Active Florida Realty Llc

Realty Company

18901 W Dixie Hwy Ste 630812, Miami, Florida, 33180-2635

Active Florida Realty Llc is a licensed real estate corporation in Miami, Florida and has a total experience of 9 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 1044760 was issued to Active Florida Realty Llc on 21 October, 2013. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Active Florida Realty Llc's license document is 18901 W Dixie Hwy Ste 630812, Miami, Florida, 33180-2635. The license is effective from 21 October, 2013 and will expire on 31 March, 2022.

Active Florida Realty Llc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameActive Florida Realty Llc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience9 yrs
Contact Address18901 W Dixie Hwy Ste 630812, Miami, Florida, 33180-2635
Florida License Number1044760
Alternate License NumberCQ1044760
CountyDade county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ1044760 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On21 October, 2013
License In Use From21 October, 2013
License Valid Upto31 March, 2022

Employees of Active Florida Realty Llc

As per our records, there are 657 real estate agents who are currently working for Active Florida Realty Llc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Green, Stanley DSales Associate22 yrs118440
Ceparano, Robert CSales Associate22 yrs152279
Newman, George JSales Associate15 yrs158891
Myers, Cynthia JSales Associate46 yrs166076
Reynolds, Walter W JrSales Associate21 yrs167863
Simmons, Laura LeeSales Associate19 yrs173839
Lewis, Nell MSales Associate22 yrs179422
Wilhelm, Herman ABroker Associate40 yrs191996
Gill, Carolyn CBroker Associate42 yrs200268
Gorman, MarySales Associate44 yrs203446
Pejic, NickBroker Associate27 yrs3002836
Sirmons, Rolanda MesheaSales Associate21 yrs3012099
Garshelis, Carl Henry JrSales Associate21 yrs3014165
Betancourt, Yvette MariaSales Associate21 yrs3014473
Relyea-schill, Nicole MarieSales Associate21 yrs3015133
Tischler, Kerri SSales Associate20 yrs3017812
Stewart, Robert ScottBroker Associate20 yrs3019712
Samaroo, MichaelSales Associate20 yrs3021025
Davis, Jason GardnerSales Associate20 yrs3021129
Brajewska, Malgorzata BeataSales Associate20 yrs3024479
Pedoussaut, Bernard PierreBroker Associate20 yrs3025654
Dunlap, Stoney RaySales Associate20 yrs3026095
Hennings, Josette MarieSales Associate20 yrs3026169
Schofield, Debra PaSales Associate20 yrs3026631
Traficante, ClaudiaSales Associate20 yrs3028012
Fiorentino, William ABroker Associate20 yrs3028380
Smith Erwin, Marianne CBroker Associate20 yrs3030192
Jones, Andrew BarlettSales Associate20 yrs3030346
Cortes, RicardoSales Associate20 yrs3030675
Gill, Hully RBroker Associate40 yrs303152
Prince, Brendan StevenSales Associate20 yrs3032379
Kiyenje, JuliusSales Associate20 yrs3033093
Gardner, David ASales Associate22 yrs30333
Hababou, Michael JBroker20 yrs3033517
Lo, Len HBroker Associate20 yrs3036674
Depaoli, Christopher JosephSales Associate20 yrs3036874
Bacsik, Thomas LBroker Associate37 yrs303694
Hall, Shari MordenSales Associate20 yrs3039813
Landau, Heidi BlairSales Associate20 yrs3039814
Diaz, Nydia ISales Associate20 yrs3043275
Livingstone, Graham RossBroker Associate19 yrs3045638
Cruz, JonathanBroker Associate19 yrs3046296
Harman, Alicia D.Sales Associate19 yrs3047490
Cordoba, Veronica PiaSales Associate19 yrs3049940
Alicea, Jason RamonSales Associate19 yrs3054170
Binkley, Gary StephenSales Associate19 yrs3054341
Nguyen, Tarrant Huy XuanBroker Associate19 yrs3055474
Ferguson, Sidney PSales Associate19 yrs3057010
Flattery, Eric AndersonSales Associate19 yrs3057104
Felix, Barbara JeanSales Associate19 yrs3059328
Golston, Gary RSales Associate43 yrs305934
Sarkar, SourenSales Associate19 yrs3059915
Clayton, Cynthia GSales Associate43 yrs306017
Weldon, Cassandra SueSales Associate19 yrs3062357
Abraham, Jason PSales Associate19 yrs3063588
Skrocki Hebb, Anna MarieSales Associate19 yrs3065675
Houser, OrethaSales Associate19 yrs3066349
Fernandez, Cynthia LSales Associate19 yrs3066895
Justilien, Olga CSales Associate19 yrs3070029
