Kwwd Llc

Real Estate Broker LLC

2201 Lake Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380

Kwwd Llc is a licensed real estate broker llc in The Woodlands, Texas and has a total experience of 25 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 467749 was issued by TREC to Kwwd Llc on 11 March, 1999. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on Kwwd Llc's license document is 2201 Lake Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380. The license will expire on 31 March, 2022. You can reach out to Kwwd Llc via phone number 281-364-1588.

Kwwd Llc has a license type of Real Estate Broker LLC which allows a real estate entity to perform real estate services for their clients in return for commission. Real estate entity needs to designate an active licensed individual broker to act on its behalf. Designated broker for Kwwd Llc is Janine Broussard Ford who is a Real Estate Broker (License Number 457447). Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameKwwd Llc
CredentialsReal Estate Broker LLC
Experience25 yrs
Complete Address2201 Lake Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380
Mailing Address2201 Lake Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380
Phone Number281-364-1588
Email Addressklrw22 @ kw . com

Texas Real Estate License

License Number467749
License TypeReal Estate Broker LLC
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date11 March, 1999
License Expiry Date31 March, 2022

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf. Janine Broussard Ford is a designated broker for Kwwd Llc.

Designated BrokerJanine Broussard Ford
Designated Officer TypeReal Estate Broker
License Number457447

Sales Agents for Kwwd Llc

As per our records, there are 318 real estate agents who are currently working for Kwwd Llc. Sales agents in Texas needs to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker.

Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
James Kirk ArySales Agent37 yrs345306
Lori Lynn TillmanSales Agent35 yrs403587
Mary Alice WhiteSales Agent34 yrs406639
Andrew Paul BrockSales Agent34 yrs408384
Carol Janisch-hambrickSales Agent13 yrs416857
Sandra Pearson BerryhillSales Agent32 yrs422750
Carol Renee HearnSales Agent31 yrs426080
Mike Wade DavisSales Agent31 yrs431050
Diane Kay StanleySales Agent30 yrs438498
Lihong ChenSales Agent28 yrs446549
Ethel Jean OdellSales Agent27 yrs453268
Jennifer Dawn BrownSales Agent27 yrs458831
Patricia DodySales Agent26 yrs462244
Robert Longino AlmogabarSales Agent26 yrs464068
Jan Marie LoosSales Agent25 yrs472080
Ellen Elizabeth PoolSales Agent23 yrs485371
Brenda Joyce JonesSales Agent23 yrs486312
Tiffany Anne McclungSales Agent22 yrs493569
Justin Wade McclungSales Agent22 yrs493570
Beverly Renee TaylorSales Agent22 yrs499171
Charles Vernon WhiteSales Agent22 yrs499956
Kellie Beatrice SalleeSales Agent22 yrs500707
Kathleen Steeves SextonSales Agent22 yrs502454
Lynda E HuffmanSales Agent22 yrs503200
Kathleen Delaney MerchantSales Agent21 yrs509577
Jill Lyles MorrisSales Agent21 yrs510602
Carol Ann WrightSales Agent21 yrs510875
Kevin S JacksonSales Agent21 yrs514980
Shelly Minette YbarraSales Agent20 yrs521277
Janell F CallihanSales Agent20 yrs524664
Mary Nicole RobertsSales Agent20 yrs524906
Josefina OviedoSales Agent20 yrs526434
Teresa Elizabeth KennedySales Agent20 yrs529547
Anita Mae HenaoSales Agent19 yrs534029
Vincent Lawrence SinisiSales Agent19 yrs542955
Lacrima CosneanSales Agent19 yrs545450
William Brad BellSales Agent19 yrs545562
Cecil Hagen CallihanSales Agent19 yrs545836
Evelyn Maria PyleSales Agent18 yrs548798
Lara Jill ForssellSales Agent18 yrs551577
Sara F RobinsonSales Agent18 yrs551663
Deborah Brawner-hernandezSales Agent18 yrs553564
Carl William MerchantSales Agent18 yrs554803
Garland Martin BennettSales Agent18 yrs557673
Teresa L SartinSales Agent18 yrs558077
Gloria Pride WhiteSales Agent18 yrs563840
Marci Shannon BanningSales Agent17 yrs572952
Jenifer Yeakley DrakeSales Agent17 yrs575484
Steven Michael GrimmettSales Agent17 yrs578604
Blake Anthony WatersSales Agent17 yrs578815
Allyson Leigh EvansSales Agent16 yrs587491
Kerry L MckaigSales Agent16 yrs588468
Angela Denise CostillaSales Agent15 yrs592256
Christine Anna RichardsSales Agent15 yrs593794
Robert Steven WelkieSales Agent15 yrs595750
Jose Francisco HerediaSales Agent15 yrs597946
Tina Wilkins BrickhouseSales Agent15 yrs601208
Jonathan Blaine KraftSales Agent14 yrs602068
Linda Sue HardwickSales Agent14 yrs602245
Alma Delia PedrazaSales Agent14 yrs603702
Cheri Lee SchwarczSales Agent14 yrs604687
Glenda J HamptonSales Agent14 yrs607074
Zina B DonelsonSales Agent14 yrs607566
Desirae Lynn BorkowskiSales Agent14 yrs609665
Cynthia Jeanne MunnerlynSales Agent13 yrs612062
Sarah Jane PasseySales Agent13 yrs612080
Kaley Nicole DavisSales Agent13 yrs613654
Elizabeth E RussellSales Agent13 yrs614334
Suzanne Salassi LenfantSales Agent13 yrs614556
Yashica BowensSales Agent13 yrs615580
Kiriaki KoymarianosSales Agent13 yrs615800
Sherrene HaleSales Agent13 yrs615955
Jennifer KeySales Agent13 yrs616885
Virna Valeria NavaSales Agent13 yrs617342
Mariela C KnappSales Agent12 yrs617755
Craig Howard BellamySales Agent12 yrs617797
