The Octagon Group, Inc.

Realty Company

7200 W University Dr Ste 300, Mckinney, Texas, 75071

The Octagon Group, Inc. is a licensed real estate corporation broker in Mckinney, Texas and has a total experience of 21 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 473963 was issued by TREC to The Octagon Group, Inc. on 21 December, 1999. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on The Octagon Group, Inc.'s license document is 7200 W University Dr Ste 300, Mckinney, Texas, 75071. The license will expire on 31 December, 2020. You can reach out to The Octagon Group, Inc. via phone number 972-562-8883.

The Octagon Group, Inc. has a license type of Real Estate Corporation Broker which allows a real estate entity to perform real estate services for their clients in return for commission. Real estate entity needs to designate an active licensed individual broker to act on its behalf. Designated broker for The Octagon Group, Inc. is Louis Paul Burns who is a Real Estate Broker (License Number 500173). Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameThe Octagon Group, Inc.
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation Broker
Experience21 yrs
Complete Address7200 W University Dr Ste 300, Mckinney, Texas, 75071
Mailing Address7200 W University Dr Ste 300, Mckinney, Texas, 75071
Phone Number972-562-8883
Email Addressburns-team @ kw . com

Texas Real Estate License

License Number473963
License TypeReal Estate Corporation Broker
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date21 December, 1999
License Expiry Date31 December, 2020

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf. Louis Paul Burns is a designated broker for The Octagon Group, Inc..

Designated BrokerLouis Paul Burns
Designated Officer TypeReal Estate Broker
License Number500173

Sales Agents for The Octagon Group, Inc.

As per our records, there are 171 real estate agents who are currently working for The Octagon Group, Inc.. Sales agents in Texas needs to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker.

Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Connie Jo GoodrichSales Agent32 yrs289807
Donna Coleman JacksonSales Agent34 yrs324730
Holly Beth MilsteadSales Agent31 yrs403190
Mack Austin RossSales Agent5 yrs429852
Michael Joseph RippergerSales Agent27 yrs430227
Sally Calkins DarnallSales Agent26 yrs434199
Marcela Ysabel GuerreroSales Agent25 yrs441308
Debra Lynn CastleberrySales Agent25 yrs446098
Kelly Calkins RobertsSales Agent23 yrs456459
Kimberly Nichol BarrowSales Agent22 yrs463728
Lonnie Jay KinkadeSales Agent21 yrs472482
Jane Linda ClarkSales Agent20 yrs479854
Thomas Matthew ApligianSales Agent18 yrs494132
Christopher Ryan CaveSales Agent17 yrs503743
Skyler Ann TaylorSales Agent17 yrs506434
Juanita C NietoSales Agent17 yrs507122
John Eric BertrandSales Agent17 yrs513532
Beth Gannon CaseySales Agent16 yrs522684
Dorothy Marie LaffertySales Agent16 yrs528988
Adrian CastleSales Agent15 yrs530660
Jill HartsellSales Agent15 yrs532607
Susan Grumley ShiflettSales Agent15 yrs538982
Angela Yvette WillisSales Agent15 yrs543614
Janet EstradaSales Agent15 yrs546213
David Randall CoffeySales Agent15 yrs547026
Kristen Lynne SagerianSales Agent14 yrs551759
Aimee Poteat HiltonSales Agent14 yrs559596
Michael E ColeSales Agent13 yrs569440
Gina Michelle Rogers-santosSales Agent13 yrs569930
Kaleb Blaine WestSales Agent12 yrs591188
Ameerah Sabreen RoundsSales Agent12 yrs591251
Kelli Ann HofeldtSales Agent12 yrs591966
Charles Lee RussellSales Agent11 yrs594734
Laurie M WirthSales Agent10 yrs604083
Jennifer Drake AlguireSales Agent10 yrs605112
Steven Lee HubbardSales Agent10 yrs606854
Catherine Louise CumminsSales Agent10 yrs607281
Kar Wai LamSales Agent9 yrs610655
Justin Kyle GarnerSales Agent9 yrs611503
William Duncan VaughanSales Agent9 yrs612558
Gary Michael NanceSales Agent9 yrs614973
Sonya McwilliamsSales Agent9 yrs615029
Cathy Jo WilkinsonSales Agent9 yrs616086
Kristen BentonSales Agent9 yrs616322
Julie WilliamsSales Agent8 yrs618754
Richard John WhitlockSales Agent8 yrs618933
Catherine Leigh ShawSales Agent8 yrs619635
Cory Lyn BertrandSales Agent8 yrs624318
Monica Nicole SzewczykSales Agent8 yrs625216
David Edward DolanSales Agent7 yrs626314
Reshma SuarezSales Agent7 yrs626806
Jason Michael BakerSales Agent7 yrs626841
Stanley Wade HansonSales Agent7 yrs627105
Dana WorthSales Agent7 yrs627921
Jay Rachelle TarrantSales Agent7 yrs630197
Brad RedfieldSales Agent7 yrs630583
Wendy CourtSales Agent7 yrs630734
Trina MaukSales Agent7 yrs630735
Michelle Claire BurdenSales Agent7 yrs631395
Jessica DevennySales Agent7 yrs635213
Ana E NavaSales Agent7 yrs635270
Kelly Ferebee VaughanSales Agent6 yrs638018
Nicholas BerriosSales Agent6 yrs638202
Darcy A RichterSales Agent6 yrs639583
Holly May ScottSales Agent6 yrs639653
Charlene LedbetterSales Agent6 yrs642339
Daniel GrimaldoSales Agent6 yrs642406
Dana J HedrickSales Agent6 yrs643160
Danna Marie WolfSales Agent6 yrs644346
Micah Ray MooreSales Agent6 yrs645882
Kimberly KellySales Agent6 yrs646445
Chayse HarvardSales Agent6 yrs646766
Chad R BillingsSales Agent6 yrs646767
Michael LewisSales Agent6 yrs647931
Corina Alvarez RiojasSales Agent6 yrs649085
Marc Christopher GibsonSales Agent5 yrs650470
Lori HanleySales Agent5 yrs653198
James Lee HerrmanSales Agent5 yrs653820
Tammie Gene RagsdaleSales Agent5 yrs654383
Susan GaoSales Agent5 yrs656598
David Hugh AndersonSales Agent5 yrs661664
Cheryl Leigh McdanielSales Agent5 yrs662265
Brittney Jean Noble-jackSales Agent5 yrs664026
Craig A HicksSales Agent5 yrs665184
Lori Lemieux KornelySales Agent5 yrs665300
David Lee RogersSales Agent4 yrs665714
Beolan SanfordSales Agent4 yrs667869
Anthony LesmesSales Agent4 yrs668045
Tammy GannSales Agent4 yrs669481
Doug HurstSales Agent4 yrs669564
Frederick Lawrence EffingerSales Agent4 yrs670357
Marlene HernandezSales Agent4 yrs671517
Lori LandSales Agent4 yrs671667
Teresa Renee AndersonSales Agent4 yrs673716
Steven Alexander WrightSales Agent4 yrs674174
Annette CampbellSales Agent4 yrs675164
Rachel Ann LyonSales Agent4 yrs675200
Deborah Deanne PowellSales Agent4 yrs675461
Leslie Kaye BarrettSales Agent4 yrs675752
Rebecca ValeraSales Agent4 yrs675846
William James HarrisSales Agent4 yrs676477
Anna Marie HarrisSales Agent4 yrs677598
Jose Carl AaslettenSales Agent4 yrs679054
Diana Cristina GomezSales Agent4 yrs679145
Mery Jacqueline VillegasSales Agent3 yrs683099
Matthew MooreSales Agent3 yrs683326
Melanie Marie SpurrierSales Agent3 yrs687135
Edith HeinickeSales Agent3 yrs697109
Donna Marie SullivanSales Agent3 yrs697798
Nicholas John AndersonSales Agent3 yrs698295
Stevie Jay NosekabelSales Agent3 yrs698948
Laurie K FrameSales Agent3 yrs699096
Jennifer Rae DriewerSales Agent2 yrs699760
Brentley Dean AdamsSales Agent2 yrs703020
Claudia Liliana Gomez JimenezSales Agent2 yrs703945
Elda SpackmanSales Agent2 yrs704207
David YimSales Agent2 yrs706042
Joshua Mark DedmonSales Agent2 yrs706052
Sandra Martin VargaSales Agent2 yrs706627
Mary MainaSales Agent2 yrs706693
Betty Guadalupe ThorntonSales Agent2 yrs706985
Greg BowerSales Agent2 yrs707081
Lindsey ArnoldSales Agent2 yrs708361
Wesley HaileSales Agent2 yrs712321
Jared TyeSales Agent2 yrs713620
Robert Lee AnzualdaSales Agent2 yrs715275
Andrea PrattSales Agent1 yrs715700
Barbara G WorthSales Agent1 yrs715889
Jennifer Leigh SutherlandSales Agent1 yrs716261
Ethangelenna Delane RiversSales Agent1 yrs718073
Lori Ann SullivanSales Agent1 yrs719303
Otis Leon SuttonSales Agent1 yrs719841
Simbisai Muneyi RupunguSales Agent1 yrs721324
Heidi AlexanderSales Agent1 yrs721960
Leo ToddSales Agent1 yrs723644
Leah Michele MartinezSales Agent1 yrs723757
Danielle CarterSales Agent1 yrs724455
Salvador Arturo LopezSales Agent1 yrs727122
Vernon HughesSales Agent1 yrs727697
Gwendolyn Hope-battleySales Agent1 yrs727993
Michele HicksSales Agent1 yrs728050
Jirapa HouSales Agent1 yrs728212
Ji Young ShinSales Agent1 yrs729596
Jessica ValentinSales Agent1 yrs729672
Jose L CamposSales Agent1 yrs730010
James A HopperSales Agent1 yrs730158
Rotonger Ronitha Burns-walkerSales Agent1 yrs731953
Ronald Haynes ArocheSales Agent0 yrs732551
Kelley Davon MizeSales Agent0 yrs732997
Ciara Taylor BrittainSales Agent0 yrs733221
Jordan Chase PattersonSales Agent0 yrs733417
Teresa WakleySales Agent0 yrs733973
Timothy GarciaSales Agent0 yrs734025
Veton HaniSales Agent0 yrs734068
Gunner Lee PliskaSales Agent0 yrs734148
Bethany A RussellSales Agent0 yrs734343
Margaret SteedSales Agent0 yrs735588
Michelle Nicole BenjaminSales Agent0 yrs736100
Brian BeckerSales Agent0 yrs738028
Vishal PatelSales Agent0 yrs738156
Rayna T MckennaSales Agent0 yrs738702
Diane Christine GodziszSales Agent0 yrs739473
Kevin SassoSales Agent0 yrs739678
Mattie Mae ToltonSales Agent0 yrs740261
Ajay GhiaarSales Agent0 yrs740264
David Chudi IkeSales Agent0 yrs740412
Ariane May RigorSales Agent0 yrs740877
Brittany FrostSales Agent0 yrs741035
Erica JonesSales Agent0 yrs741044
Molly WilsonSales Agent0 yrs741087
Vanessa Isabel GongoraSales Agent0 yrs742401

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