Triangle Group Gp, Llc

Realty Company

1002 Raintree Cir Ste 100, Allen, Texas, 75013

Triangle Group Gp, Llc is a licensed real estate corporation broker in Allen, Texas and has a total experience of 23 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 490032 was issued by TREC to Triangle Group Gp, Llc on 29 October, 2001. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on Triangle Group Gp, Llc's license document is 1002 Raintree Cir Ste 100, Allen, Texas, 75013. The license will expire on 31 October, 2020. You can reach out to Triangle Group Gp, Llc via phone number 972-747-5100.

Triangle Group Gp, Llc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation Broker which allows a real estate entity to perform real estate services for their clients in return for commission. Real estate entity needs to designate an active licensed individual broker to act on its behalf. Designated broker for Triangle Group Gp, Llc is Karen E Richards who is a Real Estate Broker (License Number 508111). Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameTriangle Group Gp, Llc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation Broker
Experience23 yrs
Complete Address1002 Raintree Cir Ste 100, Allen, Texas, 75013
Mailing Address1002 Raintree Cir Ste 100, Allen, Texas, 75013
Phone Number972-747-5100
Email Address KLRW246 @ KW . COM

Texas Real Estate License

License Number490032
License TypeReal Estate Corporation Broker
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date29 October, 2001
License Expiry Date31 October, 2020

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf. Karen E Richards is a designated broker for Triangle Group Gp, Llc.

Designated BrokerKaren E Richards
Designated Officer TypeReal Estate Broker
License Number508111

Sales Agents for Triangle Group Gp, Llc

As per our records, there are 216 real estate agents who are currently working for Triangle Group Gp, Llc. Sales agents in Texas needs to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker.

Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Susan Jane HubekSales Agent37 yrs337368
Donna G AganSales Agent32 yrs420490
Mary V HatleySales Agent32 yrs424765
Barbara Jean BryantSales Agent28 yrs450139
Deborah Adair HayesSales Agent28 yrs450271
Marcia Jean WilkickiSales Agent28 yrs451858
Kenneth Richard HubekSales Agent26 yrs463618
Sharon Adams CummingsSales Agent14 yrs464373
Lorna Ann VuSales Agent25 yrs470280
Kimberly Kay MccartySales Agent25 yrs471476
Nanette Savoy MyrlinSales Agent25 yrs471995
Lisa Carol AllenSales Agent24 yrs480503
Tamara Jean PrestonSales Agent23 yrs484407
Laura Wynn RobertsonSales Agent23 yrs485346
Chibuzor Felix NnajiSales Agent23 yrs487573
Cynthia Ann OwenSales Agent23 yrs489106
Delmi Evelin CisnerosSales Agent22 yrs495079
Christopher D BradfordSales Agent21 yrs505726
Jiji AbrahamSales Agent21 yrs507126
Mary Hilton KuykendallSales Agent21 yrs511069
Lynn Marie SimpsonSales Agent21 yrs513986
Angel YoungSales Agent21 yrs514533
John Wade BelcherSales Agent20 yrs521428
Larry John MowattSales Agent20 yrs528596
Rhonda Thompson GrisakSales Agent20 yrs528991
David Brian MehlSales Agent19 yrs538407
Shari Beth QuintanaSales Agent19 yrs542367
Roger David BryantSales Agent19 yrs542771
Beverly Joe PruittSales Agent19 yrs543428
Sharon B PhillipsSales Agent19 yrs543852
Christopher Adam MickleSales Agent18 yrs550950
Randy Carroll PhippsSales Agent18 yrs552849
Ronnie Lee HobbsSales Agent18 yrs553714
Trent Robert YonkersSales Agent18 yrs556021
Bernard Andre BodeuxSales Agent18 yrs556290
Christopher Shawn GriffinSales Agent18 yrs557638
David Hal WhitesideSales Agent18 yrs564053
Theresa Marie Smith-renfroSales Agent18 yrs564758
Anita Angela SmithSales Agent17 yrs570561
Gladys Irene SanchezSales Agent17 yrs576763
Taffney Judine WilsonSales Agent17 yrs576787
Alexa Celeste HartSales Agent17 yrs580568
Lynda Taffora RoundtreeSales Agent16 yrs588924
Sandra Sutphen BurrusSales Agent16 yrs589617
Kim PaolinoSales Agent16 yrs590413
Sarah Maria Brimmage-caveSales Agent15 yrs593820
Lynda L ThomasSales Agent15 yrs595154
Emily Michelle TaylorSales Agent15 yrs595211
Manyee MickleSales Agent15 yrs601307
Janice Lea BelcherSales Agent14 yrs602560
Crystal Rae CoffmanSales Agent14 yrs603554
Laura HayesSales Agent14 yrs607041
Matthew Todd WilsonSales Agent14 yrs607452
Kelly Jean PearsonSales Agent14 yrs609012
Melissa Knox DearSales Agent14 yrs609838
Jason Richard OttsSales Agent13 yrs613345
Mary E SchmidtSales Agent13 yrs615396
Pamela Elizabeth HeinrichSales Agent13 yrs617207
Marian Kay HammSales Agent12 yrs618661
Richard LicareSales Agent12 yrs618702
Erin Elizabeth HickmanSales Agent12 yrs618827
Suzanne SwainSales Agent12 yrs621023
Denise McpetersSales Agent12 yrs622368
Bonita Janee FosterSales Agent12 yrs624434
Chaojing ChangSales Agent12 yrs624490
Bj Jaure-harveySales Agent12 yrs624574
Carol Reston SmithSales Agent11 yrs625414
Travis BookSales Agent11 yrs626366
Rui Peng HamptonSales Agent11 yrs628336
Marilyn Darbonne KittrellSales Agent11 yrs628419
Katherine Gill BryantSales Agent11 yrs628606
Michel MoralesSales Agent11 yrs628785
Merrole Draper DillSales Agent11 yrs631727
Joy Renee ShepardSales Agent11 yrs632036
Jennifer RawlinsSales Agent11 yrs633172
Cecilia MccormickSales Agent11 yrs634494
Christine Marie VaznisSales Agent11 yrs634622
Heather Renee PoehlerSales Agent11 yrs635248
Holly Maloy YorkSales Agent11 yrs635519
Jessica A HugheySales Agent11 yrs635735
Lael RogersSales Agent11 yrs636538
Jana Kay CarmichaelSales Agent10 yrs639218
Malissa FournetSales Agent10 yrs640134
Kristen Paige LassiterSales Agent10 yrs640709
Rachelle WiggintonSales Agent10 yrs641591
Sharon Ann AllenSales Agent10 yrs641833
Neysa OttsSales Agent10 yrs642844
Matthew S SolimineSales Agent10 yrs645106
Richard TurnipseedSales Agent10 yrs648703
Renee UbertaSales Agent9 yrs650138
Joshua UbertaSales Agent9 yrs650139
David W RicheSales Agent9 yrs650143
Angela Renea JohnsonSales Agent9 yrs650727
Lisa K. WoodSales Agent9 yrs652403
Ginger Fowler DoigSales Agent9 yrs652600
Julie ClemonsSales Agent9 yrs653683
Joseph Patrick NixonSales Agent9 yrs653706
Margaret BowenSales Agent9 yrs654804
Kyle BernardiSales Agent9 yrs655185
Sunni Lynn SuttonSales Agent9 yrs656105
Sherry Rose CliftonSales Agent9 yrs656148
Elizabeth RolandSales Agent9 yrs656168
Lorraine Davis BlackburnSales Agent9 yrs657034
Sean Christopher ElliottSales Agent9 yrs657797
Chi Man LiSales Agent9 yrs658522
James William BrittSales Agent9 yrs662330
Kelly GeffertSales Agent9 yrs663037
