Justin Kelby Hedrick

Real Estate Broker

4639 Corona, Suite 80, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78411

Justin Kelby Hedrick is a licensed real estate broker in Corpus Christi, Texas and has a total experience of 19 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 532264 was issued by TREC to Justin Kelby Hedrick on 28 February, 2005. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on Justin Kelby Hedrick's license document is 4639 Corona, Suite 80, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78411. The license will expire on 31 January, 2021. You can reach out to Justin Kelby Hedrick via phone number 361-944-2400.

Justin Kelby Hedrick has a license type of Real Estate Broker which allows a real estate professional to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission. Justin Kelby Hedrick is the designated broker for Royal Home Realty LP which is a Realty Partnership Firm. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameJustin Kelby Hedrick
CredentialsReal Estate Broker
Experience19 yrs
Complete Address4639 Corona, Suite 80, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78411
Mailing Address6709 Spurs Nation Dr, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78414
Phone Number361-944-2400
Email Addressjustin.hedrick @ gmail . com

Texas Real Estate License

License Number532264
License TypeReal Estate Broker
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date28 February, 2005
License Expiry Date31 January, 2021
Continuing Education (MCE) StatusNon-elective CE Requirements Met

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

Justin Kelby Hedrick is a designated broker for Royal Home Realty LP (Realty Partnership Firm). A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf.

Company NameRoyal Home Realty LP
Entity TypeRealty Partnership Firm
Entity License Number9008316

Continuing Education

Real estate license needs to be renewed every 2 years. Sales Agents and Brokers need to complete atleast 18 hours of Continuing Education to become eligible for renewal. Justin Kelby Hedrick has successfully completed following courses as part of qualifying and continuing education.

