LlcSales Associate6 yrs3404433
Feliciano, Pedro IvanSales Associate6 yrs3408181
Robles, MayraSales Associate6 yrs3409462
Belisario, Gustavo Alberto LlcSales Associate6 yrs3409787
Rodriguez, VictorSales Associate6 yrs3411717
Marquez, Yetsy PaSales Associate6 yrs3412853
Lopez, Jennett MarieSales Associate6 yrs3415690
Gordon, TeresaSales Associate6 yrs3417464
Lamb, Cassidy AnneSales Associate6 yrs3419023
Meseha, Mina LlcSales Associate6 yrs3420137
Gunderson, JacobSales Associate6 yrs3420694
Timm, Andrew BrandonSales Associate6 yrs3423899
Castillo, Gisella IvetteSales Associate6 yrs3424745
Derisan, Wilmer AlexanderSales Associate6 yrs3427757
Arzuaga, MagdeySales Associate6 yrs3429173
Perez, Pinder Carl EstimeSales Associate6 yrs3430025
Ismail, SalmaSales Associate6 yrs3430282
Calderon, Fabian OsmarSales Associate6 yrs3431890
Ohayon, Nadine PaSales Associate6 yrs3431902
Cordero, Josh PaSales Associate6 yrs3432048
Marte, Johanna ElizabethSales Associate5 yrs3433665
Nunez Garcia, Yaritza AleenSales Associate5 yrs3433748
Martinez, Ingrid LuzSales Associate5 yrs3434373
Pereira Perez, Eilleen PaSales Associate5 yrs3434566
Lubin, GinaSales Associate5 yrs3435318
Lafalaise, Ernstso Rico JrSales Associate5 yrs3435762
Silva, Albany PaSales Associate5 yrs3436404
Rodarte, AlejandroSales Associate5 yrs3437511
Hernandez Gutierrez, Ciro Jhoel PaSales Associate5 yrs3437936
Escudero Cornejo, Franco PaSales Associate5 yrs3439244
Williams, AngeloSales Associate5 yrs3439808
Alcala Castellanos, AugustoSales Associate5 yrs3439824
Escobar Rios, Jhonny LlcSales Associate5 yrs3440409
Aguirre, NatachaSales Associate5 yrs3443112
Manuel, Taneka MecaraSales Associate5 yrs3445011
Tabor, Brett EvanSales Associate5 yrs3445217
Hernandez Hernandez, MariaSales Associate5 yrs3445292
Satterfield, Lynnette RoseSales Associate5 yrs3448086
Abreu, VictorSales Associate5 yrs3449312
Boussalham, MounssefSales Associate5 yrs3450173
Rivera, AraceliSales Associate5 yrs3451451
Vivas, Luis RobertoSales Associate5 yrs3452531
Shiflette, JohnSales Associate5 yrs3454602
Shephard, Chester WSales Associate5 yrs3454951
Albo Noda, AbnerSales Associate5 yrs3456210
Duque, Nora NaiduSales Associate5 yrs3456465
Fields, Thomas PaSales Associate5 yrs3459495
Cascio, Stacy MarieSales Associate4 yrs3464117
Moen, Michael PaulSales Associate4 yrs3464177
Pannucci, Jamie JeffreySales Associate4 yrs3464252
Shockley, Kermit Leon JrSales Associate4 yrs3465022
Constantin Dugan, Elyn ISales Associate43 yrs373288
Dardick, Joseph DavidSales Associate43 yrs377410
Munoz, JoseSales Associate38 yrs471840
Siegel, Steven Michael PaSales Associate37 yrs492585
May, Wilhelm WallaceSales Associate36 yrs512092
Mc Intee, Jeanne ASales Associate35 yrs540716
Barra, Francis M PaSales Associate34 yrs567050
Anthony, Virginia L PaSales Associate34 yrs568581
Bucceri, Vincent CliffordSales Associate33 yrs581951
Fuller, Jeffrey KSales Associate32 yrs591876
Dignam, Mary LouiseSales Associate32 yrs593292
Cortland, Sherri AnnBroker Associate32 yrs594080
Gonzalez, Carlos ManuelSales Associate31 yrs605864
Dillman, James MatthewSales Associate30 yrs611469
Mckenzie Hernandez, Michele LynnSales Associate30 yrs612454
Mc Intee, John ESales Associate30 yrs620431
Teal, Gary HarveySales Associate29 yrs623213
Stuart, Janice TSales Associate29 yrs626334
Lee, Debra M PaSales Associate29 yrs626619
Wigert Iii, Albert TorstenSales Associate29 yrs629499
Palmer, John EldonSales Associate29 yrs630183
Tapia, YolandaSales Associate29 yrs633434
Phillips, Faye Q LlcSales Associate28 yrs636241
Holsclaw, Barbara PaSales Associate28 yrs638963
Atiles, Kathleen EllenSales Associate28 yrs639824
Rueda, Eduardo PaSales Associate28 yrs639953
Guazzaroni, Jorge CSales Associate28 yrs643790
Duzant, Lisa AnneSales Associate27 yrs645433
Reveron, Cecilia PaSales Associate27 yrs645770
Engert, Christine LouiseSales Associate27 yrs653749
Rodriguez, Jesus ManuelSales Associate27 yrs654207
Garcia, Joseph FSales Associate27 yrs654684
Newcomm, Lisa MarieSales Associate27 yrs655938
Lopez, Reinaldo Emilio PaSales Associate27 yrs656885
Currey, Robin LynnSales Associate27 yrs657432
Vicari, Giuseppe E PaSales Associate26 yrs660040
Tello, Jorge PaSales Associate26 yrs661999
Sanchez, Albert Jeffrey PaSales Associate26 yrs662684
Ramirez, FranciscoSales Associate26 yrs665021
Ramos, William PatrickSales Associate26 yrs665615
Sierra, Josefina AltagraciaSales Associate26 yrs667769
Gago, MonicaSales Associate26 yrs671776
Vega, EddeSales Associate25 yrs674034
Fernando, Asha HSales Associate25 yrs679361
Byington, Brooke HamptonSales Associate25 yrs680789
Rodriguez, JosefaSales Associate24 yrs686377
Pereyra Otero, Juan Carlos LlcSales Associate24 yrs686513
Diaz, Linday AliciaBroker Associate24 yrs690590
Herrington Roth, Jane EllenSales Associate24 yrs692246
Coleman, Shane John ArthurSales Associate24 yrs692428
Brito, Elizabeth K PaSales Associate24 yrs692765
Garcia Novak, MargotSales Associate24 yrs695707
Elfakir, Mohamad WaelSales Associate24 yrs695928
Rodriguez, Dagma JSales Associate24 yrs697688
Bachmann, Hans JSales Associate23 yrs699435
Aponte, Rosemarie CSales Associate23 yrs700453
Persaud, Mark Michael LlcSales Associate23 yrs707324
Quiroga, Alicia C PaSales Associate23 yrs708326

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