Longboat Key Investments Inc

Realty Company

3639 Cortez Road West #200, Bradenton, Florida, 34210

Longboat Key Investments Inc is a licensed real estate corporation in Bradenton, Florida and has a total experience of 28 years in real estate business. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 1003485 was issued to Longboat Key Investments Inc on 13 March, 1995. The status of license is Current (Active) and address listed on Longboat Key Investments Inc's license document is 3639 Cortez Road West #200, Bradenton, Florida, 34210. The license is effective from 01 October, 2000 and will expire on 30 September, 2022.

Longboat Key Investments Inc has a license type of Real Estate Corporation which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameLongboat Key Investments Inc
Doing Business AsWagner Referral Company
CredentialsReal Estate Corporation
Experience28 yrs
Contact Address3639 Cortez Road West #200, Bradenton, Florida, 34210
Florida License Number1003485
Alternate License NumberCQ1003485
CountyManatee county

License Status

Real Estate License CQ1003485 (Real Estate Corporation)
License Primary StatusCurrent - The licensee is up to date with respect to the department's requirements for licensure
License Secondary StatusActive - The licensee is allowed to operate under the associated license
License Issued On13 March, 1995
License In Use From01 October, 2000
License Valid Upto30 September, 2022

Employees of Longboat Key Investments Inc

As per our records, there are 99 real estate agents who are currently working for Longboat Key Investments Inc.
Employee NameCredentialsExperienceLicense Number
Couser, James RSales Associate11 yrs180241
Moynihan, David ABroker Associate39 yrs187070
Holt, William LawrenceSales Associate45 yrs199266
Williamson, Kristine ASales Associate45 yrs201479
Eckel, David CharlesBroker28 yrs3004879
Mccabe, Virginia MSales Associate21 yrs3019477
O'neal, Tracy OSales Associate21 yrs3031552
Turner, Marcus WayneSales Associate21 yrs3031573
Wonnacott, Cynthia FSales Associate21 yrs3031724
Grass, Frances ESales Associate21 yrs3034362
Lawler, Kevin MichaelSales Associate21 yrs3039925
Lutz, Linda GraceSales Associate20 yrs3048050
Nichols, Diane MarieSales Associate20 yrs3048800
Vicary, Mary LouiseBroker Associate20 yrs3051538
Rankin, BrianSales Associate20 yrs3061389
Anthony, Lisa MBroker Associate20 yrs3061616
Riggs, Deborah LynneSales Associate20 yrs3067926
Mcdevitt, Keleen A.Sales Associate20 yrs3071039
Cohen, Elise HabermanSales Associate19 yrs3073468
Shine, Laura ASales Associate19 yrs3074050
Walker, Randall ScottSales Associate19 yrs3077567
Riggs, TimothySales Associate19 yrs3087485
Watts, David RobertSales Associate19 yrs3087534
Stansbury, Susan MarieSales Associate19 yrs3092486
Wize, Raymond MichaelSales Associate19 yrs3094037
Domenico, Laura SusanBroker Associate18 yrs3126885
O Brien, Linda AdamsSales Associate18 yrs3131488
Sullivan, Annette JoseySales Associate18 yrs3135750
Howell, Alice BaconSales Associate18 yrs3150236
Tufts, Joan MSales Associate18 yrs3151118
Jaremka, Peter BorisBroker Associate17 yrs3156666
Riveros, BeatrizSales Associate17 yrs3185682
Robinson, Margot AnnSales Associate16 yrs3205619
Brown, Madilyn KBroker Associate39 yrs32402
Leitzman, CarrieSales Associate12 yrs3247566
Basi, Roman AlexanderSales Associate11 yrs3254757
Bawden, Pamela HallSales Associate11 yrs3255034
Allen, Mary AnnSales Associate11 yrs3265865
Haskell, Lora MarieSales Associate10 yrs3269895
Zielke, DonnaSales Associate10 yrs3284197
Kaufmann, RebeccaSales Associate9 yrs3295751
Glantz, Sandra DianeBroker Associate9 yrs3308720
Schwebke, Jean LSales Associate8 yrs3318663
Salas, Stacey LynnSales Associate8 yrs3324996
Rylander, Kathleen RitaBroker Associate8 yrs3337100
Abrahamson, TracySales Associate7 yrs3354565
Connolly, CarolSales Associate7 yrs3361025
Durand, Lisa MarieSales Associate7 yrs3365783
Rowell, Bradley JoshuaSales Associate6 yrs3381321
Cornett, Paul M PllcSales Associate6 yrs3384031
Canning, PatriciaSales Associate5 yrs3426924
Fusillo, Dustin ASales Associate5 yrs3430600
Bernard, TaylorSales Associate4 yrs3434777
Marracino, WendeSales Associate4 yrs3434815
Wilson, Cynthia LouiseSales Associate4 yrs3447453
Connley, KristianSales Associate4 yrs3448361
Fontaine, WendySales Associate4 yrs3450907
Christy, Stephanie JoanSales Associate4 yrs3454703
Gibbons, John JSales Associate3 yrs3471177
Southland, LisaSales Associate3 yrs3471250
Ternes, Patricia JSales Associate42 yrs374568
Belsky, Brenda JSales Associate41 yrs384771
Papke, Linda LSales Associate41 yrs398591
Mason, Scott KennethSales Associate40 yrs404168
Kelley, Jane LoreeSales Associate40 yrs409974
Schulte, Michael JosephSales Associate40 yrs414600
Lehman, Timothy PhilipSales Associate36 yrs488015
Davis, Karyn HSales Associate36 yrs488075
Lombardi, Donald LouisBroker Associate32 yrs489565
Foldes, Wendy KayBroker Associate31 yrs503489
Hall, Brenda JSales Associate35 yrs524823
Slavin, Deborah LynnSales Associate35 yrs532110
Lieberman, Marlene FrancesSales Associate34 yrs532902
Dahlquist, David FrederickBroker Associate32 yrs544258
Ohme, Larry ErnestSales Associate34 yrs546137
French, Sara MBroker Associate23 yrs56053
Blankenship, Deborah ChastainSales Associate33 yrs562484
Knoedl, Patricia AnnSales Associate32 yrs576162
Moon, Trudy AnneSales Associate32 yrs579501
Small, Joyce EvelynSales Associate31 yrs583187
Mangan, MerieSales Associate30 yrs605614
Shanley, KathleenSales Associate29 yrs608906
Stephenson, EleanorSales Associate29 yrs609712
Companik, Trudy MiriamSales Associate29 yrs617861
Guilford, UrsulaSales Associate29 yrs618562
Maciel, Mary FrancesSales Associate29 yrs619263
Hoffman, Linda GailSales Associate28 yrs624693
Stella, Kathleen RoseSales Associate27 yrs634934
Stockell, Holly ASales Associate26 yrs646759
Dane, PaulSales Associate26 yrs648917
Bauer, Eleonore AgatheSales Associate26 yrs656511
Kurnick, Lia ASales Associate24 yrs673884
Stiles, Donna RSales Associate24 yrs677544
Bissett, William ChapmanSales Associate24 yrs678444
Cowdrey, Earl E PaSales Associate23 yrs684834
Redden, Michele LynnBroker Associate23 yrs686114
Wiencek, Dorothy FSales Associate23 yrs693884
Halloran, Gary StephenSales Associate22 yrs700731
Pitts, Paula KSales Associate22 yrs708772

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