Course Name (course number)Course ProviderCourse End DateHours
MLS Basic for Beginners (35070)Real Estate Institute of Corpus Christi Inc2019-08-232
Real Estate Finance (32988)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-143
Guide to Real Estate Investing (32825)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-143
Housing & Urban Development Programs (32524)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-143
Overview of Real Estate Finance (32440)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-134
Methods of Real Estate Financing (32424)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-1310
Essential Guide to HUD (32523)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-122
Fair Housing Accessibility Issues (32423)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-1210
Real Estate Toolbook (32439)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-116
Real Estate Principles (32421)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-1110
Real Estate Flood Protection (32400)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-103
Scams, Scoundrels and Real Estate Stings v1.1 (32990)Kaplan Real Estate Education2019-01-096
Essentials of Real Estate Transactions (32446)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-094
Understanding Mortgages (32445)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-093
Income Property Investment and Management (32444)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-094
Estates in Land (32442)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-092
Concepts of Real Estate (32422)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-094
Real Estate Listings (32989)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-083
Building Your Real Estate Career (32556)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-083
Nuts and Bolts of LIstings and Valuations (32441)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-083
Fair Housing (32425)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-082
TREC Contract Updates (34314)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2019-01-073
Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate (33870)Mbition Learn Real Estate2019-01-076
The Twenty Most Cost-Effective Home Improvements V1.0 (32862)Kaplan Real Estate Education2019-01-074
Positively Outstanding Client Service (34828)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2019-01-061
Principles of Commercial Real Estate (33867)Mbition Learn Real Estate2019-01-064
Technology Update (33770)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2019-01-062
Success Strategies (33606)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2019-01-064
Texas Real Estate Contracts (32719)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2019-01-063
Selling Homes in Hot Markets (32448)GeeWhiz Real Estate School2019-01-063
Tax Free Exchanges (33872)Mbition Learn Real Estate2019-01-054
The Tiny House: Is It a Phase or Craze? OnDemand Course V1.0 (32828)Kaplan Real Estate Education2019-01-034
Federal Law and Commercial Real Estate (33873)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-304
Technology Trends in Real Estate (33767)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-304
Concepts in Appraising Green Residential Buildings (35272)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-294
Check It Out - Home Inspection in Real Estate Practice (33883)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-294
Basic Real Estate Finance (33881)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-296
Business Management in a Real Estate Office (33880)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-296
ADA and Fair Housing (33879)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-294
Green Home Features (33877)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-293
Tax Advantages of Home Ownership (33871)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-296
Short Sales and Foreclosures (33869)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-294
Methods of Residential Finance (33865)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-296
Basics of Real Estate Taxation (32927)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-12-186
Residential Property Management Essentials (33230)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-12-114
Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) Designation Course (32071)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-12-1115
Green Home Construction (33279)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-12-016
Pricing Property to Sell (33866)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-11-296
Real Estate Self Defense: Protect You and Your Client (34596)Mbition Learn Real Estate2018-11-284
The Power of Social Media Marketing (33335)WebCE, Inc2018-11-283
Foundations of Real Estate Finance (32931)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-11-266
Commercial Landlord Representation (32929)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-11-253
Video is the Bomb (33979)McKissock, LLC2018-11-243
Real Estate Investors and Your Business (32429)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-11-243
Legal Update II (2018-2019) (33198)McKissock, LLC2018-11-234
Legal Update I (2018-2019) (33197)McKissock, LLC2018-11-234
Lead Alert: A Guide for Property Managers (32537)McKissock, LLC2018-11-203
The Roadmap to Building a Modern Real Estate Company (34533)McKissock, LLC2018-11-193
Using Retirement Assets to Purchase Real Estate (33577)McKissock, LLC2018-11-193
Top Policy Issues Facing Brokerage Today (33223)McKissock, LLC2018-11-193
The Basics of Land Management (32986)McKissock, LLC2018-11-193
Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics (32348)McKissock, LLC2018-11-144
A New Look at Contract Law (33509)McKissock, LLC2018-11-133
How to Work with Real Estate Investors - Part 2 (32453)McKissock, LLC2018-11-133
Know the Code: Your Guide to the Code of Ethics (32758)McKissock, LLC2018-11-123
How to Work with Real Estate Investors - Part 1 (32645)McKissock, LLC2018-11-123
The Doctor is In: Diagnosing Your Risk Management (33322)McKissock, LLC2018-11-093
Americans with Disabilities Act ADA (33510)McKissock, LLC2018-11-083
Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients (33170)McKissock, LLC2018-11-083
Finding Your Focus: Niche Marketing for Real Estate (32974)McKissock, LLC2018-11-083
Uncovering The Facts About Mortgage Financing (32525)McKissock, LLC2018-11-083
Drama and the Code of Ethics (35059)McKissock, LLC2018-11-073
Getting Down to the Facts about Fair Housing (32644)McKissock, LLC2018-11-073
The End of the Paper Trail: How to Conduct Paperless Transaction (33576)McKissock, LLC2018-11-053
From Contract to Closing: A Breakdown of the Real Estate Market (32975)McKissock, LLC2018-11-052
Helping Buyers Narrow in on Their Dream Home (32526)McKissock, LLC2018-11-042
