Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc

Real Estate Corporation

255 Executive Dr, Plainview, New York, 11803

Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc is a licensed real estate principal office in Plainview, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in Nassau County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109919943 was issued to Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc's license document is 255 Executive Dr, Plainview, New York, 11803.

Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameCharles Rutenberg Realty Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address255 Executive Dr, Plainview, New York, 11803
License Number109919943
CountyNassau County

License Status

Real Estate License 109919943
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc

As per our records, there are 822 real estate agents who are currently working for Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Moleano Joseph CAssociate Broker1030120005101 May, 2022
Sotir SimonaAssociate Broker1030120027126 May, 2022
Burke ElaineAssociate Broker1030120062911 June, 2022
Cherpelis VasilikiAssociate Broker1030120098404 August, 2022
Moran Margaret JAssociate Broker1030120121829 June, 2022
Quartarone ChristopherAssociate Broker1030120131412 June, 2022
Labate Anthony JAssociate Broker1030120138329 June, 2022
Otake RichardAssociate Broker1030120166729 June, 2022
Lopez AstridAssociate Broker1030120176829 June, 2022
Tobon MartinAssociate Broker1030120185829 June, 2022
Gassick Lisa MAssociate Broker1030120191129 June, 2022
Yu TommyAssociate Broker1030120194920 September, 2022
Salow BessAssociate Broker1030120252016 November, 2020
Chmielnik Deborah LAssociate Broker1030120294008 October, 2022
Medley Claudette YAssociate Broker1030120296014 October, 2020
Yakobowicz RinaAssociate Broker1030120300028 August, 2022
Torres Edwin FAssociate Broker1030120306213 November, 2020
Torres Gonzalo AAssociate Broker1030120310419 November, 2020
Rios Sonia OAssociate Broker1030120322023 December, 2020
D Arco MicheleAssociate Broker1030120323721 March, 2021
Krimko DianeAssociate Broker1030120326413 January, 2021
Digiovanni Janis AAssociate Broker1030120347615 March, 2021
Olivier RolandeAssociate Broker1030120392428 July, 2022
Kim KyungheeAssociate Broker1030120410923 August, 2021
Coyoc Adrian JAssociate Broker1030120414810 September, 2021
Papastratis MaryAssociate Broker1030120415414 September, 2021
Joseph DanielAssociate Broker1030120454830 September, 2020
Sherman ShmuelAssociate Broker1030120456929 January, 2022
Borriello Louisa AAssociate Broker1030120463003 March, 2022
Testa Kimberly NesterAssociate Broker1030120466613 February, 2021
Guglielmi JosephAssociate Broker1030120541617 October, 2020
Park Monica AAssociate Broker1030120551523 November, 2020
Luo XiaoyingAssociate Broker1030120578109 February, 2021
Quaranta Marie FAssociate Broker1030120581621 February, 2021
Nowak Barbara EAssociate Broker1030120589013 March, 2021
Caruso GerryAssociate Broker1030120594329 March, 2021
Cadet YvroseAssociate Broker1030120619831 May, 2021
Mccoy Susan RAssociate Broker1030120645314 August, 2021
Obrien Stephen MAssociate Broker1030120654407 September, 2021
Diller Richard AAssociate Broker1030120657119 September, 2021
King Suzan FayeAssociate Broker1030120676721 November, 2021
Igwe Ofoegbulam CAssociate Broker1030120700426 January, 2022
Alvares Ignacio GAssociate Broker1030120704408 February, 2022
Eidgah MarkAssociate Broker1030120758604 July, 2022
Scotto Ralph M JrAssociate Broker1030120776622 August, 2020
Joyner Denese AAssociate Broker1030120785919 September, 2020
Sherwood Natalie AAssociate Broker1030120838306 March, 2021
Balram Coobeer AnthonyAssociate Broker1030120841102 May, 2021
Burke NicoleAssociate Broker1030120843117 March, 2021
Coladner KatherineAssociate Broker1030120848227 March, 2021
Shahravan Mehran MAssociate Broker1030120852408 April, 2021
Osbourne Antoinette AAssociate Broker1030120924207 October, 2021
Rastogi SameerAssociate Broker1030120967405 February, 2022
Chin JacindaAssociate Broker1030120985019 March, 2022
Raczkowski TomaszAssociate Broker1030121008308 May, 2022
Pfeffer Ruth FAssociate Broker1030121040424 July, 2022
Chetuck NoelleAssociate Broker1030121103330 December, 2020
Dabreu Anthony E JrAssociate Broker1030121135618 March, 2021
Johnson Michael RAssociate Broker1030121138624 March, 2021
Rockman DmitryAssociate Broker1030121141929 March, 2021
Kalipersadsingh ShivanandAssociate Broker1030121153916 April, 2021
Spitale Leonard AAssociate Broker1030121156922 April, 2021
Zuluaga WilliamAssociate Broker1030121158727 April, 2021
Harry Patricia LAssociate Broker1030121171325 May, 2021
Ali Malik LAssociate Broker1030121183321 June, 2021
Tarrats Pascual JrAssociate Broker1030121188202 July, 2021
Peralta Lowe YasmindaAssociate Broker1030121190007 July, 2021
Rattansingh Devindra AAssociate Broker1030121194213 July, 2021
Megre LianaAssociate Broker1030121229218 October, 2021
Saasto RyanAssociate Broker1030121258713 February, 2022
Alberman Karen CAssociate Broker1030121324016 October, 2021
Rabin HowardAssociate Broker1030121330926 May, 2022
