Connect Inc

Realty Company

2170 Buckthorne Place, Suite 100, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380

Connect Inc is a licensed real estate corporation broker in The Woodlands, Texas and has a total experience of 17 years in real estate business. The real estate license number 573369 was issued by TREC to Connect Inc on 05 June, 2007. The current status of license is Current and Active and address listed on Connect Inc's license document is 2170 Buckthorne Place, Suite 100, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380. The license will expire on 30 June, 2022. You can reach out to Connect Inc via phone number 281-292-3499.

Connect Inc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation Broker which allows a real estate entity to perform real estate services for their clients in return for commission. Real estate entity needs to designate an active licensed individual broker to act on its behalf. Designated broker for Connect Inc is Randall Wayne Selby who is a Real Estate Broker (License Number 384293). Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors.

Realtor's Profile

NameConnect Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation Broker
Experience17 yrs
Complete Address2170 Buckthorne Place, Suite 100, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380
Mailing Address2170 Buckthorne Place, Suite 100, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380
Phone Number281-292-3499
Email Addresscompliance @ connectrealty . com

Texas Real Estate License

License Number573369
License TypeReal Estate Corporation Broker
License Status Current and Active
License Issue Date05 June, 2007
License Expiry Date30 June, 2022

Designated Broker or Managing Broker

A business entity cannot act as a broker in Texas unless the entity designates an active individual broker to act on its behalf. Randall Wayne Selby is a designated broker for Connect Inc.

Designated BrokerRandall Wayne Selby
Designated Officer TypeReal Estate Broker
License Number384293

Sales Agents for Connect Inc

As per our records, there are 288 real estate agents who are currently working for Connect Inc. Sales agents in Texas needs to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker.

Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Mary Woodall WalkerSales Agent36 yrs160134
Greggory Ann WrightSales Agent37 yrs292537
Roger Archie SturgellSales Agent36 yrs293161
Carolyn Cline NorthingtonSales Agent37 yrs305685
Roger A BryantSales Agent37 yrs307460
Lorraine Katherine MotlSales Agent37 yrs308534
Gail Nancy HartSales Agent33 yrs310690
John Donald MaysSales Agent36 yrs366339
Stephen Daniel GeeSales Agent35 yrs398887
Burnette HughesSales Agent35 yrs403451
Linda G CobbSales Agent32 yrs420221
Howard G BarkerSales Agent32 yrs425421
Napoleon Enrique MaciasSales Agent31 yrs425840
Danny L WrightSales Agent10 yrs430221
Deborah Jannotta LauxSales Agent30 yrs433957
Susan Lorino LacosteSales Agent29 yrs445805
Tommy K AdetomiwaSales Agent28 yrs446887
Nell Rose ClarkSales Agent28 yrs448244
Virginia Nancy TopacioSales Agent28 yrs450970
Lynh Thito PhanSales Agent26 yrs460944
Lisa Ann TaylorSales Agent26 yrs462201
Linda Jeanne FullenSales Agent25 yrs467677
Toni Sharie McgillSales Agent25 yrs470409
Wendy Lee YaleSales Agent24 yrs481884
Carlise F IshmelSales Agent23 yrs482763
Letitia Jean WhippleSales Agent23 yrs483054
Alba Nereyda MadsenSales Agent23 yrs485858
Sharon Irene HartSales Agent23 yrs487224
Josephine Claudia SeyboldSales Agent23 yrs490442
Robert Benjamin CeballosSales Agent22 yrs492694
Mary Beth HuberSales Agent22 yrs493240
Sarah Lynn JohnsonSales Agent21 yrs508648
Katherine M EbelSales Agent21 yrs510423
Martin MarquezSales Agent21 yrs512947
Elizabeth GarzaSales Agent21 yrs514325
Charles Gregory BrownSales Agent20 yrs519304
Curley JohnsonSales Agent20 yrs521560
Stacy FerroSales Agent20 yrs522324
Quoc Kien LeSales Agent20 yrs522928
Vanessa P SantosSales Agent20 yrs523727
Cassandra Michelle MalvoSales Agent20 yrs524440
Margarita Emilia MontalvoSales Agent20 yrs527607
Andrew Mo HajaliSales Agent19 yrs529661
Sanjeev Kumar SihraySales Agent19 yrs535515
Ivelisse TorresSales Agent19 yrs535905
Cassie Ann BradfordSales Agent19 yrs539339
Rodrigo Jimenez LopezSales Agent19 yrs540245
Pamela D MillerSales Agent19 yrs540982
Cynthia Elam DarwinSales Agent19 yrs542838
Charmetta De HarrisSales Agent19 yrs543659
Cecilia M BonnicksonSales Agent19 yrs545596
Rhonda Smith RenfroSales Agent19 yrs546571
Allison M BerrySales Agent18 yrs554095
Karen Diane TurneySales Agent18 yrs557988
Xavier Vincente ChavezSales Agent18 yrs558682
Angela Hall HenrySales Agent18 yrs560212
Rhonda Susan HarkinsSales Agent18 yrs562372
Yolanda Marie GatesSales Agent18 yrs565055
Rosa ParadaSales Agent18 yrs565729
Candida Jean FerrerSales Agent17 yrs566395
Kayla HoustonSales Agent17 yrs566588
Rafael Cabuto SanchezSales Agent17 yrs569560
Kevin G SpearmanSales Agent17 yrs570108
Maryellien L Lewis-jessieSales Agent17 yrs570163
Gillus Antonius BlanchardSales Agent17 yrs573256
Diane Lynda CoronaSales Agent17 yrs578043
Sean Wade TrobaughSales Agent17 yrs581231
Carolyn Rachal CormierSales Agent16 yrs582638
Sheri Lee WallSales Agent16 yrs587343
Walter Eugene SimonsSales Agent16 yrs588713
Gary Frederick DirkerSales Agent16 yrs591283
Heather MiseldineSales Agent16 yrs591563
Steven Wayne WhitmanSales Agent15 yrs597534
Kimberly Baldwin MartinezSales Agent15 yrs600952
Myesha Ebony MolendaSales Agent14 yrs603058
Shawn KascakSales Agent14 yrs606026
Carrie Lynn MccallSales Agent14 yrs606350
Delores W JenkinsSales Agent14 yrs609391
Raquel G MaciasSales Agent14 yrs609973
David MedinaSales Agent13 yrs610509
Tim J TomacSales Agent15 yrs611358
Janice Fancher BarronSales Agent13 yrs611894
Daniel Lee JohnsSales Agent13 yrs613778
Anita A SierraSales Agent12 yrs619237
Steven E HamakerSales Agent12 yrs620552
Gary Alan HirsheySales Agent12 yrs621805
David SillsSales Agent12 yrs622976
Victoria G BrundageSales Agent12 yrs624125
Eric WolterSales Agent12 yrs624316
Floyd Thomas AdcockSales Agent12 yrs624965
Deborah CrespoSales Agent12 yrs625108
Amy Aileen GuidrySales Agent11 yrs625475
Elton HuffSales Agent11 yrs625898
Joanna GonzalezSales Agent11 yrs627634
Roshanna Rashell WashingtonSales Agent11 yrs628872
