Jack Gaughen Llc

Real Estate Corporation

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 3915 Market Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, 17011

Jack Gaughen Llc is a licensed real estate corp llc in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and has a total real estate experience of 15 years and is in the business of real estate transactions in Cumberland County of Pennsylvania. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number RB067036 was issued to Jack Gaughen Llc by Pennsylvania Real State Commission on 28 October, 2009. The status of license is Active and address listed on Jack Gaughen Llc's license document is Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 3915 Market Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, 17011. The real estate license is valid till 31 May, 2020.

Jack Gaughen Llc has a license type of Real Estate Corp LLC which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameJack Gaughen Llc
CredentialsReal Estate Corp LLC
Contact AddressColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 3915 Market Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, 17011
License NumberRB067036
CountyCumberland County

License Status

Real Estate License RB067036
License TypeReal Estate Corp LLC
License StatusActive
License Issued On28 October, 2009
License Expiry Date31 May, 2020

Employees of Jack Gaughen Llc

As per our records, there are 536 real estate agents who are currently working for Jack Gaughen Llc (Real Estate Corp LLC).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Adrian C SimpsonAssociate BrokerAB027277A31 May, 2020
Charles K VandenburghAssociate BrokerAB027856A31 May, 2020
Lawrence P FaganAssociate BrokerAB028105A31 May, 2020
Philip K Hensel IiiAssociate BrokerAB028391L31 May, 2020
Edward S JenkinsAssociate BrokerAB042296A31 May, 2020
Roger G MellottAssociate BrokerAB042331A31 May, 2020
Anna BiancoAssociate BrokerAB042988A31 May, 2020
Reba D PaceAssociate BrokerAB043128A31 May, 2020
Ernest K PaceAssociate BrokerAB043205A31 May, 2020
David SmolizerAssociate BrokerAB043528A31 May, 2020
Paul D GunderAssociate BrokerAB043557A31 May, 2020
Walter D HnatuckAssociate BrokerAB043900A31 May, 2020
David T PaceAssociate BrokerAB044530A31 May, 2020
Peter J ChampagneAssociate BrokerAB045157A31 May, 2020
Robert D FosterAssociate BrokerAB045196A31 May, 2020
Darlene D GontzAssociate BrokerAB045869A31 May, 2020
Patricia A OberholtzerAssociate BrokerAB046622A31 May, 2020
Philip P FitzpatrickAssociate BrokerAB047183L31 May, 2020
Peter W HeinlyAssociate BrokerAB047514L31 May, 2020
Mary C EberlyAssociate BrokerAB048110L31 May, 2020
Phyllis M RittelAssociate BrokerAB048527L31 May, 2020
Bradley K BentzAssociate BrokerAB048966L31 May, 2020
Joanne E WitmerAssociate BrokerAB049000L31 May, 2020
Arlene E ParisiAssociate BrokerAB049444L31 May, 2020
Scott Allen PalmerAssociate BrokerAB050982L31 May, 2020
Gilbert E NichollsAssociate BrokerAB051000L31 May, 2020
Linda J MelhamAssociate BrokerAB051187L31 May, 2020
Jeanne Walk CusterAssociate BrokerAB061705L31 May, 2020
Joan E MayAssociate BrokerAB061926L31 May, 2020
Ryan C HessAssociate BrokerAB06505531 May, 2020
Glenn YoderAssociate BrokerAB06518231 May, 2020
George D WolfAssociate BrokerAB06523931 May, 2020
Beth A ShoopAssociate BrokerAB06586531 May, 2020
Marta M JanowskiAssociate BrokerAB06643931 May, 2020
Martin J Sowa JrAssociate BrokerAB06672831 May, 2020
Sharon M KehresAssociate BrokerAB06688831 May, 2020
Lisa K FrakerAssociate BrokerAB06696531 May, 2020
Harold BurkholderAssociate BrokerAB06736231 May, 2020
Amy L FryAssociate BrokerAB06741031 May, 2020
