Keller Williams Realty Partners

Real Estate Corporation

57 Us 6, Baldwin Place, New York, 10505

Keller Williams Realty Partners is a licensed real estate principal office in Baldwin Place, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Westchester County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109933335 was issued to Keller Williams Realty Partners by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Keller Williams Realty Partners's license document is 57 Us 6, Baldwin Place, New York, 10505.

Keller Williams Realty Partners has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameKeller Williams Realty Partners
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address57 Us 6, Baldwin Place, New York, 10505
License Number109933335
CountyWestchester County

License Status

Real Estate License 109933335
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Keller Williams Realty Partners

As per our records, there are 150 real estate agents who are currently working for Keller Williams Realty Partners (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Schwalb GeriAssociate Broker1030120017414 May, 2022
Keller Nancy AnnaAssociate Broker1030120032701 June, 2022
Mcmanus Teresa AnnAssociate Broker1030120038003 June, 2022
Kope Carol AAssociate Broker1030120058903 September, 2020
Dagnese SooAssociate Broker1030120367231 July, 2021
Calano Randall JAssociate Broker1030120986011 July, 2022
Forbes Melissa LAssociate Broker1030121019013 July, 2022
Bermeo Ana LAssociate Broker1030121080605 November, 2020
Hewitt Paul AAssociate Broker1030121547723 November, 2021
Balidemaj ArberAssociate Broker1030121588528 February, 2022
Toto Erik SeanAssociate Broker1030121706120 December, 2020
Shervington MiaSales Agent1040120202323 October, 2020
Pieragostini JustinSales Agent1040120360417 June, 2022
Price Dvora ESales Agent1040121758610 April, 2022
Blecker PamelaSales Agent1040121779706 January, 2022
Kader LeeSales Agent1040121796012 January, 2022
Felton DebraSales Agent1040121859622 March, 2022
Martinez Joel ArgenisSales Agent1040122298023 August, 2022
Iglesias Carlos ASales Agent1040123093006 June, 2021
Nardulli ChristinaSales Agent1040123193512 July, 2021
Verno Vincenza R.Sales Agent1040123642527 February, 2021
Mccann NancySales Agent1040124003120 March, 2021
Selby DemetriusSales Agent1040124517428 February, 2021
Abbey CharlesSales Agent1040124812605 April, 2021
Vele Maria SoledadSales Agent1040124999108 October, 2021
Conley BarrySales Agent1040125055009 August, 2021
Hallenbeck Sonia F.Sales Agent1040125107120 August, 2021
Stever 3rd Albert R.Sales Agent1040125296223 August, 2021
Andrejka Katarina AndrejkaSales Agent1040125403925 September, 2021
Stever StephanieSales Agent1040125422716 November, 2020
Tacuri Juan E.Sales Agent1040125521327 October, 2021
Briggs MicheleSales Agent1040125814826 January, 2022
Ferreri RaymondSales Agent1040125833830 January, 2022
Dibullo DianaSales Agent1040125849804 February, 2022
Crowley KevinSales Agent1040125867409 February, 2022
Cambareri RoccoSales Agent1040126129515 April, 2022
Karaqi VeraSales Agent1040126152321 April, 2022
Dalo Frank DominickSales Agent1040126186629 April, 2022
Justo Diana CSales Agent1040126326111 July, 2022
Delgado SilviaSales Agent1040127077715 January, 2021
Guiddy Elizabeth ASales Agent1040127116627 January, 2021
Samoyedny HenrySales Agent1040127185317 February, 2021
Wallace Ha HoSales Agent1040127323422 March, 2021
Dalo JosephineSales Agent1040127884630 September, 2021
Philipps MeganSales Agent1040128012811 December, 2021
Richards Donna LynnSales Agent1040128202708 November, 2021
Robibero RaquelSales Agent1040128298207 December, 2021
Coronel Luis GSales Agent1040128354123 December, 2021
Montenegro Leano LucianaSales Agent1040128406111 January, 2022
Alves MarisolSales Agent1040128706425 March, 2022
Pasciolla JosephSales Agent1040128955623 May, 2022
Difilippo DominickSales Agent1040129010607 June, 2022
Nezaj MelindaSales Agent1040129132707 July, 2022
Baxter LeaSales Agent1040129259709 August, 2022
Bove MarcoSales Agent1040129414719 September, 2020
Illescas Alba CSales Agent1040129670828 November, 2020
Neville TimothySales Agent1040129926509 February, 2021
Mayor NaomiSales Agent1040129959420 February, 2021
Gentile TerriSales Agent1040130048513 March, 2021
Dunn RobertSales Agent1040130297714 May, 2021
Hoffman AnnSales Agent1040130505129 June, 2021
Copeland-ainsworth PatriceSales Agent1040130650707 August, 2021
Teeter Anthony MSales Agent1040130668213 August, 2021
Mickens JonathanSales Agent1040130787412 September, 2021
Osorio AmarillysSales Agent1040130888711 October, 2021
Leichter ValerieSales Agent1040131023017 November, 2021
Frey BriannaSales Agent1040131068501 December, 2021
Bledsoe SarahSales Agent1040131165619 February, 2022
Costanzo JohnSales Agent1040131205615 January, 2022
Donnelly JohnSales Agent1040131225719 January, 2022
