Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Real Estate Corporation

575 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, New York, 10022

Douglas Elliman Real Estate is a licensed real estate principal office in New York, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in New York County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 10991211812 was issued to Douglas Elliman Real Estate by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Douglas Elliman Real Estate's license document is 575 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, New York, 10022.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameDouglas Elliman Real Estate
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address575 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, New York, 10022
License Number10991211812
CountyNew York County

License Status

Real Estate License 10991211812
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Douglas Elliman Real Estate

As per our records, there are 560 real estate agents who are currently working for Douglas Elliman Real Estate (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Dartley Stephen DAssociate Broker1030120003027 April, 2022
Hawkins Julia JiangAssociate Broker1030120036017 April, 2022
Erickson J RogerAssociate Broker1030120044930 December, 2020
Kaporis GeorgiaAssociate Broker1030120049306 June, 2022
Orme MichaelAssociate Broker1030120067112 June, 2022
Levine Jessica EAssociate Broker1030120100522 June, 2022
Bellak Alexandra RAssociate Broker1030120163529 June, 2022
Sertic Emily PAssociate Broker1030120168529 June, 2022
Auchincloss Judith HAssociate Broker1030120215529 June, 2022
Lapid YarivAssociate Broker1030120249929 June, 2022
Haynes Barbara RAssociate Broker1030120267529 June, 2022
Swift Joan SAssociate Broker1030120291305 October, 2022
Mchyman CarterAssociate Broker1030120306513 November, 2020
Steinberg Richard JAssociate Broker1030120322917 January, 2022
Lorber Michael SAssociate Broker1030120393701 July, 2021
Mann AndreasAssociate Broker1030120401828 July, 2021
Kapner Ronnie EAssociate Broker1030120453325 January, 2022
Friedman RoslynAssociate Broker1030120454628 January, 2022
Eisenberg Daryl LAssociate Broker1030120456304 February, 2022
Rodriguez ConnieAssociate Broker1030120461313 July, 2022
Johnson Diane EAssociate Broker1030120489902 May, 2022
Espinal Ammanda LAssociate Broker1030120546702 November, 2020
Stojkovic Jason GAssociate Broker1030120575226 January, 2021
Ring Thomas FAssociate Broker1030120576130 January, 2021
Conlon WalterAssociate Broker1030120581517 February, 2021
Murtha John JAssociate Broker1030120588310 March, 2021
Blum Marc ZAssociate Broker1030120595517 January, 2022
Nematnejad LizaAssociate Broker1030120598718 April, 2021
Winick Arleen PAssociate Broker1030120599315 March, 2021
Loe Bradley TAssociate Broker1030120600806 August, 2021
Jay Kimberly BAssociate Broker1030120651605 September, 2021
Goldstein Kenneth RAssociate Broker1030120652205 September, 2021
Williams MarciAssociate Broker1030120660514 August, 2021
Holl CarolineAssociate Broker1030120683706 December, 2021
Goodman Sachiko TAssociate Broker1030120688703 October, 2021
Lin TarlienAssociate Broker1030120733910 May, 2022
Yusupov SteveAssociate Broker1030120763411 July, 2022
Dunayer BarakAssociate Broker1030120770301 August, 2022
Simon Lloyd NAssociate Broker1030120772612 October, 2020
Mccarthy Mary EAssociate Broker1030120773112 August, 2022
Jacobs BenAssociate Broker1030120781503 September, 2020
Miller JenniferAssociate Broker1030120787606 December, 2020
Olita Robert JAssociate Broker1030120791908 October, 2020
Kremer SuzanAssociate Broker1030120796822 October, 2020
Mistovich MarkAssociate Broker1030120817025 December, 2020
Hult Elghanayan Madeline SAssociate Broker1030120822115 January, 2021
Sroka Neal JAssociate Broker1030120828705 February, 2021
Lettan Valerie AAssociate Broker1030120833627 February, 2021
Franco JacobAssociate Broker1030120834328 February, 2021
