Frisco Stars, Ltd.

Realty Partnership Firm

4783 Preston Rd Ste 100, Frisco, Texas, 75034

Frisco Stars, Ltd. is a licensed real estate partnership broker in Frisco, Texas and has a total experience of 25 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 473962 was issued by TREC to Frisco Stars, Ltd. on 21 December, 1999. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on Frisco Stars, Ltd.'s license document is 4783 Preston Rd Ste 100, Frisco, Texas, 75034. The license will expire on 31 December, 2020. You can reach out to Frisco Stars, Ltd. via phone number 972-712-9898.

Frisco Stars, Ltd. has a license type of Real Estate Partnership Broker which allows a real estate entity to perform real estate services for their clients in return for commission. Real estate entity needs to designate an active licensed individual broker to act on its behalf. Designated broker for Frisco Stars, Ltd. is Barbara S Trumbull who is a Real Estate Broker (License Number 432445). Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameFrisco Stars, Ltd.
CredentialsReal Estate Partnership Broker
Experience25 yrs
Complete Address4783 Preston Rd Ste 100, Frisco, Texas, 75034
Mailing Address4783 Preston Rd Ste 100, Frisco, Texas, 75034
Phone Number972-712-9898
Email Addressklrw143 @ kw . com

Texas Real Estate License

License Number473962
License TypeReal Estate Partnership Broker
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date21 December, 1999
License Expiry Date31 December, 2020

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf. Barbara S Trumbull is a designated broker for Frisco Stars, Ltd..

Designated BrokerBarbara S Trumbull
Designated Officer TypeReal Estate Broker
License Number432445

Sales Agents for Frisco Stars, Ltd.

As per our records, there are 338 real estate agents who are currently working for Frisco Stars, Ltd.. Sales agents in Texas needs to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker.

Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Jenny Lynn DowdySales Agent13 yrs273041
Regenna ManningSales Agent37 yrs315939
Elizabeth M ArduainSales Agent38 yrs333471
Donna J EaganSales Agent38 yrs369663
Tracy Ann HookstraSales Agent31 yrs428287
Lori Ann LoughSales Agent30 yrs437738
Heather J MalykSales Agent29 yrs442962
Mary Ann KellamSales Agent28 yrs450162
Jeffrey Lee CherrySales Agent27 yrs453213
Cathy Fletcher AckmannSales Agent27 yrs456181
Christie R CannonSales Agent27 yrs456906
Jeffery Clinton JacobsSales Agent26 yrs464526
Tonnett Michelle PolkSales Agent25 yrs470187
Brandy D DollgenerSales Agent23 yrs482725
Kristi MooreSales Agent22 yrs493459
Stacey Evans AtkersonSales Agent22 yrs493717
Rosa Lynn CollinsSales Agent22 yrs498429
Daniel Louis HartupSales Agent21 yrs504449
Dorothy Blaine EschenburgSales Agent21 yrs510728
Amy Kathleen OldhamSales Agent20 yrs520982
Nicole Evette TuckerSales Agent20 yrs524255
Hilarie Budman BurstenSales Agent20 yrs525057
Ana Bell LariosSales Agent20 yrs525331
Sylvia Crystal BrietteSales Agent19 yrs532572
Michael Sean MccaslandSales Agent19 yrs534780
Robin Renee HuntSales Agent19 yrs535017
Elmer Douglas HerreraSales Agent19 yrs536537
Vivianne Hajj BitarSales Agent19 yrs536802
Linda Bacalzo AtlasonSales Agent19 yrs538098
Albert SalasSales Agent19 yrs538946
Terri Hall EgstadSales Agent19 yrs539311
Cheston ChanSales Agent19 yrs540940
Raymond Bernard PouncySales Agent19 yrs541300
Leena Kudva PrabhuSales Agent18 yrs548929
Byron Keith ColeSales Agent18 yrs551067
Shirl Rene MckinneySales Agent18 yrs553727
Diana Marie BarnhouseSales Agent18 yrs555657
Chandra Larae ManuelSales Agent18 yrs557741
Gregory Kent StrawnSales Agent18 yrs560532
Lynda Kay GuarnieriSales Agent18 yrs561015
Maria Sheridan MuthSales Agent18 yrs562603
Rickie Marie KuleSales Agent18 yrs563828
Marcia MonacoSales Agent17 yrs566719
Connie Suzanne StclairSales Agent17 yrs579401
Stacey Lynn BoydSales Agent17 yrs580939
Alicia Bernice ChmielewskiSales Agent16 yrs585423
Randall Paul SullivanSales Agent16 yrs586732
Curtis Vincent FletcherSales Agent15 yrs593172
Aldinea Banks DillardSales Agent15 yrs595294
Kerri A KleinSales Agent15 yrs595421
Jeff Bruce EhrichSales Agent15 yrs595770
Jonathan Wade StroudSales Agent15 yrs597797
Guillermo G TrevinoSales Agent15 yrs599551
Cindy Jill CoffinSales Agent15 yrs600547
Jennifer Rae PrestridgeSales Agent14 yrs602571
Doris Koehler AckersonSales Agent14 yrs604256
Anita M BerrySales Agent14 yrs604748
Christine Elise LippleSales Agent14 yrs605767
Swati Hiralal ShahSales Agent14 yrs606077
Sylvia SifuentesSales Agent14 yrs606413
Ana Maria MaierSales Agent14 yrs606932
Laila KhouriSales Agent14 yrs607504
Sally Ann SmithSales Agent14 yrs608987
Brenton B HoldburgSales Agent14 yrs609136
Benjamin Patrick DaltonSales Agent14 yrs610163
Jacqueline Elizabeth TowersSales Agent13 yrs611087
Marchand Michelle FroschheuserSales Agent13 yrs611861
Ruben VazquezSales Agent13 yrs611944
Michael Brant DellisSales Agent13 yrs612508
Irene Taipanei ModesteSales Agent13 yrs612729
Allen Lee SchrammSales Agent13 yrs612879
Audrelyn Laverne RojasSales Agent13 yrs614608
Teresa G LoughboroughSales Agent13 yrs614992
Lisa WelchSales Agent13 yrs615207
Hengameh Pishrow AminSales Agent12 yrs621206
Leonard McmanamanSales Agent12 yrs621656
Lori StevensSales Agent12 yrs622084
Nathan Sandon SmithSales Agent12 yrs622175
Deana Cathleen MecheSales Agent12 yrs622644
Juhwa KimSales Agent12 yrs623660
David Allen AckmannSales Agent12 yrs624418
