Anna Maria Investments Inc

Realty Company

3639 Cortez Road W Ste 200, Bradenton, Florida, 34210

Anna Maria Investments Inc is a licensed real estate corporation in Bradenton, Florida and has a total experience of 28 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 1003173 was issued to Anna Maria Investments Inc on 06 January, 1995. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Anna Maria Investments Inc's license document is 3639 Cortez Road W Ste 200, Bradenton, Florida, 34210. The license is effective from 08 May, 2002 and will expire on 31 March, 2022.

Anna Maria Investments Inc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameAnna Maria Investments Inc
Doing Business AsWagner Realty
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience28 yrs
Contact Address3639 Cortez Road W Ste 200, Bradenton, Florida, 34210
Florida License Number1003173
Alternate License NumberCQ1003173
CountyManatee county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ1003173 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On06 January, 1995
License In Use From08 May, 2002
License Valid Upto31 March, 2022

Employees of Anna Maria Investments Inc

As per our records, there are 203 real estate agents who are currently working for Anna Maria Investments Inc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Tyler, David LBroker Associate22 yrs117853
Adams, Gail ASales Associate45 yrs188447
Collandra, Mary A V SantaneilloBroker Associate36 yrs202519
Barnhill, Richard DBroker Associate23 yrs238568
Lewin, Chantelle MBroker Associate24 yrs3008315
Heagerty, James Jude JrBroker36 yrs3010515
Mccullough, Barbara SSales Associate22 yrs3013261
Lange, Alba ISales Associate22 yrs3014909
Woodson, MichelleSales Associate21 yrs3023232
Frost, James PSales Associate21 yrs3025172
Simmons, Michelle ArleneSales Associate21 yrs3028494
Lawler, Maryann KatrinaSales Associate21 yrs3029405
Kinnan, Billie SueSales Associate21 yrs3029745
Lamb, Mark AllenSales Associate21 yrs3033908
Wagner, Lynda AnneSales Associate21 yrs3039994
Lee, Diane KarenBroker Associate21 yrs3041249
Hoffman, Ryan S.Sales Associate20 yrs3051574
Abraham, Scott P LlcSales Associate20 yrs3057962
Brittain, BillSales Associate20 yrs3067856
Gallagher, Zulay PenaSales Associate19 yrs3072719
Praught, Joseph PatrickSales Associate19 yrs3077034
Faul, Matthew EBroker Associate19 yrs3080868
Carson, Cheryl LSales Associate19 yrs3082286
Moore, Mary LeeSales Associate19 yrs3085267
Bucher, Donna MSales Associate19 yrs3085786
Bray, PennySales Associate19 yrs3087698
Waynick, Karen LeeSales Associate19 yrs3090849
Jarema, Laurie Kay LlcSales Associate19 yrs3098268
Cosgrove, HeatherBroker Associate19 yrs3099047
Oshea, Theresa SSales Associate18 yrs3107580
Marcinko, David PllcBroker Associate18 yrs3108039
Grigsby, Cynthia LSales Associate18 yrs3115221
Shackelford, Bruce EdwardSales Associate18 yrs3124936
Ross, Carla LeeSales Associate18 yrs3126548
Eberhardt, Marc ThomasBroker Associate18 yrs3126580
Miller, Linda ASales Associate18 yrs3127214
David, HerveSales Associate18 yrs3128962
Clanton, Kenneth DouglasSales Associate18 yrs3133707
Willman, Robert GeorgeSales Associate18 yrs3134658
Oliszewski, Julie AnneSales Associate18 yrs3136997
Domenico, Anthony DennisBroker Associate18 yrs3139164
Klement, Susan AnnSales Associate18 yrs3146643
Gallagher, Diane J PaBroker Associate18 yrs3147008
Guerin, Lori AlisonSales Associate18 yrs3147310
Pedota, CarmenSales Associate18 yrs3147670
Flathman, Sherry Diane PllcSales Associate18 yrs3149646
Chang, Rick K LlcSales Associate18 yrs3154042
Raman, Anthony JohnSales Associate17 yrs3165921
