Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty

Real Estate Corporation

10 Esquire Road, Suite 4, New City, New York, 10956

Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty is a licensed real estate principal office in New City, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Rockland County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109933330 was issued to Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty's license document is 10 Esquire Road, Suite 4, New City, New York, 10956.
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Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameKeller Williams Hudson Valley Realty
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address10 Esquire Road, Suite 4, New City, New York, 10956
License Number109933330
CountyRockland County

License Status

Real Estate License 109933330
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty

As per our records, there are 174 real estate agents who are currently working for Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Cavanaugh KevinAssociate Broker1030120062211 June, 2022
Fennell EileenAssociate Broker1030120189629 June, 2022
Poggio KarinAssociate Broker1030120240329 June, 2022
Fleck Allison DAssociate Broker1030120349117 March, 2021
Walski SusanAssociate Broker1030120438007 December, 2021
Garruba PeterAssociate Broker1030120890802 July, 2021
Amaro JulissaAssociate Broker1030121090702 December, 2020
Rodriguez LymariAssociate Broker1030121545920 November, 2021
Ball Olena CAssociate Broker1030121669818 September, 2020
Friedman MosesAssociate Broker1030121855813 January, 2022
Cohen RobinSales Agent1040122103106 May, 2022
Wiseltier Maria DSales Agent1040122321401 July, 2022
Louis CarlSales Agent1040123040610 February, 2021
Spiegel HarrySales Agent1040123795022 October, 2020
Tozer Catherine AnnSales Agent1040124263218 September, 2020
Meyers AliciaSales Agent1040124360723 October, 2020
Marrus Naphtali DanSales Agent1040124362721 May, 2021
Jacob SusanSales Agent1040124606505 February, 2021
Vargas Daniel T.Sales Agent1040124684728 February, 2021
Gruber ReginaSales Agent1040124758421 March, 2021
Barraza William ElvisSales Agent1040125571912 December, 2021
Collazo RobertSales Agent1040125572003 January, 2022
Einhorn MosesSales Agent1040125673128 January, 2022
Moran KevinSales Agent1040125797521 January, 2022
Fuertes Guerra Elizabeth PSales Agent1040125898518 February, 2022
Moore ShayndelSales Agent1040126427003 July, 2022
Rowan Andrew FSales Agent1040126498324 July, 2022
Feder BaruchSales Agent1040126805921 October, 2020
Mcmullen SusanSales Agent1040127017529 December, 2020
Pecoraro Lori ASales Agent1040127168711 February, 2021
King GregSales Agent1040127323322 March, 2021
Hidalgo Edward AlbertSales Agent1040127435719 April, 2021
Hirsch Chaim YakovSales Agent1040127655127 September, 2021
Ozanian KristinSales Agent1040127772015 July, 2021
Heaphy-benuscak Elizabeth AnneSales Agent1040127823229 July, 2021
Canter MichaelSales Agent1040127824829 July, 2021
Antosca DanielleSales Agent1040127881512 August, 2021
Beren RebeccaSales Agent1040128008715 September, 2021
Weiss GwenSales Agent1040128050928 September, 2021
Zwerling LisaSales Agent1040128086806 October, 2021
Cobb-olori Desiree MarieSales Agent1040128474706 May, 2022
Tennyson SvetlaSales Agent1040128474831 January, 2022
Boucher KarenSales Agent1040128638409 March, 2022
Louis SherlieSales Agent1040128928016 May, 2022
Cuevas Ruben DarioSales Agent1040129314623 August, 2022
Poletto JosephSales Agent1040129487705 October, 2020
Van Alstyne Paul StrattonSales Agent1040129521714 October, 2020
Warbet MatthewSales Agent1040129807508 January, 2021
