Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc

Realty Company

3801 Bay To Bay Blvd, Tampa, Florida, 33629

Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc is a licensed real estate corporation in Tampa, Florida and has a total experience of 15 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 81896 was issued to Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc's license document is 3801 Bay To Bay Blvd, Tampa, Florida, 33629. The license is effective from 01 April, 2009 and will expire on 31 March, 2021.

Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameSmith & Associates Real Estate Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience15 yrs
Contact Address3801 Bay To Bay Blvd, Tampa, Florida, 33629
Florida License Number81896
Alternate License NumberCQ81896
CountyHillsborough county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ81896 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On
License In Use From01 April, 2009
License Valid Upto31 March, 2021

Employees of Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc

As per our records, there are 269 real estate agents who are currently working for Smith & Associates Real Estate Inc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Weiner, Elaine SBroker Associate23 yrs113307
Calhoon, Patrick A PaBroker Associate38 yrs259869
Urette, Karen GamelBroker28 yrs3004259
Butterfield, Susan PaSales Associate23 yrs3011910
Garrett, Laurie S LlcSales Associate23 yrs3012004
Chene, Dorinda C PaSales Associate22 yrs3017473
Taylor, Donald L PaBroker Associate40 yrs301755
Phillips, Nichole SusannBroker22 yrs3019664
Rhodes, Catherine J PaBroker Associate22 yrs3022236
Bessolo, Martha ElizabethSales Associate22 yrs3023886
Margliano, Gregory PaBroker Associate22 yrs3026233
Grannan, Chad E PaSales Associate22 yrs3026734
Zito, Michael PSales Associate22 yrs3031373
Turner, Donna LoisSales Associate22 yrs3031813
Calhoon, Benjamin M PaSales Associate22 yrs3031896
Irwin, Sarena ASales Associate22 yrs3034174
Fernandez, Katia PaSales Associate22 yrs3034903
Maddox, KristaSales Associate22 yrs3036691
Arcos, Aileen MarieSales Associate21 yrs3055740
Bearnarth, Alison Davis PaSales Associate21 yrs3058467
Anders, Kathleen DSales Associate21 yrs3062546
Richards, Cynthia L PaSales Associate21 yrs3062821
Despointes, Dominique PaSales Associate21 yrs3064558
Colmenares, Katharine PBroker Associate21 yrs3066587
Davidson, Jacqueline MSales Associate20 yrs3073224
Howlett, Yuri CarolinaSales Associate20 yrs3078304
Kimbrough, Kay PaSales Associate20 yrs3078782
White, Marijke PaSales Associate20 yrs3079868
Richardson, Collette M PaBroker Associate20 yrs3080644
Nies, Connie LSales Associate20 yrs3082585
Richardson, Glen ClarkSales Associate20 yrs3084780
Barrett, John Michael PaSales Associate20 yrs3090774
Niebles, Stacey BorsikBroker Associate20 yrs3092453
Fields, Wendy HutchinsonBroker Associate20 yrs3092846
Christy, Victoria LlcSales Associate20 yrs3095983
Traynor, David PaSales Associate20 yrs3102182
Allen, Cynthia KaySales Associate20 yrs3102619
Remer, Sterling HullSales Associate20 yrs3102717
Wood, Nancy MarieSales Associate20 yrs3103014
Wood, Douglas Scott PaBroker Associate20 yrs3105979
Minder, Leslie MSales Associate19 yrs3107647
Gabbard, Brandi JoBroker Associate19 yrs3112912
Skemp, JohnSales Associate19 yrs3115078
Glaser, Robert PBroker42 yrs311704
Williams, Lea AnnBroker Associate19 yrs3119259
Reder, Kevin OdoSales Associate19 yrs3121971
Vakili, Ravelle PaSales Associate19 yrs3123907