Rebecca Hawkins NyeSales Agent12 yrs618664
Wendy Lynn McfarlandSales Agent12 yrs620331
Gary Lynn GilesSales Agent12 yrs620853
Cara Jane GilesSales Agent12 yrs621550
Kylie Rae HokeSales Agent12 yrs621909
Tammy T SinclairSales Agent12 yrs622037
Michael Shane RodriguezSales Agent12 yrs623516
Scott Sevier McalisterSales Agent12 yrs623812
Rachel WhitesideSales Agent12 yrs623884
Michelle MossSales Agent12 yrs623902
Linda DantinSales Agent12 yrs624416
Saher SaidSales Agent11 yrs625937
Claudine Anne FitzsimmonsSales Agent11 yrs626193
John Nicholas HindsSales Agent11 yrs626224
Donald ThomsonSales Agent11 yrs626468
Claudia Lee BondSales Agent11 yrs626749
Janet M WooddellSales Agent11 yrs626814
Parker KinkSales Agent11 yrs627067
Layne Middleton CarrellSales Agent11 yrs627413
Carrie Elizabeth OusleySales Agent11 yrs627499
Jennifer KraftSales Agent11 yrs627681
Kenneth Thomas StraussSales Agent11 yrs629289
Brandi WattersonSales Agent11 yrs629450
Colby Wayne HearnSales Agent11 yrs629744
Roger FryouSales Agent11 yrs633074
Frank OrtizSales Agent11 yrs634479
Sandra Villamarin JimenezSales Agent11 yrs636088
Jeffrey J AllenSales Agent10 yrs637176
Claudia Patricia Van HarnSales Agent10 yrs638149
Resa WestonSales Agent10 yrs638616
Tanner Douglas FyfeSales Agent10 yrs638813
Kristi WinfreeSales Agent10 yrs639952
Kevin BakerSales Agent10 yrs640339
Melissa Perez-muellerSales Agent10 yrs640384
Kristi Nicole GriffinSales Agent10 yrs641475
Janise Joanna JonesSales Agent10 yrs642574
Regina Gayle ParkerSales Agent10 yrs643519
Hector B. LaraSales Agent10 yrs646365
Diane EarleSales Agent10 yrs646418
Ann Barfield CorbittSales Agent10 yrs648036
Jennifer Deborah TaylorSales Agent9 yrs650295
Rhonda E CookSales Agent9 yrs651094
Consuelo Elizabeth NavaSales Agent9 yrs652209
Renata ContrucciSales Agent9 yrs652821
Gregory Neal FridellSales Agent9 yrs653720
Daniel LucasSales Agent9 yrs653907
William E. TarverSales Agent9 yrs654165
Daisy RoeSales Agent9 yrs654170
Alejandra De La CampaSales Agent9 yrs654916
Shanna Nikole MedeirosSales Agent9 yrs655466
Patricia Elaine CarterSales Agent9 yrs656164
Shqipe Dauti-pratherSales Agent9 yrs656308
Paula Marie LondonSales Agent9 yrs658750
Charles James GilesSales Agent9 yrs659336
Sharla ColeSales Agent9 yrs660149
Zachary J BillingtonSales Agent9 yrs661020
Ross Lee SmithSales Agent9 yrs661197
Daniel Allen HarperSales Agent9 yrs663092
Dawn Stack KlefosSales Agent9 yrs664551
Lora Wolf EnriquezSales Agent9 yrs664673
Cassandra D FojtSales Agent8 yrs665818
Terry Austin TaylorSales Agent8 yrs667422
Natalia KupetzSales Agent8 yrs667953
Jenna Marie MyersSales Agent8 yrs668451
Ryan Matthew EagerSales Agent8 yrs668519
Cherlyn Kim MccoySales Agent8 yrs668948
James Christopher WardSales Agent8 yrs669044
Stephanie PoeSales Agent8 yrs669281
Lauren MccrorySales Agent8 yrs669583
Sharon GreparesSales Agent8 yrs671568
Sharon Ann SimsSales Agent8 yrs671885
Marianne CowanSales Agent8 yrs671896
Gina L. HymanSales Agent8 yrs672297
Olumayokun O AreolaSales Agent8 yrs672300
Julie Ann CrumSales Agent8 yrs672308
Cadi Chenise CrockerSales Agent8 yrs672631
Hoora ZaidSales Agent8 yrs673400
Jeanie Marie ConnorsSales Agent8 yrs675120
Tiffany Nikole WilliamsSales Agent8 yrs675454
Sorita Lovings AlexanderSales Agent8 yrs675875