Ryder ChristopherSales Agent1040131236222 January, 2022
Karaqi GjonSales Agent1040131409509 March, 2022
Thompson LindaSales Agent1040131667914 May, 2022
Magro Nicole MSales Agent1040131894811 July, 2022
Mancuso JaclynSales Agent1040132156319 September, 2022
Camarra ChrisSales Agent1040132156519 September, 2020
Forte DennisSales Agent1040132288326 October, 2020
Leichter SarahSales Agent1040132405202 December, 2020
Raffa DennisSales Agent1040132405302 December, 2020
Brown James L.Sales Agent1040132432110 December, 2020
Moore Jr Austin WrightSales Agent1040132445513 December, 2020
Gileno JosephSales Agent1040132460418 December, 2020
Mastroianni James MastroianniSales Agent1040132498804 January, 2021
Errico RobinSales Agent1040132596331 January, 2021
Nash Andrea NashSales Agent1040132680324 February, 2021
Nemeth JosephSales Agent1040132755013 March, 2021
Lindsay Iv HolmesSales Agent1040132815627 March, 2021
Martinez RebeccaSales Agent1040132865508 April, 2021
D'onofrio Ann MarieSales Agent1040132865608 April, 2021
Miller BillySales Agent1040132958301 May, 2021
Wilson Anthony WayneSales Agent1040132961401 May, 2021
Deluise Diane ValerieSales Agent1040132967802 May, 2021
Calamari ErinSales Agent1040133037019 May, 2021
Miller AshleySales Agent1040133080831 May, 2021
Rosario EddySales Agent1040133139514 June, 2021
Schmeltzer JasonSales Agent1040133141716 June, 2021
Bello Oscar DavidSales Agent1040133190427 June, 2021
Caraballo RonnieSales Agent1040133203401 July, 2021
Li XiaoquanSales Agent1040133206101 July, 2021
Aimable Natachia MillieSales Agent1040133357515 August, 2021
Pasciuti Danette DSales Agent1040133393726 August, 2021
Cirone MariaelainaSales Agent1040133404128 August, 2021
Camacho NataliaSales Agent1040133450810 September, 2021
Geigel CaricaSales Agent1040133501424 September, 2021
Spiliotis PeterSales Agent1040133667512 November, 2021
Rivera AmandaSales Agent1040133667612 November, 2021
Conlin Kathleen MarileeSales Agent1040133676814 November, 2021
Uva MichaelSales Agent1040133701922 November, 2021
Sarles Lori SarlesSales Agent1040133706324 November, 2021
Powell JoshuaSales Agent1040133755509 December, 2021
Cremin Diane CreminSales Agent1040133798826 December, 2021
Sanchez SandraSales Agent1040133884221 January, 2022
Shah KrunalSales Agent1040133928802 February, 2022
Dambrosio MichaelSales Agent1040133930802 February, 2022
Doyle RichardSales Agent1040133931403 February, 2022
Quizhpi Angelica KarinaSales Agent1040133941805 February, 2022
Beltre Yumairy StephanieSales Agent1040134010424 February, 2022
Glynn Jacqueline DanielleSales Agent1040134025527 February, 2022
Martins SilviaSales Agent1040134041602 March, 2022
Giglio Orazio EddieSales Agent1040134122916 April, 2022
Melella AnthonySales Agent1040134191120 July, 2022
Mooney ChristopherSales Agent1040134206930 July, 2022
Serrano Heidi IsabelSales Agent1040134250712 August, 2022
Guida BriannaSales Agent1040134259414 August, 2022
Ramos Myriam LLimited Liability Broker1049120402616 January, 2022
Barrett EileenAssociate Broker30BA076380109 March, 2021
Barnes SusanAssociate Broker30BA095948809 December, 2021
Pasciolla CelesteAssociate Broker30BO101037229 August, 2021
Durso John VAssociate Broker30DU101197830 November, 2021
Macie Kathleen EAssociate Broker30MA088973626 April, 2021
Mainey Laurie AAssociate Broker30MA089071621 July, 2021
Risi Philip EAssociate Broker30RI114550619 September, 2021
Ruiz Mary FAssociate Broker30RU052418324 November, 2020
Sabot Frances EAssociate Broker30SA093322826 June, 2022
Weil Gerald JAssociate Broker30WE093385602 August, 2021
White RitaAssociate Broker30WH106876411 June, 2021
Arce JalerySales Agent40AR108708628 September, 2021
Cardillo James MSales Agent40CA099112508 July, 2021
Delagi RoseSales Agent40DE098183818 July, 2021
Fasciglione LauraSales Agent40FA110786323 November, 2020
Genaro SandraSales Agent40GE098879818 June, 2021
Grote Lynn ASales Agent40GR093927811 July, 2021
Kope John PSales Agent40KO086560412 December, 2021
Kozera Rosemarie ASales Agent40KO110044230 January, 2022
Lavery Robin MSales Agent40LA097015818 June, 2022
Lindsay Holmes H IiiSales Agent40LI115277109 September, 2021
Macchio Elizabeth AnnSales Agent40MA095272530 May, 2022
Mastroianni Doreen ASales Agent40MA111435031 August, 2022
Dirusso Justine DSales Agent40PR115419011 May, 2021
Cardillo Louis M JrLimited Liability Broker49CA111250111 May, 2022

Branch offices of Keller Williams Realty Partners

As per our records, there are 2 branch office/s of Keller Williams Realty Partners (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Keller Williams Realty Partners30 Village Green, Po Box 131, Bedford1039120181518
Keller Williams Realty Partners2537 Ny 52 Ste 1, Hopewell Junction103912022130

Address Location for Keller Williams Realty Partners
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