Gay, Stephen G PaSales Associate19 yrs3124253
Trujillo, Jorge ASales Associate19 yrs3129167
Heese, AmandaSales Associate19 yrs3136584
Siftar, Amanda PaSales Associate19 yrs3137210
Davenport, Darlene WSales Associate19 yrs3137561
Moyer, David BSales Associate19 yrs3137996
Monteau, Bonita KSales Associate19 yrs3146760
Chisholm, Diane PaSales Associate19 yrs3148372
Blake, Laura FSales Associate19 yrs3148709
Momberg, Deborah G PaSales Associate19 yrs3148832
Arango, Katherine PaSales Associate19 yrs3153738
Mustafaraj, Kimberly CSales Associate19 yrs3154317
Arthur, Brian PaSales Associate18 yrs3155147
Caruso, Isabel PaBroker Associate18 yrs3157704
Barnes, Elizabeth RSales Associate18 yrs3161141
Collier, Frances CamilleSales Associate18 yrs3166196
Tomljanovic, John PaSales Associate18 yrs3167812
Kemker, Sara LynnSales Associate18 yrs3175616
Newman, Frances LeaSales Associate18 yrs3177843
Armstrong, Steve M PaSales Associate18 yrs3182304
Strauss, Marisa Llc LlcSales Associate18 yrs3183211
Atkinson, Julie M.Sales Associate18 yrs3183763
Stratton, Colleen P PaSales Associate45 yrs318537
Doermer, Kathleen FSales Associate17 yrs3189733
Atkinson, Melanie LynnSales Associate17 yrs3202862
Slocum, Rebecca PaSales Associate17 yrs3205541
Malowany, Rebecca ChristineBroker Associate16 yrs3207116
Hallgren, Linda KBroker Associate42 yrs320990
Suess, Holly MarieBroker Associate16 yrs3213943
Harwell, Elisabeth ISales Associate16 yrs3214954
Patterson, James PSales Associate16 yrs3215401
Lanners, Bonnie PaBroker Associate15 yrs3219310
Enright, MarjorySales Associate15 yrs3220486
Kantner, Sharon M LlcSales Associate15 yrs3220571
Chapin, Sandra ASales Associate15 yrs3221040
Sendera, Caryn PaSales Associate15 yrs3223049
Pletcher, Melinda McgintySales Associate15 yrs3224012
Mustafaraj, Petrit LlcSales Associate15 yrs3225589
Anderson, Theodore LSales Associate15 yrs3226030
Byrd, Mary BethSales Associate15 yrs3227242
Westphal, Nancy AnnSales Associate15 yrs3227756
Knighton, Christine MSales Associate14 yrs3230899
Frazier, Dwayne A PaBroker Associate14 yrs3231929
Glaser, Robert AndrewsSales Associate14 yrs3235984
Wirth, Nicole RachelSales Associate14 yrs3236021
Chandler, SamuelSales Associate14 yrs3236550
Truex, Victoria AnneSales Associate14 yrs3239003
Overin, Judy PaSales Associate14 yrs3241043
Awad, Sheila M PaSales Associate13 yrs3242620
Roopani, MacBroker Associate13 yrs3243441
Baccarella, Laura MSales Associate13 yrs3243800
Wilson, David AlanSales Associate13 yrs3245777
Bellino, Gary R LlcSales Associate13 yrs3245920
Etheredge, Autumn ElenaSales Associate13 yrs3249793
Paul, Cara LeeSales Associate13 yrs3252062
Hess, Gary M PaSales Associate12 yrs3255058
Gates, Linda Lee McdowellSales Associate12 yrs3255747
Hoek, Andrew K LlcBroker Associate12 yrs3259483
Cortes, BridgetBroker Associate12 yrs3260287
Deyoung, Virginia SandersSales Associate12 yrs3261935
Kashou, Danielle ReneeSales Associate12 yrs3262398
Reichard, Daniel EdwardSales Associate12 yrs3266250
Rivera, Michele PriceBroker Associate12 yrs3268294
Weaver, Sarah PaSales Associate11 yrs3268553
Debenedictis, Anthony LlcSales Associate11 yrs3270256
Fabrizio, Jacqueline MarloSales Associate11 yrs3274311
Gravette, Michelle ASales Associate11 yrs3275076
Frank, Courtney CollierSales Associate11 yrs3276566
Carriger, Madeline ClaireSales Associate11 yrs3276588
Daly, Colton MarkBroker Associate11 yrs3279423
Bicknese, Jeremiah GeraldSales Associate11 yrs3280786
Fechtel, SarahSales Associate10 yrs3289175
Bockman Pedersen, Bethsabe PaSales Associate10 yrs3290759
