Keller Williams Realty Group

Real Estate Corporation

760 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale, New York, 10583

Keller Williams Realty Group is a licensed real estate principal office in Scarsdale, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Westchester County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109933336 was issued to Keller Williams Realty Group by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Keller Williams Realty Group's license document is 760 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale, New York, 10583.

Keller Williams Realty Group has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameKeller Williams Realty Group
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address760 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale, New York, 10583
License Number109933336
CountyWestchester County

License Status

Real Estate License 109933336
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Keller Williams Realty Group

As per our records, there are 179 real estate agents who are currently working for Keller Williams Realty Group (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Taliaferrow ViolaAssociate Broker1030120044004 June, 2022
Macaulay Olasubomi OAssociate Broker1030120054709 June, 2022
Castellano Steven AAssociate Broker1030120396619 August, 2021
Gomez Madeline IAssociate Broker1030120721116 June, 2022
Brunson Glenda DAssociate Broker1030120865628 June, 2021
Canale Domenick JAssociate Broker1030121016429 May, 2022
Blum BrianAssociate Broker1030121121418 February, 2021
Himonidis John CAssociate Broker1030121415328 December, 2020
Clarke Monique NAssociate Broker1030121438227 February, 2021
Mason Stephanie LAssociate Broker1030121549627 November, 2021
Lanser Iii JohnAssociate Broker1030121617502 May, 2022
Jackson JosephAssociate Broker1030121761002 May, 2021
Gomez VicdaniaAssociate Broker1030121828127 October, 2021
Posillico AlAssociate Broker1030121847416 December, 2021
Cerbone Joseph ASales Agent1040120096911 December, 2021
Pena NoemiSales Agent1040120226618 June, 2021
Mann ChristopherSales Agent1040120461622 August, 2021
Romanello George JSales Agent1040120925401 December, 2020
Croce Lisa MarieSales Agent1040122319618 October, 2020
Zottola NishmaSales Agent1040122328530 July, 2022
Marchese ThomasSales Agent1040123672717 February, 2022
Martyn KathleenSales Agent1040123954631 May, 2022
Warriach HamzaSales Agent1040124117827 July, 2022
Saraceno AmandaSales Agent1040124221305 September, 2020
Mernaci KristinaSales Agent1040124645217 February, 2021
Bastidas Nancy JeanetteSales Agent1040124693503 March, 2021
Parsa ShoaSales Agent1040124709306 March, 2021
Modu-rella IngaSales Agent1040124941112 May, 2021
Dingle Voltaire MargaretSales Agent1040124960916 May, 2021
Forbes ZavierSales Agent1040125229005 August, 2021
Perez YvonneSales Agent1040125331704 September, 2021
Vulpi ElizabethSales Agent1040125332717 August, 2022
Whitehead Ralph LeonSales Agent1040125356211 September, 2021
Sullivan LudwikaSales Agent1040125558205 November, 2021
Burkhardt MichaelSales Agent1040125646103 December, 2021
Rabadi AmalSales Agent1040125656204 December, 2021
Breuer Shraga ASales Agent1040125780015 January, 2022
Valenti LindaSales Agent1040125929012 April, 2022
Alifante-briscoe AnnSales Agent1040125977410 April, 2022
Santisario FrankSales Agent1040126024320 March, 2022
Swan SafiyaSales Agent1040126465415 July, 2022
Zschuschner Samantha AmandaSales Agent1040126574515 August, 2022
Davis PearlitaSales Agent1040126718101 November, 2021
Pearson Georgette LSales Agent1040127184317 February, 2021
Fischer Sharon Barnett-Sales Agent1040127236102 March, 2021
Lee Erin ElizabethSales Agent1040127289219 April, 2021
Nardone Laura ASales Agent1040127390318 May, 2021