Hanley VedetaSales Agent1040130147705 April, 2021
Frawley Natalie LouiseSales Agent1040130234727 April, 2021
Gomez LizettSales Agent1040130261603 May, 2021
Tessler DovSales Agent1040130390724 July, 2021
Spitzer AbrahamSales Agent1040130456325 July, 2021
Best TheodoreSales Agent1040130531712 December, 2021
Kane Jennifer KaneSales Agent1040130531806 July, 2021
Infante Jr. Carlos A.Sales Agent1040130538309 July, 2021
Lester Mark DavidSales Agent1040130560613 July, 2021
Metcalf Brian ChristopherSales Agent1040130672314 August, 2021
Itzhaki MarinaSales Agent1040130914717 October, 2021
Schunke Ilene ReginaSales Agent1040130950327 October, 2021
Robet RavitSales Agent1040130955229 October, 2021
Paolino VincentSales Agent1040131177607 January, 2022
Pompee CarmelSales Agent1040131224219 January, 2022
Dickerson TracySales Agent1040131236022 January, 2022
Vitiello ChristineSales Agent1040131365428 February, 2022
Singer ShalvaSales Agent1040131418810 June, 2022
Mcrory BrandonSales Agent1040131528010 April, 2022
Mctigue SharynSales Agent1040131678316 May, 2022
Katz YisroelSales Agent1040131715227 May, 2022
Stern Shifra LeahSales Agent1040131765407 June, 2022
Milillo NicoleSales Agent1040131924219 July, 2022
Rosengarten RachelSales Agent1040131993707 August, 2022
Disimone BrittanySales Agent1040132035517 August, 2022
Shimunov Gabreal AreSales Agent1040132064627 August, 2020
Korn TaraSales Agent1040132174425 September, 2020
May Joseph FSales Agent1040132227008 October, 2020
Donaghy Michelle AliceSales Agent1040132366218 November, 2020
Wiley BenSales Agent1040132494003 January, 2021
Spitale Christine SpitaleSales Agent1040132502506 January, 2021
Mazzeo MarcellaSales Agent1040132541215 January, 2021
Chapman Stephanie IleneSales Agent1040132877010 April, 2021
Sciscente CarolSales Agent1040132907717 April, 2021
Rivera CrystalSales Agent1040133009713 May, 2021
Genovesi AnnSales Agent1040133054923 May, 2021
Williams VernadetteSales Agent1040133086903 June, 2021
Mcgoldrick DanielleSales Agent1040133116910 June, 2021
Guckian DavidSales Agent1040133118810 June, 2021
Coyle SherrySales Agent1040133245416 July, 2021
Liz Ingris JSales Agent1040133249317 July, 2021
Lefkowitz AdamSales Agent1040133280825 July, 2021
Rotenstreich Joseph ChaimSales Agent1040133339812 August, 2021
Maher KerrySales Agent1040133353615 August, 2021
Krinsky MindySales Agent1040133422903 September, 2021
Lozano Yupa KimberlySales Agent1040133468315 September, 2021
Katzenstein JacobSales Agent1040133493622 September, 2021
Alvarez AdrianSales Agent1040133611727 October, 2021
Vizel YitzchokSales Agent1040133633101 November, 2021
Selka AnaSales Agent1040133656508 November, 2021
Degraw LilySales Agent1040133669512 November, 2021
Burstein JoshuaSales Agent1040133692419 November, 2021
Whyte Eugee OSales Agent1040133707324 November, 2021
Dirnfeld MirelSales Agent1040133748408 December, 2021
Grohman Mark JSales Agent1040133768915 December, 2021
Altman EstherSales Agent1040133792222 December, 2021
Wolff JosephSales Agent1040133936903 February, 2022
Glancz YakovSales Agent1040133958109 February, 2022
Higgins JamesSales Agent1040133958209 February, 2022
Knobloch ShlomeSales Agent1040133960610 February, 2022
Friedman LuzerSales Agent1040133985917 February, 2022
Mondesir Marie MichelleSales Agent1040134122015 April, 2022
Lunger Abraham LungerSales Agent1040134127923 April, 2022
Abenante HollySales Agent1040134139818 May, 2022
Mondesir ChanelleSales Agent1040134151004 June, 2022
Kupperman Moshe AronSales Agent1040134205029 July, 2022
Ferrari GretaSales Agent1040134224605 August, 2022
Burghard Pelatti Rosemarie ALimited Liability Broker1049120053114 September, 2022