Lucretia Cristina LackeySales Agent12 yrs624590
William M KobergSales Agent11 yrs625495
Lillian KangSales Agent11 yrs626075
Stephanie LindamoodSales Agent11 yrs626727
Genie FranklinSales Agent11 yrs626869
Neelambari JoshiSales Agent11 yrs627028
Christine GoodwinSales Agent11 yrs627085
Kristie CrottySales Agent11 yrs627541
Mandy James PickerillSales Agent11 yrs628340
Pamela Kaye DavisSales Agent11 yrs628667
Laurie Jean SolomonSales Agent11 yrs629187
Landon Ivy JonesSales Agent11 yrs629397
Roxana Elizabeth PodraskySales Agent11 yrs629446
Donna Nelson WilkersonSales Agent11 yrs629614
Jaime G LoweSales Agent11 yrs629725
Labinot LataSales Agent11 yrs630232
Christopher Robert McquiniffSales Agent11 yrs630401
Richa GuptaSales Agent11 yrs630987
Victoria Lee MaroneySales Agent11 yrs631581
Jamie MorrisSales Agent11 yrs634501
Anna Christo ShwabeSales Agent11 yrs634713
Lindsey OvertonSales Agent10 yrs638179
Robert PayneSales Agent10 yrs638933
Kerrie L. HarrisSales Agent10 yrs639311
Lucio RomeroSales Agent10 yrs639595
Ronald ChamberlainSales Agent10 yrs639888
Patricia Ann JohnsonSales Agent10 yrs640336
Jennifer StoddartSales Agent10 yrs641215
Francia SantosSales Agent10 yrs642989
Banumathy HonnavaraSales Agent10 yrs643348
Autumn Nicole NottinghamSales Agent10 yrs644900
Cynthia B PoulterSales Agent10 yrs645791
Feroz MolooSales Agent10 yrs645898
Ronda Lynn RobertsSales Agent10 yrs646140
Elizabeth A ContrerasSales Agent10 yrs646291
John Louis LopezSales Agent10 yrs648494
Michaela Ann Goodman-nanceSales Agent10 yrs648948
Maurice LeeSales Agent10 yrs648972
Tameko Eugenia LawlerSales Agent10 yrs649432
Rana ZureiqiSales Agent10 yrs649972
Lori A. SealeSales Agent9 yrs650638
Austin John ThemensSales Agent9 yrs652494
Gina Maria HortonSales Agent9 yrs652589
Alan J RosnerSales Agent9 yrs653774
Melissa ElliottSales Agent9 yrs654471
Michael Gene OldhamSales Agent9 yrs654718
Tiffany GeorgeSales Agent9 yrs657320
Jennifer RedmanSales Agent9 yrs657919
Jamie BrysonSales Agent9 yrs658157
Elyse Debra GuthrieSales Agent9 yrs658284
Anna XuSales Agent9 yrs658695
Mark Anthony CoxSales Agent9 yrs659123
Desiree Cannon BeardSales Agent9 yrs659236
Linda Crawford BradfordSales Agent9 yrs659258
Robbin Wilson WellsSales Agent9 yrs659381
Angela R HandlerSales Agent9 yrs659604
Jesus Manuel AguilarSales Agent9 yrs661163
Brenda K JacksonSales Agent9 yrs663655
Howard RoseSales Agent9 yrs663699
Leandra Piccolo FernandesSales Agent9 yrs665119
Eboney Journet MyersSales Agent8 yrs665796
Afshan Faizal MoosaSales Agent8 yrs667200
Ladan ShayganSales Agent8 yrs667941
Brian Edward JenkinsSales Agent8 yrs668932
Sarondia Delaine VidrineSales Agent8 yrs668989
Delbert NielsenSales Agent8 yrs669522
Wanda Brooks AnthonySales Agent8 yrs669956
Lesley BatesSales Agent8 yrs670455
Aster BaheruSales Agent8 yrs670793
Deborah DuffySales Agent8 yrs671049
John Hilburn WendellSales Agent8 yrs673516
Noelle Ansolabehere SchillingSales Agent8 yrs673637
Phillip Patrick HeltonSales Agent8 yrs673824
Elizabeth Mumbi KimothoSales Agent8 yrs674888
Patricia MihandaSales Agent8 yrs675853
Deyanira Eduvigis Barreto De OrtizSales Agent8 yrs675915
Lynn LapagliaSales Agent8 yrs676171
Jayme Cowen GarrettSales Agent8 yrs678387
Brandi ShawSales Agent8 yrs678793
Natalia Smith-robersonSales Agent8 yrs679037
Valeria WhiteSales Agent8 yrs679513
Jared Lloyd SmithSales Agent8 yrs680885
Ravern AndersonSales Agent8 yrs681385
Andrea DoddSales Agent8 yrs681509
Charles Ray JohnsonSales Agent8 yrs682206
Anne C Perez-mclaughlinSales Agent8 yrs682368