Doda Cezary MAssociate Broker1030121334702 June, 2022
Mejia JohnAssociate Broker1030121392830 October, 2022
Sackler Jill AnneAssociate Broker1030121402822 November, 2020
Fletcher Edmarie AAssociate Broker1030121442908 March, 2021
Kanestrin Thomas AAssociate Broker1030121454230 March, 2021
Harris Ian DAssociate Broker1030121461326 April, 2021
Tien HeidiAssociate Broker1030121489328 June, 2021
Gordon Alicia JAssociate Broker1030121490829 June, 2021
Delucia SuzanneAssociate Broker1030121495509 July, 2021
Clarke Nicole PAssociate Broker1030121503727 July, 2021
Mangia MelissaAssociate Broker1030121507609 August, 2021
Martinez JoyAssociate Broker1030121537631 October, 2021
Henn Christopher SAssociate Broker1030121574530 January, 2022
Wei XiaomingAssociate Broker1030121594214 March, 2022
Aubel Raymond CAssociate Broker1030121612822 April, 2022
Nesi GhisleneAssociate Broker1030121625716 May, 2022
Douglas Robinson Barbara AAssociate Broker1030121649419 July, 2022
Khan Rao Ali ShaanAssociate Broker1030121656707 August, 2022
Song LynnAssociate Broker1030121663323 August, 2022
Oliva Benedetto AAssociate Broker1030121691106 November, 2020
Chaudhri DaliaAssociate Broker1030121744804 April, 2021
Braverman Mark RAssociate Broker1030121749617 April, 2021
Stewart Joyce EAssociate Broker1030121772230 May, 2021
Reynoso BenjaminAssociate Broker1030121779517 June, 2021
Ko David KookAssociate Broker1030121808004 September, 2021
Golshani JaklinAssociate Broker1030121902606 July, 2022
Daly Kamilah SSales Agent1040120103922 May, 2022
Chaplin Sharisse MSales Agent1040120112207 August, 2022
Grillo AldoSales Agent1040120155404 April, 2022
Schonfeld PhilipSales Agent1040120176130 May, 2022
Deleon Jose BernardoSales Agent1040120246920 September, 2020
Chang SandySales Agent1040120250904 June, 2022
Maynard Georgina TSales Agent1040120257905 June, 2022
Russell Yolanda MSales Agent1040120300610 June, 2022
Aivaliotis Eileen MarySales Agent1040120331004 August, 2022
Meyers Jonathan DSales Agent1040120373510 August, 2022
Azzara MicheleSales Agent1040120375519 June, 2022
Raber Nancy LorraineSales Agent1040120439824 June, 2022
Lichtenstein Alan N.Sales Agent1040120577926 June, 2022
Jerez Denny ASales Agent1040120747620 June, 2022
Shu JackSales Agent1040120772311 May, 2021
Jones Ford RubySales Agent1040120826605 October, 2020
Mak VincentSales Agent1040120880312 November, 2020
Leigh JamilSales Agent1040120882315 December, 2020
Sheth HareshSales Agent1040120888016 November, 2020
Lee John JSales Agent1040120895317 November, 2020
Maroulakis ManuelSales Agent1040120921430 November, 2020
Chen Xiao ZhongSales Agent1040121049304 February, 2021
Moon JacquelineSales Agent1040121103904 March, 2021
Nakamura FumiakiSales Agent1040121118511 March, 2021
Patanjo Michael JSales Agent1040121138427 April, 2021
Jain Satinder KSales Agent1040121143125 March, 2021
Sankar Bibi ASales Agent1040121148509 March, 2021
Mcmenemy ElizabethSales Agent1040121156901 April, 2021
Clark Robert JohnSales Agent1040121172208 April, 2021
Santiago MildredSales Agent1040121209423 April, 2021
Jain AnubhavSales Agent1040121224827 April, 2021
Gentile Helena MariaSales Agent1040121233030 April, 2021
Litterick DavidSales Agent1040121249807 May, 2021
Vargas MaritzaSales Agent1040121264708 April, 2021
Butcher Michael FSales Agent1040121321308 June, 2021
Kim SeonghoonSales Agent1040121373202 July, 2021
Feng Yi ShaSales Agent1040121419022 July, 2021
Bartlau LiviaSales Agent1040121438501 December, 2021
Sudaley RobertSales Agent1040121453406 August, 2021
Bercier RohaniSales Agent1040121469413 August, 2021
Rehman KhaleequeSales Agent1040121577116 March, 2022
Rosiello Matera AndraSales Agent1040121577306 October, 2021
Bumbolo LewisSales Agent1040121613622 October, 2021
Verma BhartiSales Agent1040121634102 November, 2021
Savel MaxineSales Agent1040121730109 December, 2021
Nassimi RaminSales Agent1040121751720 December, 2021
Beaujean LiyaSales Agent1040121798913 January, 2022
Pawa DhirajSales Agent1040121806318 January, 2022
Soberano CristinaSales Agent1040121821125 January, 2022
Burt ChariseSales Agent1040121830127 April, 2022
Johnson Betty KarenSales Agent1040121838031 January, 2022
Rodriguez Ruiz Lissette DSales Agent1040121858007 February, 2022
Chmiel NinaSales Agent1040121952014 March, 2022
Khan-gabriel CharleneSales Agent1040121965302 September, 2021
Caruso AlbertSales Agent1040121966118 March, 2022
Mouzon William CSales Agent1040122005028 February, 2022
Racktoo LionelSales Agent1040122065830 June, 2022
Walker Linda GSales Agent1040122160331 July, 2022
Sooklal Nerisa CeciliaSales Agent1040122203013 June, 2022
Chiert RichardSales Agent1040122226022 June, 2022
Reisch RichardSales Agent1040122238428 June, 2022
Kasow DarinaSales Agent1040122265307 July, 2022
Vassallo StefanoSales Agent1040122343103 August, 2022
Mcnair Nicole MSales Agent1040122414030 December, 2021
Abramov BenjaminSales Agent1040122455216 September, 2020
Latimer MatthewSales Agent1040122523317 October, 2020
Marino Theresa RSales Agent1040122545626 October, 2020
Mahmood Misbaah UddinSales Agent1040122689613 February, 2021
Tang XuSales Agent1040122912431 March, 2021
Bueno RachelSales Agent1040122970021 April, 2021