Gultepe, Christina LynnSales Associate10 yrs3292137
Calhoon, Christoffer PaSales Associate10 yrs3293399
Reilly, Steven EdwardBroker10 yrs3293590
Callahan, Kelly WilsonSales Associate10 yrs3298207
Horst, ColletteSales Associate10 yrs3299674
Clark, Melissa KSales Associate10 yrs3300168
Farr, Debra LSales Associate10 yrs3300902
Reina, Jacquelyn PaSales Associate10 yrs3302139
Morris, Justin AndrewSales Associate10 yrs3305815
Depury, Anne JonesSales Associate10 yrs3305927
Spyridakos, Tiffany LlcSales Associate10 yrs3307155
Lindemoen, ChristopherSales Associate10 yrs3307652
Meeks, Nicholas RyanSales Associate10 yrs3308376
Suttell, Marissa LlcSales Associate10 yrs3308485
Gilliland, Kyle Ryan LlcSales Associate10 yrs3308601
Durand, Pascale MoniqueSales Associate10 yrs3309790
Casper, DanielSales Associate10 yrs3311659
Hetrick, Barbara PaSales Associate10 yrs3312057
Stallings, Kimberly MarinoSales Associate10 yrs3312116
Comfort, MadisonSales Associate9 yrs3314690
Sullo, Christine ElizabethSales Associate9 yrs3316568
Weidner, TiffanySales Associate9 yrs3316706
Hockensmith, TerriBroker9 yrs3317601
Homans, ParkerSales Associate9 yrs3318156
Cole, JustinSales Associate9 yrs3325955
Stiles, MelissaSales Associate9 yrs3325974
Stead, DianeSales Associate9 yrs3326944
Barfield Burchill, KellySales Associate9 yrs3327427
Mullis, Anne SBroker Associate43 yrs332802
Pitre, Christopher PaSales Associate9 yrs3328790
Patch, Judith MarieBroker Associate9 yrs3329778
Chmura, Janelle Louise PaSales Associate9 yrs3333581
Warneke, Lauren ElizabethSales Associate9 yrs3334668
Benson, John GavanSales Associate9 yrs3336657
Phillips, Cole GSales Associate9 yrs3337061
Hiotis, Olympia LlcSales Associate9 yrs3343096
Ahern, Alexandra MarieSales Associate8 yrs3349272
Gal, ViktoriaSales Associate8 yrs3350677
Merrick, ClareSales Associate8 yrs3352048
Patterson, Grant LlcSales Associate8 yrs3354109
Buettell, LisisbertaSales Associate8 yrs3354203
Menke, SeanSales Associate8 yrs3354450
Meyer, StevenSales Associate8 yrs3360156
Green, Erica JSales Associate8 yrs3362507
Foster, JenniferSales Associate8 yrs3368936
Landwehr, Cheryl LlcSales Associate7 yrs3376312
Lykes, Morgan LlcSales Associate7 yrs3377712
Bush, Margaret AlexanderSales Associate7 yrs3379792
Easthagen, Major D Iii LlcSales Associate7 yrs3379915
Lauser, Amanda GailSales Associate7 yrs3380331
Latvala, Christopher JohnSales Associate7 yrs3380462
Hahm, MionSales Associate7 yrs3381306
Mcintyre, AlyssaSales Associate7 yrs3381659
Underwood, GailSales Associate7 yrs3382537
Szewczyk, GregorySales Associate7 yrs3383283
Glaser, Katherine DadaSales Associate7 yrs3383541
Craddock, Darby BryanBroker7 yrs3383862
Fuddy, Jennifer ErinSales Associate7 yrs3385232
Rush, Brie TaylorSales Associate7 yrs3386447
Musumeci, MarcoSales Associate7 yrs3390697
Larkin, Almon Franklin JrSales Associate7 yrs3391326
Searcy, Amanda N LlcSales Associate7 yrs3391455
Waddell, Shannon PaSales Associate7 yrs3391753
Grannan, Angela DawnSales Associate7 yrs3392542
Junkins, Donna JeanSales Associate7 yrs3395150
Glaser, PaulSales Associate7 yrs3395291
Salinas, TatianaSales Associate7 yrs3400438
James, Margaret WarfelSales Associate7 yrs3401148
Dhanji, SalimaSales Associate7 yrs3402926
Evans, CandaceSales Associate6 yrs3404297
Waechter, BrianSales Associate6 yrs3406974
Davis, Joshua WSales Associate6 yrs3408714
Essek, LisaSales Associate6 yrs3410934
Lucas, Evangelia IreneSales Associate6 yrs3411568
Landis, Sharon RSales Associate6 yrs3412727
Keppel, Robert FranklinSales Associate6 yrs3413927