Swartz, Donald JaySales Associate17 yrs3168454
Oczkowski, LawrenceSales Associate17 yrs3174402
Forbes, Jan LeeSales Associate16 yrs3190773
Feudo, Geraldine LindaSales Associate16 yrs3198265
Gorgone, Karie NanSales Associate16 yrs3202519
Fish Mooney, Nancy JSales Associate16 yrs3202704
Schulz, Kimberly CSales Associate16 yrs3204799
Sheetz, Bruce LSales Associate15 yrs3214199
Ibasfalean, Debra LynnSales Associate15 yrs3214419
Gaskill, Christianne MarieSales Associate15 yrs3214894
Goldman, Steven PBroker Associate40 yrs321881
Wilson, Dia LlcSales Associate13 yrs3234995
Price, Sandra LynnSales Associate13 yrs3238747
Kinkopf, Edward Gene PllcSales Associate13 yrs3239111
Perkins, MichelleSales Associate12 yrs3247529
Samler, DavidSales Associate11 yrs3254978
Drews, Elisa KnappSales Associate11 yrs3255305
Waitt, Karen KatherineSales Associate11 yrs3256146
Lichterman, BrianSales Associate11 yrs3258323
Pallas, Carl ASales Associate11 yrs3258777
Neill, Susan SwiftSales Associate11 yrs3263256
Mcgonagle, Stephen JosephBroker Associate11 yrs3264721
Greco, Michael ESales Associate11 yrs3265201
Rodriguez, Melissa AnneSales Associate11 yrs3268354
Rup, JudithSales Associate11 yrs3268356
Goldman, JolaineSales Associate10 yrs3268919
Howard, Doris AnnSales Associate10 yrs3269872
Mcgregor, BarbaraSales Associate10 yrs3269991
Fotis, Joyce ShipleyBroker Associate10 yrs3271123
Grassi, LisaSales Associate10 yrs3277312
Evans, Renetta JSales Associate10 yrs3277935
Evans, Patricia SSales Associate10 yrs3280465
Gubernat, JohnSales Associate10 yrs3283253
Croteau, Shawn MichaelSales Associate10 yrs3286863
Patella, Jonathan N PllcSales Associate9 yrs3288566
Johnson, Carol AnnSales Associate9 yrs3291267
Kelly, Kevin FrancisSales Associate9 yrs3295964
Eddings, Vicki LlcSales Associate9 yrs3297336
Gendron, PaulSales Associate9 yrs3306308
Delbo, Jennifer PaSales Associate9 yrs3308643
Schwartz, Amanda DSales Associate9 yrs3311260
Mazzella, KerrySales Associate8 yrs3319502
Mitten, TimothySales Associate8 yrs3328334
De Lauro, Elizabeth EllicottSales Associate8 yrs3332007
Hart, KevinSales Associate8 yrs3339943
Paulson, LindaSales Associate8 yrs3341626
Jolly, Rhonda KaySales Associate8 yrs3341906
Elmore, JamesSales Associate7 yrs3345982
Johnson Bernard, CarolSales Associate7 yrs3346064
Hart, MarySales Associate7 yrs3346474
Ryan, Myrna KaySales Associate7 yrs3348955
Soriero, Julie AnnSales Associate7 yrs3352599
Halterman, Lucy Marie ScanduraSales Associate7 yrs3355760
Keenan, Linda GayleSales Associate7 yrs3358517
Carter, Coy JrBroker Associate7 yrs3360348
Veitkus, HannahSales Associate7 yrs3360683
Govalet, GordonSales Associate7 yrs3362295
Becker, RachelSales Associate7 yrs3363005
Moore, Brenda DianeSales Associate7 yrs3363861
Conrad, Daniel JSales Associate7 yrs3364306
Gauger, ShawnaSales Associate7 yrs3366028
Feeney, DeniseSales Associate7 yrs3366080
Pogar, Tammy AnnetteSales Associate7 yrs3372383
Compton, Rebecca LynnSales Associate6 yrs3376071
Lienke, Steven PaulSales Associate6 yrs3376246
Lienke, MarySales Associate6 yrs3376435
Winegarden, Marsha Eve LlcSales Associate6 yrs3379051
Rosa, Miguel FerreiraSales Associate6 yrs3381453
Constantinou, AnthonySales Associate6 yrs3395008
Kinnan, Patrick GSales Associate6 yrs3395898
Fisk, Jessica LynnSales Associate6 yrs3396474
Agle, Tanya ReneeSales Associate5 yrs3410206
Ganey Beasley, AnneSales Associate5 yrs3414559
Decastro, LisaSales Associate5 yrs3415604
Juola, Doreen FarrSales Associate5 yrs3415686
Garry, Kenneth GSales Associate5 yrs3417774
Stutzman, Aubrey RaeSales Associate5 yrs3422855
Holland , John Joseph IvSales Associate5 yrs3423344
Guastella, Grace MarySales Associate5 yrs3426537