Verbance, Jeffrey PaSales Associate19 yrs3071079
White, Dane PowellSales Associate18 yrs3071842
Agsar, Eli JSales Associate18 yrs3072132
Joseph, Samantha CarrieSales Associate18 yrs3072587
Rodriguez, Jose AntonioSales Associate18 yrs3074756
Oweisi, ElenaSales Associate18 yrs3076334
Hicks, Sean EdwardSales Associate18 yrs3077627
Fonseca, BobSales Associate18 yrs3078241
Webb, Marcella LSales Associate18 yrs3078510
Pujols, JuanSales Associate18 yrs3079506
Graves, Robert AlanSales Associate18 yrs3079589
Craddock, Jaime DawnSales Associate18 yrs3082186
Bernard, Kevin JSales Associate18 yrs3082229
Monika, Israt KSales Associate18 yrs3083643
Stortz, Harrison GeorgeSales Associate18 yrs3086584
Gill, Ashley JSales Associate18 yrs3093263
Kennedy, Kirstin JillSales Associate18 yrs3095228
Consoli, Susan EBroker Associate18 yrs3095901
Corso, Ellen SylviaSales Associate18 yrs3096791
Monroe, Nathan ASales Associate18 yrs3096991
Hayes, Shannon ESales Associate18 yrs3098339
Mcdonough, Thomas ASales Associate18 yrs3098467
Gustavel, Joan MarieSales Associate18 yrs3100517
Holzmann, Avner DoronSales Associate18 yrs3100866
Cropp, Charles CSales Associate18 yrs3101008
Dunaway, John AllenSales Associate18 yrs3101299
Proulx, John CharlesSales Associate18 yrs3101525
Burgess, Sonja MarieSales Associate18 yrs3102036
Chapman, Kristina BethSales Associate18 yrs3103879
Noble, David WilburSales Associate18 yrs3104008
Fernandes, CristinaSales Associate18 yrs3104099
Carey, Nancy M.Sales Associate18 yrs3105812
Benedetto, Arlene CruzSales Associate18 yrs3106489
Patyna, CherylSales Associate17 yrs3108307
Van Dersys, Adrianus MSales Associate17 yrs3111148
Yahya, Albert MSales Associate17 yrs3112246
Halim, Chantelle JaneSales Associate17 yrs3113144
Sandige, Brent LelandSales Associate17 yrs3114202
Galechyan, NairaSales Associate17 yrs3114350
Collins, Allan JeneSales Associate17 yrs3115425
Unger, MartinSales Associate17 yrs3116651
Swan, Dennis LorenSales Associate17 yrs3117489
Pollak Reby, FelizitasSales Associate17 yrs3119346
Beerman, Trudy MBroker Associate17 yrs3121983
Abaroa, JudithSales Associate17 yrs3123322
Duque, MariaSales Associate17 yrs3124278
Pahwa, GagandeepSales Associate17 yrs3129762
Larsen, Hope RSales Associate17 yrs3130644
Pope, Kirsten MSales Associate17 yrs3130864
Wink, Frances JeanSales Associate17 yrs3131352
Martin, Pamela JeanSales Associate17 yrs3132096
Friedman, Warren EvanBroker Associate17 yrs3134289
Webster, Jane RobertsSales Associate17 yrs3134672
Krief, JeannetteSales Associate17 yrs3138547
Adai, Bindu TSales Associate17 yrs3138664
Mcdaniel, Kathy RSales Associate17 yrs3139072
Brereton, PaulBroker Associate17 yrs3139891
Schneider, CharlesSales Associate17 yrs3142210
Strimbu, GheorgheSales Associate17 yrs3143812
Su, JudySales Associate17 yrs3144507
Becerra, David MichaelSales Associate17 yrs3146194
Mann, Kenneth VSales Associate17 yrs3149385
Williams, FloSales Associate17 yrs3150186
Michel, Igor RichardSales Associate17 yrs3150270
Ceron, Gloria MariaSales Associate17 yrs3151134
Soule, Lisa GBroker Associate17 yrs3151608
Fried, Howard CurtisBroker Associate17 yrs3154309
Wayno, Jerome W JrBroker Associate41 yrs315599
Ezeta, JaimeSales Associate16 yrs3157896
Tanzer, Stephen AllanSales Associate16 yrs3158777
Swiernik, Christine DawnSales Associate16 yrs3159334
Chan, Karin ChristinaSales Associate16 yrs3161083
Jeevanjee, Abbas AliSales Associate16 yrs3162186
Keren, LunaSales Associate16 yrs3164641
Perry, KimberliSales Associate16 yrs3167763
Senkarik, Ryan WesleySales Associate16 yrs3167915
Gonzalez, Felix MSales Associate16 yrs3168557
Capote, Douglas RSales Associate16 yrs3168603
Steding, David JeffreySales Associate16 yrs3171298
Narkir, RandySales Associate16 yrs3172315
Martinez-toscano, Melissa LinetteSales Associate16 yrs3176003
Correa, JuniorSales Associate16 yrs3176757
Garthe, John StevenSales Associate16 yrs3177433
Barkholenko, ElenaSales Associate16 yrs3179339
Bernshtam, EllaSales Associate16 yrs3179985
Stefanowicz, Michael JohnBroker Associate16 yrs3180127
Wright, Teacora FayeSales Associate16 yrs3180955
Pritchatt, H IanSales Associate43 yrs318161
