Corcoran Group

Real Estate Corporation

660 Madison Ave, New York, New York, 10065

Corcoran Group is a licensed real estate principal office in New York, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in New York County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109921412 was issued to Corcoran Group by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Corcoran Group's license document is 660 Madison Ave, New York, New York, 10065.

Corcoran Group has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameCorcoran Group
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address660 Madison Ave, New York, New York, 10065
License Number109921412
CountyNew York County

License Status

Real Estate License 109921412
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Corcoran Group

As per our records, there are 588 real estate agents who are currently working for Corcoran Group (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Silber RoyAssociate Broker1030120031428 May, 2022
Bradshaw Alison HAssociate Broker1030120060231 July, 2022
Moss StuartAssociate Broker1030120073615 June, 2022
Brown Kyler WAssociate Broker1030120083316 June, 2022
Vandoren CharlotteAssociate Broker1030120091329 October, 2020
Frank Edward CAssociate Broker1030120100022 June, 2022
Effron Julie EAssociate Broker1030120100122 June, 2022
Arias Tania IAssociate Broker1030120137129 June, 2022
Holder CarolAssociate Broker1030120137229 June, 2022
Yeskel RuthAssociate Broker1030120142929 June, 2022
Feder LindaAssociate Broker1030120147029 June, 2022
Mcfarlane Joann HAssociate Broker1030120168329 June, 2022
Bella DalilaAssociate Broker1030120175229 June, 2022
Zarinehbaf ForooghAssociate Broker1030120201729 June, 2022
Foley William E IiiAssociate Broker1030120208029 June, 2022
Kelly Meghan BAssociate Broker1030120228829 June, 2022
Kern Deborah AAssociate Broker1030120229929 June, 2022
Lendrum Susanna AAssociate Broker1030120284029 June, 2022
Conlon Jonathan PAssociate Broker1030120358716 April, 2021
Lalwani Jaswant SAssociate Broker1030120363123 April, 2021
Kennedy JoanneAssociate Broker1030120389817 June, 2021
Fennell Casey AAssociate Broker1030120516426 July, 2022
Landis Hilary JAssociate Broker1030120522805 August, 2022
Yalof LioraAssociate Broker1030120547909 November, 2022
Sahlman Elizabeth WAssociate Broker1030120554505 December, 2020
Taplitzky YossiAssociate Broker1030120569912 January, 2021
Shani Gilda RAssociate Broker1030120594731 March, 2021
Slattery John HAssociate Broker1030120603209 May, 2021
Kramer Steven JAssociate Broker1030120616726 May, 2021
Ringler Keren AAssociate Broker1030120661611 October, 2021
Pessis Danielle AAssociate Broker1030120664013 October, 2021
Mcgillicuddy CristinaAssociate Broker1030120697119 January, 2022
Gladstone Marie ClaireAssociate Broker1030120771205 August, 2022
Fried Jamie GAssociate Broker1030120805622 November, 2020
King Brown TaraAssociate Broker1030120809329 November, 2020
Lopez-balboa IleanaAssociate Broker1030120835903 March, 2021
Xylas Anna HarovasAssociate Broker1030120836503 March, 2021
Hut Yaseen BonnieAssociate Broker1030120849828 March, 2021
Garama BenAssociate Broker1030120883816 June, 2021
Kaufman Jessica LAssociate Broker1030120909304 September, 2021
Pfeifer Evans Bonnie LAssociate Broker1030120916123 September, 2021
Fitzig ElissaAssociate Broker1030120918125 September, 2021
Ireland Kubis Jennifer LAssociate Broker1030120966704 February, 2022
Plehn CynthiaAssociate Broker1030120975224 February, 2022
Tirado AlexaAssociate Broker1030120999620 April, 2022
Yaffe EmilyAssociate Broker1030121052026 August, 2022
Shiamili Christakis MAssociate Broker1030121081005 November, 2020
Hottinger Richard EAssociate Broker1030121119109 February, 2021
Hall Tresa JAssociate Broker1030121121518 February, 2021
Amiryan ArtakAssociate Broker1030121124325 February, 2021
Natale Cono NAssociate Broker1030121134116 March, 2021
Bell PhyllisAssociate Broker1030121199727 July, 2021
Reed James R IiiAssociate Broker1030121308414 April, 2022
Winslow Nell KAssociate Broker1030121326917 May, 2022
Ramlochan AlisiaAssociate Broker1030121339816 June, 2022
Odonnell Gene AAssociate Broker1030121360320 September, 2020
Galligan Susan SAssociate Broker1030121411518 December, 2020
Brown Oliver LAssociate Broker1030121430912 February, 2021
Njoku Francis Alexander IAssociate Broker1030121435723 February, 2021
Herold KurtAssociate Broker1030121459718 April, 2021
Caropreso GinoAssociate Broker1030121466211 May, 2021
Barayev BorisAssociate Broker1030121480908 June, 2021
Yadgarov IosifAssociate Broker1030121534626 October, 2021
Garland DavidAssociate Broker1030121554307 December, 2021
Nguyen Thuylinh NAssociate Broker1030121568917 January, 2022
Godwin Leigh AAssociate Broker1030121639020 June, 2022
Goetz Matthew DAssociate Broker1030121651524 July, 2022