Machamer John DAssociate Broker1030120837204 March, 2021
Hernandez Ivan G.Associate Broker1030120859722 April, 2021
Mann Lorna JAssociate Broker1030120862125 April, 2021
Geller Stephen LAssociate Broker1030120891607 July, 2021
Williamson Amy CAssociate Broker1030120919126 February, 2022
Kelley SamuelAssociate Broker1030120928521 October, 2021
Allison Scott TAssociate Broker1030120936713 November, 2021
Stillman JenniferAssociate Broker1030120980509 March, 2022
Dunne ShannonAssociate Broker1030121009008 May, 2022
Simonsen Lisa RAssociate Broker1030121022615 June, 2022
Kennedy Peter JAssociate Broker1030121024019 June, 2022
Gourin Jennine MAssociate Broker1030121081906 November, 2020
Axman Leslie JAssociate Broker1030121086020 November, 2020
Anders ShaunAssociate Broker1030121086120 November, 2020
Figari JustinAssociate Broker1030121087925 November, 2020
Sonsino Genevieve CAssociate Broker1030121107111 January, 2021
Krinick Nicole AAssociate Broker1030121125401 March, 2021
Black Noble BAssociate Broker1030121130708 March, 2021
Didier WhitneyAssociate Broker1030121184424 June, 2021
Simpson Nancy BAssociate Broker1030121189306 July, 2021
Bernstein ShaiAssociate Broker1030121197523 July, 2021
Polihros Nicholas EAssociate Broker1030121198126 July, 2021
Berry Samuel DAssociate Broker1030121210724 August, 2021
Echemendia Kouri Jean MarieAssociate Broker1030121236804 November, 2021
Mctighe Richard PAssociate Broker1030121240315 November, 2021
Tavivian YairAssociate Broker1030121265020 February, 2022
Nickols KristaAssociate Broker1030121273701 February, 2022
Anania Sheryl HAssociate Broker1030121284628 February, 2022
Michelsen Maria PiaAssociate Broker1030121292817 March, 2022
Austad ChristopherAssociate Broker1030121305111 April, 2022
Lorusso Jeremiah DAssociate Broker1030121329313 July, 2022
Azaria GiladAssociate Broker1030121358728 July, 2022
Phan RichardAssociate Broker1030121370430 August, 2022
Chalfin Allison JAssociate Broker1030121377218 September, 2022
Larroche VictorAssociate Broker1030121381328 September, 2022
Gottlieb Noam YAssociate Broker1030121389019 October, 2020
Tavivian ArielAssociate Broker1030121395506 November, 2020
Tuohy Priscilla FAssociate Broker1030121396607 November, 2022
Benichou Dan MAssociate Broker1030121409312 December, 2020
Orbach RebeccaAssociate Broker1030121432414 February, 2021
Kral Steffen AAssociate Broker1030121513327 August, 2021
Barnes Moses PamelaAssociate Broker1030121519513 September, 2021
Martin William EAssociate Broker1030121523221 September, 2021
Aguilera JaimeAssociate Broker1030121543012 November, 2021
Stillitano JustinAssociate Broker1030121546620 November, 2021
Ji Xiang JillAssociate Broker1030121560120 December, 2021
Babaev MariaAssociate Broker1030121570621 January, 2022
Herzek Jacob SAssociate Broker1030121613522 April, 2022
Cahlon CorinneAssociate Broker1030121655202 August, 2022
Larsen MichelleAssociate Broker1030121672425 September, 2020
Mocan RyanAssociate Broker1030121682818 October, 2020
Tevis Mark DAssociate Broker1030121687028 October, 2020
Cohen Steven AdamAssociate Broker1030121689531 October, 2020
Kolatau ViktarAssociate Broker1030121737619 March, 2021
Rubin Alex AAssociate Broker1030121744202 April, 2021
Shuster Corey MitchellAssociate Broker1030121765012 May, 2021
Maglio Arthur EAssociate Broker1030121765915 May, 2021
Scully Ryan PAssociate Broker1030121767620 May, 2021
Englebardt Danielle JAssociate Broker1030121798212 August, 2021
Klotsmam NealAssociate Broker1030121801719 August, 2021
Cooper Gladys LAssociate Broker1030121811915 September, 2021
Rubbert Johanna CAssociate Broker1030121831031 October, 2021
Golshani Daniella SAssociate Broker1030121862430 January, 2022
Nigro Laura DAssociate Broker1030121866609 February, 2022
Mui Reilly ConnieSales Agent1040120040216 October, 2020
Paraie MichaelSales Agent1040120215702 June, 2022
Scotto Maria ElenaSales Agent1040120277108 June, 2022
Cannavina DeniseSales Agent1040120340616 June, 2022
