Corcoran Group

Branch Office of Realty Company

387 Park Avenue South, New York, New York, 10016

Corcoran Group is a licensed real estate branch office in New York, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in New York County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 10391202533 was issued to Corcoran Group by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Corcoran Group's license document is 387 Park Avenue South, New York, New York, 10016. The real estate license is valid till 28 January, 2022.

Corcoran Group has a license type of Real Estate Branch Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable. The employer for Corcoran Group is Corcoran Group (real estate license no. 109921412) which is a Real Estate Principal Office.

Realtor's Profile

NameCorcoran Group
CredentialsReal Estate Branch Office
Contact Address387 Park Avenue South, New York, New York, 10016
License Number10391202533
CountyNew York County
EmployerCorcoran Group
Employer License Number109921412

License Status

Real Estate License 10391202533
License TypeReal Estate Branch Office
License StatusActive
License Expiry Date28 January, 2022

Parent Company

Corcoran Group (Real Estate Branch Office) is a branch office of Corcoran Group (A Real Estate Principal Office) at New York, NY and there are total of 34 branch offices of Corcoran Group. The real estate license number for Corcoran Group (Real Estate Principal Office) is 109921412.
Employer NameCorcoran Group
Employer CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Employer License Number109921412
Employer Address660 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065
Employer CountyNew York County
No. of Branches34
No. of Employees588