Scott H VongontenSales Agent11 yrs628898
Sonya Hicks-pattersonSales Agent11 yrs633153
Latonya M RobinsonSales Agent11 yrs633816
Rebecca Jane OverstreetSales Agent11 yrs634870
Angelica RuedaSales Agent11 yrs635377
Beth MorrowSales Agent11 yrs636050
Tomarvin PoliteSales Agent10 yrs639248
Dennis Guillermo RodriguezSales Agent10 yrs639379
Markisha JohnsonSales Agent10 yrs639617
Reef MerhiSales Agent10 yrs641388
Maxie Sullivan LavilleSales Agent10 yrs641458
Matthew James FischerSales Agent10 yrs642155
Justin William VandevenderSales Agent10 yrs642302
Stormi Renea BrownSales Agent10 yrs642312
Kelley J HitchensSales Agent10 yrs643106
Carrie Allyne PartridgeSales Agent10 yrs644434
Jennifer Ann StovallSales Agent10 yrs644488
Yolanda Renee JacksonSales Agent10 yrs644886
Lisa Morris-ruckerSales Agent10 yrs645684
William Earl Shipman IiiSales Agent10 yrs646172
Samantha Renee JenningsSales Agent10 yrs646531
Sean CerelliSales Agent10 yrs647120
Chante Roschell JohnsonSales Agent10 yrs647257
Keith Curtis ShermanSales Agent10 yrs649059
Gerardo GonzalezSales Agent10 yrs649176
Lisa Danyel CabreraSales Agent10 yrs649703
Ulysses BellSales Agent9 yrs650272
Anne Marie RobinsonSales Agent9 yrs650428
Debbie R LunaSales Agent9 yrs651083
Ann Eileen McglynnSales Agent9 yrs651662
Marco Antonio GuillenSales Agent9 yrs652939
Zhenming SongSales Agent9 yrs653059
Usulnee WadeSales Agent9 yrs654068
Sherae Lisette SmithSales Agent9 yrs654264
Tiffany Ryan VarelaSales Agent9 yrs654412
Michael Edward DelunaSales Agent9 yrs655511
Anush Georgievna PurvisSales Agent9 yrs655537
Wendelyn Nicole GambleSales Agent9 yrs655564
Patricia M. BookerSales Agent9 yrs656264
Stephanie Wright RobertsonSales Agent9 yrs656299
Campbell BurroughsSales Agent9 yrs656387
Steve WinterSales Agent9 yrs656485
Camilia Wade MackSales Agent9 yrs657087
Ryan Paul LopezSales Agent9 yrs658153
Magen Yocham WrightSales Agent9 yrs659058
Mellanie GroetkenSales Agent9 yrs659151
Sarah PirieSales Agent9 yrs659494
Lisa-marie FischerSales Agent9 yrs661030
Michaelle WormlySales Agent9 yrs661748
Tania Jazmin CastelanSales Agent9 yrs662005
Jaclyn TilleySales Agent9 yrs662732
Ronald Christian HigginsSales Agent8 yrs666013
Alexandra Moreno-gamaSales Agent8 yrs667202
Brenna Crowder HatcherSales Agent8 yrs667493
Robert GraciaSales Agent8 yrs669054
Brittney Laurette McintyreSales Agent8 yrs671802
Stacy LullSales Agent8 yrs671958
Meagan Rachelle NorwoodSales Agent8 yrs672892
Monica ChinSales Agent8 yrs673195
Veronica Hermelinda SalazarSales Agent8 yrs673565
Kermit James WalkerSales Agent8 yrs674316
Eldon L PetersonSales Agent8 yrs675220
Jack BanksSales Agent8 yrs676103
Emily MorinSales Agent8 yrs676181
Leroneatra R. WilliamsSales Agent8 yrs676303
Heather HarrisSales Agent8 yrs676431
Kellie DonovanSales Agent8 yrs676634
Ann VerkaikSales Agent8 yrs676986
Kenneth Barry OlivierSales Agent8 yrs678017
Alana AshleySales Agent8 yrs678707
Hilario E VillatoroSales Agent8 yrs680973
Vanessa P. JonesSales Agent8 yrs682036
Vince Varn LewisSales Agent7 yrs683453
Carrie Jean BarnesSales Agent7 yrs684010
Christina Moreno FloresSales Agent7 yrs684186
Christen WiatrSales Agent7 yrs684723
Megan Marie FinkSales Agent7 yrs684881
Dion Washington IsadoreSales Agent7 yrs685185
Melissa GodshalkSales Agent7 yrs685507
Felicia PoeSales Agent7 yrs685833
Samuel R DiazSales Agent7 yrs686552
Roland GonzalesSales Agent7 yrs687123
Danielle BurkSales Agent7 yrs687558
Michael Alan BridgesSales Agent7 yrs687703
Roman Anthony ThaxtonSales Agent7 yrs688128
Margaret Jean EvansSales Agent7 yrs688773
Stephanie KernSales Agent7 yrs689287
Baljinder Kaur MannSales Agent7 yrs689466
Nairi Bagdasaryants-rodriguezSales Agent7 yrs689914
Tania Esther TarverSales Agent7 yrs690017
Brooke Danielle CouchSales Agent7 yrs690222
Margaret L McknightSales Agent7 yrs690648
Amy Rhea HurstSales Agent7 yrs691140
Brenda Henry FrancisSales Agent7 yrs692318
Alexis CowanSales Agent7 yrs692720
Jason PryorSales Agent7 yrs692742
Saundra Lynnette MooreSales Agent7 yrs693486