Peterman, Bruce WayneSales Associate16 yrs3182073
Jorge, RosaliaSales Associate16 yrs3182614
Gilbert, Multida LSales Associate16 yrs3186109
Lenfest, Ellen MarieSales Associate16 yrs3188011
Richard, Patricia SchmidtSales Associate16 yrs3188870
Rivera, Anna LisaSales Associate15 yrs3189679
Ivers, Kathleen AnneSales Associate15 yrs3190555
Cole, Luz YSales Associate15 yrs3193891
Lopez Herrera, Xochilt IsabelSales Associate15 yrs3194303
Zerdoun, HerveSales Associate15 yrs3194421
Leon, Francisco JoseSales Associate15 yrs3198032
Bhatia, GautamSales Associate15 yrs3199024
Batista, EfrainSales Associate15 yrs3201169
Sofer, MichaelSales Associate15 yrs3202658
Kehl, Cheryl DeniseSales Associate15 yrs3204072
Osias, TonySales Associate15 yrs3206081
Gee Jones, PatriciaSales Associate15 yrs3206677
Tellier, Jennifer LeeSales Associate14 yrs3208359
Burnham, LuciaSales Associate14 yrs3208567
Koivu, Jason DSales Associate14 yrs3210854
Sasson, ElieSales Associate14 yrs3211381
Kleinsorgen, Donna CherylSales Associate14 yrs3211954
Salas, Justine LapierreSales Associate14 yrs3212036
Cimo, Sherry BurksSales Associate14 yrs3214385
Mendez, Natalie RSales Associate14 yrs3214530
Tan, Hw Ping RacineSales Associate14 yrs3215696
Gonzalez, MorganSales Associate14 yrs3216440
Sutherland, DavidSales Associate14 yrs3216892
Cooney, PeterSales Associate13 yrs3218475
Nishku, VasillaqSales Associate13 yrs3219364
Crews, Jesse DavidSales Associate13 yrs3219389
Fernandez, Wenceslao JrSales Associate13 yrs3220547
Smith, William ClarkSales Associate13 yrs3222054
Porcaro, RobertSales Associate13 yrs3222930
Mahler, KimberlySales Associate13 yrs3225341
Robertson, Allan HilbertSales Associate13 yrs3226570
Norman, LisaSales Associate13 yrs3226641
Schotzinger, MichaelSales Associate13 yrs3227484
Manzi, Murielle JoyceSales Associate13 yrs3227898
Gungor, MustafaSales Associate13 yrs3228022
Banks, PlesSales Associate13 yrs3228690
Wolchesky, Ronald GSales Associate13 yrs3228970
Karavangelos, GeorgeBroker Associate12 yrs3229804
Galford, GregorySales Associate12 yrs3230670
Chau, Lyliam IrmaSales Associate12 yrs3232913
Hetchler, TraciSales Associate12 yrs3233739
Bodden, Eddie LindsaySales Associate12 yrs3233816
Myers, John WSales Associate12 yrs3234363
Rottenberg, CarlosSales Associate12 yrs3234512
Matus, Christine PaSales Associate12 yrs3234711
Posse, Laura MariaSales Associate12 yrs3235788
Lorio, Ivania DSales Associate12 yrs3235929
Kantargis, Alan DSales Associate12 yrs3236834
Sigler, Alberto SrBroker Associate12 yrs3237770
Valera, DavidSales Associate12 yrs3237827
Higgins Mclaughlin, Christa Wendy MoniqueSales Associate12 yrs3238383
Rackard, CelesteSales Associate12 yrs3238771
Flores, Marcio RogerioSales Associate12 yrs3239145
Miller, Kim CyrSales Associate12 yrs3240089
Light, Eric HaroldSales Associate12 yrs3240184
Ikzer, Baha George YacobSales Associate12 yrs3240843
Heilman, MichelleSales Associate12 yrs3241088
Flores, Rita LSales Associate11 yrs3242483
Dignan, PhillipSales Associate11 yrs3242588
Maffey Levy, Vanessa AnneSales Associate11 yrs3243693
Edwards, Elena KuzhilnayaSales Associate11 yrs3244259
Schwinghammer, Paul CBroker Associate11 yrs3244530
Cruz, Jeffrey ASales Associate11 yrs3246087
Azoulay, StephanieSales Associate11 yrs3247232
Cahill, John FrancisSales Associate11 yrs3247989
Perkins, David FordSales Associate11 yrs3248936
Copeland, Kathryn ElizabethSales Associate11 yrs3249835
Reby, Jean Bernard AlainSales Associate11 yrs3249945
Lammi, Raymond ThomasSales Associate11 yrs3250065
Rodriguez, RosalindaSales Associate11 yrs3250360
Pleasants, CaroleSales Associate11 yrs3250799
Clark, PamelaSales Associate11 yrs3251672
Amory, JulissaSales Associate11 yrs3251809
Villasana, Mariela DSales Associate11 yrs3252404
Marcone, Michael AnthonySales Associate10 yrs3254944
Wright, EvertonSales Associate10 yrs3255132
Dattilo, Deborah AnnSales Associate10 yrs3256169
Collins, Mary JaneSales Associate10 yrs3256468
Sorger, MildredSales Associate10 yrs3257922
Riley, Michael TurnerSales Associate10 yrs3259023
Bensky, SergeyBroker Associate10 yrs3259219