James C ReynoldsAssociate BrokerAB06760431 May, 2020
David M WhiteAssociate BrokerAB06772031 May, 2020
Douglas Matthew FoltzAssociate BrokerAB06772431 May, 2020
Thomas W Taglieri IiiAssociate BrokerAB06774631 May, 2020
Dorothy Anna KendallAssociate BrokerAB06804731 May, 2020
Amy L KuhaneckAssociate BrokerAB06806931 May, 2020
Quentin L MillerAssociate BrokerAB06818431 May, 2020
Tonja Sue WeddleAssociate BrokerAB06825831 May, 2020
Adam ReimersAssociate BrokerABR00229831 May, 2020
Nicholas E JabbourAssociate BrokerABR00234731 May, 2020
David P KriegerBrokerRM42363031 May, 2020
Jean H KahlSalespersonRS089840A31 May, 2020
Doris B LawSalespersonRS090611A31 May, 2020
Robert C HughesSalespersonRS092241A31 May, 2020
Stephania A LiebelSalespersonRS092301A31 May, 2020
Benjamin J Clemente IiiSalespersonRS092892A31 May, 2020
Janice A WheelerSalespersonRS109465A31 May, 2020
Mary Ellen SnyderSalespersonRS113286A31 May, 2020
Susan K BelmontSalespersonRS114831A31 May, 2020
Carol Jean CooperSalespersonRS121548A31 May, 2020
Alma J BriggsSalespersonRS123025A31 May, 2020
Alice L OneillSalespersonRS123089A31 May, 2020
Linda B Snyder-smithSalespersonRS125080A31 May, 2020
Lynn R VastyanSalespersonRS126981A31 May, 2020
Mary E RaderSalespersonRS129048A31 May, 2020
Lemar K Smith JrSalespersonRS129613A31 May, 2020
Nancy WilliamsSalespersonRS133729A31 May, 2020
William H GrimSalespersonRS134683A31 May, 2020
Christine M StormSalespersonRS136618A31 May, 2020
David N HeffronSalespersonRS136646A31 May, 2020
Susan D StapfSalespersonRS137883A31 May, 2020
Richard S MusselmanSalespersonRS140730A31 May, 2020
Glenda S DelilloSalespersonRS144950A31 May, 2020
Sandra K PharmerSalespersonRS145616A31 May, 2020
Robert E PriarSalespersonRS148529A31 May, 2020
Martin L KopitskySalespersonRS150171A31 May, 2020
Thomas J DemascolaSalespersonRS151442A31 May, 2020
Stephanie E WitmerSalespersonRS155966A31 May, 2020
Leonard J ChimelSalespersonRS157620A31 May, 2020
Cheryl A SharaykoSalespersonRS158386A31 May, 2020
Paula A VerdiniSalespersonRS164426L31 May, 2020
Michele Ann MccartneySalespersonRS166910L31 May, 2020
Janet M SheafferSalespersonRS184560L31 May, 2020
Michele Alexis LenhartSalespersonRS185538L31 May, 2020
Kathleen L DukeSalespersonRS187341L31 May, 2020
Vicki M Roark-eshelmanSalespersonRS187379L31 May, 2020
Jerry L ShillingSalespersonRS187981L31 May, 2020
Carlton C WolfingerSalespersonRS188281L31 May, 2020
Jeffrey Harold CarnSalespersonRS189309L31 May, 2020
Katherine H KerrSalespersonRS189531L31 May, 2020
Gema R WeigelSalespersonRS190965L31 May, 2020
Karl A BeckerSalespersonRS191894L31 May, 2020
Annette Lynn McbethSalespersonRS192986L31 May, 2020
Andrew S ChockSalespersonRS193089L31 May, 2020
Randall Lee RittelSalespersonRS193291L31 May, 2020
Marjorie A BerkheimerSalespersonRS193391L31 May, 2020
Ralph L MillerSalespersonRS193777L31 May, 2020
James Lee WiseSalespersonRS193866L31 May, 2020
Edna Olena GarlinSalespersonRS194361L31 May, 2020
Sharon Diane GunderSalespersonRS195657L31 May, 2020
Nancy K KreiderSalespersonRS197445L31 May, 2020
Jill M Fisher-douglassSalespersonRS199140L31 May, 2020
Michele M GouldSalespersonRS199141L31 May, 2020
Candice E NelsonSalespersonRS200421L31 May, 2020
Karen L BurnishSalespersonRS200629L31 May, 2020
Amanda Ray LantzSalespersonRS201162L31 May, 2020
Theresa M BockesSalespersonRS201665L31 May, 2020
Elizabeth M WilliamsonSalespersonRS203233L31 May, 2020
Deborah L GoodlingSalespersonRS203535L31 May, 2020
David E DrobnockSalespersonRS205827L31 May, 2020
Raymond D RoySalespersonRS206444L31 May, 2020
Neil L BarrSalespersonRS207303L31 May, 2020
Deborah M LovingSalespersonRS207856L31 May, 2020
