Grand Lux Realty Inc

Real Estate Corporation

428 Main St., Armonk, New York, 10504

Grand Lux Realty Inc is a licensed real estate principal office in Armonk, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Westchester County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109928457 was issued to Grand Lux Realty Inc by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Grand Lux Realty Inc's license document is 428 Main St., Armonk, New York, 10504.

Grand Lux Realty Inc has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameGrand Lux Realty Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address428 Main St., Armonk, New York, 10504
License Number109928457
CountyWestchester County

License Status

Real Estate License 109928457
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Grand Lux Realty Inc

As per our records, there are 91 real estate agents who are currently working for Grand Lux Realty Inc (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Lanza Janice LAssociate Broker1030120603609 May, 2021
Galt Jon MAssociate Broker1030121415513 February, 2021
Kramer LaurenceAssociate Broker1030121725514 February, 2021
Velez Ramon JrAssociate Broker1030121910703 August, 2022
Lulaj DjuroSales Agent1040120169620 November, 2021
Claver Natchev Marie Helene Berthe-eliseSales Agent1040120422231 July, 2022
Meacham GlennSales Agent1040120493419 September, 2021
Malina JurajSales Agent1040120776422 October, 2020
Malinova ZuzanaSales Agent1040120785523 October, 2020
Sinclair AvaSales Agent1040121157201 April, 2021
Eubanks Aleta NSales Agent1040121405416 July, 2021
Kwait Jeffrey JaySales Agent1040121438630 July, 2021
Obazee ShawrdrikaSales Agent1040121828527 April, 2022
Goodwin MonikaSales Agent1040122363006 October, 2020
Brown YvetteSales Agent1040122522718 February, 2021
Breidenbach DavidSales Agent1040122661515 December, 2020
Rodriguez Judith ErikaSales Agent1040122952615 September, 2021
Senderkis NathanSales Agent1040123368830 September, 2021
Iaboni Robert LSales Agent1040123916518 May, 2022
Jean Delere EvelynSales Agent1040123991412 June, 2022
Cresci Katherine AnnSales Agent1040124073611 July, 2022
Katz HelenSales Agent1040124484616 December, 2020
Caceres MiguelSales Agent1040124735414 March, 2021
Madsen Eric HolmSales Agent1040125646629 April, 2022
Casarella MichaelSales Agent1040126564907 March, 2021
Farquhar Fox Nancy L.Sales Agent1040126618029 August, 2022
Marji AmaniSales Agent1040126847803 November, 2020
Gazivoda Mary AnnSales Agent1040127474628 April, 2021
Ham Terri GardeniaSales Agent1040127780003 October, 2021
De Aquino-nobre LucianaSales Agent1040128125818 October, 2021
Browning RavynSales Agent1040128442220 January, 2022
Valdez RobertSales Agent1040128590328 February, 2022
Port Valerie JSales Agent1040128598628 February, 2022
De Leon EricaSales Agent1040128839624 April, 2022
Li YingjieSales Agent1040128842929 April, 2021
Zavieh SorayaSales Agent1040129124806 July, 2022
Severino Peter JohnSales Agent1040129321924 August, 2022
Hercules AlexandriaSales Agent1040129637515 November, 2020
Zielinski Christopher StanleySales Agent1040129786103 January, 2021
Huber LisaSales Agent1040129913406 February, 2021
Rodriguez Angello JoeSales Agent1040130234127 April, 2021
Baskakova IrinaSales Agent1040130320218 May, 2021
Rodrigues Tania TanyaSales Agent1040130800618 December, 2021
Brika ShaunaSales Agent1040130847229 September, 2021
Avila AidaSales Agent1040130947126 October, 2021
Ephraim PatriciaSales Agent1040131009914 November, 2021
Plaza Colon LorraineSales Agent1040131087507 December, 2021
Gavilanes Daniel WSales Agent1040131604027 April, 2022
Santiago NadineSales Agent1040131754705 June, 2022
Thomson Holly ASales Agent1040132027415 August, 2022
English LaurenSales Agent1040132050722 August, 2022
Espinoza CarolyneSales Agent1040132244212 October, 2020
Perez Ronald BaudilioSales Agent1040132306831 October, 2020
Davis ShariSales Agent1040132547916 January, 2021
Calvello John RoccoSales Agent1040132739710 March, 2021
Desousa ArmandoSales Agent1040132893514 April, 2021
Laurino Helena TSales Agent1040133493922 September, 2021
Arbaugh AshleySales Agent1040134028128 February, 2022
Shalom RoseSales Agent1040134182012 July, 2022
Nowakowski MichaelSales Agent1040134217604 August, 2022
Otto Isles Imelda CAssociate Broker30IS098825129 April, 2021
Lee David YAssociate Broker30LE094718004 January, 2022
Livingston Clayton CAssociate Broker30LI077206428 August, 2022
Levy Michael FCorporate Broker31LE116448024 August, 2021
Bonar Desmond ASales Agent40BO081035521 July, 2021
Bryant Michelle MSales Agent40BR115554926 April, 2021
Burgess LezaSales Agent40BU104942017 January, 2022
Cullaro IgnazioSales Agent40CU113170811 October, 2020
Decuffa Patty JSales Agent40DE107401317 June, 2021
Estrella Marisa YSales Agent40ES095466312 May, 2021
Franzblau Mark SSales Agent40FR115755808 June, 2021
Garduno AngelaSales Agent40GA110961819 May, 2022
Grasso ChristineSales Agent40GR116907323 October, 2021
Guinee Mary LSales Agent40GU096179102 July, 2022
Haneda YukoSales Agent40HA095365211 October, 2020
Keyser Andrea KSales Agent40KI100087121 November, 2020
Levy Jodi DSales Agent40LE091092902 May, 2022
Markatos Ann SusanSales Agent40MA080977526 July, 2022
Miles George SSales Agent40MI113973013 October, 2021
Motta Mariarosa FSales Agent40MO095441904 October, 2020
Muller Kelly ASales Agent40MU103377916 August, 2022
Rizzi Lori SueSales Agent40RI078929022 June, 2021
Salkin Linda NSales Agent40SA114676712 March, 2021
Shkreli AntonSales Agent40SH100574816 November, 2020
Shires Stacy KSales Agent40SH114839623 March, 2021
Smyth Bernadette MSales Agent40SM100392117 June, 2022
Tateo Elena MSales Agent40TA113474327 November, 2020
Tejada Jose ASales Agent40TE109161030 September, 2021
Verrino Joanne CSales Agent40VE100033320 April, 2021
Wallace Godfrey ESales Agent40WA114290624 April, 2021
Wilson Michael JSales Agent41WI100522512 November, 2021

Branch offices of Grand Lux Realty Inc

As per our records, there are 1 branch office/s of Grand Lux Realty Inc (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Grand Lux Realty Inc211 King St #1b, Chappaqua103912022618

Address Location for Grand Lux Realty Inc
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