Romano, JohnSales Associate10 yrs3259729
Palacios, JaromilSales Associate10 yrs3261896
Simon, IonutSales Associate10 yrs3261954
Zdanovich, HalinaBroker Associate10 yrs3262659
Patel, Mihir V PaSales Associate10 yrs3263939
Karpowich, John WSales Associate10 yrs3264203
Milosavljevic, NikolaSales Associate10 yrs3264435
Augustyniak, GregorySales Associate10 yrs3264784
Hodges, JaysonSales Associate10 yrs3265886
Lafountain, Joseph MurphySales Associate10 yrs3266512
Whyte Smith, AthleneSales Associate10 yrs3266538
Hanzel, Ricki SSales Associate10 yrs3266576
Johnson, Alexander XandiBroker Associate10 yrs3266723
De Andres, EnriqueSales Associate10 yrs3266953
Denis, RicardoSales Associate10 yrs3267314
Krause, MichaelaSales Associate10 yrs3267554
Burton, Andrea MoniqueSales Associate10 yrs3267763
Balke, Theodore WilliamSales Associate10 yrs3268379
Rodriguez, Toni SariahSales Associate9 yrs3268544
Carter, Matthew BSales Associate9 yrs3269258
Price, Stephen RichardSales Associate9 yrs3269878
Allen, Joseph AlfredoSales Associate9 yrs3270265
Ulmer, Janet LynSales Associate9 yrs3270565
Smith, MoniqueSales Associate9 yrs3270609
Kiel, AshleeSales Associate9 yrs3270671
Beaumont, Anthony DerickSales Associate9 yrs3272180
Marschner, LilianSales Associate9 yrs3272831
Bryan, John HarrySales Associate9 yrs3272954
Gabrych, Monika AnnaSales Associate9 yrs3273097
Armstrong, Angelia MarieBroker Associate9 yrs3274483
Newburg, Stephen FSales Associate9 yrs3274511
Fuentes, Agustin JrSales Associate9 yrs3275297
Richardson, Alexandra KamilleSales Associate9 yrs3276465
Del Rey, Oscar LlcSales Associate9 yrs3277156
Vivian Jr, Raymond PllcSales Associate9 yrs3277293
Thorson, Shane DanielSales Associate9 yrs3277986
Skelly, KennethSales Associate9 yrs3278527
Morillo, Juan JoseSales Associate9 yrs3279128
Amat, EricSales Associate9 yrs3280477
Herig, Jeffery A.Sales Associate9 yrs3281547
Manfredi, Christopher JamesSales Associate9 yrs3281911
Echevarria, Jennifer LlcSales Associate9 yrs3282717
Patel, HirenSales Associate9 yrs3284450
Puentes, Luz AlbaSales Associate9 yrs3284541
Brooks, GarrettSales Associate9 yrs3284744
Oberlender, Alexander J.Sales Associate9 yrs3285273
Vazquez, Erika NicoleSales Associate9 yrs3285715
Jones, Logan TSales Associate9 yrs3286626
Hardy, AndreSales Associate8 yrs3288925
Bryant, Cherry-annSales Associate8 yrs3288992
Ramirez, Roberto ManuelSales Associate8 yrs3289072
Buteau, Sheila SueSales Associate8 yrs3291023
Bodinski, BonnieSales Associate8 yrs3291500
Mccarthy, Jodie AnneSales Associate8 yrs3291981
Reese, TshakaSales Associate8 yrs3292161
Baker, Cheryl RobinSales Associate8 yrs3292764
Yu, JimSales Associate8 yrs3294014
Tower, Laura AnneSales Associate8 yrs3294324
Kendzierski, KennethSales Associate8 yrs3295442
Santiago, LorenaSales Associate8 yrs3297116
Ikerd, Christopher FredericSales Associate8 yrs3297341
Cortes, WilfredSales Associate8 yrs3298031
Valdes, LuisSales Associate8 yrs3298269
Rodriguez, Christopher MorrisSales Associate8 yrs3298544
Hermida, Kevin MSales Associate8 yrs3298831
Anders Hoepgen, Lisa JSales Associate8 yrs3299002
Rubell, Terrilynn CunninghamSales Associate8 yrs3299108
Graham, Daryl Lee IiSales Associate8 yrs3300102
Seba, JimmySales Associate8 yrs3300607
Longwater, ChimeneSales Associate8 yrs3301298
Cohen, MarshallSales Associate8 yrs3301480
Estevez Gonzalez, EdneiSales Associate8 yrs3301891
Rowland, JohnSales Associate8 yrs3302839
Wise, Nicole JaneenSales Associate8 yrs3303136
Steinberg, David RoySales Associate8 yrs3304648
Esanu, Giora YSales Associate8 yrs3305985
Carvalho, Ivette CSales Associate8 yrs3306058
Krek, MonicaSales Associate8 yrs3306929
Rutledge, Richard Chapman SrSales Associate8 yrs3307139
Marshall, EvanSales Associate8 yrs3307364
Silvestro, LeannaSales Associate8 yrs3307524
Block, RyanSales Associate8 yrs3308087
Wald, JonathanSales Associate8 yrs3308433
Adams, BruceSales Associate8 yrs3309885
Holland, Amanda PaSales Associate8 yrs3310175
Amar, CarolineSales Associate8 yrs3310242
Williams, Michael TravisSales Associate8 yrs3310839
Silva, ThiagoSales Associate8 yrs3312175
Eibell, Eric RonaldSales Associate8 yrs3312898