Rachel Elizabeth De LunaSales Agent7 yrs694486
Elizabeth Commons CaldwellSales Agent7 yrs694645
Edward Lee BramblettSales Agent7 yrs694815
Michelle JordanSales Agent7 yrs694845
Courtney Renee JasperSales Agent7 yrs696028
Imelda Marisol LepeSales Agent7 yrs696207
Laquisha Maybin MitchellSales Agent7 yrs696258
Alyssa Lynn TaylorSales Agent7 yrs696454
Elissa Bentley PaulSales Agent7 yrs696464
Sharon Lynn GreenSales Agent7 yrs697224
Christian FuentesSales Agent7 yrs697939
David JensenSales Agent7 yrs697981
Sandy Patricia Aguilar SanchezSales Agent7 yrs698445
Kelly Ann KirkconnellSales Agent6 yrs699377
Sri Krishna ChallapalliSales Agent6 yrs699972
Anita AtkinsonSales Agent6 yrs700141
Renee Havard JacksSales Agent6 yrs700701
Caileigh Robinson DenisonSales Agent6 yrs701580
Ja Cee StanleySales Agent6 yrs701834
Lauren D JacksonSales Agent6 yrs701977
Chiontae Lanee ConeySales Agent6 yrs702364
Timmy Ray NunleySales Agent6 yrs702525
Tammy Elaine LamarrSales Agent6 yrs703009
Marco Antonio Del ToroSales Agent6 yrs703016
Alanna ZaroskySales Agent6 yrs703676
Danielle DoveSales Agent6 yrs703838
Caleb Emmit ChristopherSales Agent6 yrs704069
Brandon Prescott LySales Agent6 yrs704669
Liliana PerezSales Agent6 yrs704841
Keaon HobsonSales Agent6 yrs705116
Mary FineSales Agent6 yrs705201
Anika Juliette SchweigerSales Agent6 yrs705282
Elizabeth BarrettSales Agent6 yrs705977
Linda Nelson SmithSales Agent6 yrs705985
Kelly Sills WalterSales Agent6 yrs706493
Heather Lynne KarnowskiSales Agent6 yrs707918
Ha PhamSales Agent6 yrs708535
Mira Hristova WoodsSales Agent6 yrs708729
Arquelle GilderSales Agent6 yrs708780
Taylor Keith HenrySales Agent6 yrs709201
Andreina Teresa Garcia GuaitaSales Agent6 yrs710177
Weizhi XuSales Agent6 yrs710268
Gail McalmontSales Agent6 yrs710551
Latoya Quishea StanfordSales Agent6 yrs711573
Richard Wells FernandezSales Agent6 yrs711808
Indeya GilderSales Agent6 yrs712126
Ingrid Yoconda DavillaSales Agent6 yrs712487
Skylar WebsterSales Agent6 yrs712516
Darian Michelle LandSales Agent6 yrs712773
Runiequca L AshleySales Agent6 yrs713135
Jennifer Jeanette HillSales Agent6 yrs713168
Mary Kay CarrilloSales Agent6 yrs714198
Mia Patrice ShouldersSales Agent6 yrs714663
Germaine Drucila Wallace-springSales Agent6 yrs715467
Brandy Leeann KnightSales Agent5 yrs715597
Samantha CaswellSales Agent5 yrs715946
Trevor TrahanSales Agent5 yrs716683
Anthony WarrenSales Agent5 yrs717465
Terry S JacksSales Agent5 yrs717880
Matthew ClarkSales Agent5 yrs718237
Ada Christina MartinezSales Agent5 yrs719113
Zachary AndersonSales Agent5 yrs719512
Maira ZavalaSales Agent5 yrs719687
Nora TorresSales Agent5 yrs720060
Rachel Geneva RoperSales Agent5 yrs722242
Alfred Lee PhoenixSales Agent5 yrs723470
Amanda Jo WilliamsSales Agent5 yrs724779
Karla Ysabel CincoSales Agent5 yrs725790
Colanda GorrerSales Agent5 yrs726231
Tracee SpruelSales Agent5 yrs726680
Nayma MammanoSales Agent5 yrs727761
Alicia D LowmanSales Agent5 yrs728322
Jiangning JiSales Agent5 yrs728692
Susan Raneigh SelfSales Agent5 yrs728796
Kari Michelle MilamSales Agent5 yrs729177
Carly Compere CarterSales Agent5 yrs730362
Love Nkem CarterSales Agent5 yrs730565
Latasha GentrySales Agent5 yrs731431
Dan PengSales Agent5 yrs732270
Meagan Jo McknightSales Agent4 yrs732557
Denise MossSales Agent4 yrs732700
Nichole Mae BeanSales Agent4 yrs733073
Brooklynn Renee ShepherdSales Agent4 yrs733303
Jennifer Lynn BernalSales Agent4 yrs733598
Meriem Ancer BustosSales Agent4 yrs734252
Alana ConnerSales Agent4 yrs734375
Byron Miguel ConnerSales Agent4 yrs734386
Anthony Quinn GriffinSales Agent4 yrs735229
Jennifer E TrevinoSales Agent4 yrs735419
Mickoya WilliamsSales Agent4 yrs735556
Dalleshia Rene GroganSales Agent4 yrs738866
Andra Whitley McconnellSales Agent4 yrs739749
Andrea PhoenixSales Agent4 yrs741430
Ryan Reece TilleySales Agent4 yrs741688
Seth Daniel LeatherwoodSales Agent4 yrs741725
John Edwin OverstreetSales Agent4 yrs741806

Address Location for Connect Inc
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