Dfw Associates, Ltd

Realty Company

500 S Denton Tap Road No 110, Coppell, Texas, 75019

Dfw Associates, Ltd is a licensed real estate corporation broker in Coppell, Texas and has a total experience of 37 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 335419 was issued by TREC to Dfw Associates, Ltd on 29 October, 1987. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on Dfw Associates, Ltd's license document is 500 S Denton Tap Road No 110, Coppell, Texas, 75019. The license will expire on 31 October, 2020. You can reach out to Dfw Associates, Ltd via phone number 972-462-8181.

Dfw Associates, Ltd has a license type of Real Estate Corporation Broker which allows a real estate entity to perform real estate services for their clients in return for commission. Real estate entity needs to designate an active licensed individual broker to act on its behalf. Designated broker for Dfw Associates, Ltd is Mark Wolfe who is a Real Estate Broker (License Number 184691). Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameDfw Associates, Ltd
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation Broker
Experience37 yrs
Complete Address500 S Denton Tap Road No 110, Coppell, Texas, 75019
Mailing Address500 S Denton Tap Ste 110, Coppell, Texas, 75019
Phone Number972-462-8181
Email Addressmwolfe50 @ verizon . net

Texas Real Estate License

License Number335419
License TypeReal Estate Corporation Broker
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date29 October, 1987
License Expiry Date31 October, 2020

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf. Mark Wolfe is a designated broker for Dfw Associates, Ltd.

Designated BrokerMark Wolfe
Designated Officer TypeReal Estate Broker
License Number184691

Sales Agents for Dfw Associates, Ltd

As per our records, there are 215 real estate agents who are currently working for Dfw Associates, Ltd. Sales agents in Texas needs to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker.

Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Deborah Gholson HorneSales Agent33 yrs259808
John George RomeoSales Agent38 yrs277402
Jan K DunsonSales Agent37 yrs298214
Eva BauerSales Agent37 yrs322496
Marian Kay WolfeSales Agent33 yrs327485
Steve Charles ConnerSales Agent37 yrs331071
Mary Lou GibbsSales Agent37 yrs331154
Susan Lucky SmithSales Agent37 yrs335717
Carmen Angeline PalmerSales Agent37 yrs345255
Jacqueline Ann DoerrSales Agent37 yrs350207
Michael Wayne MasingillSales Agent37 yrs350303
Karen Lee RutherfordSales Agent37 yrs370137
Daniel W GoodingSales Agent36 yrs371907
Karl J MoroldSales Agent37 yrs375482
Warren William CheddSales Agent37 yrs378484
Robert David CraftSales Agent12 yrs383966
Jenny A CaprittaSales Agent37 yrs384911
Cindy Ann MassengaleSales Agent35 yrs401955
Dan John WillemsSales Agent34 yrs406057
Kimberly Barton ConteSales Agent34 yrs410624
William Edward JamesSales Agent34 yrs411709
Angela Marie YocumSales Agent32 yrs422847
Peter C ColtSales Agent32 yrs424578
James Frank MayoSales Agent31 yrs428315
Cecilia Elaine MccallumSales Agent31 yrs429511
Fred M VillaSales Agent31 yrs429712
Jeffrey David BentleySales Agent30 yrs433237
Elizabeth Carole PattonSales Agent30 yrs434269
Stacy Ann AustinSales Agent30 yrs435508
Jeanne Kuhn SlaySales Agent30 yrs436371
Darin Todd YocumSales Agent30 yrs436543
Vicki Diane CrowSales Agent30 yrs437849
Victor Hoang VoSales Agent30 yrs438049
Antonio VasquezSales Agent28 yrs447779
Juan P VasquezSales Agent28 yrs449008
Judy Ann WestSales Agent28 yrs449870
Tina L CrispSales Agent27 yrs454824
Beverly Johnson SmithSales Agent27 yrs457080
Nancy Renee MccurdySales Agent27 yrs459010
Georgette C HarrodSales Agent26 yrs459750
Amyn K AhmedSales Agent26 yrs460346
Mary E AaronSales Agent26 yrs464495
Darren Scott OrrSales Agent25 yrs466737
Christine Louise GlidewellSales Agent25 yrs467374
Anuradha Sunit ShahSales Agent25 yrs467811
Dennis Mark JohnsonSales Agent25 yrs467872
Douglas S ErwinSales Agent25 yrs470451
Cynthia Childres YoungSales Agent25 yrs473713
Katherine Slaughter BeckSales Agent24 yrs474827
Jennifer Bell ErwinSales Agent24 yrs476545
Tammy Rashawn LoweSales Agent24 yrs478676
Christi Reeves PriceSales Agent23 yrs482530
Vera Alicia VasquezSales Agent23 yrs482924
Raul Garcia ChavezSales Agent23 yrs484726
Michael Scott SimsSales Agent23 yrs484943
Kelly Sean MaySales Agent23 yrs486020
Alvin Eugene MeyerSales Agent23 yrs486512
Gwendolyn Kate WoodSales Agent23 yrs491288
Mona Mabry WoodhouseSales Agent22 yrs492099
Cande Kaye GreenSales Agent22 yrs494447
Julie Ann HenrySales Agent22 yrs494525
Aundrea Pilant WhalenSales Agent22 yrs496189
Renee HedigerSales Agent22 yrs496739
Wendy Susanne HulkowichSales Agent22 yrs498143
Maria Elsy CamachoSales Agent22 yrs498978
Kreg Randall HallSales Agent22 yrs500537
Peggy Watkins CaseSales Agent22 yrs500718
Shelli Matush McbrayerSales Agent22 yrs501112
Mark Lynn StroudSales Agent22 yrs501227
Robert DeleonSales Agent21 yrs506707
Meredith Cook HeldSales Agent21 yrs507106
Timothy James AllreadSales Agent21 yrs511015
Laxmi TummalaSales Agent21 yrs512612
Namrata BhattSales Agent21 yrs514040
Courtney Mezera YoungSales Agent21 yrs514441
Robin Tracey EverlySales Agent20 yrs516291
Steven Alan DavisSales Agent20 yrs518104
Patricia Rae JenkinsSales Agent20 yrs518887
Patricia Lynn MurraySales Agent20 yrs520541
Elizabeth Anne JoyceSales Agent20 yrs522621
Janet E EmighSales Agent20 yrs523651
Kathleen Gagne CroftSales Agent20 yrs526711
Mark D HenrySales Agent20 yrs527591
Gary Don PettySales Agent20 yrs527638
Mark Robert SnavelySales Agent20 yrs528122
Marlene Diane StoneSales Agent20 yrs529113
Sonnetta Rose PalmerSales Agent19 yrs531839
Sheri Lynette StevensonSales Agent19 yrs532081
Wendy Danee DiazSales Agent19 yrs535908
Mark BarnesSales Agent19 yrs539201
Tess Marion TurnerSales Agent19 yrs539290
Samuel Gerhardt AndersonSales Agent19 yrs545300
Kendra L CrawfordSales Agent19 yrs546856
Patricia Carol WyckoffSales Agent18 yrs549103
Laura Kathryn PerrySales Agent18 yrs549500
Terry Moore HoffmanSales Agent18 yrs551356
Neimon Deleon BeaversSales Agent18 yrs554419
Laura Irene BeytiaSales Agent18 yrs554555
Cheryl Ann OhaganSales Agent18 yrs554800
Shaun Harrell WaldingSales Agent18 yrs555328
Leslie Paola OrtizSales Agent18 yrs561760
Donna Jean WallSales Agent17 yrs570228
Donna Rae BradshawSales Agent17 yrs571134
Iryna MitchellSales Agent17 yrs571585
Katherine Anderle MccoySales Agent17 yrs573709
Solinda Kay JonesSales Agent17 yrs575363