Ruiz, Omaira JosefinaSales Associate8 yrs3313689
Thompson, Kyle PatrickSales Associate8 yrs3313754
Taher, Derekica AnthonetteSales Associate8 yrs3313857
Wilson, Barry ErnestSales Associate7 yrs3315015
Adelakun, LorettaSales Associate7 yrs3315400
Liu, Nga KiSales Associate7 yrs3316939
Mc Bride, Edward JSales Associate42 yrs331736
Burke, Thorn MichaelSales Associate7 yrs3318157
Northridge, ScottSales Associate7 yrs3319959
Shillinger, Kyle CorleySales Associate7 yrs3320095
Lobianco, Nicole M.Sales Associate7 yrs3320140
Nelson, JeremySales Associate7 yrs3320582
Dalton, Belvy Gene JrSales Associate7 yrs3321041
Martinez, GabrielSales Associate7 yrs3321069
Justison, James J LlcSales Associate7 yrs3321601
Weingrad, Connie JaneSales Associate7 yrs3321676
Rodriguez, Francis RSales Associate7 yrs3322297
Alarcon, Elias FelipeSales Associate7 yrs3322836
Otero, Carlos JrSales Associate7 yrs3323773
Hao, WeiSales Associate7 yrs3324214
Wysokowski, ThomasSales Associate7 yrs3324470
Mcewen, Charlotte MarlowSales Associate7 yrs3325366
Cowen, KathleenSales Associate7 yrs3326135
Murray, AndrewSales Associate7 yrs3327401
Konstantinidis, Emmanuel GeorgeSales Associate7 yrs3327653
Kearney, GregorySales Associate7 yrs3328657
Brixius, Nick LeeSales Associate7 yrs3329405
Watson, Alicia CSales Associate7 yrs3329616
Ortega, Leonel ASales Associate7 yrs3329813
Almestica, KatrinaSales Associate7 yrs3329822
Valdes, CindySales Associate7 yrs3330779
Parris, Kevin Alan PaSales Associate7 yrs3330876
Berrebi, JenniferSales Associate7 yrs3331254
Herzberg, Steven BarrySales Associate7 yrs3332067
Mitchell, SamanthaSales Associate7 yrs3333316
Martin, Paul WelslerSales Associate7 yrs3333510
Somarriba, Jimmy ASales Associate7 yrs3333689
Nodelman, Jordan MatthewSales Associate7 yrs3335225
Minder, William RichardSales Associate7 yrs3336056
Goble, Connie ElizabethSales Associate7 yrs3340408
Brown Dukes, Shelisia LeavetteSales Associate7 yrs3340822
Law, Mary CarolSales Associate7 yrs3341176
Marre, Jason BlakeSales Associate7 yrs3342796
Flores, Sonya TinqueSales Associate7 yrs3342951
Podvin, Scott LSales Associate7 yrs3343663
Rawlings, Robert BrettSales Associate7 yrs3343887
Hlawaty, KatharinaSales Associate7 yrs3344047
Spitsin, ElenaSales Associate7 yrs3344370
Sauter Barona, Julie RoseSales Associate7 yrs3344527
Hawkins, EricSales Associate7 yrs3344659
Ford, Kevin MichaelSales Associate6 yrs3344813
Cantrell, DouglasSales Associate6 yrs3345346
Van Zyl, Albertus JohannesSales Associate6 yrs3345607
Hamidfar, HamedSales Associate6 yrs3346437
Valmy, ViniaSales Associate6 yrs3346472
Langlinais, Brent OrenSales Associate6 yrs3346473
Sparks, TammySales Associate6 yrs3346653
Akula, Rakesh LlcSales Associate6 yrs3346974
Garcia, NormaSales Associate6 yrs3347144
Nelson, Patricia DoncheSales Associate6 yrs3347990
Ramirez, Henry DSales Associate6 yrs3348675
Greer, NormanSales Associate6 yrs3350180
Nelson, Daniel LeeBroker Associate6 yrs3350239
Bloodworth, Acasi AyannaSales Associate6 yrs3350635
Zeo, Jennifer LynnSales Associate6 yrs3351043
Slater, DennisSales Associate6 yrs3351377
Hogan, Larry Rubin JrSales Associate6 yrs3351397
Rivera, RocioSales Associate6 yrs3352978
Martin, John C IiSales Associate6 yrs3353395
Rupersburg, Thomas ReynoldSales Associate6 yrs3354112
Lima, ClaudiaSales Associate6 yrs3356677
Perkins, Alicia LynnSales Associate6 yrs3358566
Rachil, PamelaSales Associate6 yrs3358673
Kulp, Connie LeeSales Associate6 yrs3359264
Floyd Carter, DeliahSales Associate6 yrs3359300
Sylvestre, StephanieSales Associate6 yrs3360008
Botta, Francisco ASales Associate6 yrs3360354
Tuennermann, RalfSales Associate6 yrs3360802
Higgins, NataliyaSales Associate6 yrs3361110
Reagan, Michael EarlSales Associate6 yrs3361282
Piers, DrewSales Associate6 yrs3361401
Moore, Anissa LSales Associate6 yrs3361655
Oliver Pratt, Kayla TSales Associate6 yrs3362642
Ambroise, KenishaSales Associate6 yrs3362698
Hen, OrSales Associate6 yrs3363046
Miller, Grant RaymondSales Associate6 yrs3363948
Pringle, TamaraSales Associate6 yrs3363998
Gonzalez, FlorenciaSales Associate6 yrs3364675
Pashynska, OlgaSales Associate6 yrs3364873