Carmen N ChiumentoSalespersonRS208598L31 May, 2020
Erika Anne Rutt-akensSalespersonRS209522L31 May, 2020
Susan G TaylorSalespersonRS210197L31 May, 2020
April K RuckerSalespersonRS210480L31 May, 2020
Stephen G BickfordSalespersonRS211835L31 May, 2020
Jay ZimmermanSalespersonRS213396L31 May, 2020
Kimmy A DawsonSalespersonRS213539L31 May, 2020
Lydia K MillerSalespersonRS213941L31 May, 2020
Loretta CampbellSalespersonRS214557L31 May, 2020
R Ashley BrunnerSalespersonRS216411L31 May, 2020
Beverly A HessSalespersonRS216465L31 May, 2020
Ronald D RhodesSalespersonRS216862L31 May, 2020
Ira S NaiditchSalespersonRS217061L31 May, 2020
Karen L StarrSalespersonRS217949L31 May, 2020
Sandra L FakeSalespersonRS218246L31 May, 2020
Marie L ArcuriSalespersonRS218470L31 May, 2020
Catherine C UholikSalespersonRS219109L31 May, 2020
Melissa L MccoySalespersonRS220117L31 May, 2020
R Susan UllmannSalespersonRS220223L31 May, 2020
Marie Jo MusserSalespersonRS220272L31 May, 2020
Lisa A SincavageSalespersonRS220683L31 May, 2020
Debra L YouseSalespersonRS221004L31 May, 2020
Colleen Marie BlumeSalespersonRS222026L31 May, 2020
Andrea LehmanSalespersonRS223441L31 May, 2020
Edna WrightstoneSalespersonRS224456L31 May, 2020
Peggy L ChrissSalespersonRS224855L31 May, 2020
Jeffrey Allen WagamanSalespersonRS225685L31 May, 2020
Linda L PacySalespersonRS225790L31 May, 2020
Audrey A WentlingSalespersonRS226651L31 May, 2020
Richard E Angstadt JrSalespersonRS227371L31 May, 2020
Cindy E Cooker-paceSalespersonRS227773L31 May, 2020
Bobbi J HughesSalespersonRS228188L31 May, 2020
Melissa AndersonSalespersonRS22925031 May, 2020
Jeffrey B SnyderSalespersonRS22930031 May, 2020
Melissa MccordSalespersonRS25027631 May, 2020
Cynthia A FolckemerSalespersonRS25067831 May, 2020
George DimoffSalespersonRS27002331 May, 2020
Kathleen M BakerSalespersonRS27017231 May, 2020
Gregg ClymerSalespersonRS27018131 May, 2020
Daniel P ToomeySalespersonRS27046631 May, 2020
Jackie RobertsonSalespersonRS27078831 May, 2020
Susan M KennedySalespersonRS27102231 May, 2020
Andrea SparksSalespersonRS27162931 May, 2020
Kathleen M MemmiSalespersonRS27175931 May, 2020
Dale Stipe JrSalespersonRS27279031 May, 2020
Jason PetronisSalespersonRS27373331 May, 2020
Brian E RainesSalespersonRS27376931 May, 2020
Cheryl L VulichSalespersonRS27439431 May, 2020
Ronald A HenrySalespersonRS27473631 May, 2020
Bryan EntrekinSalespersonRS27584531 May, 2020
Sharron MinnichSalespersonRS27590231 May, 2020
Karen SandorSalespersonRS27659731 May, 2020
Kristen J GoldSalespersonRS27673531 May, 2020
Richard JohnsonSalespersonRS27680231 May, 2020
Kenneth D OffidaniSalespersonRS27680531 May, 2020
Matthew GunderSalespersonRS27783431 May, 2020
Craig ReinertSalespersonRS27801931 May, 2020
Nancy A SteinSalespersonRS27819031 May, 2020
Jeffery MillerSalespersonRS27835931 May, 2020
Uyen D DaoSalespersonRS27850731 May, 2020
Iona J FergusonSalespersonRS27893631 May, 2020
Cynthia L BrownSalespersonRS27987131 May, 2020
Justin PrinceSalespersonRS27989831 May, 2020
Jerry Girolamo BuffaSalespersonRS27998731 May, 2020
James SullivanSalespersonRS28000531 May, 2020
Sandra Marie BourasSalespersonRS28006831 May, 2020
Michael L YourkavitchSalespersonRS28040431 May, 2020
Lori A WeaverSalespersonRS28055031 May, 2020
Kevin K BrownSalespersonRS28111931 May, 2020
Jeffrey R GeoghanSalespersonRS28115231 May, 2020
Pamela L O'keefeSalespersonRS28127131 May, 2020
Jason M LogueSalespersonRS28170931 May, 2020
Steven DaughertySalespersonRS28176131 May, 2020
Philip J Hersey JrSalespersonRS28184431 May, 2020
Joyce HemperlySalespersonRS28211931 May, 2020
Bridget L FloydSalespersonRS28215631 May, 2020
Caroline L JerniganSalespersonRS28215831 May, 2020