Isabel Houtmann LandaSales Agent8 yrs675967
Eric LegrosSales Agent8 yrs676272
Angelica ValdezSales Agent8 yrs676278
Brian Keith BanningSales Agent8 yrs678961
Shanna Andrea WilliamsSales Agent8 yrs679623
Karen GomezSales Agent8 yrs679927
Danny MillerSales Agent8 yrs679971
Dona M AngellSales Agent8 yrs680429
Jessica A PaschalisSales Agent8 yrs680817
Karen Ann Suy-lewisSales Agent8 yrs680888
Stephanie R. DedeauxSales Agent8 yrs681126
Myrtis QuarfordtSales Agent8 yrs681538
Morgan HarrimanSales Agent8 yrs681828
Richard KnouseSales Agent8 yrs682563
Tonya Anne ZitmanSales Agent8 yrs682719
Cosmin Nicolae SimeriaSales Agent8 yrs682774
Shkelqim MuskajSales Agent7 yrs682908
Jennifer Renee MartinezSales Agent7 yrs684360
Amardeep GillSales Agent7 yrs684840
Leticia Lopez SalazarSales Agent7 yrs686327
Trevor Clark CarpenterSales Agent7 yrs686559
Royshyra FordSales Agent7 yrs687399
Amanda SemanSales Agent7 yrs687567
Barbara H DabneySales Agent7 yrs688159
Erik KoestenblattSales Agent7 yrs688673
Lauren Hailey BassSales Agent7 yrs690006
Adriana SimeriaSales Agent7 yrs690262
Tammy Kossow TrovatoSales Agent7 yrs690301
Lalitha KoduruSales Agent7 yrs691117
Terrence David FernholzSales Agent7 yrs691486
Maria Teresa Ariza-chaconSales Agent7 yrs691502
Tamera Fawn McdermottSales Agent7 yrs691884
Laura Marie TripaldiSales Agent7 yrs692851
Devida Ann JarvisSales Agent7 yrs693088
Christopher CarverSales Agent7 yrs694470
Xanath Cristina ThomsonSales Agent7 yrs694511
Eve M KnellerSales Agent7 yrs695002
Louise Clare JuillardSales Agent7 yrs695441
Makenzie KinkSales Agent7 yrs695592
Leanne StrempelSales Agent7 yrs696169
Christine Ann BeaulacSales Agent7 yrs697072
Henry Dennis UbedaSales Agent7 yrs697561
Brittany BusbySales Agent7 yrs698191
Samantha Rena DaughertySales Agent7 yrs699244
Paula LintonSales Agent6 yrs699887
Sally Anne CourtierSales Agent6 yrs700572
Victoria Rosenbloom HannaSales Agent6 yrs701267
Andrea DollinsSales Agent6 yrs701606
Jordan Delaney MillerSales Agent6 yrs703352
Daisy Ruby AcunaSales Agent6 yrs704401
Anisa Zubaku AlagnaSales Agent6 yrs704455
Manuel ColonSales Agent6 yrs705283
Shreya MehtaSales Agent6 yrs705711
Ryan Matthew LollisSales Agent6 yrs706230
Gena DouglasSales Agent6 yrs706278
Isabel MarquezSales Agent6 yrs706577
Zainab HusainSales Agent6 yrs707035
Art MartinezSales Agent6 yrs707870
Erika Fabiola NavarroSales Agent6 yrs709160
Donnette BurrowesSales Agent6 yrs710304
April EdwardsSales Agent6 yrs710483
Kelly Drake RandolphSales Agent6 yrs710704
Cortney Marie ZindaSales Agent6 yrs710765
Kristen Suzanne RubinSales Agent6 yrs711106
Geoffrey ChapmanSales Agent6 yrs711665
Kellen BeckhamSales Agent6 yrs711857
Hillary ChairesSales Agent6 yrs712343
Katherine Oppermann PhillipsSales Agent6 yrs713097
Daisy DaniellesSales Agent6 yrs713592
Claudia PalmaSales Agent6 yrs713642
Diondra A MillerSales Agent6 yrs713773
Eulise SilvaSales Agent6 yrs713820
Beatriz Ireri MierSales Agent6 yrs713848
Stacy WahleSales Agent6 yrs714405
Viet Hung NguyenSales Agent6 yrs715184
Candy FebresSales Agent5 yrs716686
Jeremy Michael WillardSales Agent5 yrs716818
Anthony Sabato TripaldiSales Agent5 yrs717450
Holly Carol WheelerSales Agent5 yrs718599
Yolanda L SuttonSales Agent5 yrs718727
Edward Kelly FlowersSales Agent5 yrs719643
Tracy Wall MadeleySales Agent5 yrs719718