Tsun Hon SingAssociate Broker1030121673427 September, 2020
Adler David MAssociate Broker1030121683822 October, 2020
Uberti Bona FabrizioAssociate Broker1030121690304 November, 2022
Nasello AnnemarieAssociate Broker1030121703113 December, 2020
Sheehan Lei CAssociate Broker1030121714917 January, 2021
Gold JocelynAssociate Broker1030121745404 April, 2021
Gold Steven WAssociate Broker1030121749114 April, 2021
Hernandez ScottAssociate Broker1030121750618 April, 2021
Schwartzberg ElisabethAssociate Broker1030121756625 April, 2021
Schmitz Patricia AAssociate Broker1030121842403 December, 2021
Kerr WilliamAssociate Broker1030121907123 July, 2022
Breitman Carol LSales Agent1040120210802 June, 2022
Grosso JosephSales Agent1040120263818 August, 2022
Crowell DouglasSales Agent1040120327312 June, 2022
Cherney ZacharySales Agent1040120464108 March, 2021
Dixon SheriaSales Agent1040120648829 June, 2022
Ting SpencerSales Agent1040120789727 November, 2020
Schulz Jonathan DSales Agent1040120884013 November, 2020
Hall Georgia ESales Agent1040120919116 February, 2021
Forman MaxineSales Agent1040120949711 December, 2020
Turtora MichaelSales Agent1040121066216 February, 2021
Benhuri IlanaSales Agent1040121348408 May, 2021
Miller Jason TSales Agent1040121359125 June, 2021
Slosar Matthew WSales Agent1040121511503 September, 2021
Yunis John T.Sales Agent1040121863108 February, 2022
Lopes Eliety NeilandesSales Agent1040122041924 September, 2021
Grayly JonSales Agent1040122054219 April, 2022
Grossman DovSales Agent1040122107709 May, 2022
Edelson JeffreySales Agent1040122407026 August, 2022
Alter Marc CSales Agent1040122542326 October, 2020
Kernochan RoseSales Agent1040122699006 January, 2021
Walkoff LynnSales Agent1040122709810 January, 2021
Redlich Bar On TomSales Agent1040122911731 March, 2021
Ball CameronSales Agent1040122917001 April, 2021
Kitch Cynthia JeanSales Agent1040122955514 April, 2021
Hernandez AdamSales Agent1040122967920 April, 2021
Bokhari ShahnawazSales Agent1040123101626 July, 2021
Tishman Keren SSales Agent1040123231431 July, 2021
Lopez DominadorSales Agent1040123236629 July, 2021
Johananoff PamelaSales Agent1040123326411 September, 2021
Urena CrystalSales Agent1040123360825 December, 2020
Saperstein Fredericka KohlerSales Agent1040123393711 October, 2021
Kliot ArielSales Agent1040123463417 February, 2022
Davis RonaSales Agent1040123609523 January, 2022
Ferris John CSales Agent1040123613824 January, 2022
Rodrigues Celia NeimanSales Agent1040123619924 April, 2021
Lacombe Anne HilarySales Agent1040123736604 May, 2022
Johnson Jessica NSales Agent1040123749328 July, 2022
Manice CelesteSales Agent1040123750620 March, 2022
Bebenek Kasjan HSales Agent1040123800808 April, 2022
Mohamed Aadel ASales Agent1040123883907 May, 2022
Shaw KarenSales Agent1040123896710 May, 2022
Ali NoraSales Agent1040123961103 June, 2022
Kovacs LorandSales Agent1040124006818 June, 2022
Ingber JulieSales Agent1040124075407 December, 2021
Eckstein OttoSales Agent1040124148408 March, 2021
Perea AndresSales Agent1040124169214 August, 2022
Tsopanidis StamatisSales Agent1040124192824 August, 2022
Holder AlexanderSales Agent1040124207530 August, 2022
Lonsdale Duncan AshleySales Agent1040124225105 September, 2022
Goldshmidt BellaSales Agent1040124236002 November, 2020
Sinadinovska MareSales Agent1040124248313 September, 2022
Stuhr BradleySales Agent1040124268020 September, 2020
Saavedra JenniferSales Agent1040124374431 October, 2020
Pous Bertran Benoit PaulSales Agent1040124391508 November, 2020
Ning DellaSales Agent1040124590630 January, 2021
Arafiles MarieSales Agent1040124689001 March, 2021
Levi LaurieSales Agent1040124839112 April, 2021
Zohn TrudySales Agent1040124854616 April, 2021
Kahn AllisonSales Agent1040124862918 April, 2021
Rotondaro AndySales Agent1040124867127 September, 2020
Dolin Bari LaurenSales Agent1040125072819 June, 2021
Verona Meredith LaneSales Agent1040125078620 June, 2021
Enos JohnSales Agent1040125283520 August, 2021
Noyola Nestor DSales Agent1040125292406 December, 2020
Gboho Laurent PatrickSales Agent1040125464810 October, 2021
Altaras Nevin VyvetteSales Agent1040125564607 November, 2021
Vesce RobertSales Agent1040125641802 December, 2021
Rossi Maria Del PilarSales Agent1040125657905 December, 2021
Veliaminova AnastasiiaSales Agent1040125681612 December, 2021
Caracappa Kathleen ASales Agent1040125709122 December, 2021
Gorodensky DmitriySales Agent1040125723003 November, 2020
Thissell JoshuaSales Agent1040125754309 January, 2022
Longobucco AmandaSales Agent1040125832901 October, 2020
Keys BrookeSales Agent1040125848604 February, 2022
Briggs TimothySales Agent1040125893217 February, 2022
Smith Michael ESales Agent1040125896918 February, 2022
Rifkin AdamSales Agent1040125931026 February, 2022
