Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group

Real Estate Corporation

2300 Eastchester Road, Bronx, New York, 10469

Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group is a licensed real estate principal office in Bronx, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Bronx County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 10991210150 was issued to Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group's license document is 2300 Eastchester Road, Bronx, New York, 10469.

Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameKeller Williams Realty Nyc Group
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address2300 Eastchester Road, Bronx, New York, 10469
License Number10991210150
CountyBronx County

License Status

Real Estate License 10991210150
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group

As per our records, there are 130 real estate agents who are currently working for Keller Williams Realty Nyc Group (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Tsougranis GregoryAssociate Broker1030120188629 June, 2022
Mcgarry James NAssociate Broker1030120777423 August, 2020
Tartarone KatiaAssociate Broker1030121145205 June, 2021
Paloka AlfredAssociate Broker1030121153831 May, 2021
Gray Arielle LAssociate Broker1030121497512 July, 2021
Pegram Jay MAssociate Broker1030121541608 November, 2021
Gonzalez Richard NiccoAssociate Broker1030121687729 October, 2020
Dare PamelaAssociate Broker1030121693413 November, 2020
Padernacht Steven MAssociate Broker1030121711410 January, 2021
Myers Gary OAssociate Broker1030121743502 April, 2021
Rivera EvelynAssociate Broker1030121871523 February, 2022
Rodriguez JoseSales Agent1040120144219 June, 2022
Guy Herman MSales Agent1040121016221 January, 2021
Velez Christiam SSales Agent1040121095714 September, 2020
Fuentes KennethSales Agent1040121443303 August, 2021
Cho ElizabethSales Agent1040121705901 December, 2021
Marquez MelissaSales Agent1040121827215 January, 2021
Kirby Kareem BenjaminSales Agent1040122005724 January, 2022
Kennedy-bryan Joan JSales Agent1040122146924 May, 2022
Schaefer GregSales Agent1040123602721 December, 2021
Bernardez IngridSales Agent1040123959507 June, 2022
Alvarez LeopeterSales Agent1040124036928 June, 2022
Leon JasmineSales Agent1040124049107 August, 2022
Ekpecham OnyinyechiSales Agent1040124814007 December, 2021
Lewis Errol WSales Agent1040125033419 January, 2022
Singleton JermelSales Agent1040125076919 June, 2021
Velez David PaulSales Agent1040125240907 August, 2021
Villanueva VanessaSales Agent1040125350510 September, 2021
Mcfadden MarithzaSales Agent1040125373816 September, 2021
Thomas NicoleSales Agent1040125474029 September, 2021
Padilla Brenda JohannaSales Agent1040125711123 December, 2021
Tejada MelvinSales Agent1040125935028 February, 2022
Sanchez IsraelSales Agent1040126086604 April, 2022
Flowers Reuben LSales Agent1040126222708 May, 2022
Gaillard EstherSales Agent1040126255516 May, 2022
Potter Stephanie LouSales Agent1040126572102 July, 2022
Taylor GeorgeSales Agent1040126814327 August, 2020
Weeks TrentSales Agent1040126867308 February, 2021
Winstead TasheccaSales Agent1040127011928 December, 2020
Galeas Julissa M.Sales Agent1040127204812 April, 2021
Laforey CheryleSales Agent1040127223125 April, 2021
Lewis Shawna LynnSales Agent1040127247304 March, 2021
Sawadogo Noufou SawadogoSales Agent1040127390808 April, 2021
Scroggins Suma RaniSales Agent1040127455721 April, 2021
Frimpong Akwesi OpokuSales Agent1040127472611 March, 2022
Munroe AdrianSales Agent1040127526711 May, 2021
Fuentes AnnecySales Agent1040127694823 June, 2021
Teele MaxineSales Agent1040127790306 September, 2021
Brockington Joseph IiSales Agent1040127794721 July, 2021
Ferguson EloiseSales Agent1040127852910 September, 2021
Torres AbigailSales Agent1040127878011 August, 2021
Holloman LorenzoSales Agent1040128038023 September, 2021
Akintola TemitopeSales Agent1040128295406 December, 2021
Alonso BeatriceSales Agent1040128443321 January, 2022
Wiley RamonaSales Agent1040128628107 March, 2022