Constantinou, ChristopherSales Associate4 yrs3433414
Valdes, DominiqueSales Associate4 yrs3434307
Kinsman, ScottSales Associate4 yrs3441500
Zaferatos, JerrySales Associate4 yrs3441980
Zaferatos, KatherineSales Associate4 yrs3441992
Rudel, Albert WSales Associate4 yrs3442370
Leksich, Gregory JamesSales Associate4 yrs3443585
Menihtas, George PllcSales Associate4 yrs3448631
Weiman, DavidSales Associate4 yrs3449984
Chalmers, BenjaminSales Associate4 yrs3450527
Anderson, JenniferSales Associate4 yrs3451368
Wright, John MichaelSales Associate4 yrs3451837
Bradley, Chari LynnetteSales Associate4 yrs3455228
Allen, Lisa MarieSales Associate4 yrs3455962
Banach, AmySales Associate3 yrs3462074
Sneller, Stephen MichaelSales Associate3 yrs3467363
Southland, KipSales Associate3 yrs3468759
Hyler, Lindsey M JrSales Associate3 yrs3468797
Wojciechowski, Gary DavidSales Associate3 yrs3470676
Alligood, AmandaSales Associate3 yrs3471012
Oliszewski, Joan C PaSales Associate43 yrs348837
Lawler, Ruth EBroker Associate38 yrs359645
Marquis, Roger A PaSales Associate41 yrs382064
Gaar, Paulette AndreBroker36 yrs394823
Schnoerr, RoseBroker Associate39 yrs396411
Fadley Dane, Ive D PaSales Associate41 yrs398413
Brown, Thomas BBroker Associate39 yrs409641
Bowman, Vicki VitatoBroker Associate38 yrs410450
Varano, Lisa GSales Associate40 yrs417283
Thrasher, Deborah MSales Associate39 yrs422489
Limberg, Anastasia HillSales Associate39 yrs431027
Vignocchi, Marla SSales Associate39 yrs433919
Whittington, Jack DarrellSales Associate38 yrs443798
Allen, Nancy ABroker Associate36 yrs448727
Evans, Julie AnneSales Associate38 yrs450911
Pulver, Catherine Christine PaBroker Associate32 yrs452936
Heckerman, Cathy SueSales Associate36 yrs507716
Ohme, Alice CarolSales Associate35 yrs521491
Greiner, Sandra PaBroker Associate29 yrs534870
Henderson, Duane N PaSales Associate34 yrs547924
Brooks, Jack Alexander JrBroker Associate32 yrs550264
Van Ostenbridge, Edith Force PaSales Associate33 yrs563765
Salas, Sandra IreneSales Associate33 yrs565698
Mc Cauley, Judith AnnSales Associate32 yrs578284
Mc Donald, Joseph JamesSales Associate31 yrs583183
Myers, Cynthia PllcSales Associate31 yrs586002
Wood, Ruth AnnSales Associate31 yrs594406
Rawlings, Carolyn ConnerBroker Associate30 yrs596787
Greco, Cindy AnnBroker Associate30 yrs597113
Eckel, David CharlesBroker28 yrs604179
Samler, Rebecca Ann PaBroker Associate29 yrs613233
Brown, RuthSales Associate29 yrs615652
Melnick, Lynda AnnSales Associate29 yrs619399
Starrett, Elvira AngelaSales Associate28 yrs621510
Smith, Rebecca RuthBroker Associate27 yrs621605
Kelley, Ethel ASales Associate28 yrs623763
Schmidt, Mary CarolSales Associate28 yrs630647
Bissett, Elizabeth DeveerSales Associate27 yrs635042
Swan, Kenneth R PaBroker Associate23 yrs648675
Watson, Margaret LeeBroker Associate25 yrs664242
Chaffin, Jamie PatriciaSales Associate25 yrs669997
Fletcher, David JohnSales Associate25 yrs671340
Foster, David GSales Associate24 yrs672866
Belisle, Kelly ElizabethBroker Associate24 yrs675052
Fineout, Karen DaySales Associate24 yrs676999
Stutzman, Tanya MarieSales Associate24 yrs677424
Wiedeman, BonnieSales Associate24 yrs678861
Armstrong, Richard NSales Associate24 yrs680663
Hayo, Rae EllenSales Associate23 yrs684724
Pearson, Deborah LynnSales Associate23 yrs686025
Lauren, Clark BSales Associate23 yrs693507
Uliano, Peter LewisSales Associate23 yrs695885
Uliano, Gina MBroker Associate23 yrs696422
Codella, Carolyn AngelaSales Associate23 yrs697340
Cinque, Linda CorradoBroker Associate22 yrs699032
Pearson, Brad AnthonySales Associate22 yrs707997

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