Vigilante EllenSales Agent1040126005107 March, 2022
Marketti Daniel ThomasSales Agent1040126034019 September, 2020
Carlos AloysiusSales Agent1040126040825 March, 2022
Lulgjuraj FrankSales Agent1040126057628 March, 2022
Daley BrianSales Agent1040126079903 April, 2022
Morgan Heath AlexanderSales Agent1040126205504 May, 2022
Zingman MarcySales Agent1040126295724 October, 2022
Berghaus Jennifer SSales Agent1040126296828 May, 2022
Crider JamesSales Agent1040126397425 June, 2022
Ochoa Ernesto JSales Agent1040126447315 March, 2021
Dorson William SSales Agent1040126570214 August, 2022
Castor KennethSales Agent1040126583118 August, 2022
Episcopo SergioSales Agent1040126605626 August, 2022
Angelucci Tommy RSales Agent1040126692527 February, 2021
Smith Marion HSales Agent1040126749905 October, 2022
Vo VyvySales Agent1040126751517 June, 2021
Lucas Tomel KSales Agent1040126785815 October, 2020
Ting Tricia AbensurSales Agent1040126847003 November, 2020
Ting Chen JenniferSales Agent1040126847203 November, 2020
Silva Mirela AfonsoSales Agent1040126884210 November, 2020
Raykhelson OlgaSales Agent1040126896313 November, 2022
Fernandez Brittany SueSales Agent1040126947503 December, 2020
Basbus CeciliaSales Agent1040126984115 December, 2020
Jones Tyler MichaelSales Agent1040126997218 December, 2020
Carlson DianeSales Agent1040127028304 January, 2021
Grobman GeriSales Agent1040127031505 January, 2021
Judem-cautin RobertSales Agent1040127051908 January, 2021
Budd JulieSales Agent1040127062912 January, 2021
Geday LulaSales Agent1040127100021 January, 2021
Kerr William AbercrombieSales Agent1040127126630 January, 2021
Kern James DouglasSales Agent1040127161510 February, 2021
Verona BryanSales Agent1040127241503 March, 2021
Friedman Rebecca WynneSales Agent1040127298317 March, 2021
Taylor JessicaSales Agent1040127391308 April, 2021
Ma JulieSales Agent1040127395008 April, 2021
Gao ZhengjingSales Agent1040127420615 April, 2021
Thadani RumonaSales Agent1040127432817 April, 2021
Morer JosephSales Agent1040127482929 April, 2021
Calligar SpencerSales Agent1040127544314 May, 2021
Lawrence LaurieSales Agent1040127614403 June, 2021
Podolej MargaritaSales Agent1040127618904 June, 2021
Kirson Samantha DSales Agent1040127798122 July, 2021
Santander MariaSales Agent1040127821229 July, 2021
Cooper BradleySales Agent1040127919321 August, 2021
Eckstein AlexanderSales Agent1040127941327 August, 2021
Liebowitz JacobSales Agent1040127988227 July, 2021
Anand AseesSales Agent1040128086106 October, 2021
Rom ShaniSales Agent1040128128724 January, 2022
Van De Weghe Anne-gaelleSales Agent1040128131619 October, 2021
Stahlke Iv William RobertSales Agent1040128163526 December, 2021
Kriger MelissaSales Agent1040128198806 November, 2021
Arnold Katherine MarieSales Agent1040128232816 November, 2021
Wood PaulSales Agent1040128291304 December, 2021
Rutman Sadie Lauren RoseSales Agent1040128296907 December, 2021
Aronov AlbertSales Agent1040128310006 February, 2022
Schaffer JoanSales Agent1040128340918 December, 2021
Martinson MerrieSales Agent1040128358028 December, 2021
Santiago EugeneSales Agent1040128467028 January, 2022
Francis Scott MatthewSales Agent1040128478801 February, 2022
Cenname ChristinaSales Agent1040128562222 February, 2022
Stephen Raquel LSales Agent1040128588628 February, 2022
Abdelnour GabriellaSales Agent1040128592128 February, 2022
Rivelis AlejandraSales Agent1040128761206 April, 2022
Floris FedericaSales Agent1040128763906 April, 2022
Benardis MariaSales Agent1040128777610 April, 2022
Comisar Bradley ASales Agent1040128795613 April, 2022
Todorovski BojanSales Agent1040128817919 April, 2022
Breuer MarkusSales Agent1040128952322 May, 2022
Larsen StephanieSales Agent1040128956423 May, 2022
Kim JinSales Agent1040128961924 May, 2022
Cumby-kelly Denise MSales Agent1040129014607 June, 2022
Steinau Sebastian PSales Agent1040129026510 June, 2022
Mclarnon John WilliamSales Agent1040129044014 June, 2022
Au-yeung MelissaSales Agent1040129059710 August, 2022
Wright Kenneth DavidSales Agent1040129200025 July, 2022
Castaneda Ernest GarySales Agent1040129318724 August, 2022
Gonzalez OmarSales Agent1040129327726 August, 2022
Lubin KatieSales Agent1040129366307 September, 2022
Lobo-arias FernandoSales Agent1040129399514 September, 2022
Mendez Lorenzo Gabriela CelesteSales Agent1040129408118 August, 2021
Fernandez AdolfoSales Agent1040129462413 August, 2021
Benedict JillSales Agent1040129505411 October, 2020
Gill Kevin ChirstopherSales Agent1040129516717 October, 2021
Campbell AnthonySales Agent1040129525214 December, 2020
Swedroe JosephSales Agent1040129609808 November, 2020
Laviada ClaudiaSales Agent1040129616109 November, 2020
Silberstein DianeSales Agent1040129640216 November, 2020
Zaydan AbrahamSales Agent1040129646617 November, 2020
Kliouka AllaSales Agent1040129651720 November, 2020