Bajaj Rajkumar KAssociate Broker30BA094887302 March, 2021
Bishop Alice AnnAssociate Broker30BI077444702 November, 2021
Lane-boyle Margaret CAssociate Broker30BO094675722 April, 2021
Collura LoisAssociate Broker30CO095390030 November, 2021
Doyle Diane DAssociate Broker30DO039790623 November, 2021
Ferrante Hirsch StephanieAssociate Broker30FE053761023 January, 2022
Filippone DominicAssociate Broker30FI104194909 February, 2021
Georgetti Gayle AAssociate Broker30GE102533007 January, 2022
Kumar ManojAssociate Broker30KU109129427 December, 2020
Garcia Lynn TAssociate Broker30LA075922519 July, 2022
Miller Gregory WAssociate Broker30MI055002526 June, 2022
Ocher ReneeAssociate Broker30OC061632712 April, 2022
Plotkin Susan RAssociate Broker30PL053171712 March, 2021
Dundara Staub DanielaAssociate Broker30ST095193023 January, 2022
Steffanato KarenAssociate Broker30ST115466718 May, 2021
Trainor Joanne CAssociate Broker30TR078867915 February, 2022
Vogel SherylAssociate Broker30VO071752227 August, 2021
Wiebicke Madeline TAssociate Broker30WI100668513 November, 2020
Boyle Daniel PSales Agent40BO094675806 September, 2021
Cannata William JSales Agent40CA105526622 February, 2021
Ciccone Thomas DSales Agent40CI117617517 January, 2022
Culianos AnastasiaSales Agent40CU094310722 January, 2022
Cuomo Kimberly ASales Agent40CU111915227 June, 2022
Fennell ThomasSales Agent40FE085154907 February, 2021
Fernandez LindaSales Agent40FE105098818 February, 2021
Francois Michelle MSales Agent40FR107537319 November, 2021
Goodstein StanleySales Agent40GO105767007 March, 2021
Badstein AnnalisaSales Agent40GU095330210 September, 2021
Juliano Gerard ASales Agent40JU110739520 March, 2022
Karakal George TSales Agent40KA095616316 July, 2022
Kenna Marita GSales Agent40KE031318328 June, 2021
Kerley Margaret PSales Agent40KE091330720 June, 2022
Kirwan Margaret ASales Agent40KI094348328 January, 2022
Kingsland Melissa MSales Agent40KI096386109 January, 2021
Mayer Regina BSales Agent40MA096367610 October, 2020
Massaro JohnSales Agent40MA102071105 April, 2022
Marcus Lee AnnSales Agent40MA112136122 June, 2022
Mccarthy Irene MSales Agent40MC093053412 November, 2021
Morgan AudreySales Agent40MO093847230 June, 2021
Moehrle MeraldaSales Agent40MO094725719 March, 2022
Novotny Kevin FSales Agent40NO117756205 February, 2022
Parker Joseph ESales Agent40PA116086402 September, 2021
Perzigian SusanSales Agent40PE091334402 July, 2022
Pelatti JosephSales Agent40PE113284001 November, 2022
Philip WilliamSales Agent40PH117869626 May, 2022
Powers Christine AnnSales Agent40PO116977817 December, 2021
Rella Frederick JSales Agent40RE098386729 April, 2021
Roberson SubertaSales Agent40RO053260003 October, 2020
Rodriguez MiguelSales Agent40RO114750920 April, 2022
Sadori Donna MSales Agent40SA111033620 May, 2022
Scouarnec AnnemarieSales Agent40SC113167931 October, 2020
Lowdenback Amanda LSales Agent40TI117663623 February, 2021
Towns Brenda ESales Agent40TO099628403 March, 2022
Trugman Susan ESales Agent40TR100441112 November, 2021
Trugman Alan PSales Agent40TR115922710 July, 2021
Ulcinova KatarinaSales Agent40UL089970607 September, 2021
Weintraub Serena RSales Agent40WE111174024 April, 2022
Ciccone Karen ALimited Liability Broker49CI112640014 September, 2022

Branch offices of Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty

As per our records, there are 2 branch office/s of Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty15 Perlman Drive, Suite 118, Spring Valley103912025410
Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty21 East Central Ave, Pearl River103912025910

Address Location for Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty
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