Dana L BoatrightSales Agent9 yrs663662
Edcarla Christina Abranches Cavalcante De M. HennemannSales Agent9 yrs665340
Mandy Lashawn SwadenerSales Agent8 yrs665974
Kerri CookSales Agent8 yrs667400
Dina AddasSales Agent8 yrs668158
Stephanie A CouronSales Agent8 yrs668477
Maura Anne CarterSales Agent8 yrs668879
Taylor WilsonSales Agent8 yrs669761
Jacquelyn Terron Hobbs SchwenkerSales Agent8 yrs672927
Penny Lynn MeyerSales Agent8 yrs673571
Valerie Lynne MoralesSales Agent8 yrs673592
Anna Amanda PaxtonSales Agent8 yrs673848
Darci Lynn PearsonSales Agent8 yrs674083
Meiyu PiaoSales Agent8 yrs674483
Livia Onishi PepeSales Agent8 yrs674810
Maria Chiara Di PoceSales Agent8 yrs677469
Kellee BoothSales Agent8 yrs678425
Landon GreggSales Agent8 yrs678948
Ashlyn Nicole Petrocco SimchikSales Agent8 yrs681101
Shalini SharmaSales Agent8 yrs681205
Dandra FowlerSales Agent8 yrs681804
Peggy Jo WhitmoreSales Agent7 yrs683045
Cynthia Joyce CogginsSales Agent7 yrs684589
Bonnie Elaine ShaftoSales Agent7 yrs688776
Sejal Patel-shuklaSales Agent7 yrs688988
June Alice NealSales Agent7 yrs690077
Wendy WardSales Agent7 yrs690314
Dale R KenningSales Agent7 yrs690545
Zachary Jordan HobgoodSales Agent7 yrs690554
Robert L CunninghamSales Agent7 yrs690887
Karen FranquizSales Agent7 yrs692030
Christopher Cole LamrockSales Agent7 yrs692550
Clayton Kenneth YontsSales Agent7 yrs692804
Lee Ann FillebrownSales Agent7 yrs694814
Michelle Ann SpoonerSales Agent7 yrs694920
Elizabeth Ann AlbertsonSales Agent7 yrs695378
Savannah DunnSales Agent7 yrs696298
Julio Cesar LiceaSales Agent7 yrs697986
Daniel Cullen YarbroughSales Agent6 yrs700920
Blanca Estela AulbaughSales Agent6 yrs702036
Sarah JohnstonSales Agent6 yrs702379
Melissa WilliamsonSales Agent6 yrs703244
Laci Merideth ElliottSales Agent6 yrs703397
Austin Lee HagerSales Agent6 yrs703697
Raul C GuerreroSales Agent6 yrs704978
Tommy R ThompsonSales Agent6 yrs706377
Diane Louise GormanSales Agent6 yrs707140
Elizabeth Ann LicareSales Agent6 yrs707225
Karen Jill WalpoleSales Agent6 yrs709168
Deborah Ann Kahl EllerSales Agent6 yrs709590
Sheryl Robertson RipkowskiSales Agent6 yrs709894
Jingna LvSales Agent6 yrs710193
Tina Lee JerichSales Agent6 yrs710825
Danielle CarringtonSales Agent6 yrs711539
Christina Kay LedeburSales Agent6 yrs712706
Trina WiemerSales Agent6 yrs712710
Bruce WalpoleSales Agent6 yrs712847
Christy AndersonSales Agent6 yrs713299
Kerin B GuidrySales Agent6 yrs713936
Claire PetersSales Agent6 yrs714245
Debra Juanita GreggSales Agent6 yrs714476
Bezawit MelakuSales Agent6 yrs714912
Amanda Ruth RogersSales Agent5 yrs716264
Ashley Nicole ClaesSales Agent5 yrs716510
Vanesa PenaSales Agent5 yrs716619
Laura P CastorenaSales Agent5 yrs719549
Kari Kennedy FlowersSales Agent5 yrs719893
Janine Dru PotterSales Agent5 yrs721168
Robert Lee LeblancSales Agent5 yrs721624
Stacee Amparro MartinSales Agent5 yrs722693
Naveed QureshiSales Agent5 yrs722722
Morgan SharrockSales Agent5 yrs722775
Laura ShaikhSales Agent5 yrs723049
Tatyana Mikhaylovna QureshiSales Agent5 yrs723598
Shuxin ChiSales Agent5 yrs724402
Tingting RenSales Agent5 yrs724635
Angie ZhangSales Agent5 yrs725557
Kelly C MonterrosoSales Agent5 yrs727510
Brando Alberto Ruiz-escobarSales Agent5 yrs728519
Jack S PearsonSales Agent5 yrs728660
Bimal BadalSales Agent5 yrs728733
Cristiane Concuruto MinettoSales Agent5 yrs729117
Quanqing HuSales Agent5 yrs730689
Hailin WangSales Agent5 yrs730989
John Michael MartinSales Agent5 yrs731464
Lakeishia WilliamsSales Agent5 yrs731863
Brett TatemSales Agent5 yrs732095
Aanchal GuptaSales Agent4 yrs732992
John Wesley MobleySales Agent4 yrs733695
Barry CogginsSales Agent4 yrs734255
Festus Chukwuma OkolieSales Agent4 yrs734756
Jing XuSales Agent4 yrs734852
David James DoughertySales Agent4 yrs735506
Jennifer Nicole HurstSales Agent4 yrs736388
Lauren StricklinSales Agent4 yrs736593
Wendi Diane SplawnSales Agent4 yrs736811
Dianna Jean WashSales Agent4 yrs737147
John Cullen YorkSales Agent4 yrs737167
Keith A MccartySales Agent4 yrs738041
Hannah Brown DemasiSales Agent4 yrs738295
Soledad Carolina Martinez-patelSales Agent4 yrs738374
Chaska WilkinsonSales Agent4 yrs738679
Esther Elizabeth GimenezSales Agent4 yrs738748
Karen Kimble GraySales Agent4 yrs739296
Hongzhi DongSales Agent4 yrs740446
Jason Lee SongSales Agent4 yrs740657
Danielle Elliott HiebertSales Agent4 yrs740903
Julie B FausakSales Agent4 yrs740944
Toni AdamsSales Agent4 yrs741068

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