Ciuffreda JenaSales Agent1040127568221 May, 2021
Dipaola-gulli DinaSales Agent1040127725802 July, 2021
Smith Jacinth YSales Agent1040128047227 September, 2021
Martinez JeanescaSales Agent1040128065801 October, 2021
Babcock Charles JSales Agent1040128123716 October, 2021
Kadlec Jason DSales Agent1040128228427 January, 2022
Shore MichelleSales Agent1040128640511 June, 2022
Lando Rosario RSales Agent1040128801914 April, 2022
Deda KristinaSales Agent1040129093227 June, 2022
Delli Carpini JosephSales Agent1040129390813 September, 2020
Lorenzo JazminSales Agent1040129530417 October, 2020
Anderson-diaz ShanelleSales Agent1040129538019 October, 2020
Mascetta AmandaSales Agent1040129629914 November, 2020
Velez Christiam SSales Agent1040129746919 December, 2020
Enriquez MichaelSales Agent1040129749720 December, 2020
Gribakina MariaSales Agent1040130054214 March, 2021
Rodriguez DarresaSales Agent1040130106628 March, 2021
Taglieri Gina LolaSales Agent1040130120607 June, 2021
Ramos Marlon MauricioSales Agent1040130138703 April, 2021
Voorhees GarySales Agent1040130146105 April, 2021
Masri MohamedSales Agent1040130327121 May, 2021
Bonanno VincentSales Agent1040130332522 May, 2021
Vuksani GriseldaSales Agent1040130400105 June, 2021
Pena VictorSales Agent1040130418408 June, 2021
Mejias Bernice A.Sales Agent1040130618631 July, 2021
Heaton RossSales Agent1040130664111 October, 2021
Chamon Thais BaptistaSales Agent1040130716425 August, 2021
Turley Bridget MartinaSales Agent1040130762506 September, 2021
Guzman DanielSales Agent1040130832025 September, 2021
Rota JohnSales Agent1040130861102 October, 2021
Conti DanielleSales Agent1040131290306 February, 2022
Hastick MichelleSales Agent1040131339620 February, 2022
Marini NoraSales Agent1040131468826 March, 2022
Jhang MarinaSales Agent1040131531210 April, 2022
Abad EdgarSales Agent1040131558117 April, 2022
Massa BernadetteSales Agent1040131594225 April, 2022
Chen SaraSales Agent1040131616501 May, 2022
Koff Mitchell ToddSales Agent1040131626802 May, 2022
Wang LeiSales Agent1040131658110 May, 2022
Chelladurai DanielSales Agent1040131704623 May, 2022
Saraceno John B.Sales Agent1040131710124 May, 2022
Mattavous Khalil JaredSales Agent1040131744304 June, 2022
Dixon DammaSales Agent1040131817917 August, 2022
Sullivan JenniferSales Agent1040131911316 July, 2022
Tang Yonghong Yonghong TangSales Agent1040132124812 September, 2020
Fiorella Irina SSales Agent1040132257317 October, 2020
Crotinger Jr Richard CrotingerSales Agent1040132269922 October, 2020
Mensah ChantelSales Agent1040132317702 November, 2020
Kirkland Keisha YSales Agent1040132429809 December, 2020
Gibbons TarshaSales Agent1040132440612 December, 2020
Leysath Kimberly LeysathSales Agent1040132506007 January, 2021
Pasciolla Arlene LSales Agent1040132513708 January, 2021
Hillier BridgetSales Agent1040132519108 January, 2021
Magnone Lexie MarieSales Agent1040132519709 January, 2021
Ramirez ElizabethSales Agent1040132596131 January, 2021
Yuh HowonSales Agent1040132608203 February, 2021
Tola Edwin HernanSales Agent1040132677522 February, 2021
Alandy Ernesto LouisSales Agent1040132715404 March, 2021
Hernandez Brandon HernandezSales Agent1040132788221 March, 2021
Brooks ShanaeSales Agent1040132788321 March, 2021
Arriola StephanieSales Agent1040133101505 June, 2021
Weiss DanielleSales Agent1040133202501 July, 2021
Lied SabrinaSales Agent1040133250317 July, 2021
Escarraman Bello Annerys SofiaSales Agent1040133349114 August, 2021
Codino ValerieSales Agent1040133369719 August, 2021
Scalere Lisa MarieSales Agent1040133404328 August, 2021
Liu EmmaSales Agent1040133717027 November, 2021
Metzler MarkSales Agent1040133719029 November, 2021
Helm JonathanSales Agent1040133740105 December, 2021
Galimi DannySales Agent1040133745006 December, 2021