Deanna L KobylarzSalespersonRS28222231 May, 2020
James R BedorfSalespersonRS28248231 May, 2020
James FisherSalespersonRS28254231 May, 2020
Tricia ComoSalespersonRS28257731 May, 2020
Christine E BooherSalespersonRS28266031 May, 2020
Marlene D SanbowerSalespersonRS28307931 May, 2020
Jay H ZellersSalespersonRS28326331 May, 2020
Jill M RomineSalespersonRS28421531 May, 2020
Brandon Christopher ClarkSalespersonRS28589131 May, 2020
James D Englert JrSalespersonRS28637531 May, 2020
Alicia L CroneSalespersonRS28667831 May, 2020
David J FerrisSalespersonRS28668031 May, 2020
Annette MartinSalespersonRS28735631 May, 2020
Steven A NicholsonSalespersonRS28751931 May, 2020
Suzanne B FalciSalespersonRS28766431 May, 2020
Clinton Ronald JohnsSalespersonRS28794631 May, 2020
Michael C KoskoSalespersonRS28810031 May, 2020
Stacey A RaffensbergerSalespersonRS28833231 May, 2020
Heather A SimsSalespersonRS28837731 May, 2020
Sharon L BurkhartSalespersonRS28858531 May, 2020
Joshua W WoodSalespersonRS28865331 May, 2020
Eugenia C CrumblingSalespersonRS28899231 May, 2020
Tracey M StroheckerSalespersonRS28912731 May, 2020
Ronald M BurkhartSalespersonRS28951731 May, 2020
Lisa M Valentino-colsonSalespersonRS28970131 May, 2020
Sharlene BeckwithSalespersonRS28974631 May, 2020
Jasmin OsojikicSalespersonRS28977531 May, 2020
Michael G StoltzfusSalespersonRS29020431 May, 2020
Denise E FindleySalespersonRS29107031 May, 2020
Lisa WengerSalespersonRS29142231 May, 2020
Betsaida Janet SierkSalespersonRS29226131 May, 2020
Nedette B OtterbeinSalespersonRS29268531 May, 2020
Lee I TurnerSalespersonRS29304031 May, 2020
Amy Baker-williamsSalespersonRS29330531 May, 2020
Christie Heim FugateSalespersonRS29347531 May, 2020
Outhai LoySalespersonRS29410931 May, 2020
Kelly L SpaydSalespersonRS29436831 May, 2020
Lisa M DaughertySalespersonRS29450731 May, 2020
Joshua D ShopeSalespersonRS29453431 May, 2020
Roseann YohnSalespersonRS29467531 May, 2020
Darlene L BathonSalespersonRS29472931 May, 2020
Toby C BowerSalespersonRS29487731 May, 2020
Garth J BellowsSalespersonRS29638331 May, 2020
Lori L WorthingSalespersonRS29751231 May, 2020
Marlisa Merisotis MyersSalespersonRS29766331 May, 2020
Handy Jamill CuevasSalespersonRS29782731 May, 2020
Kimberly A LeggettSalespersonRS29786531 May, 2020
Eric P HofferSalespersonRS29819531 May, 2020
Rebecca M PelowSalespersonRS29840931 May, 2020
Nancy S SchappellSalespersonRS29854131 May, 2020
Joshua J GableSalespersonRS29915131 May, 2020
Hubert T RozmanSalespersonRS29953431 May, 2020
Shelley L WalterSalespersonRS30006531 May, 2020
Ashley E MotterSalespersonRS30022431 May, 2020
Erniece N CampbellSalespersonRS30036931 May, 2020
Abby C YoungSalespersonRS30041031 May, 2020
David F MoyerSalespersonRS30051031 May, 2020
Christopher L StoltzfusSalespersonRS30095131 May, 2020
Billie Jo MazolSalespersonRS30106031 May, 2020
Gerald D BrightbillSalespersonRS30117931 May, 2020
Robert Allen FabriziSalespersonRS30142931 May, 2020
Cecilia Marie HooverSalespersonRS30165531 May, 2020
Martin A YourkavitchSalespersonRS30166931 May, 2020
Kimberly S RiceSalespersonRS30174331 May, 2020
Jennifer MackieSalespersonRS30176331 May, 2020
Jerry N LehmanSalespersonRS30195031 May, 2020
Dennis E BerkebileSalespersonRS30223231 May, 2020
Paula J ModitchSalespersonRS30224131 May, 2020
Donna L GibellinoSalespersonRS30277731 May, 2020
David M HinkelSalespersonRS30366031 May, 2020
Denise M LessnerSalespersonRS30377731 May, 2020
Steven G DarchicourtSalespersonRS30382731 May, 2020
Gary G VinkSalespersonRS30419031 May, 2020
William E MillerSalespersonRS30429231 May, 2020
Cindy L CiparSalespersonRS30444031 May, 2020
Mary L BeierSalespersonRS30451531 May, 2020