Dyer Andre OSales Agent1040123058924 May, 2021
Carre VictorSales Agent1040123086817 October, 2021
Benisatto AlexanderSales Agent1040123147226 June, 2021
Bearam White Andrea VSales Agent1040123175706 July, 2021
Estrada DelvisSales Agent1040123191511 July, 2021
Tejada DanielSales Agent1040123215911 November, 2021
Babayev EmmanuelSales Agent1040123355522 September, 2021
Li Yanjun MacySales Agent1040123367829 September, 2021
King DouglasSales Agent1040123386606 October, 2021
Khan Joel WilliamSales Agent1040123481118 November, 2021
Dantzler NatashaSales Agent1040123532825 September, 2020
Yousefi KhashaSales Agent1040123592614 January, 2022
Jagoo Marcia MSales Agent1040123663428 September, 2021
Lisio NicolinoSales Agent1040123673417 February, 2022
Bonilla Reinaldo ESales Agent1040123700801 March, 2022
Sharhan Anwar ASales Agent1040123902313 May, 2022
Plasterer CarlaSales Agent1040123929326 April, 2022
Sun SunnySales Agent1040124105523 July, 2022
Buissereth AlbertSales Agent1040124239420 December, 2020
Chowdhury BadrulSales Agent1040124257917 September, 2020
Wynter TarnishaSales Agent1040124346718 October, 2020
Chen YanSales Agent1040124359823 October, 2022
Cushman LiannaSales Agent1040124511102 January, 2021
Nevers Garth JrSales Agent1040124517115 April, 2021
Park RandeeSales Agent1040124606205 February, 2021
Mohammed BrandonSales Agent1040124665524 February, 2021
Smith-thomas Ingrid DSales Agent1040124680827 February, 2021
Qurashi Abdul AhadSales Agent1040124728813 March, 2021
Zhang YanSales Agent1040124868120 April, 2021
Vekiarellis PeterSales Agent1040124946913 May, 2021
Sheehy PatrickSales Agent1040125072719 June, 2021
Sahakiantz ArthurSales Agent1040125121210 February, 2022
Huang ZhaoxiaSales Agent1040125177121 July, 2021
Yao YanSales Agent1040125191224 July, 2021
Ranu Mukesh KSales Agent1040125206929 July, 2021
Eldora MaryanneSales Agent1040125219309 October, 2020
Dormeville StephanieSales Agent1040125256613 August, 2021
Mohamed ZorinaSales Agent1040125282320 August, 2021
Morbi NaziraliSales Agent1040125334905 September, 2021
Cooper Stewart MarcSales Agent1040125404525 September, 2021
Peterson Charles DSales Agent1040125409319 September, 2021
Mincone LindaSales Agent1040125448907 October, 2021
Cushman DavidSales Agent1040125452808 October, 2021
Barnes Claudia NSales Agent1040125487317 October, 2021
Yim Justein JSales Agent1040125520627 October, 2021
Davidowitch DeniseSales Agent1040125568007 November, 2021
Kulasa MarzenaSales Agent1040125678611 December, 2021
Jain AshimaSales Agent1040125701619 December, 2021
Marmo JanetSales Agent1040125703319 December, 2021
Berman DeborahSales Agent1040125720230 December, 2021
Gibbs MatthewSales Agent1040125803223 January, 2022
Borbee JoanSales Agent1040125828329 January, 2022
Mi ShicongSales Agent1040125876311 February, 2022
Scott LisaSales Agent1040125940928 February, 2022
Ramautar Leonard DSales Agent1040125941728 February, 2022
Cardenas JesseSales Agent1040125969406 March, 2022
Basel AnnaSales Agent1040125992112 March, 2022
Gorman JamieSales Agent1040125996213 March, 2022
Clarke MichaelSales Agent1040126007420 April, 2022
James PriscillaSales Agent1040126045426 March, 2022
Stanton Iv William EdwardSales Agent1040126052227 March, 2022
Ahmad KatherineSales Agent1040126138717 April, 2022
Mccoy SydneySales Agent1040126201230 April, 2022
Ertle George C.Sales Agent1040126237313 May, 2022
Garcia MiledySales Agent1040126312602 November, 2020
Dervovic ElmaSales Agent1040126315903 June, 2022
Keren AdamSales Agent1040126349911 June, 2022
Small CollinSales Agent1040126366909 November, 2020
Salvesen StevenSales Agent1040126381320 June, 2022
Kearney-bates ValerieSales Agent1040126382020 June, 2022
Wade WilfredSales Agent1040126424702 July, 2022
Martadarma Pradanita MSales Agent1040126434407 July, 2022
Smith Matthew RyanSales Agent1040126520931 July, 2022
White ShamelaSales Agent1040126607627 June, 2022
Zhu JianminSales Agent1040126637305 September, 2020
Mahadan KaySales Agent1040126685617 September, 2020
Gaeta MarkSales Agent1040126695719 September, 2020
Corsetti Janet GwenSales Agent1040126733801 October, 2020
Ungaro PaulSales Agent1040126790216 October, 2020
Leung Chia Chun KevinSales Agent1040126863105 November, 2020
Raffington CaraSales Agent1040126905717 November, 2020
Nurse David Joseph KennethSales Agent1040126958507 December, 2020
Or MarySales Agent1040127063012 January, 2021
Liu HuanyuSales Agent1040127096721 January, 2021
Virgile JasmineSales Agent1040127097221 January, 2021
Byrne RochelleSales Agent1040127144204 February, 2021
Zhuoma SidaSales Agent1040127177815 February, 2021
Weinberg BrianSales Agent1040127196519 February, 2021
Bates LeonardSales Agent1040127214625 February, 2021
Nahmiyas RivaSales Agent1040127216425 February, 2021
Lazo PetagaySales Agent1040127285913 March, 2021
Colonna GerardSales Agent1040127366001 April, 2021
Abbruzzese BarbaraSales Agent1040127366801 April, 2021
Martinez Goyes Pilar Del RocioSales Agent1040127425316 April, 2021
Smith Tarik SmithSales Agent1040127519209 May, 2021
Maharaj KaveerSales Agent1040127566421 May, 2021
Boone MarianaSales Agent1040127583227 May, 2021