Doug BradfordSales Agent8 yrs682626
Shaunice Deon CollinsSales Agent8 yrs682783
William Harlow HageeSales Agent7 yrs683093
Yashica S FeltonSales Agent7 yrs685133
Osama M DurainiSales Agent7 yrs685226
Sheri Lynn BurtonSales Agent7 yrs685480
Judy Lynn ShortSales Agent7 yrs685888
Ashley ShamsSales Agent7 yrs685894
Lauren Mckinley SeitzSales Agent7 yrs686178
Brandon Robert BatesSales Agent7 yrs686585
Kiran Prakash KolliSales Agent7 yrs686904
Christopher Robert SloggettSales Agent7 yrs687303
Jeremy HarrisSales Agent7 yrs688073
Mont'e JohnsonSales Agent7 yrs688819
Forouz FaridalamSales Agent7 yrs689709
Aisha L DavisSales Agent7 yrs689774
Terri WrightSales Agent7 yrs690057
Stuart Douglas WalkerSales Agent7 yrs690671
Louis Edwin HashSales Agent7 yrs690712
Steffanie Ann BushSales Agent7 yrs690874
Holly Nicole PetreeSales Agent7 yrs691574
David Edward TannerSales Agent7 yrs692421
Andrew WebbSales Agent7 yrs692589
Beverly Davis RobertsSales Agent7 yrs693325
Lori H DunnSales Agent7 yrs693750
Kerri HumbleSales Agent7 yrs693930
Helen Gu QuachSales Agent7 yrs694240
Latif Nicholas KhromachouSales Agent7 yrs694450
Sandra Lee HitchcockSales Agent7 yrs694689
Daniel Scott BlasingameSales Agent7 yrs695774
Christine KamelSales Agent7 yrs695818
Maria Alejandra NunleySales Agent7 yrs697914
Nathan G MartinSales Agent7 yrs698003
Vishwanath ShrivastavaSales Agent7 yrs698175
Cherita Nichole GreerSales Agent7 yrs698616
Annie JacobSales Agent7 yrs698629
Lan Chun ChaSales Agent6 yrs699573
Liangcheng PanSales Agent6 yrs700802
Kendrick Chatmon JohnsonSales Agent6 yrs700840
Erik NeffSales Agent6 yrs701783
Charlie FangSales Agent6 yrs702080
Janice Yvonne JonesSales Agent6 yrs702483
Monica RiveraSales Agent6 yrs702780
Van ChauSales Agent6 yrs704148
Micah Cherise ClaytonSales Agent6 yrs704162
Dylan O'learySales Agent6 yrs704609
Troy WilliamsSales Agent6 yrs704851
Julie WilliamsSales Agent6 yrs704858
Melissa VecchiarelloSales Agent6 yrs705610
Nidhi GuptaSales Agent6 yrs705768
Yuh-shane HwuSales Agent6 yrs706880
Michael Lynn RodriquezSales Agent6 yrs707386
Barbara Bair GarciaSales Agent6 yrs707774
Russell Colin CoffinSales Agent6 yrs707854
Paul GregorySales Agent6 yrs708239
Jennifer Delina DurrettSales Agent6 yrs708366
James Anthony ArguelloSales Agent6 yrs708862
Bhumika ThakkarSales Agent6 yrs709170
Magaly Lamberty HayesSales Agent6 yrs710129
Christine Louise NunezSales Agent6 yrs711054
Kimberly Lenene BogneySales Agent6 yrs713119
Virginia May FieldsSales Agent6 yrs713975
Artur SargsyanSales Agent6 yrs714149
Samantha Kelly DaleoSales Agent6 yrs714436
Shimon FurchSales Agent6 yrs714440
Camala Anita BransonSales Agent6 yrs715213
Sonia Avi ChoiSales Agent6 yrs715319
Sergio HernandezSales Agent6 yrs715329
Jamal Beaumond RobinsonSales Agent6 yrs715391
Jae ChoiSales Agent6 yrs715434
Devren Bradley CookSales Agent5 yrs715654
William Y YanSales Agent5 yrs716548
Cristina ValdezSales Agent5 yrs716824
Caroline Claire CarpenterSales Agent5 yrs717286
Jenee' HarrisSales Agent5 yrs717630
Mitchell MyersSales Agent5 yrs717737
Matt RosenbergSales Agent5 yrs717765
D'andrea Latrice RobinsonSales Agent5 yrs718554
Xavier G SanchezSales Agent5 yrs718681
Latasha AllenSales Agent5 yrs718815
John Philip SchillingSales Agent5 yrs719130
Robert DaleoSales Agent5 yrs719553
Felicia Kaye BilbrewSales Agent5 yrs720126
Ray William BunchSales Agent5 yrs720801
Chris HaltomSales Agent5 yrs721092
Mohan R DyapaSales Agent5 yrs721543
Darshan Kumar PatelSales Agent5 yrs721896
Mickey D McgeeSales Agent5 yrs722032