Martin Rachel ISales Agent1040120433626 August, 2022
Harnick ShirleySales Agent1040120536026 June, 2022
Sinclair LisaSales Agent1040120665429 August, 2020
Pike Anthony DavidSales Agent1040120782709 September, 2022
Velazquez Maria VSales Agent1040120836414 October, 2022
Flynn Ellen LSales Agent1040120861429 October, 2020
Buck Charles ASales Agent1040120933704 December, 2020
Schissler Sarah MSales Agent1040120998509 July, 2022
Sionit IlanSales Agent1040121158802 April, 2021
Trufanov IgorSales Agent1040121518209 September, 2021
Ziv SaharSales Agent1040121525513 September, 2021
Mccormack MyraSales Agent1040121672015 November, 2021
Cincotti CynthiaSales Agent1040121716903 December, 2021
Nematnejad IsaacSales Agent1040121798213 January, 2022
Adler JeffSales Agent1040121932808 March, 2022
Erickson IrinaSales Agent1040121948412 March, 2022
Lazar JodieSales Agent1040122026030 June, 2022
Kaphan AdamSales Agent1040122070911 October, 2020
Peradze LolitaSales Agent1040122877821 March, 2021
Chung HarrySales Agent1040122885323 March, 2021
Mcfarland Robert TSales Agent1040122909430 March, 2021
Asch Toni GeorgenneSales Agent1040123156129 June, 2021
Godbille-koechlin CatherineSales Agent1040123173906 July, 2021
Efros ArikSales Agent1040123192717 August, 2021
Chaplin JosephSales Agent1040123514305 December, 2021
Cadourcy PierreSales Agent1040123770327 March, 2022
Hwa Pu-yiow TheresaSales Agent1040123786702 April, 2022
Macneille Eben Mr. Eben MacneilleSales Agent1040123790703 April, 2022
Son David MSales Agent1040123910015 May, 2022
Chopra KaranSales Agent1040123950430 May, 2022
Hollmer LisaSales Agent1040124070711 July, 2022
Borow Kristen AnnSales Agent1040124077312 July, 2022
Kadouri MayaSales Agent1040124099119 July, 2022
Sabet ArieleSales Agent1040124162711 January, 2021
Silverstein-backal Liana ChenSales Agent1040124169715 August, 2022
Ennis ThomasSales Agent1040124170515 August, 2022
Wasnick EricSales Agent1040124226009 July, 2021
Berke LoriSales Agent1040124241811 September, 2020
Mignogna AlexanderSales Agent1040124288627 September, 2020
Demarco Joseph Alfred AnthonySales Agent1040124333615 October, 2022
Ancona Ginette GigiSales Agent1040124333915 October, 2020
Nejad Lila Lila NejadSales Agent1040124488718 December, 2020
Vincent-suchet CecileSales Agent1040124496520 December, 2020
Jacobs RachelSales Agent1040124534310 January, 2021
Boucher AbigailSales Agent1040124556817 January, 2021
Dilek EmelSales Agent1040124557817 January, 2021
Hazen Paul MarkSales Agent1040124558617 January, 2021
Greenblatt LisaSales Agent1040124581728 January, 2021
Javaheri GezelleSales Agent1040124626511 February, 2021
Huang Chih ChunSales Agent1040124712507 March, 2021
Gupta AnitaSales Agent1040124856617 April, 2021
Corrao GabrielleSales Agent1040124868019 April, 2021
Hoelzer VictoriaSales Agent1040124906312 April, 2021
Lavagnino John JSales Agent1040124913603 May, 2021
Oxley GrahamSales Agent1040124913905 December, 2021
Ben David MaxSales Agent1040124936309 May, 2021
Eaccarino Louis ThomasSales Agent1040125010131 May, 2021
Escobar JessicaSales Agent1040125026405 June, 2021
Merdinger BlakeSales Agent1040125121403 July, 2021
Caropolo ChristianSales Agent1040125489418 October, 2021
Auster-jaramillo Elizabeth (kat)Sales Agent1040125619222 November, 2021
Reneau LisaSales Agent1040125623424 November, 2021
Jerez MarisolSales Agent1040125711023 December, 2021
Subervi Stephanie LynnSales Agent1040125765813 January, 2022
Chan Jade ESales Agent1040126128515 April, 2022
Figueiredo LiviaSales Agent1040126138817 April, 2022
Wu JamesSales Agent1040126189426 February, 2021
Bentolila ElietteSales Agent1040126196101 May, 2022
Lee John BSales Agent1040126265320 May, 2022
Boriskin AlexanderSales Agent1040126278922 May, 2022
Shasho ElliotSales Agent1040126293328 May, 2022
Dong RuoxiSales Agent1040126336809 June, 2022
Greenberg Geraldine SSales Agent1040126364016 June, 2022
Halpern JaredSales Agent1040126533404 August, 2022
Miles BradleySales Agent1040126622402 September, 2022