Kenneth Edward SlovacekSales Agent17 yrs578506
Kristi Lyn KintzSales Agent17 yrs580162
Carol June CrookSales Agent16 yrs583068
Kris James SharpSales Agent16 yrs583144
Jean E ClarkSales Agent16 yrs591070
Debra Faye DemossSales Agent15 yrs594864
Marlene Blancet BowdonSales Agent15 yrs595573
Cynthia Lynne FowlerSales Agent15 yrs599122
Lorena Charraga KiddSales Agent14 yrs604283
Joanne Michele NunleySales Agent14 yrs604560
Robert Allan JohnsonSales Agent14 yrs605654
Jeffrey M BlaskoSales Agent14 yrs607411
Elizabeth SnowdenSales Agent13 yrs611644
Terry Tyronne HendricksSales Agent13 yrs614347
Alejandra QuintanillaSales Agent13 yrs614638
Tae Won AnSales Agent13 yrs615975
Karen Curry OsbornSales Agent12 yrs619637
Shubhra BhattacharyaSales Agent12 yrs621571
Aricia Kelly BlaskoSales Agent12 yrs622601
Daniel Christian BrungerSales Agent12 yrs622726
Weilun WangSales Agent12 yrs622945
Rosemary M GranitzSales Agent12 yrs622972
Matt DillSales Agent12 yrs623219
Nicole Caroline HooverSales Agent12 yrs625068
Pamela BoydSales Agent11 yrs626597
Luis Fernando GutierrezSales Agent11 yrs626875
Michael Preston AcostaSales Agent11 yrs630901
Marjorie Laura KaneSales Agent11 yrs631035
David EudySales Agent11 yrs634618
Paula Inkeri HokkanenSales Agent11 yrs635348
Sharece DowneySales Agent11 yrs635391
Rebecca Parks SingletonSales Agent10 yrs638373
Melissa E VasquezSales Agent10 yrs639236
Itishree RoutSales Agent10 yrs640957
Kenneth Scott GriffisSales Agent10 yrs641417
Matthew BradshawSales Agent10 yrs642112
Mark WallisSales Agent10 yrs643038
Laura Isela Morin-igaravidezSales Agent10 yrs644815
Lissete MorenoSales Agent10 yrs645092
Sara Ashley DuncanSales Agent10 yrs647676
Nora Vanessa RivasSales Agent9 yrs651240
Bethany Lee EwingSales Agent9 yrs652831
Destiny Nicole GloriaSales Agent9 yrs653143
Ramiro MartinezSales Agent9 yrs653912
Timothy J DriskoSales Agent9 yrs655850
Tiffany L AndersonSales Agent9 yrs656847
Debbie SozaSales Agent9 yrs658429
Theresa LyonSales Agent9 yrs659886
Michelle Elizabeth DonovanSales Agent9 yrs660819
Donald Richard ClarkSales Agent9 yrs661192
Mauricio MazueraSales Agent9 yrs662725
Karen Marie JohnsonSales Agent9 yrs663183
Melissa HobbsSales Agent9 yrs663951
Kelli GardnerSales Agent9 yrs664578
Joanne K. CondiSales Agent8 yrs668235
Brianna CastilloSales Agent8 yrs668250
Sungmoon YoonSales Agent8 yrs668957
Amarendra UppalapatiSales Agent8 yrs669006
Amanda S McleodSales Agent8 yrs672509
Joseph Alyn LozziSales Agent8 yrs673962
Lorraine Terkelsen TerkelsenSales Agent8 yrs674535
Sung Yuan KuSales Agent8 yrs674636
Jana Sue MarshallSales Agent8 yrs676784
Sundee CorleySales Agent8 yrs678830
Caryn JamesSales Agent8 yrs680382
Leann Nichole KeachSales Agent7 yrs683258
Jena E BlakeSales Agent7 yrs683400
Asher AhmedSales Agent7 yrs683756
Brian Joseph SackSales Agent7 yrs685723
Wayne Jennings MaynardSales Agent7 yrs686428
Kenneth William SimmonsSales Agent7 yrs686677
Phillip William SimmonsSales Agent7 yrs688153
Travis HillSales Agent7 yrs688720
Paul Burt SinclairSales Agent7 yrs689967
Yollande Kadesi KayembeSales Agent7 yrs692816
Kenneth BohacsSales Agent7 yrs694213
Alyssa Anne BohacsSales Agent7 yrs694429
Cynthia Joanne KindsvaterSales Agent7 yrs695875
Roshni MenonSales Agent6 yrs701440
Jennifer Lee Talbot CiersSales Agent6 yrs706495
Dwayne H. MarshallSales Agent6 yrs709486
Keelie LuttrellSales Agent6 yrs710474
Kelly Samuels-wiseSales Agent6 yrs711274
Caroline Bacon DeeterSales Agent6 yrs714588
Jasmine McclendonSales Agent5 yrs717516
Greg StrunkSales Agent5 yrs719636
Brittany Nicole MillerSales Agent5 yrs724134
Patrick James BinningSales Agent5 yrs725161
James LuceSales Agent5 yrs727119
Carly HodgesSales Agent5 yrs727705
Tiffani Terae StevensSales Agent5 yrs730030
Jessica Alonzo WilliamsSales Agent5 yrs730819
Earl Dee HeardSales Agent5 yrs732410
Jarrod RossSales Agent4 yrs732681
Siri SolangeSales Agent4 yrs733163
Cara Lynn DavilaSales Agent4 yrs734233
Mylene Olivia AssiSales Agent4 yrs734333
Christina Marie ColterSales Agent4 yrs734639
Bryan Wesley CoxSales Agent4 yrs735494
Kristofer SanchezSales Agent4 yrs735973
Cynthia Annai GutierrezSales Agent4 yrs736351
Kobe James CarrollSales Agent4 yrs736851
Lori Mallory KellySales Agent4 yrs737023
Sanjay Kumar BeheraSales Agent4 yrs738621
Christian Antonio MillsSales Agent4 yrs739103
Khalid EjazSales Agent4 yrs739735
Denise Michelle ToweSales Agent4 yrs741628
Roxana E MaldonadoSales Agent4 yrs741821
Sabrina Al-bakiSales Agent4 yrs742451

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