De Souza, AbilioSales Associate6 yrs3366565
Lafaurie, EdgardoSales Associate6 yrs3366974
Foster, Morgan AlyssaSales Associate6 yrs3367727
Ortiz, Joel JrSales Associate6 yrs3367729
Del Valle Echevarria, Blanca ESales Associate6 yrs3368034
Borja, FernandoSales Associate6 yrs3368397
Riley, Caroline MSales Associate6 yrs3368628
Ehrlich, David JamesBroker Associate6 yrs3368664
Lafaurie, Kelley MarieSales Associate6 yrs3369666
Venderley, Brent ASales Associate6 yrs3370247
Mahler, Brianna NoelleSales Associate6 yrs3370626
Perez Tirse, ChristopherSales Associate6 yrs3370936
Silver, Douglas RuchardSales Associate6 yrs3370972
Gauch, Priscila FerreiraSales Associate6 yrs3371519
Mc Gill, Robert DBroker Associate40 yrs337184
Eichstedt, Aaron RobertSales Associate6 yrs3372018
Arias, Gustavo AdolfoSales Associate6 yrs3372099
Epperly, Judson CooperSales Associate6 yrs3374208
Padote, WhitneySales Associate5 yrs3374865
Santos Cantwell, Wilma D LlcSales Associate5 yrs3375088
Perini, JasonSales Associate5 yrs3375112
Matthew, Micheila KyleaSales Associate5 yrs3376010
Szakal, Patricia LSales Associate42 yrs337614
Piwowarczyk, James MatthewSales Associate5 yrs3376294
Nunes, Ricardo De JesusSales Associate5 yrs3377068
Kirkland, VictoriaSales Associate5 yrs3378009
Raynshteyn, DavidSales Associate5 yrs3378560
Crenshaw, CameronSales Associate5 yrs3378708
Sims, David EvansSales Associate5 yrs3378830
Paumen, GarySales Associate5 yrs3379853
Prephan, Richard ScottSales Associate5 yrs3381187
Pacheco, LisbethSales Associate5 yrs3381466
Moris, GwendolyneSales Associate5 yrs3381976
Baker, Phillip BarclaySales Associate5 yrs3382487
Benjamin, Ginger LuanneSales Associate5 yrs3383282
Wise, Robert StanleySales Associate5 yrs3384214
Baez, PedroSales Associate5 yrs3385469
Edwards, CarlSales Associate5 yrs3387476
Nguyen, Tiffany Nhung CamSales Associate5 yrs3388184
Sydney, ErnstSales Associate5 yrs3388765
Coppola, MassimoSales Associate5 yrs3389600
Mcallister, MarshallSales Associate5 yrs3389891
Hermans, Yvonne JeannetteSales Associate5 yrs3389977
Taibl, LindaSales Associate5 yrs3390584
Stokes, Sakeenah LlcSales Associate5 yrs3390842
Kreps, NicholasSales Associate5 yrs3391471
Ivanov, OlegSales Associate5 yrs3391724
Edwards, Kory Wayne LlcSales Associate5 yrs3392178
Martin, James PatrickBroker Associate5 yrs3392189
Pierson, Kenneth ScottSales Associate5 yrs3392194
Sabrosky, JillSales Associate5 yrs3392411
Reid, Donovan MalcolmSales Associate5 yrs3392986
Tarpey, Howard ThomasSales Associate5 yrs3393381
Shanlian, Dr Michael JohnSales Associate5 yrs3395056
Hamlet, DonavanSales Associate5 yrs3396029
Schroeder, Derek JSales Associate5 yrs3397092
Glover, NicholasSales Associate5 yrs3398166
Kemp, TroySales Associate5 yrs3400126
Silhomme, Dashana JoyceSales Associate5 yrs3400869
Ganio, LaurieSales Associate5 yrs3401889
Tysco, HeatherSales Associate4 yrs3403448
Jaiprashad, RajeshSales Associate4 yrs3403530
Levine Tribble, SamanthaSales Associate4 yrs3403665
Brandt, PatrickSales Associate4 yrs3404604
Pochebite, ValSales Associate4 yrs3404807
Nowroski, Thomas DSales Associate4 yrs3406177
Koneru, DeepthiSales Associate4 yrs3406904
Malakhov, VladimirSales Associate4 yrs3407825
Kuang, ShanSales Associate4 yrs3408333
Katsikaris, GeorgeSales Associate4 yrs3409113
Tysco, JeffreySales Associate4 yrs3409369
Betancourt, Natalie LlcSales Associate4 yrs3410076
Mitchell, Rodney DSales Associate4 yrs3410229
Gillman, Laura MarieSales Associate4 yrs3410793
Butler, Gordon Marion JrSales Associate4 yrs3410831
Myott, RachelSales Associate4 yrs3411276
Soussan , ElishaSales Associate4 yrs3411370
Funk, Lawrence PatrickSales Associate4 yrs3411986
Achas, Blesil CenizaSales Associate4 yrs3412491
Lopez, Ephraim FranciscoSales Associate4 yrs3412766
Hafeez, MohammedSales Associate4 yrs3413840
Buzzetta, Theresa MariaSales Associate4 yrs3414049
Dunshee, Jon AndrewSales Associate4 yrs3414546
Giardino, Joseph Russell LlcSales Associate4 yrs3416502
Lobue, YelenaSales Associate4 yrs3417017
Mohamad, MariaSales Associate4 yrs3418508
Mena, MilagroSales Associate4 yrs3418914
Garcia, Cristian AntonioSales Associate4 yrs3419135