Jones RiaSales Agent1040127644310 June, 2021
Molloy AllisonSales Agent1040127652912 June, 2021
Islam KhairulSales Agent1040127665115 March, 2021
Tang Yu-keSales Agent1040127694123 June, 2021
Masino Richard AndrewSales Agent1040127715430 June, 2021
Lee Chang Eun SarahSales Agent1040127740307 July, 2021
Chen Xiu YunSales Agent1040127830731 July, 2021
Silver Sarita KlineSales Agent1040127831602 August, 2021
Veltri NicholasSales Agent1040127846904 August, 2021
Tomlinson Wendy SSales Agent1040127890816 August, 2021
Silver Ashira ZiporaSales Agent1040127936726 August, 2021
Cutler DenaSales Agent1040127982308 September, 2021
Nandy SuvashisSales Agent1040127991209 September, 2021
Oula DonaldSales Agent1040128000813 September, 2021
Charles Stephens Trudianne NichelleSales Agent1040128028821 September, 2021
Jessie Robin LisaSales Agent1040128077405 October, 2021
Mostacci RobertSales Agent1040128081306 October, 2021
Raber TheresaSales Agent1040128097409 October, 2021
Shaughnessy StevenSales Agent1040128097909 October, 2021
Miano Ashley AnnSales Agent1040128125318 October, 2021
Silver Harvey EdwardSales Agent1040128169112 February, 2022
Lazauskas Kelly AnnSales Agent1040128212310 November, 2021
Hendawi SamiaSales Agent1040128242318 November, 2021
Yu LeonSales Agent1040128245919 November, 2021
Castracane ChristineSales Agent1040128302708 December, 2021
Fensterszaub CherylSales Agent1040128329215 December, 2021
Grossman BlumaSales Agent1040128329315 December, 2021
Rodriguez Alejandra JSales Agent1040128344519 February, 2021
Gonzalez-benavides Kelly MilagroSales Agent1040128420318 February, 2022
Maietta Michael JSales Agent1040128451612 September, 2021
Bratkowsky BrianSales Agent1040128454425 January, 2022
Wright JasonSales Agent1040128568923 February, 2022
Craigg TremayneSales Agent1040128578325 February, 2022
Thomatos MarthaSales Agent1040128678018 March, 2022
Bonura OliviaSales Agent1040128689220 March, 2022
Alessi SalvatoreSales Agent1040128697023 March, 2022
Reid Tashan QSales Agent1040128776819 May, 2022
Bandera RobertSales Agent1040128810617 April, 2022
Abreu Angel HarlenSales Agent1040128948219 May, 2022
Dwyer OlenaSales Agent1040128959806 July, 2022
Cabrera HeylinSales Agent1040128966528 July, 2022
Sinclair AvaSales Agent1040129020308 June, 2022
Meneses Ben OSales Agent1040129022009 June, 2022
Ricci GregorySales Agent1040129034113 June, 2022
Taylor Hakim TaylorSales Agent1040129037313 June, 2022
Munessar MichaelSales Agent1040129072922 June, 2022
Sutton Jr. CameronSales Agent1040129104129 June, 2022
Miller SeanSales Agent1040129134207 July, 2022
Babaev Khanimov KristinaSales Agent1040129153512 July, 2022
Castillo NelsonSales Agent1040129175118 July, 2022
Yang ChenSales Agent1040129204026 July, 2022
Ienna DebraSales Agent1040129285416 August, 2022
Sharma MomthaSales Agent1040129314023 August, 2020
Dimatteo Vito DimatteoSales Agent1040129384112 September, 2020
Harris-jackman DionneSales Agent1040129433822 September, 2022
Soregaroli JeanineSales Agent1040129494807 October, 2020
Marmorale CharlesSales Agent1040129544320 October, 2020
Adnan MohammadSales Agent1040129604807 November, 2020
Barragan Hugo G.Sales Agent1040129619221 December, 2020
Gallardo WalterSales Agent1040129714308 December, 2020
Thomas Johane CSales Agent1040129812109 January, 2021
Yitzu Chen LauraSales Agent1040129852719 January, 2021
Velasquez Wilmer JSales Agent1040129863823 January, 2021
Foo DonaldSales Agent1040129870225 January, 2021
Williams LyndaSales Agent1040129910705 February, 2021
Guglielmo YvonneSales Agent1040129923508 February, 2021
Syed MashoodSales Agent1040129956317 February, 2021
Cunny Clarence CunnySales Agent1040129979423 February, 2021
Li Yan LiSales Agent1040130069419 March, 2021
Isaac JuwelSales Agent1040130073620 March, 2021
Carroll DwainSales Agent1040130107328 March, 2021
Thomas TakiyahSales Agent1040130126431 March, 2021
Kalia AmitSales Agent1040130174712 April, 2021
Shin HeejeungSales Agent1040130212324 April, 2021
Sharma RajivSales Agent1040130230827 April, 2021
Barden Alicia RSales Agent1040130235827 April, 2021
Sordilli RosannaSales Agent1040130307116 May, 2021
Dudley M ASales Agent1040130499828 June, 2021
Kim Sun Hea DebiSales Agent1040130548116 January, 2022
Galvez Luis EnriqueSales Agent1040130561113 July, 2021
Jean Jacques MackensonSales Agent1040130652908 August, 2021
Simone Christine CSales Agent1040130670214 August, 2021
Ding YongSales Agent1040130752504 September, 2021
Sinai TomerSales Agent1040130758705 September, 2021
Bah Humu HawaSales Agent1040130778211 September, 2021
Kelly LiSales Agent1040130822722 September, 2021
Zhu ZhenSales Agent1040130957030 October, 2021
Sanchez Maria PiedadSales Agent1040130978605 November, 2021
Roach Donnet ASales Agent1040131033421 November, 2021
Mouscardy Tommy MouscardySales Agent1040131172404 January, 2022
Hsu Chung YaoSales Agent1040131222918 January, 2022
Haque Tawsiful HaqueSales Agent1040131235722 January, 2022
Perlman CraigSales Agent1040131282805 February, 2022
Stroke ShawnSales Agent1040131346022 February, 2022
Williams-zimpa LakeishaSales Agent1040131442518 March, 2022
Adams NicholasSales Agent1040131490931 March, 2022