Radomski AdrianSales Agent1040126690418 September, 2020
Sher IrinaSales Agent1040126730230 September, 2020
Maguire PrestonSales Agent1040126746703 October, 2020
Arroyave DavinaSales Agent1040126779413 October, 2020
Chestler JessicaSales Agent1040126788615 October, 2020
Colini CorradoSales Agent1040126795817 October, 2020
Myasnikov VadimSales Agent1040126835330 October, 2022
Orenstein SarahSales Agent1040126874007 November, 2020
Hazan KarinaSales Agent1040126923924 November, 2020
Espinal Emilee LenorSales Agent1040127463924 April, 2021
Prifold JasonSales Agent1040127525111 May, 2021
Cohen HanaSales Agent1040127647213 January, 2022
Russell MichaelSales Agent1040127674318 June, 2021
Fiore EmanueleSales Agent1040127683221 June, 2021
Sole AlonSales Agent1040127911617 October, 2021
Bond Scott SmithSales Agent1040127966503 September, 2021
Shlychkova KristinaSales Agent1040128108013 October, 2021
Benzo AnelisaSales Agent1040128122216 October, 2021
Sanai KeyanSales Agent1040128143022 October, 2021
Hatch Andrew PSales Agent1040128260123 November, 2021
Rothlein Amanda MillerSales Agent1040128447021 January, 2022
Landow ChaseSales Agent1040128449122 January, 2022
Mathias Lisa YorkSales Agent1040128481901 February, 2022
Guerrier Daniel MSales Agent1040128495603 February, 2022
Mcdonald CharlesSales Agent1040128613207 July, 2022
Wolf JodySales Agent1040128911511 May, 2022
Wolf JessicaSales Agent1040129091027 June, 2022
Canela RayleneSales Agent1040129107930 June, 2022
Glazer AlexanderSales Agent1040129143911 July, 2022
Scheinman Sandy RSales Agent1040129154312 July, 2022
Newman Tina ElizabethSales Agent1040129190121 July, 2022
Isen PatriciaSales Agent1040129242404 August, 2022
Si ShuchengSales Agent1040129282015 August, 2022
Varankova ViktoryiaSales Agent1040129316924 September, 2021
Bevan MinaSales Agent1040129334229 August, 2022
Brock Evangela ASales Agent1040129374027 August, 2021
Hraska Duane DanielSales Agent1040129388612 September, 2022
Small Lilian RosaSales Agent1040129389526 November, 2020
Penaranda MonicaSales Agent1040129425220 September, 2020
Schoppmann ElanaSales Agent1040129432822 September, 2020
Pressman ChristineSales Agent1040129494407 October, 2022
Stone LisaSales Agent1040129542119 October, 2020
Wu SerenaSales Agent1040129620210 November, 2020
Credaroli Iii JohnSales Agent1040129634715 November, 2020
Giannone John EverettSales Agent1040129636915 November, 2020
Sullivan SandraSales Agent1040129668228 November, 2020
Schatz Rueben SaulSales Agent1040129685901 December, 2020
Grunfeld LarrySales Agent1040129767527 December, 2020
Izquierdo JulioSales Agent1040129793404 January, 2021
Van Scyoc Charles OliverSales Agent1040129823811 January, 2021
Abril Roberto DSales Agent1040129840117 January, 2021
Rosen BlairSales Agent1040129891131 January, 2021
Ostrowski Victoria ScullySales Agent1040129906103 February, 2021
Keegan LaurenSales Agent1040129979223 February, 2021
Baird Margaret GraceSales Agent1040129991227 February, 2021
Silva SarahSales Agent1040129995728 February, 2021
Wachtman Melissa ASales Agent1040130052914 March, 2021
Sapir DanaSales Agent1040130061916 March, 2021
Murray SeanSales Agent1040130083503 February, 2022
Saltiel AlexandraSales Agent1040130120430 March, 2021
Blue JasonSales Agent1040130143004 April, 2021
Lauren BradSales Agent1040130260503 May, 2021
Lopes PaoloSales Agent1040130270907 May, 2021
Guldiken IbrahimSales Agent1040130338623 May, 2021
Brannan StuartSales Agent1040130438513 September, 2021
Beer Sarah-louiseSales Agent1040130472421 June, 2021
Penn Emily LewisSales Agent1040130689917 August, 2021
Diaz AlexandraSales Agent1040130816020 September, 2021
Moreno Maria FernandaSales Agent1040130988007 November, 2021
Bleistern ChelseaSales Agent1040131006713 November, 2021
Bandur HeatherSales Agent1040131025017 November, 2021
Geller Jennifer MeltzerSales Agent1040131057829 November, 2021
Olnek MichaelSales Agent1040131066330 November, 2021
Schatz Randi BethSales Agent1040131263330 January, 2022