Razafitahientsoa, AngelaSales Associate4 yrs3419606
Brown, Ronald Lee JrSales Associate4 yrs3420184
Tyransky, Jeremey PaSales Associate4 yrs3420665
Sarduy, Joseph ASales Associate4 yrs3420879
Cobb, Brian ASales Associate4 yrs3421224
Seymore Reyes, Deloris JeanSales Associate4 yrs3421346
Mitchell, Yolanda LeeSales Associate4 yrs3422190
Eva, Janefar ASales Associate4 yrs3423693
Jepsen, JaydeeSales Associate4 yrs3425465
Gasperson, ChristinaSales Associate4 yrs3426891
Norman, BrandonSales Associate4 yrs3427459
Eltaweel, Mahmoud GSales Associate4 yrs3429367
Klein, Jenine MiaSales Associate4 yrs3429417
Andrews, Tavara KayeSales Associate4 yrs3430494
Stoller, Todd HSales Associate3 yrs3433376
Borkowski, Michael LSales Associate3 yrs3434319
Lefebvre, LauraSales Associate3 yrs3435299
Cimo, Ronald StevenSales Associate3 yrs3436390
Clark, Richard RaymondSales Associate3 yrs3436785
Giannell, Cherri Ann Daniella BentleySales Associate3 yrs3437500
Ferguson, Tamika DominiqueSales Associate3 yrs3437553
Morgan, Linda ReneeSales Associate3 yrs3437967
Gonzalez, BentleySales Associate3 yrs3438260
Rogozhnikova, EkaterinaSales Associate3 yrs3439391
Ramirez, Robinson AlbertoSales Associate3 yrs3440008
Ortiz Feliciano, RobertoSales Associate3 yrs3440510
Mirville, AngeloSales Associate3 yrs3441392
Alecse, Cristian GeorgeSales Associate3 yrs3441556
Bott, Patricia AnnSales Associate3 yrs3442127
Brandt, StevenSales Associate3 yrs3442142
Mora, DesideSales Associate3 yrs3443238
Curl, Christina ASales Associate3 yrs3443666
Welch, James S JrSales Associate3 yrs3444128
Bayens, Bryce DavidSales Associate3 yrs3444458
Pontz, Amy MichelleSales Associate3 yrs3444926
Ellars, James RobertSales Associate3 yrs3445980
Lebada, RafaelSales Associate3 yrs3446172
Eaton, ChristopherSales Associate3 yrs3448213
Zimmerman, EricSales Associate3 yrs3450633
Wiggs, Saundra MBroker Associate38 yrs345104
Latchman, VidyanandSales Associate3 yrs3454575
Perez, Carlos AndresSales Associate3 yrs3454598
Pope, Dennis DwightSales Associate3 yrs3459013
Hesson, Jeffrey RyanSales Associate3 yrs3459272
Crews, Jonathan EugeneSales Associate3 yrs3460522
Rodriguez, Ana LissetteSales Associate3 yrs3460794
Johnson, PhilanaBroker Associate2 yrs3461324
Billingslea, Pattie LaroseSales Associate2 yrs3462020
Rojas, David ZabdielSales Associate2 yrs3463230
Donnelly, Joan ESales Associate2 yrs3463541
Maag, Peter JonathanSales Associate2 yrs3463630
Mcdermott, SeanSales Associate2 yrs3467887
Vaught, James EdmundSales Associate2 yrs3468318
Swientek, Alisha RSales Associate2 yrs3470161
Redman, Ricky JSales Associate2 yrs3470227
Sheer, Jonathan DavidSales Associate2 yrs3471649
Landis, PetrosSales Associate2 yrs3473273
Rodriguez, Dorgeris ESales Associate41 yrs359125
Wadsworth, Walter ESales Associate41 yrs359345
Mastandrea, Mark ABroker Associate40 yrs360119
Ross, KevinBroker Associate36 yrs371552
Almeida, Federico VictorSales Associate41 yrs378341
Marchi, Ross AnthonyBroker Associate38 yrs392510
Harmon, Walter RaleighBroker Associate38 yrs402538
Infante, Jose MiguelSales Associate39 yrs408008
Thomas, Lynn MSales Associate39 yrs411621
Fistel, PaulaSales Associate38 yrs418480
Copeland, Mark SSales Associate38 yrs420958
Berger, Jerome ASales Associate38 yrs431429
Yeisley, RalphSales Associate38 yrs436999
Parker, EleanorSales Associate37 yrs442471
Wu, Shen Jyh HarryBroker Associate35 yrs460663
Berg, Eithel GeorgSales Associate36 yrs472991
Sejas, RenatoSales Associate36 yrs473931
Allison, John PaSales Associate36 yrs477951
Florio, Azury CSales Associate36 yrs479117
Galli, Marc StevenBroker Associate34 yrs481249
Steinback, Allen LewisBroker Associate34 yrs481338
Arman, Michael PerrySales Associate36 yrs484150
Gallagher, Donald JonBroker Associate33 yrs486884
Tison, Michele NolenSales Associate35 yrs487161
Lahrs Evans, Diane BrigidSales Associate35 yrs488363
Agharahimi, HosseinSales Associate35 yrs494382
Sopelsa, Jeanne SSales Associate35 yrs496574
Mckanna, Peter WayneSales Associate35 yrs496664
Leandre, Joseph AugustinSales Associate35 yrs499196
Van Baalen, Henry JrSales Associate35 yrs499217