Nawaz Muhammad SaeedSales Agent1040131763106 June, 2022
Axelrod Andrew CSales Agent1040131986106 August, 2022
Mccoy ZoeSales Agent1040132016613 August, 2022
Golding TerrickSales Agent1040132027115 August, 2022
Umphlett RossSales Agent1040132053923 August, 2022
Murtha NicholasSales Agent1040132151919 September, 2020
Locascio CallenSales Agent1040132157420 September, 2020
Crespo CassieSales Agent1040132160520 September, 2020
Carrabotta MicheleSales Agent1040132216905 October, 2020
Pinto Kimberly ASales Agent1040132260618 October, 2020
Martinez JoseSales Agent1040132265721 October, 2020
Chan Alice Lai YeeSales Agent1040132333807 November, 2020
Rosenthal HowardSales Agent1040132459918 December, 2020
Hamid AbrahamSales Agent1040132479427 December, 2020
Manko EmanuelaSales Agent1040132503806 January, 2021
Hua MengSales Agent1040132539915 January, 2021
Hossain Md FSales Agent1040132597131 January, 2021
Figaro Anthony B.Sales Agent1040132611004 February, 2021
Kalra PriyaSales Agent1040132639711 February, 2021
Garcia Jose DavidSales Agent1040132641311 February, 2021
Vasquez Leslie AnnSales Agent1040132648513 February, 2021
Postell AtiyaSales Agent1040132737610 March, 2021
Valentine Crystal RSales Agent1040132762714 March, 2021
Ritholtz Richard ScottSales Agent1040132764615 March, 2021
Paulsaint RandySales Agent1040132837402 April, 2021
Greene NueviaSales Agent1040132945629 April, 2021
Torres RoySales Agent1040132964602 May, 2021
Agyin FrancisSales Agent1040133011013 May, 2021
Calcerano Jr Ronald JSales Agent1040133169824 June, 2021
Kagan AndrewSales Agent1040133170024 June, 2021
Dasel TenzinSales Agent1040133190727 June, 2021
Ruiz MaritzaSales Agent1040133191228 June, 2021
Fouzalov VlacheslavSales Agent1040133201301 July, 2021
Mohammed KathieSales Agent1040133207402 July, 2021
Vogt Charles GSales Agent1040133215007 July, 2021
Angwin Evelyn ASales Agent1040133219508 July, 2021
Laurent DelsonSales Agent1040133323807 August, 2021
Kalia MohitSales Agent1040133359416 August, 2021
Sourelos Nikki EmilySales Agent1040133368019 August, 2021
Mussington JaleelSales Agent1040133402328 August, 2021
Kundra VishalSales Agent1040133534803 October, 2021
Medina Joseph ASales Agent1040133557209 October, 2021
Obrien Alice ASales Agent1040133639004 November, 2021
Pasquale NicoleSales Agent1040133645005 November, 2021
Xu HuiSales Agent1040133653307 November, 2021
Kwok Mei-chauSales Agent1040133742505 December, 2021
Martinez MauricioSales Agent1040133757510 December, 2021
Jimenez PriscillaSales Agent1040134057305 March, 2022
Sprague JimmySales Agent1040134076411 March, 2022
Olumuyide Esther OyinkansolaSales Agent1040134076911 March, 2022
Sarubbi DawnSales Agent1040134082112 March, 2022
Zuclich RobertSales Agent1040134152005 June, 2022
Gunter Akeel SSales Agent1040134236709 August, 2022
Agranoff LawrenceAssociate Broker30AG099494407 November, 2020
Alexis Kwame LAssociate Broker30AL100054127 May, 2022
Alexander Sydney PAssociate Broker30AL103890215 January, 2022
Antonacci Alessandro LAssociate Broker30AN110203709 February, 2022
Anninos RosariaAssociate Broker30AN112239203 December, 2020
Athanasopoulos ChristineAssociate Broker30AT085019125 May, 2021
Balog WalterAssociate Broker30BA079247425 May, 2021
Barkai UriAssociate Broker30BA082340023 March, 2021
Beder JackieAssociate Broker30BE093453313 October, 2021
Bernfeld HalAssociate Broker30BE117268302 February, 2022
Blake Brian RAssociate Broker30BL111749508 June, 2022
Bostwick Gainor RAssociate Broker30BO090354930 November, 2020
Brown Susan RAssociate Broker30BR067507702 July, 2021
Brown Angela EAssociate Broker30BR117789704 February, 2022
Burrell Michael BAssociate Broker30BU093887819 November, 2021
Carranza Jose LAssociate Broker30CA074025511 January, 2021
Campos Luis AAssociate Broker30CA078595902 November, 2020
Ceng Chang ChaoAssociate Broker30CE100846519 June, 2021
Checca Stephen OAssociate Broker30CH108268425 May, 2021
Clarke Peter AAssociate Broker30CL095837817 January, 2022
Corliss Edward JAssociate Broker30CO066076307 December, 2021
Crudo Patrick AAssociate Broker30CR026158803 March, 2022
Ertle GeriAssociate Broker30ER092401515 March, 2022
Esencan FarukAssociate Broker30ES095641812 December, 2020
Faretra SilviaAssociate Broker30FA095756822 June, 2022
Fehn Heidi RAssociate Broker30FE082419119 January, 2022
Freundlich Marian IAssociate Broker30FR090118529 September, 2021
Gaffney JudithAssociate Broker30GA072907516 May, 2022
Gee Mei YingAssociate Broker30GE094909125 April, 2021
Gesuale PatriciaAssociate Broker30GE099570306 September, 2021
Haque Mohammed MAssociate Broker30HA084050518 February, 2021
Hart Peter HAssociate Broker30HA095166227 June, 2022
Hayes Jennifer MAssociate Broker30HA113666625 June, 2022
Heller LianeAssociate Broker30HE064049209 February, 2022
Infante VianaAssociate Broker30IN091354209 February, 2022
Jodha KaranAssociate Broker30JO089374614 April, 2021
Jones Cox LeotisAssociate Broker30JO102420101 August, 2021
Katz CaroleAssociate Broker30KA076188221 November, 2020
Kang Zoo HeeAssociate Broker30KA093269202 July, 2022
Kalia PankajAssociate Broker30KA115626507 December, 2021
Keveson Maria EAssociate Broker30KE090640817 January, 2022