Matsui HidehiroSales Agent1040129725612 December, 2020
Kornblau JacquelineSales Agent1040129745719 December, 2020
Hunt JohnSales Agent1040129840217 January, 2021
Kaplow JenniferSales Agent1040129876426 January, 2021
Wiberg ViktoriaSales Agent1040130001301 March, 2021
Nuriel ShiraSales Agent1040130055615 March, 2021
Daly MeganSales Agent1040130098226 March, 2021
Habibi RaminSales Agent1040130130102 April, 2021
Chaudhary MahamSales Agent1040130137703 April, 2021
Saavedra NataliaSales Agent1040130151206 April, 2021
Leiner Glen BruceSales Agent1040130152310 January, 2022
Sardella MichaelSales Agent1040130179613 April, 2021
Rooney Patrick JohnSales Agent1040130193818 April, 2021
Lalji LavinaSales Agent1040130228126 April, 2021
Montgomery VictoriaSales Agent1040130248101 May, 2021
Groppe LauraSales Agent1040130265204 May, 2021
Mccarron Jackson MccarronSales Agent1040130322328 October, 2021
Caylar BernaSales Agent1040130461619 June, 2021
Mcginnis KristenSales Agent1040130500728 June, 2021
Chamoun ZainSales Agent1040130524205 July, 2021
Wilson ZaneSales Agent1040130557513 July, 2021
Niven James GSales Agent1040130629906 November, 2021
Henderson AudreySales Agent1040130637703 August, 2021
Young Dawn YoungSales Agent1040130755405 September, 2021
Gill Jacob ZSales Agent1040130779811 September, 2021
Lopez YorlynSales Agent1040130808918 September, 2021
Sholomon DanielSales Agent1040130868504 October, 2021
Ye Jun BillySales Agent1040130872405 October, 2021
Estevez AmandaSales Agent1040130909016 October, 2021
Adams ArmondSales Agent1040130954529 October, 2021
Ragone DanielSales Agent1040130956230 October, 2021
Goodman AustinSales Agent1040131029220 November, 2021
Quintanilla Ashley XavierSales Agent1040131111314 December, 2021
Anthony Iii Silas ReedSales Agent1040131190010 January, 2022
Goodman Julia KaySales Agent1040131287606 February, 2022
Mcghee BrydenSales Agent1040131465225 March, 2022
Roy Robin JSales Agent1040131483128 March, 2022
Katz JaneSales Agent1040131483228 March, 2022
Kaczmarek MarySales Agent1040131518311 May, 2022
Scotto DakotaSales Agent1040131609829 April, 2022
Fodor Meire FranciscaSales Agent1040131615630 April, 2022
Beresford SamanthaSales Agent1040131625202 May, 2022
Il Grande LisaSales Agent1040131802117 June, 2022
Goldman ShainSales Agent1040131828024 June, 2022
Nguyen CuongSales Agent1040131882909 July, 2022
Cafaro TheodoreSales Agent1040131886509 July, 2022
Diano Robert AngeloSales Agent1040131935022 July, 2022
Debora DaliaSales Agent1040132029515 August, 2022
Lepera Denise LeperaSales Agent1040132061526 August, 2022
Jensen JoelleSales Agent1040132085903 September, 2020
Kenworthy Alison KenworthySales Agent1040132102206 September, 2020
Romero Acuna Job CesarSales Agent1040132108607 September, 2020
Cascio AshleySales Agent1040132150218 September, 2020
Kling AdinaSales Agent1040132160120 September, 2022
Felicetti John LSales Agent1040132164623 September, 2020
Srour GilaSales Agent1040132177126 September, 2022
Lorenzo AnthonySales Agent1040132178326 September, 2020
Gill John RussellSales Agent1040132205303 October, 2020
Bajajfleming GurpreetSales Agent1040132213104 October, 2020
Falconer ElizabethSales Agent1040132257717 October, 2020
Fuest Jaime FuestSales Agent1040132276924 October, 2020
Nasr TaniaSales Agent1040132278024 October, 2020
Tamman Gabriel AlexandreSales Agent1040132297929 October, 2020
Dennis ElliotSales Agent1040132358315 November, 2020
Butler EricSales Agent1040132413203 December, 2020
Segal Isabel RoseSales Agent1040132422706 December, 2020
Ward Shawn NelsonSales Agent1040132440212 December, 2020
Sayed ZeinabSales Agent1040132489702 January, 2021
Khokhar ShirazSales Agent1040132505707 January, 2021
Kassin KimSales Agent1040132515808 January, 2021
Verdiglione ThomasSales Agent1040132515908 January, 2021
Schiffman JulieSales Agent1040132518808 January, 2021
White RachelSales Agent1040132519809 January, 2021
Galindo Alberto SamuelSales Agent1040132522409 January, 2021
Brock Barbara A.Sales Agent1040132554717 January, 2021
Bronk JoshuaSales Agent1040132680824 February, 2021
Murphy KandaceSales Agent1040132704328 February, 2021
Gines JavierSales Agent1040132721505 March, 2021
Gjokaj DianaSales Agent1040132807725 March, 2021
Duarte Elsa EvelineSales Agent1040132869909 April, 2021
Antar Isaac AntarSales Agent1040132887412 April, 2021
Laurel IanSales Agent1040132926824 April, 2021
Levy SiennaSales Agent1040132978706 May, 2021
Pop SilviaSales Agent1040133016814 May, 2021
Nouinou FatimazohraSales Agent1040133035419 May, 2021
Cummings KimberlySales Agent1040133043421 May, 2021
Abudu AyoolaSales Agent1040133115609 June, 2021
Budow AlecSales Agent1040133155819 June, 2021
Hogan PatrickSales Agent1040133158220 June, 2021
Fontana GinaSales Agent1040133197230 June, 2021
Bassalian Sarah IsabelleSales Agent1040133262222 July, 2021