Maxwell Kenneth YorkSales Agent1040128629710 July, 2022
Abreu TroySales Agent1040129064620 June, 2022
Florimon HerminiaSales Agent1040129103203 August, 2022
Gamilo Mario ArnulfoSales Agent1040129209327 July, 2022
Sotomayor George CharlesSales Agent1040129296518 August, 2022
Jeffries AsiaSales Agent1040129378318 October, 2021
Spikes HaseaSales Agent1040129743615 February, 2021
Perrone PatriciaSales Agent1040130176012 April, 2021
Edwards Valerie CooperSales Agent1040130371830 May, 2021
Koff Mitchell ToddSales Agent1040130461519 June, 2021
Gordon JossethSales Agent1040130592123 July, 2021
Beauchamp Aida ISales Agent1040130593923 July, 2021
Romulus LorelSales Agent1040130780411 September, 2021
Berk LindaSales Agent1040130873205 October, 2021
Rosa JesseSales Agent1040131185711 February, 2022
Marquez Espinosa SteffanySales Agent1040131346113 May, 2022
Kottapalli Nageswara RaoSales Agent1040131378003 March, 2022
Curbelo KimberlySales Agent1040131412311 March, 2022
Driouiche ZahwaSales Agent1040131441518 March, 2022
Sosa MaximoSales Agent1040131498702 April, 2022
Morales AdanSales Agent1040131601426 April, 2022
Rojas Evelin MSales Agent1040131751804 June, 2022
Langlais William TSales Agent1040132079230 August, 2022
Joshua JasonSales Agent1040132111709 September, 2020
Clarke AnasaSales Agent1040132114210 September, 2020
Frias John ASales Agent1040132158920 September, 2020
Philistin NadiaSales Agent1040132163721 September, 2020
Holder AnestaSales Agent1040132222007 October, 2020
Peter Mathew AmehSales Agent1040132266321 October, 2022
Ekhtear Zubair AhmadSales Agent1040132373920 November, 2020
Neil PatriceSales Agent1040132376423 November, 2020
Reid RahkiyaSales Agent1040132399729 November, 2020
Abreu Katherine MichelleSales Agent1040132432510 December, 2020
Rodriguez JacquelineSales Agent1040132439711 December, 2020
Brooks Tracy DeborahSales Agent1040132507007 January, 2021
Made SiwySales Agent1040132698928 February, 2021
Urban SoniaSales Agent1040132701428 February, 2021
Sabb TracySales Agent1040132781119 March, 2021
Malone TabathaSales Agent1040132800224 March, 2021
Ferrante KarenSales Agent1040133015814 May, 2021
Coats AdrianSales Agent1040133018614 May, 2021
Burgos ValerieSales Agent1040133021915 May, 2021
Prince MelanieSales Agent1040133126811 June, 2021
Mcmillan Marcus AndreSales Agent1040133151418 June, 2021
Velez Melody DeniseSales Agent1040133380821 August, 2021
Fermin RosemarySales Agent1040133473116 September, 2021
Rodriguez LuisSales Agent1040133499724 September, 2021
Munoz DarleneSales Agent1040133525101 October, 2021
Delvalle ReynaldoSales Agent1040133570914 October, 2021
Whitehead JosephSales Agent1040133572115 October, 2021
Mota EdwinSales Agent1040133585918 October, 2021
Rihan KevinSales Agent1040133597823 October, 2021
Rodriguez JenilsysSales Agent1040133628731 October, 2021
Perez Vargas RichardSales Agent1040133633501 November, 2021
Seymour MarlonSales Agent1040133660610 November, 2021
Corraj AntonioSales Agent1040133744506 December, 2021
Pennamon Desmond DSales Agent1040133782118 December, 2021
Perdomo Martin AntonioSales Agent1040133847609 January, 2022
Pagnozzi AnthonySales Agent1040133911128 January, 2022
Blaney GynnSales Agent1040133932103 February, 2022
Ayala StevenSales Agent1040133944505 February, 2022
Pina AsiaSales Agent1040133977313 February, 2022
Hardial KembilinSales Agent1040133994119 February, 2022
Munoz Jr James JrSales Agent1040134182112 July, 2022
Mclean Sean DonaldSales Agent1040134223604 August, 2022
Hadi JamalLimited Liability Broker1049120275601 May, 2022
Webb Teresa MAssociate Broker30WE083942212 April, 2021
Brisco Lenworth LSales Agent40BR108869605 October, 2021
Ferrante VincenzoSales Agent40FE093436615 January, 2021
Gallo PatriciaSales Agent40GA102177507 January, 2022
Kirkland Keisha YSales Agent40KI113551523 October, 2020
Mccray Henry FSales Agent40MC116003329 August, 2021
Robinson Dexter CSales Agent40RO099275522 July, 2021
Ryan Cheryl ISales Agent40RY102491918 May, 2022
Smith Theresa MSales Agent40SM111043217 April, 2022

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