Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc

Real Estate Corporation

Patterson Schwartz, 7234 Lancaster Pike, Suite 200a, Hockessin, Delaware, 19707

Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc is a licensed real estate corp llc in Hockessin, Delaware and has a total real estate experience of -45 years and is in the business of real estate transactions in New Castle County of Pennsylvania. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number RB068191 was issued to Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc by Pennsylvania Real State Commission on 16 August, 2066. The status of license is Active and address listed on Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc's license document is Patterson Schwartz, 7234 Lancaster Pike, Suite 200a, Hockessin, Delaware, 19707. The real estate license is valid till 31 May, 2020.

Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc has a license type of Real Estate Corp LLC which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NamePatterson-schwartz And Associates Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Corp LLC
Contact AddressPatterson Schwartz, 7234 Lancaster Pike, Suite 200a, Hockessin, Delaware, 19707
License NumberRB068191
CountyNew Castle County

License Status

Real Estate License RB068191
License TypeReal Estate Corp LLC
License StatusActive
License Issued On16 August, 2066
License Expiry Date31 May, 2020

Employees of Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc

As per our records, there are 184 real estate agents who are currently working for Patterson-schwartz And Associates Inc (Real Estate Corp LLC).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Craig A MeszarosAssociate BrokerAB047534L31 May, 2020
Salvatore J SeditaAssociate BrokerAB047955L31 May, 2020
Mija S SongAssociate BrokerAB048058L31 May, 2020
Stephen J CrifasiAssociate BrokerAB049367L31 May, 2020
Marie J OrtnerAssociate BrokerAB060372L31 May, 2020
Christopher J CashmanAssociate BrokerAB06719031 May, 2020
Joseph Pluscht JrBrokerRM42215531 May, 2020
Linda FelicettiSalespersonRS123345A31 May, 2020
Patricia A HossainSalespersonRS156307A31 May, 2020
Mary Clare KeaneSalespersonRS158907A31 May, 2020
Robert F YoungSalespersonRS161246A31 May, 2020
Linda A MoffettSalespersonRS166379L31 May, 2020
Janet Carol PatrickSalespersonRS167258L31 May, 2020
Carolyn Z RolandSalespersonRS174220L31 May, 2020
Joseph A DawsonSalespersonRS176899L31 May, 2020
Hermetta T HarperSalespersonRS178035L31 May, 2020
Debra Ann WellmanSalespersonRS178844L31 May, 2020
Nancy A SproesserSalespersonRS180401L31 May, 2020
Shawn E MoranSalespersonRS183558L31 May, 2020
Robert Gray BassSalespersonRS186345L31 May, 2020
Stephen A RybachakSalespersonRS197363L31 May, 2020
Geri ParisiSalespersonRS199158L31 May, 2020
Timothy P HamillSalespersonRS201913L31 May, 2020
Holly A PatrickSalespersonRS202999L31 May, 2020
Mary F LynchSalespersonRS206755L31 May, 2020
Joseph G DonohoeSalespersonRS207342L31 May, 2020
Kathleen PigliacampiSalespersonRS207847L31 May, 2020
Eleanor D DuffySalespersonRS207934L31 May, 2020
Rita E ConnellSalespersonRS208606L31 May, 2020
Jim W VenemaSalespersonRS208845L31 May, 2020
Michael C DunningSalespersonRS208894L31 May, 2020
Michael D CanningSalespersonRS209151L31 May, 2020
Victoria A DickinsonSalespersonRS210113L31 May, 2020
Bruce D BalickSalespersonRS210155L31 May, 2020
Harriet L JacobsSalespersonRS211427L31 May, 2020
Susan L Patrick-musiSalespersonRS212090L31 May, 2020
Theodore C FugeeSalespersonRS213226L31 May, 2020