Millrose PeterSales Agent1040133266322 July, 2021
Lai Candy CandisSales Agent1040133375420 August, 2021
Reich RebeccaSales Agent1040133381522 August, 2021
Spencer DawnSales Agent1040133385723 August, 2021
Vahabzadeh Ali-rezaSales Agent1040133401828 August, 2021
Lahham UsamaSales Agent1040133452410 September, 2021
Mahat SunilSales Agent1040133457911 September, 2021
Bastos Vetter PauloSales Agent1040133504325 September, 2021
Francisco VanessaSales Agent1040133529702 October, 2021
Armet Sara JaclynSales Agent1040133538003 October, 2021
Blom Henry IanSales Agent1040133573215 October, 2021
Vasiles MeganSales Agent1040133583517 October, 2021
Monir MohammedSales Agent1040133631831 October, 2021
Mecabe RachaelSales Agent1040133632001 November, 2021
Meade Kaja MarieSales Agent1040133665012 November, 2021
Champoli DanielSales Agent1040133726802 December, 2021
Olazo JustinSales Agent1040133744906 December, 2021
Latapie Suzanne LatapieSales Agent1040133772416 December, 2021
Jin PearlSales Agent1040133799526 December, 2021
Rivera MarioSales Agent1040133863514 January, 2022
Savage Amanda Louise MontebelloSales Agent1040133868915 January, 2022
Borg ColeSales Agent1040133914329 January, 2022
Hogan IsabelleSales Agent1040133960410 February, 2022
Navarro Angelo PierreSales Agent1040133997219 February, 2022
Knowlton AlyssaSales Agent1040134032801 March, 2022
Savva ChristosSales Agent1040134033701 March, 2022
Haigney Zachary JaySales Agent1040134050704 March, 2022
Decarlo ZoraidaSales Agent1040134057705 March, 2022
Salim DizerySales Agent1040134059706 March, 2022
Canavan ClaireSales Agent1040134125120 April, 2022
Walder MaxSales Agent1040134190720 July, 2022
Fishler MelissaSales Agent1040134238709 August, 2022
Bienstock HeatherSales Agent1040134238809 August, 2022
Ben-meir Giorgi Ben-meirSales Agent1040134253512 August, 2022
Elwell EnioreoluwaSales Agent1040134273819 August, 2022
Gleason Martin A IiiLimited Liability Broker1049120003112 May, 2022
Brown Deriggs JulianaLimited Liability Broker1049120189010 January, 2021
Monti HelenLimited Liability Broker1049120356627 May, 2021
Otaki AyumiLimited Liability Broker1049120467824 January, 2021
Manikowski Paula SLimited Liability Broker1049120488922 December, 2020
Cass TimLimited Liability Broker1049120489222 December, 2020
Sorrentino Michael VLimited Liability Broker1049120517502 April, 2021
Haas Jocelyn MLimited Liability Broker1049120520114 April, 2021
Doernberg Robert ELimited Liability Broker1049120599031 January, 2022
Levinson Andrew RLimited Liability Broker1049120601909 February, 2022
Fitzpatrick John RyanLimited Liability Broker1049120828808 May, 2022
Streit YaelLimited Liability Broker1049120865602 October, 2020
Elesh Benjamin FLimited Liability Broker1049120865702 October, 2020
Rettaliata Timothy JLimited Liability Broker1049120879528 November, 2020
Dommel JoelLimited Liability Broker1049120959622 October, 2021
Hamm Eric RLimited Liability Broker1049120979913 January, 2022
Malin Gary LouisLimited Liability Broker1049120983228 January, 2022
Ullman Brian JLimited Liability Broker1049120984330 January, 2022
Maundrell David JLimited Liability Broker1049120985002 February, 2022
Kidhardt EricLimited Liability Broker1049120986304 February, 2022
Cho AlexanderLimited Liability Broker1049120986404 February, 2022
Stasse JodiLimited Liability Broker1049120986504 February, 2022
Saltalamacchia AlexLimited Liability Broker1049120986604 February, 2022
Iannotto CarliLimited Liability Broker1049120987509 February, 2022
Baum Sharon EAssociate Broker30BA062845430 October, 2021
Baum Deborah HAssociate Broker30BA097703119 May, 2021
Beck Henry RAssociate Broker30BE069210410 May, 2021
Bernat Cynthia BAssociate Broker30BE085660416 June, 2021
Beys FrosoAssociate Broker30BE094877025 July, 2022
Bertello AntonellaAssociate Broker30BE095966519 July, 2021
Bedoya Gabriel MAssociate Broker30BE099259128 July, 2021
Benalloul Beth KAssociate Broker30BE105989502 February, 2021
Blakslee Patrick JAssociate Broker30BL081747301 October, 2020
Bozsik Eva MarieAssociate Broker30BO055291627 October, 2021
Bond SarahAssociate Broker30BO078140213 July, 2022
Browne Robert MAssociate Broker30BR090394826 May, 2022
Brewster Barbara BAssociate Broker30BR099754913 August, 2021
Brownell Serena RAssociate Broker30BR099793709 September, 2021
Budow FernAssociate Broker30BU083100518 January, 2021
Cahill Julia FAssociate Broker30CA080972723 January, 2021
Candler Leighton CAssociate Broker30CA093879826 September, 2021
Carbon Patricia RAssociate Broker30CA095579902 February, 2021
Chiang CarrieAssociate Broker30CH080954316 April, 2021
Chase Barbara LAssociate Broker30CH088480925 November, 2020
Chen Linda RAssociate Broker30CH098128827 February, 2022
Cliff Patricia WAssociate Broker30CL093156025 June, 2021
