J T Jackson Co

Real Estate Corporation

9220 Roosevelt Boulevard, Po Box 51307, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19115

J T Jackson Co is a licensed real estate corp llc in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has a total real estate experience of -26 years and is in the business of real estate transactions in Philadelphia County of Pennsylvania. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number RB012582A was issued to J T Jackson Co by Pennsylvania Real State Commission on 26 January, 2050. The status of license is Active and address listed on J T Jackson Co's license document is 9220 Roosevelt Boulevard, Po Box 51307, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19115. The real estate license is valid till 31 May, 2020.

J T Jackson Co has a license type of Real Estate Corp LLC which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameJ T Jackson Co
CredentialsReal Estate Corp LLC
Contact Address9220 Roosevelt Boulevard, Po Box 51307, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19115
License NumberRB012582A
CountyPhiladelphia County

License Status

Real Estate License RB012582A
License TypeReal Estate Corp LLC
License StatusActive
License Issued On26 January, 2050
License Expiry Date31 May, 2020

Employees of J T Jackson Co

As per our records, there are 76 real estate agents who are currently working for J T Jackson Co (Real Estate Corp LLC).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Dolores S VeitBroker Sole ProprietorRB014810A31 May, 2020
Michael I SingerBroker Sole ProprietorRB016693A31 May, 2020
Vincent A DicioccioBroker Sole ProprietorRB016791A31 May, 2020
Thomas J Kelly JrBroker Sole ProprietorRB019904L31 May, 2020
Harvey RobinBroker Sole ProprietorRB019947A31 May, 2020
Virginia MessaBroker Sole ProprietorRB020820A31 May, 2020
Robert C MazerBroker Sole ProprietorRB021041A31 May, 2020
Frank LevereBroker Sole ProprietorRB022666A31 May, 2020
Edward M PaulBroker Sole ProprietorRB023020A31 May, 2020
Willie SewardBroker Sole ProprietorRB023672A31 May, 2020
Charles E BernardBroker Sole ProprietorRB025387A31 May, 2020
Paul J FelixonBroker Sole ProprietorRB025583L31 May, 2020
William Starbuck YetkeBroker Sole ProprietorRB025635A31 May, 2020
Valentino H Pasquarella JrBroker Sole ProprietorRB025783A31 May, 2020
Brenda SacksBroker Sole ProprietorRB026618A31 May, 2020
Wayne Marc LeibovitzBroker Sole ProprietorRB027228A31 May, 2020
Lawrence S WindBroker Sole ProprietorRB027314A31 May, 2020
Ivan ShomerBroker Sole ProprietorRB028217A31 May, 2020
William B FuriaBroker Sole ProprietorRB029101A31 May, 2020
Bruce H JoellBroker Sole ProprietorRB029388A31 May, 2020
Francis J LeonardoBroker Sole ProprietorRB029777A31 May, 2020
Alfonso P GamboneBroker Sole ProprietorRB035136A31 May, 2020
Julia M MazellaBroker Sole ProprietorRB041122L31 May, 2020
David A FinemanBroker Sole ProprietorRB041340L31 May, 2020
Richard A MasciulliBroker Sole ProprietorRB041587A31 May, 2020
Norman RubanoffBroker Sole ProprietorRB041784A31 May, 2020
Kevin J McnamaraBroker Sole ProprietorRB042000L31 May, 2020
Jules MendelsohnBroker Sole ProprietorRB042192L31 May, 2020
James J MurrayBroker Sole ProprietorRB042724A31 May, 2020
James LammendolaBroker Sole ProprietorRB042744A31 May, 2020
Allan DombBroker Sole ProprietorRB043135A31 May, 2020
Peter R FarnumBroker Sole ProprietorRB043416A31 May, 2020
Fred R LevineBroker Sole ProprietorRB043558A31 May, 2020
Michael A SherBroker Sole ProprietorRB043689A31 May, 2020
Edward GoldingBroker Sole ProprietorRB044133A31 May, 2020
Frederick D Allen JrBroker Sole ProprietorRB044849L31 May, 2020
Angelo M MatteiBroker Sole ProprietorRB044968A31 May, 2020
Nickolaos G PappasBroker Sole ProprietorRB045612L31 May, 2020
Sheldon GansBroker Sole ProprietorRB046004A31 May, 2020
Dennis W MaloomianBroker Sole ProprietorRB046283A31 May, 2020
Charlie C ChoeBroker Sole ProprietorRB046608A31 May, 2020
Wilhelmina HerbertBroker Sole ProprietorRB047695L31 May, 2020
Peter G Weindorfer SrBroker Sole ProprietorRB047732L31 May, 2020
Brenda M RamcharanBroker Sole ProprietorRB047786L31 May, 2020
Raymond E LassiterBroker Sole ProprietorRB050405L31 May, 2020
Shirley E ArmsteadBroker Sole ProprietorRB050947L31 May, 2020
Joseph A RussoBroker Sole ProprietorRB05124631 May, 2020
Charles A RobinBroker Sole ProprietorRB052084L31 May, 2020
Frank PalumboBroker Sole ProprietorRB060695L31 May, 2020
Gilbert M VelezBroker Sole ProprietorRB061439L31 May, 2020
Joseph R McgowanBroker Sole ProprietorRB061606L31 May, 2020
Crystal Butler MorrisBroker Sole ProprietorRB062169L31 May, 2020
Neil T RubinBroker Sole ProprietorRB062280L31 May, 2020
Kurt T ZieglerBrokerRM061956A31 May, 2020
Lopez T ThompsonBroker Sole ProprietorSB06505531 May, 2020
Joseph F X FasyBroker Sole ProprietorSB06511431 May, 2020
Yvonne P AlexanderBroker Sole ProprietorSB06511631 May, 2020
George W Weiss JrBroker Sole ProprietorSB06512631 May, 2020
Leonard GelmanBroker Sole ProprietorSB06515131 May, 2020
Robbie MahallatiBroker Sole ProprietorSB06520131 May, 2020
Richard J SudallBroker Sole ProprietorSB06520931 May, 2020
Richard J AversaBroker Sole ProprietorSB06522631 May, 2020
Maria D MendezBroker Sole ProprietorSB06525831 May, 2020
David S DangeloBroker Sole ProprietorSB06528931 May, 2020
Gerard M Galster IiBroker Sole ProprietorSB06532831 May, 2020
Herbert Edwards JrBroker Sole ProprietorSB06553831 May, 2020
Myungki ChoiBroker Sole ProprietorSB06554031 May, 2020
Pumsu LimBroker Sole ProprietorSB06554131 May, 2020
Veonda Lynne GardnerBroker Sole ProprietorSB06555831 May, 2020
Martin G BednarekBroker Sole ProprietorSB06558031 May, 2020
Elizabeth ConveryBroker Sole ProprietorSB06559531 May, 2020
Michael Scott PearlsteinBroker Sole ProprietorSB06560231 May, 2020
Stephen DagostinoBroker Sole ProprietorSB06563931 May, 2020
Rowena Lacresha DabneyBroker Sole ProprietorSB06564631 May, 2020
Tron LamBroker Sole ProprietorSB06564831 May, 2020
Stuart J TobenBroker Sole ProprietorSB06565831 May, 2020

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