Joan E BoswellSales Agent5 yrs722598
Darren SnowSales Agent5 yrs722951
Rachel Mary EppersonSales Agent5 yrs724257
Dheeraj MirchandaniSales Agent5 yrs724727
Kevin Bryant SchoolcraftSales Agent5 yrs724996
Joshua SieversSales Agent5 yrs725276
Ana I ReyesSales Agent5 yrs725611
Ashley GodfreySales Agent5 yrs725700
Daniel Quentin EasterlySales Agent5 yrs726182
Virang Gunvant ShahSales Agent5 yrs726212
Mia S LusterSales Agent5 yrs726358
Erika Zoe Ortiz-rolonSales Agent5 yrs727208
Heather Dianne AnthonySales Agent5 yrs727239
Lily Kaitlin GentrySales Agent5 yrs727267
Gregory P KnoopSales Agent5 yrs727393
Ikram BariSales Agent5 yrs727429
Timathy Allen DormanSales Agent5 yrs727566
Ian Gabriel Islington BerginSales Agent5 yrs727683
Anthony Robert WieseSales Agent5 yrs727863
Sandra Chavious-williamsSales Agent5 yrs728175
Cami Marie WilliamsSales Agent5 yrs728193
Blake Jacob SimsSales Agent5 yrs728314
Shandraya RogersSales Agent5 yrs728379
Shauna LemonsSales Agent5 yrs728494
Oscar Ignacio SotoSales Agent5 yrs728628
Mona A SolimanSales Agent5 yrs728705
Noah T GamerSales Agent5 yrs729420
Bructite MessaySales Agent5 yrs729653
Joe Alan WolfordSales Agent5 yrs729989
Minouche Chung MartinsSales Agent5 yrs730140
Ben CarmichaelSales Agent5 yrs730395
Amy Lynne SledgeSales Agent5 yrs730450
Jacob ChimentoSales Agent5 yrs730788
Jocarole PalermoSales Agent5 yrs730790
Madalynn Rhyan GiadoneSales Agent5 yrs730951
Willie Michael WallenbergSales Agent5 yrs731120
Danelle C KrupaSales Agent5 yrs731414
Jessica Jonietz KennardSales Agent5 yrs732044
Marci SurlsSales Agent5 yrs732470
Kevin MillerSales Agent4 yrs732723
Laquinta MoutonSales Agent4 yrs732744
Tira BailemSales Agent4 yrs732910
Marcel LewisSales Agent4 yrs732934
Paul Kenneth MasonSales Agent4 yrs733328
Jorge A GochezSales Agent4 yrs733949
Gloria Ines FrancoSales Agent4 yrs735252
Latrina Evette BlockerSales Agent4 yrs735371
Michael Anthony NorwoodSales Agent4 yrs735693
Miriam Arlette GenskeSales Agent4 yrs735698
Christine Bunla ShresthaSales Agent4 yrs735831
Muhammad Hussain SaleemSales Agent4 yrs735859
Jeanne Marie KennySales Agent4 yrs736308
Quynh Nhu PhamSales Agent4 yrs736428
Joseph Gehrig SpitzzeriSales Agent4 yrs736590
Bryan David LaneSales Agent4 yrs736618
Jacob Paul RuizSales Agent4 yrs737004
Hali HartmanSales Agent4 yrs737130
Hesston ParkinSales Agent4 yrs737279
Donald Paul MuthSales Agent4 yrs737373
Reza SamaniSales Agent4 yrs737556
Amanda PereiraSales Agent4 yrs737790
Donald ParkSales Agent4 yrs737817
Natalia Conticelli ToretoSales Agent4 yrs738007
Tasneem PalitanawalaSales Agent4 yrs738151
Tracy Brook LeeSales Agent4 yrs738377
Cheryl Ann UpvallSales Agent4 yrs739068
Tosha LoveSales Agent4 yrs739157
Wendy Diane ClausenSales Agent4 yrs739246
Marc Daniel RobergeSales Agent4 yrs739400
Juliana MarkovaSales Agent4 yrs739817
Kinjal MakaniSales Agent4 yrs739881
Melanie A Happi NoubeSales Agent4 yrs739883
Jordan Jarel HendersonSales Agent4 yrs740010
Hamed BelgamehSales Agent4 yrs740101
Sandra Katheryn HillSales Agent4 yrs740430
Jared MartinSales Agent4 yrs740858
Arian Teague KrystofikSales Agent4 yrs741022
Laura Leigh CarlileSales Agent4 yrs741591
Crystal R ChapmanSales Agent4 yrs741651
Kathryn Mae PorterSales Agent4 yrs741761
Rion WestfallSales Agent4 yrs742095
Tiffany Martina HowseSales Agent4 yrs742449
Shikha AdhranSales Agent4 yrs742584

Address Location for Frisco Stars, Ltd.
Real Estate Partnership Brokers in Frisco, TX
Rex Real Estate I, L.p.

Realty Partnership Firm
12400 Preston Rd Ste 100, Frisco, TX 75033