Cohen DanielAssociate Broker30CO065035925 May, 2022
Cook Jenifer MAssociate Broker30CO079401905 July, 2021
Cosentino AntonioAssociate Broker30CO081266421 September, 2022
Damico AndreaAssociate Broker30DA089967517 August, 2021
Dechter HeideAssociate Broker30DE104144327 October, 2022
Schaffield Claudia DAssociate Broker30DO064586130 July, 2021
Dugan PatriciaAssociate Broker30DU090159204 December, 2021
Elliott Darrach LAssociate Broker30EL086605823 January, 2021
Ferrante BethAssociate Broker30FE082495906 May, 2021
Feldman Judi EAssociate Broker30FE091117603 May, 2021
Friedricks Martha RAssociate Broker30FR047203306 April, 2022
Freeman EllenAssociate Broker30FR089700512 July, 2021
Gasdaska JohnAssociate Broker30GA089812704 October, 2020
Reardon Jennifer AAssociate Broker30GA093927529 May, 2021
Garbati Corie RAssociate Broker30GA115010010 April, 2021
Georvasilis PeterAssociate Broker30GE069130305 November, 2021
Goodale Margery PAssociate Broker30GO076784024 September, 2021
Goldberg Judyth SAssociate Broker30GO088233305 August, 2022
Gordon Michael JAssociate Broker30GO095152322 January, 2022
Grobman Rose LAssociate Broker30GR068848812 February, 2021
Grubman DeborahAssociate Broker30GR071014429 October, 2021
Gutman Elyse BAssociate Broker30GU083247909 August, 2022
Gutman StephenAssociate Broker30GU097132306 August, 2021
Harrison Judith LAssociate Broker30HA036796316 September, 2021
Hatoun NicoleAssociate Broker30HA054932827 December, 2021
Hartstein Marsha HAssociate Broker30HA061641810 July, 2022
Hallerman SteveAssociate Broker30HA094937318 July, 2021
Hartstein Allyn SAssociate Broker30HA101841130 January, 2022
Hemming Yvonne MAssociate Broker30HE067655709 October, 2020
Heafitz Samara GAssociate Broker30HE102728108 June, 2022
Hochhauser Barbara GAssociate Broker30HO048470421 May, 2021
Hughes Dennis RAssociate Broker30HU077359502 March, 2022
Hu LilyAssociate Broker30HU079462107 December, 2021
Hunt Holly SAssociate Broker30HU093779513 August, 2021
Kaplan JoanAssociate Broker30KA067266530 April, 2021
Karadus Jason PAssociate Broker30KA087850816 April, 2022
Kay Jason WAssociate Broker30KA105834129 June, 2021
Kelly Carol AAssociate Broker30KE051957431 March, 2022
Kellert LynnAssociate Broker30KE089704810 August, 2021
Kelly Rick OAssociate Broker30KE094665730 March, 2021
Klein Cyla SAssociate Broker30KL105984028 June, 2021
Kory Deanna EAssociate Broker30KO056553622 July, 2021
Levine Abby BAssociate Broker30LE068033024 September, 2021
Samuel NancyAssociate Broker30LE087426702 May, 2021
Lewis Charlie JrAssociate Broker30LE105191522 May, 2021
Lipton Kedakai MAssociate Broker30LI087509528 February, 2021
Lipman Sarah GAssociate Broker30LI101115703 January, 2021
Liebowitz JeffreyAssociate Broker30LI106590921 April, 2021
Lokitz Shelia AAssociate Broker30LO081138726 February, 2021
Martin Jane MAssociate Broker30MA087390023 May, 2022
Margulis Lisa GAssociate Broker30MA106240528 June, 2021
Mclaughlin JoanAssociate Broker30MC091183414 May, 2022
Messerschmitt Elizabeth CAssociate Broker30ME080951324 December, 2021
Medina Candace SAssociate Broker30ME083421531 January, 2022
Molk David AAssociate Broker30MO085347017 February, 2021
Morgan Christine KAssociate Broker30MO089571826 March, 2021
Pashby Maria DefatimaAssociate Broker30PA045336526 May, 2022
Palermo Patricia LAssociate Broker30PA075545217 June, 2021
Perlo Stephen SAssociate Broker30PE080280626 August, 2022
Perez Carmen MarquesAssociate Broker30PE083334410 February, 2021
Philpott R BrianAssociate Broker30PH089063903 May, 2021
Pisa Alexander DAssociate Broker30PI080896227 April, 2021
Poshkus Nicholas PAssociate Broker30PO091146915 May, 2022
Picket Karin AAssociate Broker30PO091366526 August, 2022
Postman Susan MAssociate Broker30PO095929603 March, 2022
Rand KimAssociate Broker30RA063791109 September, 2022
Rich LawrenceAssociate Broker30RI102058926 September, 2021
Sagan Barbara MAssociate Broker30SA084403823 August, 2022
Salonika Martha BranchAssociate Broker30SA091842730 March, 2022
Salsberg Vicki LAssociate Broker30SA092295917 January, 2021
Schwimmer Jacquelyn KAssociate Broker30SC066143615 November, 2021
Schwartz BarbaraAssociate Broker30SC078364824 April, 2022
Schmon Marie MAssociate Broker30SC080928711 September, 2022
Segal JeanAssociate Broker30SE087727130 June, 2022
Shaoul Tamara SharonAssociate Broker30SH053999902 May, 2021
Shaw Sandra AAssociate Broker30SH074986925 October, 2021
Shamoon Jill SAssociate Broker30SH076034516 October, 2021
Bender Carol ShainswitAssociate Broker30SH088858925 April, 2022
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Sommer Florence TAssociate Broker30SO087457024 October, 2020
Spodek Michael AAssociate Broker30SP061441103 April, 2022
Spahr Elizabeth SAssociate Broker30SP090696215 February, 2022
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Strilec Schatiloff HelenAssociate Broker30ST104741730 January, 2022