Koo Myungjin LAssociate Broker30KO079093230 March, 2021
Kopp Deborah AAssociate Broker30KO102080210 May, 2021
Ko Chang HyunAssociate Broker30KO110085804 February, 2022
Krieger SusannAssociate Broker30KR086199424 October, 2021
Krynska Monika MAssociate Broker30KR103926902 October, 2020
Lee Yuh ChyiAssociate Broker30LE088314715 January, 2021
Livingstone Sylvester HAssociate Broker30LI050556111 October, 2021
Lobello Angela MAssociate Broker30LO088727204 December, 2020
Marmorale Anthony MAssociate Broker30MA074641001 March, 2022
Mahadeo PrahaladAssociate Broker30MA097331815 February, 2022
Magnus Carl JAssociate Broker30MA100384920 October, 2020
Mccaffery Sean MAssociate Broker30MC114184424 January, 2021
Mihailescu VictorAssociate Broker30MI085105926 February, 2021
Milillo JohnAssociate Broker30MI095029416 April, 2022
Miranda Sherry AAssociate Broker30MI111738514 June, 2022
Modi Mehul MAssociate Broker30MO081178922 August, 2021
Morales PatriciaAssociate Broker30MO092120222 November, 2020
Moyer Lori AAssociate Broker30MO098352025 January, 2021
Montalvo JuanAssociate Broker30MO101586120 April, 2022
Nanda Atampal SAssociate Broker30NA109989203 December, 2021
Oissar LucilleAssociate Broker30OI073369117 July, 2021
Oscar KenolAssociate Broker30OS084917806 January, 2021
Lucana Morales AndreaAssociate Broker30PA055649921 December, 2021
Pekurney Paul WAssociate Broker30PE071575612 May, 2021
Peterson George FAssociate Broker30PE097368814 February, 2021
Portaro Annmarie DAssociate Broker30PO103318830 November, 2021
Reimers James BAssociate Broker30RE085699008 August, 2021
Rivas Omar DAssociate Broker30RI110401610 July, 2021
Rodas Wilson AAssociate Broker30RO094085304 June, 2022
Roopnarine Peter JAssociate Broker30RO105288206 February, 2021
Salvesen DianeAssociate Broker30SA075496208 November, 2020
Schook Dominick JAssociate Broker30SC067543006 March, 2021
Schtakleff AlexAssociate Broker30SC078706424 September, 2020
Sedaghatzandi LadanAssociate Broker30SE103716724 November, 2020
Siper LindaAssociate Broker30SI046998328 February, 2021
Sinclair Lyphroy MAssociate Broker30SI099290904 August, 2021
Strickland Barbara FAssociate Broker30ST080172102 August, 2022
Thackurdeen SandraAssociate Broker30TH082620209 December, 2021
Treue Cappelli ConstanceAssociate Broker30TR084256122 November, 2021
Tronto TonyAssociate Broker30TR087762415 July, 2022
Trester Mary DAssociate Broker30TR095498928 August, 2021
Valis JohnAssociate Broker30VA098025203 May, 2021
Vultaggio Amy MAssociate Broker30VU095567508 October, 2020
Walsh Lawrence DAssociate Broker30WA110140405 November, 2021
White Van PAssociate Broker30WH092457704 May, 2021
Wilcox Michael JAssociate Broker30WI070545310 March, 2022
Yearwood Lloyd AAssociate Broker30YE090629107 March, 2022
Yunitis John SAssociate Broker30YU117074831 October, 2021
Moshe Joseph MCorporate Broker31MO110899421 March, 2022
Acerra Sandra LSales Agent40AC092567313 March, 2021
Affrunti Christopher PSales Agent40AF097860709 May, 2021
Agranoff SheilaSales Agent40AG099494605 August, 2021
Akerberg MaureenSales Agent40AK087958818 August, 2022
Alam KousarSales Agent40AL102142623 June, 2022
Ali RaffiqueSales Agent40AL104661008 December, 2020
Alston Albert LSales Agent40AL110037601 April, 2021
Allain OlivierSales Agent40AL110969612 March, 2022
Alvarez Jose EddieSales Agent40AL112808804 March, 2021
Albert LadislauSales Agent40AL117704825 January, 2022
Amiri MariamSales Agent40AM089562310 July, 2021
Ames Loretta CSales Agent40AM094851418 May, 2022
Anandani ManjitSales Agent40AN108305226 March, 2021
Appel Eileen JSales Agent40AP108343523 August, 2021
Arra Maureen PSales Agent40AR116212331 July, 2021
Au Geoffrey WSales Agent40AU102667902 September, 2020
Avellino Carmine JrSales Agent40AV116279913 August, 2021
Axmacher Kerrin BSales Agent40AX096786223 December, 2020
Bauman AllenSales Agent40BA043091404 January, 2022
Bartolozzi MaryannSales Agent40BA078792501 March, 2021
Barone John TorresSales Agent40BA086175305 April, 2022
Mahadeo Nandranie VSales Agent40BA099786329 October, 2020
Bazelais Sandra CSales Agent40BA108904019 November, 2021
Baveghems Cedric A JrSales Agent40BA116958015 October, 2021
Barrett Junior ASales Agent40BA117336514 January, 2022
Baxter Ena DSales Agent40BA117931424 August, 2022
Benoit Jean MSales Agent40BE070867712 May, 2021
Beech Melvin MSales Agent40BE088157603 March, 2021
Beddoe Joann NSales Agent40BE096096803 March, 2021
Berger Alan ChristopherSales Agent40BE100508812 November, 2021
Belgrave RuthSales Agent40BE105785209 March, 2021
Berthold JohnSales Agent40BE106011229 January, 2022
Benavides Jesus NSales Agent40BE111160005 May, 2022
Bello Felix FSales Agent40BE116509406 September, 2021
Bhasin Shakti KSales Agent40BH112460623 August, 2022
Bibeau Manon JSales Agent40BI115381918 March, 2021
Blake Annmarie DSales Agent40BL097824416 June, 2021
Bouzi MatthieuSales Agent40BO093381731 July, 2021
Arcilesi MariannaSales Agent40BO095851030 March, 2021
Bohorquez Telmo ESales Agent40BO104964724 February, 2021
Bowe StephanieSales Agent40BO116499008 June, 2021
Brusca Joseph TSales Agent40BR085266626 February, 2022
Brusca Laura ASales Agent40BR087409509 October, 2021