Driouiche ZahwaSales Agent1040133798225 December, 2021
Jorawar LennyshaSales Agent1040133897626 January, 2022
Esposito ChristianSales Agent1040133949006 February, 2022
Castillo DahoemisSales Agent1040134018326 February, 2022
Lopez Anthony MarkSales Agent1040134018626 February, 2022
Ramos DorianSales Agent1040134070410 March, 2022
Cuomo Thomas BSales Agent1040134094317 March, 2022
Morris Daniel JSales Agent1040134098319 March, 2022
Moreno De Rojas MaribelSales Agent1040134140919 May, 2022
Hernandez Anthony BertSales Agent1040134178808 July, 2022
Lamorte Chelsa TeresaSales Agent1040134195022 July, 2022
Maldonado AndySales Agent1040134205229 July, 2022
Butler MeganSales Agent1040134226605 August, 2022
Espaillat WandaSales Agent1040134245111 August, 2022
Lazarev BorisSales Agent1040134248311 August, 2022
Langlais William TSales Agent1040134279220 August, 2022
Alomari Wasfi MAssociate Broker30AL101884127 February, 2022
Antell Gerald LAssociate Broker30AN097416628 October, 2021
Cardone Sarah AAssociate Broker30CA094217822 December, 2021
Keys TeresaAssociate Broker30CA106093325 July, 2021
Farah MercedesAssociate Broker30FA066541804 August, 2021
Futterman GeorgeAssociate Broker30FU096915307 August, 2022
Hanrahan Jeffrey DAssociate Broker30HA068645301 June, 2022
Moran KennethAssociate Broker30MO094279620 March, 2021
Moore Melvin LAssociate Broker30MO102229819 July, 2022
Ravano Richard AAssociate Broker30RA102224925 July, 2021
Rossignuolo LindaAssociate Broker30RO089014209 January, 2021
Santamorena Robert AAssociate Broker30SA097621016 November, 2020
Tolagomez Johan AAssociate Broker30TO104499322 May, 2022
Weitzman Mark EAssociate Broker30WE085269208 November, 2021
Asante LatrishaSales Agent40AS110482410 August, 2022
Bernardini MaryjaneSales Agent40BE104985125 February, 2021
Martinez OrlySales Agent40BE105688819 February, 2022
Bianco Lisa GracielaSales Agent40BI095498522 June, 2022
Brockington IvelisseSales Agent40BR101614303 March, 2022
Chelala Rita BSales Agent40CH096436401 December, 2020
Cinquemani CharlesSales Agent40CI098911916 June, 2021
Courtney Sharon TSales Agent40CU104500406 July, 2021
Deutsch AbrahamSales Agent40DE092262210 January, 2021
Drummond Pamela TSales Agent40DR101506610 December, 2021
Engeldrum Elizabeth ASales Agent40EN091121026 August, 2022
Fischer Alexandra LSales Agent40FI116630629 April, 2022
Garcia GlenysSales Agent40GA093288420 June, 2021
Hess Maria MSales Agent40HE117065928 December, 2021
Kim Yoo Jin HyoSales Agent40KI117193831 March, 2022
Kocovic Margarita ASales Agent40KO088602824 February, 2021
Leone LillianSales Agent40LE111147327 April, 2022
Masri MaySales Agent40MA107418614 June, 2021
Mclee Iris OSales Agent40MC085434906 June, 2021
Mccoy DeirdraSales Agent40MC095586621 September, 2022
Medeiros Judith ASales Agent40ME111259109 May, 2022
Mizher Sheikh SalimSales Agent40MI102147014 February, 2021
Plaza JeannetteSales Agent40PL113319108 November, 2020
Ragone Rose MSales Agent40RA066671713 October, 2021
Ryan Beatriz BSales Agent40RY080655917 May, 2022
Shore Eileen RSales Agent40SH108068731 December, 2021
Vega CarmenSales Agent40VE111763104 August, 2022
Viruet GladysSales Agent40VI114678024 April, 2021
Wizzard Hyven MaySales Agent40WI097015909 December, 2021
Zaffo PatriciaSales Agent40ZA102000401 February, 2022
Zayas JorgeSales Agent40ZA106459703 January, 2022
Hadi JamalLimited Liability Broker49HA116479429 August, 2021

Branch offices of Keller Williams Realty Group

As per our records, there are 1 branch office/s of Keller Williams Realty Group (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Keller Williams Realty Group2 Overhill Rd, Scarsdale103912024045

Address Location for Keller Williams Realty Group
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