Kimberly D RaifsniderSalespersonRS30505631 May, 2020
Julia M PollardSalespersonRS30521431 May, 2020
Michael S CiparSalespersonRS30524631 May, 2020
Michael L StoltzfusSalespersonRS30524931 May, 2020
Jennifer A ChenaultSalespersonRS30528831 May, 2020
Jessica CallahanSalespersonRS30534831 May, 2020
Dawn Hillary LinkeSalespersonRS30597331 May, 2020
Stephen Robert BrintonSalespersonRS30598231 May, 2020
Korinn A FeesSalespersonRS30620131 May, 2020
Vanessa L GullageSalespersonRS30641931 May, 2020
Jesse GanttSalespersonRS30642031 May, 2020
Linda A AthertonSalespersonRS30700131 May, 2020
Sherri L MckentlySalespersonRS30772831 May, 2020
Nicki M SasaSalespersonRS30796731 May, 2020
Cynthia A MannSalespersonRS30810431 May, 2020
Christina R BaileySalespersonRS30846131 May, 2020
Sajy MathewSalespersonRS30848931 May, 2020
Cheryl L LevenduskySalespersonRS30910331 May, 2020
Abigail M SmithSalespersonRS30916831 May, 2020
Andrew WelkSalespersonRS30981431 May, 2020
John C Jernigan SrSalespersonRS31001631 May, 2020
Jennie Hao LeSalespersonRS31027931 May, 2020
Ralph MarksSalespersonRS31047431 May, 2020
Richard E EckrothSalespersonRS31051831 May, 2020
Sandra A WoodwardSalespersonRS31058231 May, 2020
Anne M FaustSalespersonRS31100231 May, 2020
Brian J KellySalespersonRS31104331 May, 2020
Shonna L ShopeSalespersonRS31131531 May, 2020
Loyal T HallSalespersonRS31148431 May, 2020
Marjorie G DejesusSalespersonRS31148731 May, 2020
Marcy L LaferteSalespersonRS31154531 May, 2020
Sean P MurphySalespersonRS31163731 May, 2020
Brenda A BentSalespersonRS31194331 May, 2020
Tony Lamont ThomasSalespersonRS31202631 May, 2020
Tawanda Sheree ThomasSalespersonRS31209431 May, 2020
Terry N BarrSalespersonRS31220731 May, 2020
Mahlon R HarlacherSalespersonRS31247231 May, 2020
Norene P Jefferson KoeppelSalespersonRS31253031 May, 2020
Ana M MenendezSalespersonRS31254431 May, 2020
Eric S TomkoSalespersonRS31279931 May, 2020
Daniele M SeldomridgeSalespersonRS31307531 May, 2020
Peggy A HaysSalespersonRS31326931 May, 2020
Rebecca L NguyenSalespersonRS31360431 May, 2020
Kristi Kohr PokopecSalespersonRS31377331 May, 2020
Cindy S ManningSalespersonRS31408131 May, 2020
Elizabeth Jo MackSalespersonRS31435731 May, 2020
Mary L BeohmSalespersonRS31456931 May, 2020
Christina DiehlSalespersonRS31459531 May, 2020
Michelle M ShaySalespersonRS31464431 May, 2020
Jordan L MoyerSalespersonRS31479131 May, 2020
Leigh W PriceSalespersonRS31508431 May, 2020
David S HighSalespersonRS31539631 May, 2020
Robert K PorterSalespersonRS31661131 May, 2020
Theodore M Snowberger IiiSalespersonRS31724531 May, 2020
Roxanne R StevensSalespersonRS31762131 May, 2020
Dianna R AlpiniSalespersonRS31768331 May, 2020
Larry M YoderSalespersonRS31800931 May, 2020
Yvette Lynn ValentinSalespersonRS31834331 May, 2020
Angela M ReraSalespersonRS31881031 May, 2020
Matthew M GraeffSalespersonRS31896531 May, 2020
Annette I SwartzSalespersonRS31936731 May, 2020
Beth A AughenbaughSalespersonRS31937031 May, 2020
Doyle Curtis BryantSalespersonRS31950231 May, 2020
William G TollesonSalespersonRS31958331 May, 2020
Jennifer RuleSalespersonRS31974131 May, 2020
Ashley M CassattSalespersonRS31984531 May, 2020
Jeffrey R RickettsSalespersonRS31996631 May, 2020
Jennifer L DebernardisSalespersonRS32018431 May, 2020
Dina Lee BarbushSalespersonRS32025931 May, 2020
Meredith M QuinnSalespersonRS32033331 May, 2020
Corinne Elizabeth HankinsSalespersonRS32044731 May, 2020
Michelle L McclungSalespersonRS32053131 May, 2020
Patricia G SpirkSalespersonRS32053631 May, 2020
Christopher P MartinSalespersonRS32072931 May, 2020
John ZabinskiSalespersonRS32104131 May, 2020