Sella, Gladys LisetteSales Associate35 yrs499828
Lopez, ElviraBroker Associate31 yrs502125
Portillo, MaximilianSales Associate34 yrs510434
Chubb, Magaly MercedesSales Associate34 yrs511669
Black, Jamie CSales Associate34 yrs514563
Bravo, Jorge ISales Associate34 yrs515649
Patterson, Sidney MichaelSales Associate34 yrs522457
Lopez, Anthony JSales Associate34 yrs528031
Heaney, Frank JosephSales Associate33 yrs534355
Sistrunk, Steven RobertSales Associate33 yrs536430
Scemla, MurielSales Associate33 yrs540036
Phillips, Patricia ESales Associate33 yrs540037
Puentes, Denise PaSales Associate33 yrs540054
Veilleux, Robin MSales Associate33 yrs542103
Tarr, Donald Paul JrSales Associate33 yrs552317
Norman, Bradley JaySales Associate32 yrs566166
Gonzalez, Alicia JuliaSales Associate31 yrs571226
Ubilla, Sergio ASales Associate31 yrs571290
Harasiuk, Ruth AnnSales Associate31 yrs572570
Avery, Karen SimonSales Associate30 yrs584833
Brinkman, Elaine MSales Associate30 yrs588729
Hudgins, Steven CraigSales Associate30 yrs591931
Mc Cormick, Paul RBroker Associate29 yrs596062
Forrest, Donna MarieSales Associate29 yrs598490
Echstenkamper, William RaySales Associate29 yrs601534
Iasiello, Joseph AntonSales Associate28 yrs608720
Hoban, Cathy AnnSales Associate27 yrs623636
Good, David Herald IiSales Associate27 yrs626615
Kelly, Angela ReneeSales Associate27 yrs627162
Lambert, Jose MiguelSales Associate27 yrs629776
Hughes, William DavidSales Associate27 yrs631243
Johnson, David RSales Associate27 yrs632566
Downie, Wilfred George JrSales Associate26 yrs634121
Casey, Joseph MichaelSales Associate26 yrs638250
Dove, Karen AnnSales Associate26 yrs639585
Hamzeh, Shafeeh MohamedSales Associate26 yrs640388
Gassett, KaterinaSales Associate26 yrs641317
Putmon, Kelvin LynnSales Associate26 yrs642670
Desha, Glen AndrewSales Associate26 yrs643695
Calamari, James ASales Associate26 yrs644350
Caravia, JoseSales Associate26 yrs644359
Mc Mullin, Gary ThomasSales Associate25 yrs649179
Lalloo, MicheleSales Associate25 yrs653958
Gulston, DominicSales Associate25 yrs654709
Lindor, JeanSales Associate24 yrs666567
Croteau, Kelly LynnSales Associate24 yrs667955
Glover, Linda MicheleSales Associate24 yrs670866
Chester, Cynthia MargaretSales Associate23 yrs672772
Daddysman, Tamaira LeighSales Associate23 yrs673425
Gustason, Phillip VSales Associate23 yrs673482
Sobi, RichardSales Associate23 yrs673668
Corday, Natasha ASales Associate23 yrs675410
Gutenstein, Gary J.Sales Associate23 yrs679494
Weigand Kaduru, Julie AnneSales Associate23 yrs679674
Kubala, Dianne MarieSales Associate23 yrs682178
Mixson, David ScottSales Associate22 yrs684233
Cantwell, Dennis JamesSales Associate22 yrs684369
Schaad, Thomas StevenSales Associate22 yrs684417
Culotta, FrankSales Associate22 yrs684861
Mccormack, Cari EllenSales Associate22 yrs686635
Fuller, Tammy AndersonSales Associate22 yrs687204
Dupree, Susan ThomasSales Associate22 yrs695703
Lewis, Thomas EarlSales Associate22 yrs696559
Harpole, Paula JayneSales Associate22 yrs697667
Feldman, PaulSales Associate21 yrs698573
Cohen, Jay HSales Associate21 yrs700804
Randall, Steven BarrySales Associate21 yrs702073
Hossain, Mohammed TarikSales Associate21 yrs704759
Pock, Linda LeeSales Associate21 yrs705490
Johnson, Sara RuthSales Associate21 yrs708991
Scales, Joyce AnnSales Associate13 yrs77498

Address Location for Active Florida Realty Llc
Real Estate Corporations in Miami, FL
Tate Realty Inc

Realty Company
1175 Ne 125th St #102, Miami, FL 33161
All Points Realty & Investments Inc

Realty Company
18800 Nw 2nd Ave, Ste 115, Miami, FL 33169-4064
Americas Industrial Realty Corp

Realty Company
10598 N.w. South River Drive, Miami, FL 33178
Zenith Management Corp

Realty Company
2025 Nw 102 Ave, Ste 107, Miami, FL 33172
E L S Realty Corp

Realty Company
9655 South Dixie Highway, Suite 300, Miami, FL 33156
Westvest Associates Inc

Realty Company
9600 Nw 25th St Suite 2-a, Miami, FL 33172
Key Realty Advisors Inc

Realty Company
1728 Coral Way, Ste 500-b, Miami, FL 33145
Portell International Realty Inc

Realty Company
7761 Fisher Island Drive, Miami, FL 33109