Frederick N DoughertySalespersonRS216421L31 May, 2020
Jason D GilesSalespersonRS216449L31 May, 2020
Marybeth TribbittSalespersonRS217136A31 May, 2020
Cathy M OrtnerSalespersonRS217384L31 May, 2020
Janice L ScottonSalespersonRS217578L31 May, 2020
Sharon G CzerwinskiSalespersonRS219275L31 May, 2020
Laura Michelle KaplanSalespersonRS220717L31 May, 2020
Marguerite O ArgelanderSalespersonRS221340L31 May, 2020
Susan D GibsonSalespersonRS222441L31 May, 2020
Scott D PatrickSalespersonRS223228L31 May, 2020
Marzena MorycSalespersonRS224598L31 May, 2020
Steven I ShanusSalespersonRS224975L31 May, 2020
Kelly T RalstenSalespersonRS225732L31 May, 2020
Michael A DuttSalespersonRS227078L31 May, 2020
Rufus B Reeves IiiSalespersonRS22865031 May, 2020
Amy Lacy PowalskiSalespersonRS22913531 May, 2020
David M LandonSalespersonRS27042031 May, 2020
Chekameh Fazelzad-didehvarSalespersonRS27265531 May, 2020
George W ManolakosSalespersonRS27273331 May, 2020
Jeffery L SammonsSalespersonRS27334431 May, 2020
Diane W ValloneSalespersonRS27345731 May, 2020
Ruth Elizabeth ClarkeSalespersonRS27411231 May, 2020
Nancy M BaizSalespersonRS27568631 May, 2020
Dean Thomas OuttenSalespersonRS27859131 May, 2020
Raymond B DudkewitzSalespersonRS27908631 May, 2020
Diane A SalvatoreSalespersonRS27909331 May, 2020
Lindsay ScottSalespersonRS28288431 May, 2020
Andrea BloserSalespersonRS28344931 May, 2020
Wendy M WrightSalespersonRS28432231 May, 2020
Craig A SchwartzSalespersonRS28432331 May, 2020
Vincent P DibenedettoSalespersonRS28453831 May, 2020
Steven Robert AltshulerSalespersonRS28529731 May, 2020
Jacqueline N BoyerSalespersonRS28552831 May, 2020
Marlene DavisSalespersonRS28598831 May, 2020
Sandra E SchultzSalespersonRS28682431 May, 2020
Richard E Harper JrSalespersonRS28784531 May, 2020
Juli S GilesSalespersonRS28851431 May, 2020
Barbara H RileySalespersonRS28924031 May, 2020
Linda Gail MckinnonSalespersonRS29310531 May, 2020
Timothy B CarterSalespersonRS29321831 May, 2020
Elizabeth K CareySalespersonRS29380431 May, 2020
Kim SullivanSalespersonRS29472831 May, 2020
Fontayne R FoxSalespersonRS29508131 May, 2020
Joseph B NestorSalespersonRS29508431 May, 2020
Jack J SandersonSalespersonRS29534731 May, 2020
Patricia C FieldSalespersonRS29578931 May, 2020
Maria BaldiniSalespersonRS29685331 May, 2020
Kathleen EddinsSalespersonRS29688031 May, 2020
Shana M DelcolloSalespersonRS29688331 May, 2020
Kalpana K JoshiSalespersonRS30041331 May, 2020
Terry E BurkSalespersonRS30382331 May, 2020
Ashu K BehalSalespersonRS30405431 May, 2020
Gail A SawdonSalespersonRS30481031 May, 2020
Karen J BurkeSalespersonRS30652231 May, 2020
Karen M JohnsonSalespersonRS30659931 May, 2020
Linda K HannaSalespersonRS30752531 May, 2020
Aaron J MarshallSalespersonRS30918331 May, 2020
James M Brock JrSalespersonRS31019731 May, 2020
Jane BinnersleySalespersonRS31034631 May, 2020
Margaret MesingerSalespersonRS31062731 May, 2020
Sandra L LeesonSalespersonRS31149631 May, 2020
Jeffrey L OlmsteadSalespersonRS31353131 May, 2020
Geraldine M PaciniSalespersonRS31353231 May, 2020
Deborah FlahertySalespersonRS31353731 May, 2020
Ruth M GovatosSalespersonRS31354031 May, 2020
A Leon Heck IiiSalespersonRS31354331 May, 2020
David G IliffSalespersonRS31354631 May, 2020
Christopher Springer PattersonSalespersonRS31354931 May, 2020
Charles E Schwartz IiSalespersonRS31355131 May, 2020
Dale R JacksonSalespersonRS31534331 May, 2020
Adrian W JonesSalespersonRS31534831 May, 2020
Amber L DurandSalespersonRS31609031 May, 2020
Thomas R UrianSalespersonRS31728731 May, 2020
Christine H GiaccoSalespersonRS31806531 May, 2020