Delinda M HarperSalespersonRS32104231 May, 2020
Lindsay BroadbentSalespersonRS32109731 May, 2020
Joyce Marie FyeSalespersonRS32122331 May, 2020
Robert Andrew CroftcheckSalespersonRS32143131 May, 2020
Gennaro DisommaSalespersonRS32154231 May, 2020
Adrianne J ZimmermanSalespersonRS32161531 May, 2020
Jennifer L AloisiSalespersonRS32192231 May, 2020
Cindy Lea HochhalterSalespersonRS32192531 May, 2020
Patrick K MorganSalespersonRS32192631 May, 2020
Nicole Christine MessinaSalespersonRS32210031 May, 2020
Jennifer P ShawSalespersonRS32215531 May, 2020
Melissa S NemtudaSalespersonRS32219631 May, 2020
Kimberly S Von DohrenSalespersonRS32220731 May, 2020
Angela L FairchildSalespersonRS32227431 May, 2020
Justin C SmithSalespersonRS32231331 May, 2020
Stamatia BougiamasSalespersonRS32239631 May, 2020
David William AltdoerfferSalespersonRS32250231 May, 2020
Jonathan Mark WyseSalespersonRS32252431 May, 2020
Nicholas R DevitzSalespersonRS32255831 May, 2020
Kevin B YoderSalespersonRS32298331 May, 2020
Zachary D DuffySalespersonRS32300031 May, 2020
Amy B TurnbaughSalespersonRS32327031 May, 2020
Paul WilsonSalespersonRS32327831 May, 2020
Tina M PittengerSalespersonRS32334031 May, 2020
Jocelyn M JerniganSalespersonRS32341731 May, 2020
Tonya A ImbrognioSalespersonRS32346531 May, 2020
Kimberly L CapozziSalespersonRS32349831 May, 2020
Samuel L BreidenstineSalespersonRS32355731 May, 2020
Michael J StipeSalespersonRS32357431 May, 2020
Jeffrey David WaltonSalespersonRS32392631 May, 2020
Marion L MarksSalespersonRS32394431 May, 2020
Monique Danielle HaleSalespersonRS32420431 May, 2020
Elizabeth K WilliamsSalespersonRS32449731 May, 2020
Robert J Everly IiSalespersonRS32451431 May, 2020
David M WorthingtonSalespersonRS32458831 May, 2020
Heather BurnsSalespersonRS32461131 May, 2020
Robin M ReedSalespersonRS32463331 May, 2020
James Douglas LeggettSalespersonRS32466131 May, 2020
Samuel James DonahueSalespersonRS32467931 May, 2020
David L DymondSalespersonRS32475631 May, 2020
Nicole Ann HensonSalespersonRS32482931 May, 2020
Denise CottonSalespersonRS32486131 May, 2020
Kelly Lynne Reed ShawSalespersonRS32491131 May, 2020
Crystal Edna SevilleSalespersonRS32552131 May, 2020
Austin SahdSalespersonRS32559431 May, 2020
Josiah R FerrisSalespersonRS32562631 May, 2020
Catherine L KastorSalespersonRS32574831 May, 2020
Reginald D IrvisSalespersonRS32584531 May, 2020
Louis H NallsSalespersonRS32586131 May, 2020
Joanne K ReinertSalespersonRS32591531 May, 2020
Ryan P ThomasSalespersonRS32626931 May, 2020
Wesley E AshSalespersonRS32629231 May, 2020
Tresa KirkSalespersonRS32668731 May, 2020
Jeffrey Scott ButtsSalespersonRS32671231 May, 2020
Michele VelezSalespersonRS32678931 May, 2020
Elizabeth N ClarkSalespersonRS32714231 May, 2020
Janie HickleSalespersonRS32754531 May, 2020
Michele Ann LattanzioSalespersonRS32763831 May, 2020
Fernando TorijaSalespersonRS32765031 May, 2020
Barbara Sheila SnyderSalespersonRS32781231 May, 2020
Tina M GonzalesSalespersonRS32786831 May, 2020
Macklin FarquharSalespersonRS32789931 May, 2020
Imani Montaz CampbellSalespersonRS32798431 May, 2020
Caroline AronsonSalespersonRS32814631 May, 2020
Jacob Raymond StatlerSalespersonRS32854231 May, 2020
Lisa S MyersSalespersonRS32896531 May, 2020
Peter CollinsSalespersonRS32897131 May, 2020
Benjamin Wilson ShawSalespersonRS32897731 May, 2020
Sharon Louise FurrySalespersonRS32941631 May, 2020
Barbara GraySalespersonRS32973731 May, 2020
Joshua D YoupaSalespersonRS32982231 May, 2020
Iva Marie BerkebileSalespersonRS32982531 May, 2020
Jordan L CollierSalespersonRS32988631 May, 2018
Kevin M CartwrightSalespersonRS32989831 May, 2020
David Thomas McdonaldSalespersonRS33007331 May, 2020