Brown Cheryl ASales Agent40BR103569423 November, 2021
Bruen Matthew JSales Agent40BR103804205 October, 2020
Breest Barbara AnnSales Agent40BR104388327 June, 2021
Bramwell Debbie Ann PSales Agent40BR104427923 November, 2020
Burgos Mirelis ASales Agent40BU091694412 March, 2021
Carrero Ruth ESales Agent40CA064392326 September, 2021
Carr Milton CSales Agent40CA073856328 February, 2022
Cacioli LindaSales Agent40CA085608506 June, 2021
Carter Reginald LSales Agent40CA086150226 March, 2022
Carrero DaisySales Agent40CA090099619 November, 2020
Caviness Gregory JSales Agent40CA090329518 November, 2020
Campbell Sharon CSales Agent40CA091739527 October, 2021
Canale JosephineSales Agent40CA091756319 September, 2022
Camaratta Joseph ASales Agent40CA096463418 October, 2022
Carr Kim DSales Agent40CA102256928 April, 2022
Calle Rosa HSales Agent40CA104380817 November, 2020
Canty Patrick JSales Agent40CA106377608 April, 2021
Carty Leroy NSales Agent40CA112135824 August, 2022
Casale Joseph MSales Agent40CA113296502 December, 2021
Carrington Angela DSales Agent40CA114577405 June, 2021
Carpenito Americo MSales Agent40CA115487222 May, 2021
Carranceja Mary Josephine GSales Agent40CA115696511 June, 2021
Chavez Carmen ASales Agent40CH090777802 March, 2022
Chaney Philip DSales Agent40CH097547802 April, 2021
Affrunti AnnaSales Agent40CH097860315 May, 2021
Chang Ju FenSales Agent40CH106947116 May, 2021
Chang PaulSales Agent40CH112630912 September, 2020
Chen Dian XiangSales Agent40CH117091108 November, 2021
Clarke Stanley ISales Agent40CL087563002 February, 2021
Clark Stacy SSales Agent40CL113734027 April, 2021
Clemente Patino Wendy YSales Agent40CL115846706 August, 2022
Cooper Seiba MSales Agent40CO092815724 April, 2021
Cooke WalterSales Agent40CO102826204 September, 2020
Corso Lisa ASales Agent40CO110961727 April, 2022
Cole LuceroSales Agent40CO113356602 November, 2020
Cruz Maria ElenaSales Agent40CR082410007 June, 2021
Cruz Miguel ASales Agent40CR089411424 January, 2021
Crofton JohnSales Agent40CR117387815 March, 2022
Cunningham Shaun DSales Agent40CU097479005 February, 2021
Cunha TammySales Agent40CU098446103 April, 2021
Davis Donna MSales Agent40DA096599103 January, 2022
Daly CarolSales Agent40DA104338819 March, 2021
Degeorge Randi LSales Agent40DE084534515 August, 2022
Devine SebastianaSales Agent40DE108422829 August, 2021
Desena Cynthia ASales Agent40DE111345123 June, 2022
Delacruz Richard OSales Agent40DE112855411 December, 2021
Dhawan JyotiSales Agent40DH104810324 March, 2021
Dial Oneil SSales Agent40DI106073924 March, 2021
Dieterich Lauren LSales Agent40DI115760515 June, 2021
Doha ShamsudSales Agent40DO087758626 May, 2022
Donegan Brian CSales Agent40DO108567917 January, 2022
Dorio TheresaSales Agent40DO112338201 August, 2022
Drake Margaret LSales Agent40DR115175717 April, 2021
Dryjas ElizabethSales Agent40DR116280419 November, 2021
Ejnes RichardSales Agent40EJ114475722 April, 2021
Emek Nilufer NSales Agent40EM095090301 May, 2022
Erondu Lynda NnentaSales Agent40ER112984705 October, 2020
Errigo Denise ASales Agent40ER113593616 November, 2020
Espier Robert BSales Agent40ES101261720 June, 2022
Esslinger William GSales Agent40ES113674008 March, 2021
Evans JeffreySales Agent40EV105351228 February, 2021
Farina Lisa MSales Agent40FA093992220 November, 2021
Faver Todd TSales Agent40FA110235730 January, 2021
Fennimore GeriSales Agent40FE081759825 January, 2021
Felisca Marc CharlesSales Agent40FE089545106 February, 2022
Fenderson DonaldSales Agent40FE092532301 March, 2021
Fernandez Raysa RSales Agent40FE117648404 April, 2021
Fleming Kyle MSales Agent40FL106914611 October, 2021
Forlano KarenSales Agent40FO110047431 January, 2022
Francois MarleneSales Agent40FR100117609 April, 2022
Frazier DonnaSales Agent40FR103545303 September, 2022
Funes Roxana ESales Agent40FU106250829 March, 2021
Gao Xiao AnSales Agent40GA080331308 March, 2022
Garzon Pane Andrea GSales Agent40GA104049008 December, 2020
Gannon Karen ASales Agent40GA105502201 April, 2021
Germade Jose ESales Agent40GE112086911 July, 2022
Gear Thompson Carolyn ESales Agent40GE115667603 August, 2021
Reeves LatishaSales Agent40GI113253529 April, 2021
Giovanniello AnnmarieSales Agent40GI116959219 October, 2021
Glenn Colin FSales Agent40GL116716902 November, 2020
Gonzalez EvelynSales Agent40GO083292802 June, 2022
Gopaul SurujdaiSales Agent40GO095287703 June, 2022
Goffe Michelle ASales Agent40GO110508407 March, 2022
Gordon DoreenSales Agent40GO118069405 March, 2022
Griparic ChristopherSales Agent40GR102330928 July, 2022
Grynspan Howard SSales Agent40GR115578208 June, 2021
Gray Virgil Shinita RSales Agent40GR116560101 April, 2021
Guglielmo Joseph PSales Agent40GU101026013 September, 2020
Gulfin Francisco TSales Agent40GU108672523 September, 2021
Muthu Donna JSales Agent40HA105918519 June, 2021
Hahn YunjiSales Agent40HA107802719 July, 2021
Hannibal David MSales Agent40HA112049714 July, 2022
Haley Mizuno MaureenSales Agent40HA115170816 June, 2021
Hemans Nicoya SSales Agent40HE099280426 August, 2021
Hooks LavetteSales Agent40HO114335501 February, 2021
Hofmann Heather MSales Agent40HO117139606 November, 2021
Humphry Amelia ASales Agent40HU105047222 March, 2021