Malone Timothy PSales Agent1040131277002 February, 2022
Kaufman JeffreySales Agent1040131310812 February, 2022
Wasserbach WilliamSales Agent1040131321214 February, 2022
Talbot JamesSales Agent1040131327015 February, 2022
Hayes Nicole HayesSales Agent1040131327215 February, 2022
Backer JaimeSales Agent1040131426314 March, 2022
Reilly MollySales Agent1040131434004 May, 2022
Tran-trinh HannahSales Agent1040131486329 March, 2022
Watt JuliaSales Agent1040131535411 April, 2022
Dombrowsky StefanSales Agent1040131563118 April, 2022
Gardner CoreySales Agent1040131691213 August, 2022
Brown Jeffrey ThomasSales Agent1040131696929 June, 2022
Shaw ElizaSales Agent1040131755405 June, 2022
Sager GerardSales Agent1040131774010 June, 2022
Reichman SamanthaSales Agent1040131800515 June, 2022
Mitchell Pamela JSales Agent1040131842426 June, 2022
Solomon AmySales Agent1040132002208 August, 2022
Klinge KaylaSales Agent1040132062526 August, 2020
Sclafani EmmaSales Agent1040132186828 September, 2020
Stempel BlancaSales Agent1040132211404 October, 2020
Garcia AlfredoSales Agent1040132274823 October, 2020
Beshara Caroline PortnySales Agent1040132279724 October, 2020
Kegel Jakob FilipSales Agent1040132285225 October, 2020
Feldhaus CameronSales Agent1040132320404 November, 2022
Reichenbaum Jamie RoseSales Agent1040132386227 November, 2020
Clapp Nancy CSales Agent1040132443512 December, 2020
Nichols LaurenSales Agent1040132460318 December, 2020
Vollmer HenrySales Agent1040132512307 January, 2021
Leung TianSales Agent1040132620406 February, 2021
Perrelli JonathanSales Agent1040132629007 February, 2021
Capezza Alexis DSales Agent1040132676022 February, 2021
Zisholtz DianaSales Agent1040132686025 February, 2021
Jablonski MatthewSales Agent1040132703028 February, 2021
Champness KyleSales Agent1040132841502 April, 2021
Ventura Thomas MichaelSales Agent1040132873209 April, 2021
Grand Pre TaylorSales Agent1040132887612 April, 2021
Chu ShirleySales Agent1040132940528 April, 2021
Caruso AlexaSales Agent1040133057024 May, 2021
Shoval Efrat YardenSales Agent1040133062928 May, 2021
Yang JessicaSales Agent1040133063328 May, 2021
Labidi SerineSales Agent1040133138514 June, 2021
Green Ian MikaelSales Agent1040133168423 June, 2021
Jacobello MariaSales Agent1040133272724 July, 2021
Gerber Kelly GerberSales Agent1040133272924 July, 2021
Spellman VictoriaSales Agent1040133294830 July, 2021
Pope Rosie EllenSales Agent1040133306401 August, 2021
Sterling Joseph OliverSales Agent1040133316505 August, 2021
Compagnone Linda MicheleSales Agent1040133330308 August, 2021
Casey KatherineSales Agent1040133330908 August, 2021
Branca Camille CSales Agent1040133337011 August, 2021
Hakim Eskandar DavidSales Agent1040133350414 August, 2021
Kahler Michael GSales Agent1040133358916 August, 2021
Yeo TonySales Agent1040133370619 August, 2021
Williams ChelseaSales Agent1040133408729 August, 2021
Cabral Padilla MarcelleSales Agent1040133420603 September, 2021
Zustiak PavelSales Agent1040133426004 September, 2021
Diprenda JohnSales Agent1040133438206 September, 2021
Andino ChristopherSales Agent1040133452910 September, 2021
Randolph Susanna RandolphSales Agent1040133581917 October, 2021
Rakocevic RankoSales Agent1040133632901 November, 2021
Tucker ChloeSales Agent1040133653007 November, 2021
Sharber OliviaSales Agent1040133666312 November, 2021
Feather EricSales Agent1040133683317 November, 2021
Grotjahn KeiannaSales Agent1040133751609 December, 2021
Tanabe Marie LouiseSales Agent1040133752509 December, 2021
Loverro LisaSales Agent1040133795023 December, 2021
Wall James LeeSales Agent1040133837108 January, 2022
Harrison SusanSales Agent1040133843009 January, 2022
Buffa Ramirez Erika Joana MariaSales Agent1040133843809 January, 2022
Simha ErezSales Agent1040133869716 January, 2022
Lowden Catherine AnneSales Agent1040133886722 January, 2022
Machado-koutellos MarciaSales Agent1040133891423 January, 2022
Gomez Inez MercedesSales Agent1040133924431 January, 2022