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Tannenbaum SandraAssociate Broker30TA087792309 November, 2021
Turkewitz SuzanneAssociate Broker30TU094191724 December, 2021
Vincent Jacqueline JAssociate Broker30VI043964808 December, 2021
Vujanic Branko NAssociate Broker30VU081552013 March, 2022
Wang JanetAssociate Broker30WA086697507 December, 2021
Wexler Paul LAssociate Broker30WE090287707 September, 2020
Wilson Eleanor CAssociate Broker30WI089350818 May, 2021
Wilcox Augusta Carter MeyerAssociate Broker30WI092376423 December, 2021
Albano Paul HSales Agent40AL100305728 October, 2021
Angeles Franklin ASales Agent40AN089771910 June, 2021
Avram Elana JSales Agent40AV117889518 January, 2021
Benedict Nancy BSales Agent40BE109392828 November, 2021
Benalloul Salomon SSales Agent40BE115138817 April, 2021
Bita CosminSales Agent40BI101877403 April, 2022
Black Roni TomkinSales Agent40BL080902812 July, 2022
Bodenheimer Alexis DSales Agent40BO102578726 May, 2022
Boyles Aric BSales Agent40BO109705422 February, 2022
Boyd Scott RSales Agent40BO114001509 January, 2021
Castellano Jeanine ASales Agent40CA103313805 June, 2022
Delott Stuart CSales Agent40DE102964501 July, 2022
Dubow MelindaSales Agent40DU100100623 September, 2021
Enloe David HSales Agent40EN094932716 April, 2022
Fink CarolSales Agent40FI098335910 March, 2021
Franklin Cathy FSales Agent40FR071087630 April, 2021
Fujita MamikoSales Agent40FU103068209 December, 2021
Gavrilov AlekseySales Agent40GA107725003 August, 2022
Getahun ZullaSales Agent40GE104951331 October, 2020
Gianino Lucy MartinSales Agent40GI083455116 February, 2022
Gorina Brownstein IrenaSales Agent40GO094343925 July, 2021
Grobman Sanford JSales Agent40GR109607014 December, 2021
Han DianaSales Agent40HA095820501 November, 2020
Hayek Julie LSales Agent40HA098551810 July, 2022
Hering Katrina VSales Agent40HE088508425 February, 2021
Dyson Emily CarolineSales Agent40IN116669024 September, 2021
Johns Jermaine ASales Agent40JO116873616 December, 2021
Kapp Marcia JSales Agent40KA075999416 April, 2021
Kandel Ann GSales Agent40KA089844218 August, 2022
Kann ChrisSales Agent40KA092231320 April, 2021
Kastner NeriSales Agent40KA101676314 June, 2022
Keating Jeanne MSales Agent40KE099829220 March, 2022
Kern Sheril ESales Agent40KE110590706 March, 2022
Klaiman MariannaSales Agent40KL099563428 April, 2022
Leness Maureen GSales Agent40LE103776301 October, 2020
Lee ChristinaSales Agent40LE109231214 November, 2021
Liebman Bernstein DeborahSales Agent40LI090884616 August, 2021
Lowris ChristinaSales Agent40LO107840420 July, 2021
D'amico Kathryn LSales Agent40LO116320214 August, 2021
Marlo Nena MSales Agent40MA041897303 December, 2021
Matus Marsha ASales Agent40MA082857706 January, 2021
Martinez Carmen VSales Agent40MA099559012 August, 2021
Mackenzie Mary PSales Agent40MA104164325 October, 2020
Maggio Richard JSales Agent40MA108821805 October, 2021
Mastronardi StephanieSales Agent40MA112946529 September, 2020
Mcnally Mary Jo ASales Agent40MC090881507 August, 2021
Mcnally John DSales Agent40MC091200010 July, 2021
Minikes JeniferSales Agent40MI092548402 March, 2021
Negrin Jacqueline DSales Agent40NE117997314 September, 2020
Nymark Richard MSales Agent40NY117328207 January, 2022
Osio Laura CSales Agent40OS092831915 September, 2020
Pashcow Stacey LSales Agent40PA099115506 April, 2022
Pashby Joanna ASales Agent40PA103649216 May, 2021
Pulos Virginia KSales Agent40PU111398124 November, 2020
Rader Susan MSales Agent40RA117142430 July, 2022
Rosales-rahal MariaSales Agent40RO116843011 October, 2021
Ruben KarynSales Agent40RU035286720 May, 2021
Saglimbene MargaretSales Agent40SA053839727 November, 2021
Salonger Marcia BSales Agent40SA092930302 May, 2021
Sedlitz MichelleSales Agent40SE098327825 August, 2020
Mclean Katja MSales Agent40SH091148010 August, 2022
Shademan UziSales Agent40SH102419829 June, 2022
Sussek Lydia HSales Agent40SU117376106 December, 2021
Tarnoff Rica FSales Agent40TA072409129 December, 2021
Teich Eileen JSales Agent40TE105080018 January, 2021
Thompson Ruiz AngelicaSales Agent40TH098965523 June, 2021
Torres Maria Farah CSales Agent40TO102190820 April, 2022
Wade Inez SSales Agent40WA077314419 February, 2022
Warner Tracy ASales Agent40WA095660023 July, 2022
Yazici IsmailSales Agent40YA110698428 April, 2022
Yee Caroline BSales Agent40YE104987003 May, 2021
Yuksekbas Mehmet ASales Agent40YU106808214 May, 2021
Cervi ErnestLimited Liability Broker49CE117947405 March, 2022
Honan LindaLimited Liability Broker49HO117951205 March, 2022
Jaeger Janifer ALimited Liability Broker49JA117948305 March, 2022
Leon Ellen KLimited Liability Broker49LE117946205 March, 2022
Liebman Pamela BLimited Liability Broker49LI117939305 March, 2022
Lowry Janet LLimited Liability Broker49LO117946505 March, 2022