Ryan ColburnSales Agent5 yrs719823
Humberto LaraSales Agent5 yrs720099
Jennifer DosescuSales Agent5 yrs720179
Swain Shahshahani GonzalezSales Agent5 yrs720500
Wanda Naomi EstradaSales Agent5 yrs720505
Abdallah KhatibSales Agent5 yrs721325
Eric Sylvester WorrellSales Agent5 yrs721555
Karina V RojasSales Agent5 yrs722198
Kevin Wayne CagleSales Agent5 yrs722491
Merandi Dale TuckerSales Agent5 yrs722668
Hayley Elizabeth McgeeSales Agent5 yrs723096
Garrett LunaSales Agent5 yrs723400
Christian Maria MeachamSales Agent5 yrs723542
Tyler SmithSales Agent5 yrs724050
Vanessa Delores DarkoSales Agent5 yrs724246
Lisa Ann CagleSales Agent5 yrs724376
Todd Andrew PoolSales Agent5 yrs724403
Carley HebertSales Agent5 yrs724774
Thomas Magnum SmithSales Agent5 yrs725571
Ashley BoltSales Agent5 yrs725639
Catherine Eckert EdwardsSales Agent5 yrs726131
Shelley Marie OdomSales Agent5 yrs726273
Charles ScottSales Agent5 yrs726505
Michelle Cristina HerediaSales Agent5 yrs726511
Steven GreenSales Agent5 yrs726557
Romie MaysSales Agent5 yrs727252
Matthew David RandallSales Agent5 yrs727513
Jianing YuSales Agent5 yrs727582
Janet Chavez IsenbargerSales Agent5 yrs727625
Laurie GiovingoSales Agent5 yrs727850
Jose Antonio Casares FalconiSales Agent5 yrs728738
Gabriella VillarrealSales Agent5 yrs729160
April D AddisonSales Agent5 yrs729509
Natashia Meysha DouglasSales Agent5 yrs730281
Sally WestSales Agent5 yrs730716
Camerina De HoyosSales Agent5 yrs730761
Kacy GilleySales Agent5 yrs730779
Melinda E RobertsSales Agent5 yrs731236
Tametrita CuttenSales Agent5 yrs731540
Myron Deion SandersSales Agent5 yrs731580
Houston Ray HawthorneSales Agent5 yrs731604
Jonathan Chase HarvillSales Agent5 yrs731930
Cody FullerSales Agent5 yrs732096
Rosemary MartinezSales Agent5 yrs732148
Joshua GarciaSales Agent5 yrs732202
Robert Joseph BombardiereSales Agent5 yrs732327
Victoria A TorresSales Agent5 yrs732411
Brandi SkinnerSales Agent4 yrs732547
Jeroen Willem VoorbeijtelSales Agent4 yrs732944
Tina Marie TaylorSales Agent4 yrs733121
Tenisha Miche BarnesSales Agent4 yrs733629
Heaven Elizabeth GilmoreSales Agent4 yrs733979
Cheri Lynn CopelandSales Agent4 yrs734784
Morgan Leigh MortonSales Agent4 yrs735053
Lynn Terese YatesSales Agent4 yrs735159
Sytoya Merneet HarvinSales Agent4 yrs735780
Devan Nicole RaySales Agent4 yrs735998
Rebecca ChaneySales Agent4 yrs736459
Noreen KhanSales Agent4 yrs736557
Tanjlea PruittSales Agent4 yrs736847
Ryan G LisembeeSales Agent4 yrs736870
Jordan LaneSales Agent4 yrs736910
Natalia Junqueira Hermeto CasaleSales Agent4 yrs737748
Whitney PeeteSales Agent4 yrs737808
Nakina KittrellSales Agent4 yrs738077
Emily RollinsSales Agent4 yrs738256
Guifang Meng WhiteSales Agent4 yrs738342
Tandi GarrettSales Agent4 yrs738653
Nicholas M SinisiSales Agent4 yrs738740
Kendall Lee GaySales Agent4 yrs738838
Diana Maria ChavezSales Agent4 yrs739591
Deidri Tyson WilsonSales Agent4 yrs739685
Dillan Taylor SoutherSales Agent4 yrs740217
Behnaz EslamiSales Agent4 yrs740717
William R GilleySales Agent4 yrs740738
Jessica MaccallumSales Agent4 yrs741427
Taylor Mackenzie MurphySales Agent4 yrs741579
Kumail Zia JafriSales Agent4 yrs741862
Mark AndersonSales Agent4 yrs742101
Ariana Berenisse Silva Zapata EliasSales Agent4 yrs742120

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