Daniel E LoganSalespersonRS31842031 May, 2020
Melanie J Kent-richmondSalespersonRS31903631 May, 2020
Lee Bertram BaumSalespersonRS31910531 May, 2020
Megan OhaganSalespersonRS32014331 May, 2020
Scott C FarnanSalespersonRS32034231 May, 2020
Margaret C CentrellaSalespersonRS32073631 May, 2020
Deborah D BakerSalespersonRS32123531 May, 2020
Christopher D McaleerSalespersonRS32175831 May, 2020
Deborah L SweeneySalespersonRS32179431 May, 2020
Linda D BlueSalespersonRS32184431 May, 2020
Alan MazzettiSalespersonRS32249931 May, 2020
Francis P StelliniSalespersonRS32283231 May, 2020
Monica H BushSalespersonRS32283331 May, 2020
Jeanne DisantoSalespersonRS32440731 May, 2020
Megan Y SaonaSalespersonRS32522331 May, 2020
Robin ThomasSalespersonRS32580631 May, 2020
Lauri Ann BrocksonSalespersonRS32758031 May, 2020
June C OppenheimSalespersonRS32778431 May, 2020
Stephen Brian HadleySalespersonRS32826831 May, 2020
Ann Marie DeysherSalespersonRS32902031 May, 2020
Catherine Ann BianchinoSalespersonRS32926331 May, 2020
Lee V Beam-peterSalespersonRS33027331 May, 2020
Deana J YokimcusSalespersonRS33039131 May, 2020
Andrew D EngelSalespersonRS33048831 May, 2020
Giuseppe R. SaggeseSalespersonRS33050131 May, 2020
Thomas E WheelerSalespersonRS33058131 May, 2020
Wayne M WestSalespersonRS33058331 May, 2020
Eleanor H DickinsonSalespersonRS33058431 May, 2020
Gina Marie SuiterSalespersonRS33108531 May, 2020
Mary Ann BendeSalespersonRS33147831 May, 2020
Daniel C WilsonSalespersonRS33149131 May, 2020
Ingrid J YergerSalespersonRS33163931 May, 2020
Lonie Ray WelchSalespersonRS33170531 May, 2020
Amy FowlerSalespersonRS33190831 May, 2020
Paige WhalenSalespersonRS33207631 May, 2020
Maximo T RodriguezSalespersonRS33229031 May, 2020
Courtney WilliamsSalespersonRS33272731 May, 2020
Anne French PanicoSalespersonRS33378831 May, 2020
Nicholas A Baldini IiiSalespersonRS33388231 May, 2020
Cheryl MaceySalespersonRS33393731 May, 2020
Brigitte HugSalespersonRS33419231 May, 2020
Carolyn R CarterSalespersonRS33507331 May, 2020
Natalie A BombergerSalespersonRS33582331 May, 2020
Patti S CarlsonSalespersonRS33616731 May, 2020
Steven Weidler BombergerSalespersonRS33638031 May, 2020
Kimberly Ann HoffmanSalespersonRS33656831 May, 2020
Erin PanasukSalespersonRS33660131 May, 2020
Marc Daniel WardSalespersonRS33758731 May, 2020
Michael P MazurSalespersonRS33804231 May, 2020
Patricia HarlingSalespersonRS33818831 May, 2020
Ashley MccabeSalespersonRS33823631 May, 2020
Wendi KeSalespersonRS33828531 May, 2020
Heather Lee PalmerSalespersonRS33830831 May, 2020
Michael A Terranova JrSalespersonRS33869231 May, 2020
Ryan M DillSalespersonRS33872331 May, 2020
James G Smith IiiSalespersonRS33884231 May, 2020
Jessica FarrandSalespersonRS33980531 May, 2020
Kelly J ReillySalespersonRS34002131 May, 2020
Pamela R MeisslerSalespersonRS34006831 May, 2020
Marissa BinkleySalespersonRS34102731 May, 2020
Cindy M AllenSalespersonRS34114931 May, 2020
Donna Twardus GreenspanSalespersonRS34162531 May, 2020
Brenda L MendenhallSalespersonRS34181931 May, 2020
Lynn ScharlSalespersonRS34198331 May, 2020
Melissa Ann EllisSalespersonRS34249531 May, 2020
Robert D Watlington JrSalespersonRSR00087831 May, 2020
Terry MulkinsSalespersonRSR00089231 May, 2020
Richard J BrownSalespersonRSR00091531 May, 2020
Carolyn C KappraSalespersonRSR00112031 May, 2020
Angela M AllenSalespersonRSR00150631 May, 2020
Catherine MatthewsSalespersonRSR00167231 May, 2020
Sierra Eileen WebsterSalespersonRSR00266131 May, 2020
Tyler VanderzeeSalespersonRSR00296831 May, 2020

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