Manderscheid, Kyle PhilipSales Associate6 yrs3416374
Tornabene, Alayna MicheleSales Associate6 yrs3416715
Pitcher, ArielSales Associate6 yrs3422360
Wells, DebbieSales Associate6 yrs3422767
Abboud, Rania LlcSales Associate6 yrs3424586
Cooper, Victoria PaigeSales Associate6 yrs3426857
Helou, Daniel JosephSales Associate6 yrs3427608
Martinez, Juan MiguelSales Associate6 yrs3430909
Wolkov, Deana ClariceSales Associate6 yrs3431092
Marhee , FriedaSales Associate5 yrs3438733
Theriault, VanessaSales Associate5 yrs3441290
Perron, Nancy MarraSales Associate5 yrs3443671
Dubiansky, David VincentSales Associate5 yrs3446505
Elvir, Tori LynnSales Associate5 yrs3447456
Blotnys, Birute JovitaSales Associate5 yrs3452914
Mctaggart, Kristine ASales Associate5 yrs3453877
Benn, David ColeSales Associate5 yrs3459858
Warneke, Steven ThomasSales Associate5 yrs3460018
Dehaven, Courtney Shawn LlcSales Associate4 yrs3468336
Pinta, Alexandria LaurenSales Associate4 yrs3469972
Iacofano, MeghanSales Associate4 yrs3472037
Depaola, Cameron ASales Associate4 yrs3474456
Gunning, Edward Eugene JrSales Associate43 yrs358929
Lykes, Gail Pallardy LlcBroker Associate40 yrs366482
Pond, Mary C PaBroker Associate37 yrs386275
Gordon, Mary Lou PaSales Associate42 yrs386407
Wolfe, Jeanne I PaBroker Associate40 yrs396033
Vasilaros, SophiaSales Associate41 yrs417496
Malowany, Frank J JrBroker Associate39 yrs418741
Burgen, Paula WilliersSales Associate40 yrs439806
Kerr Lewis, Sandra Gordon LlcSales Associate39 yrs445187
Cooper, Mitzi GillBroker Associate37 yrs445512
Daly, Brenda RobertsBroker Associate39 yrs452988
Morris, Angela IreneSales Associate39 yrs455388
Josephsen Wooten, CynthiaSales Associate38 yrs482120
Smedley, Patricia TaylorSales Associate37 yrs507745
Parker, Mary EstherSales Associate36 yrs512096
Platt, Kevin PeterSales Associate36 yrs512251
Lasky, John PaulSales Associate36 yrs525672
Arcangeli, Jeffery LouisSales Associate36 yrs532224
Oates, Patrick PaBroker Associate34 yrs532765
Arthur, Vicki C PaSales Associate34 yrs558594
Kelly, Mary PaBroker Associate31 yrs574036
Kosharsky, Thomas JaySales Associate31 yrs595358
Stine, Pamela D LlcSales Associate31 yrs602174
Womack, Annabelle K PaBroker Associate30 yrs608516
Sierra-smith, Dina LynSales Associate30 yrs618478
Lux, Julie MSales Associate29 yrs626294
Krueger, Lee SBroker Associate29 yrs626376
Mendez, Lawrence DaneSales Associate29 yrs628211
Anderson, Kimberly PaSales Associate29 yrs631370
Armstrong, LorraineSales Associate28 yrs640136
Strickland, Bonnie J PaSales Associate28 yrs641520
Mendez, Janet YadleySales Associate28 yrs643946
Holmberg, B G PaSales Associate27 yrs650532
Belhassan, MehdiBroker Associate26 yrs658926
Zito, Deborah JSales Associate26 yrs660398
Izzi, Barbara JeanSales Associate26 yrs662423
Einselen, Paul DSales Associate26 yrs663594
Simpson Einselen, Elise KaySales Associate26 yrs663822
Bosque, Nelson PaSales Associate26 yrs663928
Wolfe, Lizabeth AnneSales Associate26 yrs672128
Pollin, Lawrence S PaSales Associate25 yrs674915
Morris, Noelle MarieSales Associate25 yrs680828
Wolfe, Scott A PaBroker Associate24 yrs685230
Burns, Traci L PaBroker Associate24 yrs688917
Bellis, Mary LeeSales Associate24 yrs689586
Theriault, Jane MSales Associate24 yrs693831
Lancaster, Constance LlcSales Associate24 yrs693957
Serra, Cynthia NormaSales Associate24 yrs693995
Robinson, Carolyn WhittSales Associate24 yrs696729
Calhoon Eames, Jenifer Rebecka PaSales Associate23 yrs706715
Swanson, David WBroker Associate23 yrs707037

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