Employees of Corcoran Group

As per our records, there are 187 real estate agents who are currently working for Corcoran Group (Real Estate Branch Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Waldman ScottAssociate Broker1030120007204 May, 2022
Palenzona Peter JAssociate Broker1030120007430 March, 2022
Molishever JayAssociate Broker1030120012908 May, 2022
Morgan Brian NAssociate Broker1030120209129 June, 2022
Faust Nathaniel CAssociate Broker1030120267129 June, 2022
Circosta Vincent JAssociate Broker1030120566429 December, 2020
Forbes Christopher JAssociate Broker1030120634021 December, 2021
Herrera Silvia DAssociate Broker1030120796922 October, 2022
Berler Royce CaraAssociate Broker1030121138423 March, 2021
Jun John YAssociate Broker1030121334202 June, 2022
Elfman Jay SAssociate Broker1030121413726 September, 2021
Williams Marcellus R IiiAssociate Broker1030121456806 April, 2021
Schulte MichaelAssociate Broker1030121486722 June, 2021
Eisenberg Michael AAssociate Broker1030121492504 July, 2021
Farrell JohnAssociate Broker1030121588828 February, 2022
Lachar DarrenAssociate Broker1030121706623 December, 2020
Storch Eric JAssociate Broker1030121865706 February, 2022
Pickard KimberlySales Agent1040120054715 May, 2022
Kizel MargoSales Agent1040120572927 June, 2022
Rosenfeld EvanSales Agent1040120827105 October, 2020
Primus Laingaine MeganSales Agent1040121104118 January, 2021
Puccio MichaelSales Agent1040121118611 March, 2021
Angelakis JanaSales Agent1040121449606 August, 2021
Germain CarolineSales Agent1040121542821 September, 2021
Caste JaysonSales Agent1040121610522 October, 2021
Popper TerriSales Agent1040122019307 April, 2022
Girhotra NitinSales Agent1040122498807 October, 2020
Carlo MichaelSales Agent1040122587408 April, 2021
Ohl Corlie KaySales Agent1040122722517 January, 2021
Saltiel DianeSales Agent1040123088405 June, 2021
Grusha AnastasiiaSales Agent1040123598517 January, 2022
Edwards Loida HSales Agent1040123614224 January, 2022
Lerner AlanSales Agent1040123617625 January, 2022
Boisvert RichardSales Agent1040123735115 April, 2022
Tabatabai MasoumeSales Agent1040123851218 January, 2021
Juarez Edgar JavierSales Agent1040123857230 April, 2022
Rivers TimothySales Agent1040124264119 September, 2020
Dube BrianaSales Agent1040124478812 December, 2020
Insler LeeSales Agent1040124514706 July, 2022
Bui CatalinaSales Agent1040124554416 January, 2021
Duggan SteveSales Agent1040124760121 March, 2021
Sacks AndrewSales Agent1040124807804 April, 2021
Dorazio LorettaSales Agent1040124869021 April, 2021
Ego-aguirre HarrySales Agent1040125162316 July, 2021
Savin AurelSales Agent1040125230505 August, 2021
Imbriano AnthonySales Agent1040125303726 August, 2021
Madewell Michael ASales Agent1040125377117 September, 2021
Dominguez Angel HildaSales Agent1040125423501 October, 2021
Emery Zachery DSales Agent1040125772614 January, 2022
Leaf Reuven YSales Agent1040125927725 February, 2022
Kozlova MaryanaSales Agent1040126133316 April, 2022
Negro LucaSales Agent1040126295428 May, 2022
Pagli AlexanderSales Agent1040126343510 June, 2022
Gallucci LucySales Agent1040126351111 June, 2022
Suberro LounaSales Agent1040126358013 June, 2022
Carrier Christopher WilliamSales Agent1040126661710 November, 2020
St. Valliere TaylorSales Agent1040126684517 September, 2020
Choi JonathanSales Agent1040127252505 March, 2021
Spears SummerSales Agent1040127408712 April, 2021
Joshua ElizaSales Agent1040127648611 June, 2021
Richardson BlairSales Agent1040127717730 June, 2021
Gaiduchenko EkaterinaSales Agent1040127886507 November, 2021
Khabirova AnastasiyaSales Agent1040127920521 August, 2021
Glick Howard JSales Agent1040128064701 October, 2021
Pedicini AndreaSales Agent1040128088507 October, 2021
Vicenty RamonaSales Agent1040128330716 December, 2021
Hasson LeahSales Agent1040128365130 December, 2021
Guerrero JohnSales Agent1040128455625 January, 2022
Assaf Adel ElieSales Agent1040128455825 January, 2022
Levi JahmaSales Agent1040128466028 January, 2022
Troni Amy TroniSales Agent1040128488002 February, 2022
Rossetti RobertaSales Agent1040128525110 February, 2022
Craig PatrickSales Agent1040128714428 March, 2022
Torrens Jerry LeeSales Agent1040128733527 October, 2020
Bolton SahmeweeSales Agent1040129101729 June, 2022
Edwards Timothy LSales Agent1040129299018 August, 2022
Shallop DevinSales Agent1040129307622 August, 2022
Ohana MeyerSales Agent1040129388912 September, 2020
Lee Sang Uck LisaSales Agent1040129465002 October, 2020
Jeudy Asia SimoneSales Agent1040129475417 April, 2021
Levitt Lauren BrookeSales Agent1040129519826 February, 2021
Longchamp MarjorieSales Agent1040129570627 October, 2020
Allabastro Alice AnneSales Agent1040129600706 November, 2020
Valencia Vedasto NSales Agent1040129829812 January, 2021
Park NayoungSales Agent1040129871925 January, 2021
Brown Valone DSales Agent1040129879827 January, 2021
Vinci MatthewSales Agent1040130005501 March, 2021
Archondo GiovanniSales Agent1040130345623 May, 2021
Palmieri David ASales Agent1040130370430 May, 2021
Remarais PatriciaSales Agent1040130446215 June, 2021
Thunderwolf KatanaSales Agent1040130504829 June, 2021
Cheng NancySales Agent1040130684616 August, 2021