Andrew Lynn CarbaughSalespersonRS33010231 May, 2020
Marilee R SeagoSalespersonRS33016731 May, 2020
Samuel G KalbachSalespersonRS33035931 May, 2020
Jerry Brett Gibboney SrSalespersonRS33066831 May, 2020
Brittany DaltonSalespersonRS33071431 May, 2020
Daniel S FlosserSalespersonRS33074131 May, 2020
Stephen BoydSalespersonRS33132831 May, 2020
Krystle PeliSalespersonRS33168431 May, 2020
Melissa D HessSalespersonRS33191231 May, 2020
Nathaniel David StoltzfusSalespersonRS33198431 May, 2020
Shana Leigh WoomerSalespersonRS33250131 May, 2020
Heather V BonillasSalespersonRS33267131 May, 2020
Jennifer Marie SchaefferSalespersonRS33278031 May, 2020
Jeffrey L Geist JrSalespersonRS33286131 May, 2020
Jenifer L WindmillerSalespersonRS33309731 May, 2020
J Brandon HostetterSalespersonRS33310331 May, 2020
Stephanie LachanceSalespersonRS33335731 May, 2020
James Craig SmootSalespersonRS33340231 May, 2020
Christina M KauffmanSalespersonRS33341331 May, 2020
Monica KempSalespersonRS33341931 May, 2020
Kaitlin Elyse SantmyerSalespersonRS33345131 May, 2020
Simon James OvermillerSalespersonRS33346231 May, 2020
Kara Lee BaldwinSalespersonRS33348431 May, 2020
Alexander E JacksonSalespersonRS33350031 May, 2020
Erica Marie ViaSalespersonRS33350231 May, 2020
Catherine F BurkhartSalespersonRS33355631 May, 2020
Cynthia Lee SuttonSalespersonRS33365131 May, 2020
Beth L WintersSalespersonRS33388031 May, 2020
David Andrew FriedrichSalespersonRS33401331 May, 2020
Keith W BlankSalespersonRS33412631 May, 2020
Thomas T GarlinSalespersonRS33463031 May, 2020
Kelly Anne WitbeckSalespersonRS33479531 May, 2020
Courtney FureySalespersonRS33503731 May, 2020
Darryl Brian FreySalespersonRS33519431 May, 2020
Samuel James DillmanSalespersonRS33533431 May, 2020
Jason L PhillipsSalespersonRS33551031 May, 2020
Mark SkehanSalespersonRS33581831 May, 2020
Emily SmithSalespersonRS33587531 May, 2020
Todd BiedermannSalespersonRS33592931 May, 2020
April Leann KrodelSalespersonRS33626031 May, 2020
Sarah PartlowSalespersonRS33641531 May, 2020
Melissa LaneSalespersonRS33655231 May, 2020
Michael Pfautz JrSalespersonRS33674331 May, 2020
Paul Ross FurnerSalespersonRS33684731 May, 2020
Benjamin WeaverSalespersonRS33688931 May, 2020
Cassie Corine DresdenSalespersonRS33689031 May, 2020
Jennifer A TroupeSalespersonRS33689231 May, 2020
Dominique Lynne TrainaSalespersonRS33696031 May, 2020
James L WestSalespersonRS33696531 May, 2020
Alysse Nicole PriscoSalespersonRS33728531 May, 2020
Jarrett G SeigleSalespersonRS33740231 May, 2020
Patricia ConnerSalespersonRS33751331 May, 2020
Heather KerstetterSalespersonRS33759331 May, 2020
Stephanie Erin WeirichSalespersonRS33761731 May, 2020
Collin McevoySalespersonRS33762431 May, 2020
Bryce R ShenkSalespersonRS33764231 May, 2020
Nathan A GrahamSalespersonRS33765331 May, 2020
Joseph Kyle HellerSalespersonRS33770931 May, 2020
Adam Roy BurkhartSalespersonRS33811331 May, 2020
Patricia McgeeSalespersonRS33815831 May, 2020
Keith A MundorffSalespersonRS33821931 May, 2020
Kelly I FrickSalespersonRS33826831 May, 2020
Thomas William StemSalespersonRS33833831 May, 2020
James E BridgeSalespersonRS33841831 May, 2020
Derek John FulforthSalespersonRS33848531 May, 2020
Glen Webster MannSalespersonRS33850531 May, 2020
Nancy Lou RosenSalespersonRS33853131 May, 2020
Jerry Steven BlakeSalespersonRS33853531 May, 2020
Christy Lee GraySalespersonRS33868331 May, 2020
Logan Richard HuttonSalespersonRS33876631 May, 2020
Lloyd Nelson FernandezSalespersonRS33887031 May, 2020
Renee Lynn ZohnerSalespersonRS33905231 May, 2020
Dorothy Louise BernatosSalespersonRS33908031 May, 2020
Bradley GehmanSalespersonRS33916331 May, 2020
Sherri L LloydSalespersonRS33936431 May, 2020