Myles Jennifer MarieSales Agent1040133964411 February, 2022
Kirsch SamanthaSales Agent1040133987818 February, 2022
Sutherland JodiSales Agent1040134048104 March, 2022
Ross Roger WSales Agent1040134091416 March, 2022
Tam Annabelle ClaireSales Agent1040134205129 July, 2022
James Steven LLimited Liability Broker1049120318726 November, 2020
Haber Kenneth ILimited Liability Broker1049120318926 November, 2020
Durkin Scott JLimited Liability Broker1049120679609 November, 2020
Defranca Susan MLimited Liability Broker1049120690120 December, 2020
Abril Dora VeraAssociate Broker30AB053229511 October, 2021
Advocate Connolly Karen LAssociate Broker30AD093925426 December, 2020
Ambrose Joan JAssociate Broker30AM099466105 August, 2021
Anguah Boafo Maria BAssociate Broker30AN087248303 September, 2020
Arden Helen AguirreAssociate Broker30AR093503931 January, 2022
Balasny LydiaAssociate Broker30BA051762525 September, 2022
Barrera MargaritaAssociate Broker30BA094716213 April, 2021
Barkhordari ImanAssociate Broker30BA097434724 February, 2021
Benton Sharon SAssociate Broker30BE084943808 January, 2021
Billick Joan CAssociate Broker30BI058766101 October, 2022
Bloom GailAssociate Broker30BL055941611 July, 2021
Van Laer Dianne BAssociate Broker30BO090735110 May, 2021
Brown Elizabeth CAssociate Broker30BR052914315 September, 2021
Bregman Kathryn IAssociate Broker30BR071982507 April, 2021
Brizell Delise HillaryAssociate Broker30BR088366925 September, 2020
Buckley Timothy PAssociate Broker30BU090044918 September, 2021
Chapman MichaelAssociate Broker30CH091401525 August, 2020
Coleman Bertrande CAssociate Broker30CO044210727 October, 2022
Cooper Michael SAssociate Broker30CO072924410 July, 2021
Cohen Marcos GAssociate Broker30CO080791321 April, 2021
Cooper David WAssociate Broker30CO092711907 December, 2021
Costigan William SAssociate Broker30CO094372130 January, 2022
Connery Merrily GAssociate Broker30CO099463905 August, 2021
Courtright Doreen JAssociate Broker30CO101161105 December, 2021
Daniels Betty OAssociate Broker30DA080162012 December, 2021
Douglas Joanne RAssociate Broker30DO048992615 September, 2021
Docal RocioAssociate Broker30DO051379706 November, 2021
Easton Anne ZAssociate Broker30EA102727814 July, 2022
Ellington AnneAssociate Broker30EL096620510 May, 2021
Moezinia RosetAssociate Broker30ES094172624 May, 2021
Felker Shawn A WAssociate Broker30FE098116404 November, 2020
Ferrari Rosen Jill EAssociate Broker30FE116798230 November, 2021
Firtell Jayne MAssociate Broker30FI056634707 September, 2021
Foy Eileen MAssociate Broker30FO088808616 November, 2021
Furtado Vergara GiselaAssociate Broker30FU097678616 November, 2021
Gettinger A WhitneyAssociate Broker30GE083397414 January, 2022
George MatthewAssociate Broker30GE099754319 August, 2021
Glick David AAssociate Broker30GL098022701 September, 2022
Goldman Karen FAssociate Broker30GO078391413 September, 2021
Berger-pralle Tracy EAssociate Broker30GO097557129 April, 2021
Green Betsy SAssociate Broker30GR099463319 May, 2022
Graber Anne EAssociate Broker30GR107273623 April, 2021
Habiague Irene OAssociate Broker30HA074385217 April, 2022
Harasic Harper TristanAssociate Broker30HA085676821 July, 2021
Hawkins Charles FAssociate Broker30HA086085715 September, 2021
Hamon DeniseAssociate Broker30HA089030219 April, 2021
Haskell SuleAssociate Broker30HA092506123 July, 2021
Haskin Atoussa HAssociate Broker30HA098128408 January, 2021
Hertenstein VeraAssociate Broker30HE030586824 October, 2021
Heitler Dean JAssociate Broker30HE102511603 May, 2022
Hutter JulianAssociate Broker30HU085384207 April, 2022
Hudis Robin LAssociate Broker30HU088756829 December, 2020
Huson Pamela AAssociate Broker30HU090165308 September, 2021
Jones Vera YAssociate Broker30JO090793814 March, 2022
Kaplan Susan LAssociate Broker30KA052000622 November, 2020
Kane John AAssociate Broker30KA071047807 June, 2022
Katara Neelam SAssociate Broker30KA086636405 December, 2021
Kaye Millicent RAssociate Broker30KA095130104 April, 2021
Kavaler Debra FAssociate Broker30KA099093417 February, 2022