A Day in the Life of a Buyer Agent (32346)McKissock, LLC2018-11-043
The Power of Exchange (32345)McKissock, LLC2018-11-043
Smart Home Technology (35058)McKissock, LLC2018-11-032
Millennials are Changing Real Estate: Are You Ready? (33511)McKissock, LLC2018-11-034
Investment Strategies In Commercial Real Estate (32979)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-303
Uncle Sam has Homes for Sale: Listing and Selling HUD Homes (35136)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-263
Good, Better, Best: When Price, Quality, and Value All Matter On (33263)Brightwood College2018-10-236
Advocating for Short Sale Clients (31936)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-203
Title and Escrow: Two Families, One Transaction (35131)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-193
Anatomy of Commercial Building (32430)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-183
Millennials: Challenging the Real Estate Model OnDemand v1.0 (34305)Brightwood College2018-10-144
Client Advocacy In Commercial Real Estate (32980)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-103
From Contract to Keys: The Mortgage Process (32978)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-106
Determining Value of Commercial Real Estate (32928)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-103
The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate (32428)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-10-103
Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice V5.1 (33483)Brightwood College2018-10-056
All Under One Roof OnDemand Course V1.0 (32826)Brightwood College2018-09-256
Diversity and Generational (34688)First American Title Guaranty Company2018-09-203
TREC Forms Updates & Review (34377)First American Title Guaranty Company2018-09-202
Keeping it Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud (35132)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-09-193
Managing online transactions (35270)Fluid Specialties, Inc.2018-09-183
Managing On Line Transactions with Dotloop-Advanced (33168)Fluid Specialties, Inc.2018-09-183
Diversity: Your Kaleidoscope of Clients (35134)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-09-143
Breaking Barriers: Fair Housing (32981)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-09-143
Marijuana In Real Estate (32976)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-09-133
Selling To Your Sphere of Influence (32930)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-09-133
Did You Serve? Identifying Homebuying Advantages for Veterans (35252)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-09-123
Turbo Charge: Maximize Your CMA (33057)Texas REALTORS2018-09-116
Salesmanship / Seven Useful Steps (32359)The MCE Professionals2018-09-052
Today's MLS: New Paradigms, Better Results (32075)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-08-313
The Advertising Brief (34851)The MCE Professionals2018-08-291
Roadmap to Success: Business Planning for RE Professionals (35135)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-08-283
Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA (33058)Texas REALTORS2018-08-288
Working With Real Estate Investors (32977)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-143
Sign Here: Contract Law on E-Signatures (31937)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-093
Preparing a Market Analysis - Best Practices (33791)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-064
Technology Tools, Trends, and Risk Management (34546)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-054
Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Compliance (32434)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-054
Attracting Online Consumers: Listing and Syndication (33228)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-044
Going Green: The Environmental Movement in Real Estate (31421)The CE Shop, Inc.2018-07-043
Farm and Ranch Real Estate (33731)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-07-0310
How to Write and Understand a Policies and Procedures Manual (31809)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-07-032
The Truth-In-Lending Disclosures (33704)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-05-052
Easy Steps for Using the Buyer's Representative Agreement (33703)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-05-052
Texas Common Legal Issues in Real Estate (31982)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-05-054
How to Prepare Your Personal Business Plan (32306)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-232
Property Tax Remedies (31983)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-231
Selling to Different Generations (33929)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-202
Generational Selling (31981)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-202
Risk Reduction Assessment (34252)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-1710
Prospering with Trends and Strategies (31098)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-1710
The 3 T's To Success: Tools, Trends and Technology (34233)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-1610
Prospering in the Hot Texas Market (34146)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2018-04-1610
The Psychology of Sales and Negotiation (33139)Texas REALTORS2018-04-163
Gotta Sell Before I Buy. Sale of Other Property (32262)The MCE Professionals2018-04-102
Accuracy in the Residential Contract and Financing Addendum (32180)The MCE Professionals2018-04-093
RES INSPECTION RE AGENTS (1021)Lone Star College Tomball2017-08-3030
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Broker Responsibility Course (31450)Champions School of Real Estate, LTD2017-08-176
Legal Update II (29623)Lone Star College Tomball2017-07-174
Legal Update I (29622)Lone Star College Tomball2017-05-264
The New Truth-in-Lending Closing Requirements (29973)Lone Star College Tomball2017-05-242
Technology Update (29972)Lone Star College Tomball2017-05-242
CFPB "The New Sheriff in Town" (29067)Real Estate Institute of Corpus Christi Inc2015-08-201
TREC Legal Update MCE (26448)Lone Star College Tomball2014-01-163
TREC Ethics MCE (26447)Lone Star College Tomball2014-01-133
ASSET MANAGEMENT (25683)360training.com, Inc.2014-01-083
CLOSING AND SETTLEMENT COSTS (24743)360training.com, Inc.2013-10-224
ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS (24747)360training.com, Inc.2013-10-124
REAL ESTATE FINANCE I (411)The University of Texas at Arlington2006-03-0330
Principles of Real Estate II (112)Real Estate Institute of Corpus Christi, Inc.2004-02-2630
LAW OF CONTRACTS (1200)Real Estate Institute of Corpus Christi, Inc.2004-02-1230
LAW OF AGENCY (1111)Real Estate Institute of Corpus Christi, Inc.2004-01-2930
PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE I (111)Real Estate Institute of Corpus Christi, Inc.2004-01-1530

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