Michele T V TorresSalespersonRS33936931 May, 2020
Jessica MeehanSalespersonRS33951931 May, 2020
Cheryl E IrvisSalespersonRS33952331 May, 2020
Andrew J LeamanSalespersonRS33961831 May, 2020
Jordan Phillip SchmalhoferSalespersonRS33970331 May, 2020
Mary LarshSalespersonRS33979331 May, 2020
Matthew Joseph KochSalespersonRS33984231 May, 2020
Allen David DaughertySalespersonRS34013031 May, 2020
Nicholas J BellardineSalespersonRS34042631 May, 2020
Katherine E GliksmanSalespersonRS34049531 May, 2020
Nikki WolfeSalespersonRS34051331 May, 2020
Sally Windhorn SharbaughSalespersonRS34065231 May, 2020
Jesse L RhoadsSalespersonRS34069231 May, 2020
Christine Lee EastonSalespersonRS34070431 May, 2020
Kerry MartinSalespersonRS34070931 May, 2020
Ian Matsko-enselSalespersonRS34078231 May, 2020
Dominique LeeSalespersonRS34080431 May, 2020
Brian A LassiterSalespersonRS34100231 May, 2020
Chad StoverSalespersonRS34108731 May, 2020
Jayson QuonSalespersonRS34114431 May, 2020
Melinda Faye OneillSalespersonRS34126431 May, 2020
Lynn BoltzSalespersonRS34128331 May, 2020
Alyssa DamianiSalespersonRS34130531 May, 2020
Tina Marie ClarksonSalespersonRS34137731 May, 2020
Taylor FlemingSalespersonRS34139531 May, 2020
Tammy Jo SheetsSalespersonRS34144031 May, 2020
Marty MorrowSalespersonRS34147831 May, 2020
Edward Jason MillerSalespersonRS34150031 May, 2020
Jennifer CrabtreeSalespersonRS34158731 May, 2020
Ernesto SalgadoSalespersonRS34161031 May, 2020
Tina V LingleSalespersonRS34169031 May, 2020
Sherry Lynne BaerSalespersonRS34176631 May, 2020
Rebecca A BowmanSalespersonRS34206431 May, 2020
Darron C FrancisSalespersonRS34213331 May, 2020
Emily Claire BenuckSalespersonRS34217631 May, 2020
Jessica Meagan KurethSalespersonRS34226431 May, 2020
Jennifer L StrangeSalespersonRS34227731 May, 2020
Jody GibsonSalespersonRS34239831 May, 2020
Matthew Allen EntrekinSalespersonRS34240531 May, 2020
Kristan ReedSalespersonRS34241531 May, 2020
Ashley Lynn ShydaSalespersonRS34241631 May, 2020
Stephanie FranklinSalespersonRS34242431 May, 2020
Kevin Donald ShopeSalespersonRS34252531 May, 2020
Alyssa Danica Renee JeffersonSalespersonRS34271131 May, 2020
Matthew F McclintockSalespersonRS34282131 May, 2020
Kimberly Koski RobertsSalespersonRSR00053731 May, 2020

Branch offices of Jack Gaughen Llc

As per our records, there are 12 branch office/s of Jack Gaughen Llc (Real Estate Corp LLC) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 25 S Antrim Way, GreencastleRO3011320
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 52 W Pomfret Street, CarlisleRO3011330
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 5050 Linglestown Road, HarrisburgRO3011340
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 1814 E Main Street, WaynesboroRO3011350
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 8407 Spring Road Suite 1, New BloomfieldRO3011370
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 464 Gateway Avenue, ChambersburgRO3011380
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 19 North Baltimore Street, DillsburgRO3011470
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 975 Berkshire Boulevard, ReadingRO3017000
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 555 E Chocolate Avenue, HersheyRO3017020
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 209 W Penn Avenue, CleonaRO3017040
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 1000 N Prince Street, LancasterRO3017070
Jack Gaughen LlcColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 7 South Kemp Road, KutztownRO3018530

Address Location for Jack Gaughen Llc
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