Weisberg StephanieAssociate Broker30KA099465205 August, 2021
Keskinkaya Jacinta Cynthia MAssociate Broker30KE051179402 April, 2022
Khen ElieAssociate Broker30KH088746321 March, 2021
Kotler Stephen HAssociate Broker30KO058187116 July, 2022
Kohlreiter Donald SAssociate Broker30KO099457605 August, 2021
Kramer Diane LAssociate Broker30KR065879430 August, 2021
Krause Jill LAssociate Broker30KR097099124 September, 2021
Kronenfeld LaurenAssociate Broker30KR113965902 January, 2021
Kunen DanielaAssociate Broker30KU099463505 August, 2021
Langan Dorothy MAssociate Broker30LA043794104 May, 2021
Laster Rose Marie BAssociate Broker30LA092911204 May, 2021
Latimer Chung Mary HAssociate Broker30LA094901909 April, 2022
Levey BarbaraAssociate Broker30LE044641303 October, 2021
Aryeh NancyAssociate Broker30LE079489320 September, 2021
Levitt Marian JAssociate Broker30LE099464905 May, 2021
Lederer JudithAssociate Broker30LE109706311 February, 2022
Liftman Robin JAssociate Broker30LI093344811 December, 2020
Low Vanessa TAssociate Broker30LO089065814 March, 2021
Lockwood Barbara IAssociate Broker30LO099458405 August, 2021
Lusardi SusanAssociate Broker30LU021635510 November, 2022
Lucas Andrea WohlAssociate Broker30LU052988327 June, 2021
Mangone Dennis PAssociate Broker30MA086270225 January, 2021
Mar Elia NanAssociate Broker30MA099807210 September, 2021
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Mcnichol Lori EAssociate Broker30MC101613607 April, 2022
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Ponz ChristineAssociate Broker30PO114888329 March, 2021
Pulitzer Corinne RAssociate Broker30PU095425213 June, 2022
Ratusch ClaireAssociate Broker30RA062647001 March, 2021
Rakowski Natalie SAssociate Broker30RA080866108 August, 2022
Renna DonnaAssociate Broker30RE100100328 December, 2021
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Albino John RSales Agent40AL090991516 September, 2021
Alvarez MercedesSales Agent40AL096234213 April, 2021
Alfaro Pablo HSales Agent40AL117089528 June, 2021
Apostolatos VilelminiSales Agent40AP110567226 April, 2022
Barnett John HSales Agent40BA113372105 December, 2020
Bernstein JoyceSales Agent40BE106287308 May, 2021
Bianco MarieSales Agent40BI074834327 September, 2022
Billig Madelyn RSales Agent40BI103427201 September, 2020
Brackenridge BelindaSales Agent40BR045477616 June, 2022
Bressler KarenSales Agent40BR064873325 June, 2021
Yuster EunSales Agent40CH087449509 April, 2021
Clark Gregory CSales Agent40CL111048818 February, 2021
Corrier Lucille VSales Agent40CO095116109 May, 2022
Courtright Hernando PSales Agent40CO117309028 June, 2022
Crone Penny BSales Agent40CR114510220 February, 2021
Currier Patrick LSales Agent40CU091803529 September, 2020
Deluca AnnaSales Agent40DE088126307 March, 2022
Demare Jenna KSales Agent40DE107858720 July, 2021
Dunayer YaelSales Agent40DU094383105 March, 2022
Ellis Patricia ASales Agent40EL109681216 December, 2021
Espinal MarieSales Agent40ES115562725 September, 2021
Einhorn Fisher FaithSales Agent40FI077670531 May, 2022
Field ArthurSales Agent40FI084535316 October, 2020
Friedberg EricSales Agent40FR115539804 June, 2021
Ganz Siegel Sheryl LSales Agent40GA073550114 January, 2022
Gallagher Stephen JSales Agent40GA091778811 September, 2022
Gliedman Susyn SchopsSales Agent40GL086227003 March, 2022
Groder ArleneSales Agent40GR074590712 June, 2022
Green Randolph HSales Agent40GR098762827 September, 2021
Haney Christine MSales Agent40HA114422908 February, 2021
Herbst John ASales Agent40HE113919428 April, 2021
Hirsh Mark ASales Agent40HI086000912 October, 2021
Jordan Richard LSales Agent40JO116954017 October, 2021
Kahn Ellen LSales Agent40KA107659230 June, 2021
Leathers Della OSales Agent40LE081696518 January, 2021
Lempert CathySales Agent40LE091900115 December, 2020
Raskopf Janna LSales Agent40LE110990713 April, 2022
Locke David GSales Agent40LO113726716 November, 2020
Davis Jacqueline ESales Agent40LY112906626 September, 2020