Siederman Sean MSales Agent1040130730129 August, 2021
Nikolic MilanSales Agent1040130887111 October, 2021
Choi EunjungSales Agent1040130889511 October, 2021
Schuppe MeganSales Agent1040130965101 November, 2021
Machuca LuisSales Agent1040131019916 November, 2021
Colon MavelSales Agent1040131056729 November, 2021
Mercer Darlene KSales Agent1040131063330 November, 2021
Scordilis ChristinaSales Agent1040131091808 December, 2021
Li YalunSales Agent1040131182608 January, 2022
Hopp BethSales Agent1040131198112 January, 2022
Brito GabrielaSales Agent1040131224019 January, 2022
Leander HanaSales Agent1040131317713 February, 2022
Ungar CiaraSales Agent1040131448519 March, 2022
Haden NoahSales Agent1040131467420 July, 2022
Gish CyraSales Agent1040131543212 April, 2022
Douillard Enide LaguerreSales Agent1040131622201 May, 2022
Calabrese ChristopherSales Agent1040131925119 July, 2022
Campbell OksanaSales Agent1040132266821 October, 2020
Peynado Denise Trudy AnnSales Agent1040132284825 October, 2020
Wood Aaron SSales Agent1040132338708 November, 2020
Richburg Sara SandraSales Agent1040132341909 November, 2022
Fuller Alison Alison FullerSales Agent1040132467520 December, 2020
Cajigas JulissaSales Agent1040132563622 January, 2021
Hai JoyceSales Agent1040132628107 February, 2021
Kim JamesSales Agent1040132692927 February, 2021
Dominguez Vida LSales Agent1040132789021 March, 2021
Nguyen Dzinh DinhSales Agent1040133014613 May, 2021
Pombo CelsoSales Agent1040133092604 June, 2021
Awad FarihanSales Agent1040133134213 June, 2021
Jidkov OlgaSales Agent1040133142916 June, 2021
Soshenko ViktoriiaSales Agent1040133156719 June, 2021
Sano ZacharySales Agent1040133165823 June, 2021
Dominguez Salvador FSales Agent1040133223109 July, 2021
Cuthbertson JoslinSales Agent1040133226910 July, 2021
Choy KevinSales Agent1040133241415 July, 2021
Nwosu Brian AnthonySales Agent1040133443708 September, 2021
Gilbert Gabrielle AmandaSales Agent1040133444708 September, 2021
Schuko AngelikaSales Agent1040133452810 September, 2021
Huffin TeleciaSales Agent1040133534703 October, 2021
Diaz Resendiz AdrianSales Agent1040133539604 October, 2021
Naranjo JasonSales Agent1040133543206 October, 2021
Sanchez Marcia ZarellaSales Agent1040133568614 October, 2021
Pentangelo LisaSales Agent1040133622029 October, 2021
Acevedo KristineSales Agent1040133646105 November, 2021
Rus BogdanSales Agent1040133689319 November, 2021
Levine Rachel MuszkatSales Agent1040133726002 December, 2021
Haynes WyattSales Agent1040133735304 December, 2021
Lins BrunoSales Agent1040133735804 December, 2021
Wang KevinSales Agent1040133765512 December, 2021
Brenner SethSales Agent1040133811301 January, 2022
White Stacey MSales Agent1040133825105 January, 2022
Hassan OmarSales Agent1040133838808 January, 2022
Gluck EydieSales Agent1040133863914 January, 2022
Del Amo AlexandraSales Agent1040133895924 January, 2022
Boylan RachelSales Agent1040133964511 February, 2022
Hart AlexandraSales Agent1040133966111 February, 2022
Rodriguez Aldana PatriciaSales Agent1040133967011 February, 2022
Morrison JohnSales Agent1040133973812 February, 2022
Greenfield JasmineSales Agent1040133991218 February, 2022
Tian XinchuanSales Agent1040133992918 February, 2022
Palmer AshtonSales Agent1040134018026 February, 2022
Petrolino FabioSales Agent1040134070810 March, 2022
Dickey DakotaSales Agent1040134078511 March, 2022
Rawlins BethaniaSales Agent1040134093417 March, 2022
Carter NicholasSales Agent1040134185515 July, 2022
Shannon MichaelSales Agent1040134190019 July, 2022
Prigornitskaia ElenaSales Agent1040134191920 July, 2022
Bynum CandiceSales Agent1040134258313 August, 2022
Albert Fran MAssociate Broker30AL069014621 July, 2021
Galas Carol AAssociate Broker30GA094342803 July, 2021
Hamberger Fern SAssociate Broker30HA104050227 September, 2022
Sager Nancy IAssociate Broker30SA078890011 April, 2021
Schulte IraAssociate Broker30SC111096614 June, 2022
Shakner NormundAssociate Broker30SH087449310 June, 2022
Sommer ArleneAssociate Broker30SO071662530 July, 2021
Aalai ShannonSales Agent40AA097385602 February, 2021
Boudjemai LarbiSales Agent40BO085312719 May, 2021
Cashwell MitchellSales Agent40CA100780013 February, 2022
Chadwick Michael BSales Agent40CH116634705 April, 2022
Goldman JaySales Agent40GO084943317 October, 2020
Hamberger Michael ASales Agent40HA108354224 August, 2021
Hoy Dyke KSales Agent40HO094190620 November, 2020
Hussel Margie YSales Agent40HU093001202 February, 2021
Knight KeithSales Agent40KN113038528 September, 2022
Lal MohanSales Agent40LA070987309 November, 2020
Leskin Helene CSales Agent40LE104175122 December, 2020
Mcclave JohnSales Agent40MC110370916 February, 2022
Sakae Hideyoshi SSales Agent40SA109813526 September, 2021
Salazar IstaSales Agent40SA113215703 July, 2022
Skurnik JordanSales Agent40SK097576217 January, 2022
Taylor Gina NSales Agent40TA105549426 March, 2022
Torres LinaSales Agent40TO117797606 February, 2022
Vasconez JulioSales Agent40VA117270827 November, 2021
Volovnik NinelSales Agent40VO115171523 November, 2021
Wirth Daniel BSales Agent40WI115710310 June, 2021

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