Branch offices of Corcoran Group

As per our records, there are 34 branch office/s of Corcoran Group (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Corcoran Group1 Pierrepont Plz, Brooklyn10391201186153
Corcoran Group30 Irving Pl 5th Fl, New York1039120119192
Corcoran Group337 East 62nd St, New York103912014630
Corcoran Group218 W 18th St 6th Fl, New York10391201598168
Corcoran Group524 Broadway 3rd Fl, New York10391201666156
Corcoran Group152 W 57 St 6th Fl, New York103912017480
Corcoran Group1408 Madison Ave, New York103912018210
Corcoran Group221 Columbus Ave, New York10391201941136
Corcoran Group1456 1st Ave, New York103912019420
Corcoran Group1413 Fulton St, Brooklyn1039120216341
Corcoran Group794 Union St 2nd Fl, Brooklyn1039120218733
Corcoran Group47-34 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City103912023951
Corcoran Group157 Columbus, New York10391202531144
Corcoran Group482 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn10391202532115
Corcoran Group387 Park Avenue South, New York10391202533187
Corcoran Group685 First Ave, New York103912025370
Corcoran Group400 West 61st St, New York103912025380
Corcoran Group21 India St, Brooklyn103912025390
Corcoran Group416 Kent Ave, Brooklyn103912025400
Corcoran Group35 Main St, Sag Harbor1039120255230
Corcoran Group24 Main St, Southampton1039120255381
Corcoran Group183 N Ferry Rd Po Box 663, Shelter Island Hgts39CO101481522
Corcoran Group124 Montague St, Brooklyn39CO11795310
Corcoran Group65 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn39CO117953535
Corcoran Group125 Seventh Ave, Brooklyn39CO117953791
Corcoran Group1226 Madison Ave, New York39CO11795410
Corcoran Group888 Seventh Ave 39th Fl, New York39CO1179558191
Corcoran Group155 Main St Pob 1990, Sag Harbor39CO11795650
Corcoran Group88 Main St, Southampton39CO11795690
Corcoran Group140 Main St Pob 2070, Amagansett39CO11795710
Corcoran Group2411 Main St Pob 1698, Bridgehampton39CO117958749
Corcoran Group51 Main St, East Hampton39CO1179590102
Corcoran Group729d Montauk Hwy, Montauk39CO117959623
Corcoran Group245 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn39CO1179606114

Address Location for Corcoran Group
Real Estate Principal Offices in New York County, NY
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Real Estate Corporation
902 Broadway 13th Fl, New York, NY 10010
Php Realty Services Llc

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124 West 79, New York, NY 10024
Piazza Charles

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413 East 139th Street, Bronx, NY 10454
Picinich Elena F

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800 W End Ave, New York, NY 10025
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524 East 20th Street, Suite Me, New York, NY 10009
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380 Lexington Ave., 17th Floor, New York, NY 10168
Pilevsky Philip

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295 Madison Ave 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10017
Pilevsky Seth I

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295 Madison Ave 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10017