Lynch Mark ESales Agent40LY115183914 April, 2022
Macaluso AnnSales Agent40MA060929626 March, 2022
Masco TamaraSales Agent40MA086029625 July, 2021
Martinez Emilio JrSales Agent40MA106345514 March, 2021
Maffei LoisSales Agent40MA117488612 February, 2022
Moaven CyrusSales Agent40MO113473908 November, 2020
Mulqueen Diana ESales Agent40MU081103617 March, 2021
Nelson Timothy DSales Agent40NE108249419 August, 2021
Berner Sherry OlanSales Agent40OL083325708 February, 2021
Petrozza Jeanna RSales Agent40PE106056319 July, 2021
Portny Valerie ASales Agent40PO064142827 February, 2021
Pontarelli JaneSales Agent40PO107982923 March, 2022
Sauders ShelSales Agent40SA103463428 September, 2020
Safier Jamie SSales Agent40SA110332822 February, 2022
Schlachter TrudySales Agent40SC102625402 June, 2022
Schaffer Lauren KSales Agent40SC107962725 July, 2021
Teplitsky Gerald BSales Agent40SH081616123 December, 2020
Shepard KimSales Agent40SH087598702 July, 2022
Shang XiaolanSales Agent40SH094665025 November, 2020
Sinnott Stocker LouiseSales Agent40SI086054801 March, 2022
Siegel Matthew JSales Agent40SI095666119 July, 2021
Spielman Stacy PSales Agent40SP089819729 October, 2021
St Germain Dennis MSales Agent40ST099008312 July, 2021
Stacy Michael RSales Agent40ST099613718 August, 2021
Steward Brenda CSales Agent40ST116652217 September, 2021
Swicicki Heather RSales Agent40SW100276316 October, 2021
Trienis Monica CSales Agent40TR110438715 June, 2022
Viardo NataliaSales Agent40VI090107605 October, 2021
Weiswasser Sandra LSales Agent40WE093586411 November, 2021
Webster Bonnie TSales Agent40WE101596403 July, 2022
Zitwer Michelle LSales Agent40ZI113275720 October, 2022

Branch offices of Douglas Elliman Real Estate

As per our records, there are 16 branch office/s of Douglas Elliman Real Estate (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Douglas Elliman Real Estate425 E 58th Street, New York103912009830
Douglas Elliman Real Estate111 5th Avenue, Floor 7, New York10391200985252
Douglas Elliman Real Estate140 Franklin Street, New York10391200986136
Douglas Elliman Real Estate137 Waverly Place, New York103912009877
Douglas Elliman Real Estate774 Broadway, New York10391200988120
Douglas Elliman Real Estate690 Washington Street, New York1039120099315
Douglas Elliman Real Estate980 Madison Avenue, New York103912009940
Douglas Elliman Real Estate575 Madison Avenue - Third Floor, New York10391200995324
Douglas Elliman Real Estate1995 Broadway, New York10391200996281
Douglas Elliman Real Estate180 Varick Street, Ste 1012, New York103912009970
Douglas Elliman Real Estate675 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, New York103912010006
Douglas Elliman Real Estate2142 Broadway, New York1039120100110
Douglas Elliman Real Estate2112 Frederick Douglas Blvd, New York1039120114624
Douglas Elliman Real Estate712 Fifth Avenue, New York1039120142445
Douglas Elliman Real Estate936 Broadway, New York1039120189838
Douglas Elliman Real Estate1995 Broadway 9th Fl, New York103912022800

Address Location for Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Real Estate Principal Offices in New York County, NY
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902 Broadway 13th Fl, New York, NY 10010
Php Realty Services Llc

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124 West 79, New York, NY 10024
Piazza Charles

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413 East 139th Street, Bronx, NY 10454
Picinich Elena F

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800 W End Ave, New York, NY 10025
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524 East 20th Street, Suite Me, New York, NY 10009
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380 Lexington Ave., 17th Floor, New York, NY 10168
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295 Madison Ave 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10017
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295 Madison Ave 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10017