Huston AudreySales Agent40HU105165327 January, 2021
Valmond-stuppard Eunice JSales Agent40HY116460405 September, 2021
Imam HassanSales Agent40IM103282003 August, 2022
Inverary Christine GSales Agent40IN082192404 May, 2021
Iqbal SiamaSales Agent40IQ085054128 March, 2021
Islam SyfulSales Agent40IS095678817 July, 2022
Jarvis Paola GSales Agent40JA104012828 January, 2021
Jaikaran Rajain DSales Agent40JA107357815 June, 2021
Johnson Carla PSales Agent40JO101488426 June, 2022
Johnson Maurice ESales Agent40JO110765820 March, 2022
Jones Kimberly JanelleSales Agent40JO117103907 November, 2021
Karabay MahmudaSales Agent40KA102040130 March, 2022
Katsanos MariaSales Agent40KA103172609 September, 2020
Katsanos Safarikas AnastasiaSales Agent40KA103172709 September, 2020
Kaplan Ken NSales Agent40KA104805128 December, 2020
Kelly Dexter CSales Agent40KE112153818 July, 2022
Kehinde Patrick OSales Agent40KE113369402 October, 2020
Keene Vernon LSales Agent40KE115910431 December, 2021
Khazanovich FilyaSales Agent40KH084499826 September, 2020
Khan Kamal WSales Agent40KH111708306 June, 2022
Khan AyeshaSales Agent40KH113321022 March, 2021
Kiernan Salvatore ASales Agent40KI100196723 June, 2022
Kmiotek Patricia RSales Agent40KM090064028 September, 2021
Kokkinos CleopatraSales Agent40KO109083029 January, 2022
Kobeck John SSales Agent40KO113564719 November, 2021
Kralstein AlmarieSales Agent40KR105155726 January, 2021
Krollage DomenicaSales Agent40KR109026919 October, 2021
Kugelman Judy CSales Agent40KU115494127 June, 2021
Lachhman NafeizaSales Agent40LA082554525 November, 2020
Lantigua Katya YSales Agent40LA109854817 January, 2022
Latimer Karen DSales Agent40LA113783918 December, 2020
Leonardis Roger ASales Agent40LE088518429 August, 2020
Lemanya AlphonsusSales Agent40LE116805728 September, 2021
Liu JaneSales Agent40LI085185506 September, 2021
Liu TongSales Agent40LI089935231 August, 2021
Lien Jennifer SSales Agent40LI109212309 November, 2021
Litchfield Carol ASales Agent40LI116112020 July, 2021
Lovell Renee KSales Agent40LO104144123 February, 2021
Cardozo Christine ASales Agent40LO109672816 March, 2022
Lounds William CSales Agent40LO111433215 May, 2022
Maldonado RaymondSales Agent40MA081958524 March, 2022
Martinelli VincentSales Agent40MA092927515 May, 2021
Mazzitelli CarmelaSales Agent40MA098077924 March, 2021
Machowski Bernadette ZSales Agent40MA098710402 June, 2021
Mattos ChristineSales Agent40MA103588310 September, 2020
Martinez IsabelSales Agent40MA107197919 August, 2022
Lara AdrianaSales Agent40MA109487712 April, 2022
Mathieu Jacob ISales Agent40MA112309522 October, 2020
Benavides NayitSales Agent40MA112385917 April, 2021
Metz George G JrSales Agent40ME093613507 December, 2021
Mervilus PierreSales Agent40ME103643723 September, 2022
Menzer Charles ASales Agent40ME106340806 June, 2021
Mercado SuzetteSales Agent40ME111934105 July, 2022
Midy YvesSales Agent40MI057893416 January, 2022
Middleton Valerie JSales Agent40MI100928702 April, 2021
Miranda Fabian MauricioSales Agent40MI107991826 October, 2021
Miller Patrice MSales Agent40MI109448512 April, 2022
Monaco Frances MSales Agent40MO084359002 March, 2021
Moseley William JSales Agent40MO093078708 June, 2021
Morin Ileana RSales Agent40MO099442819 November, 2020
Monda TeresaSales Agent40MO107475903 September, 2021
Mongelluzzo Donna TSales Agent40MO111146729 April, 2021
Moore A MilesSales Agent40MO115582829 March, 2021
Moshe IsabelSales Agent40MO116724231 October, 2021
Muirhead Garth CSales Agent40MU093461822 May, 2022
Muirhead Gregg PSales Agent40MU096820026 July, 2021
Murphy MatthewSales Agent40MU108147005 August, 2021
Delgado AlejandraSales Agent40MU110592013 March, 2022
Murphy Robert MSales Agent40MU117527216 February, 2022
Nolan Catherine ASales Agent40NO096868326 March, 2021
Nurse Aubrey V JrSales Agent40NU110252510 October, 2020
Onorato PamelaSales Agent40ON092629402 August, 2021
Pagi ViktoriyaSales Agent40PA082176618 April, 2021
Pauley Kimberly FSales Agent40PA085346921 August, 2021
Pae MikoungSales Agent40PA096603901 November, 2020
Parham Debra JSales Agent40PA097335713 January, 2021
Pando TasiaSales Agent40PA103407617 March, 2021
Parisi Richard ASales Agent40PA105462613 September, 2021
Papadakis GeorgiaSales Agent40PA110794517 March, 2022
Parlewicz MalgorzataSales Agent40PA111490831 May, 2022
Papastratis DinaSales Agent40PA111533225 May, 2022
Patterson Loraine ASales Agent40PA111977607 July, 2022
Patel JayshreeSales Agent40PA112203028 December, 2020
Park Yun MoSales Agent40PA114589301 March, 2021
Pereira Paulo SSales Agent40PE085166417 June, 2021
Perkins Alvin WSales Agent40PE101715308 March, 2022
Persaud ReggieSales Agent40PE113170110 November, 2021
Persaud Myrna ISales Agent40PE115788110 May, 2021
Pierre LefortSales Agent40PI108934018 October, 2021
Picucci Jennifer MSales Agent40PI116508517 January, 2022
Prince Winston ESales Agent40PR095658914 November, 2020
Prakash ShobaSales Agent40PR104170602 November, 2020
Princivil LoyolaSales Agent40PR114583706 November, 2020
Ratimorska MonikaSales Agent40RA091504925 July, 2022
Ray ShaunSales Agent40RA093336821 December, 2020
Rampersad Kamerick OSales Agent40RA093441513 January, 2021
Ramdeen VickashSales Agent40RA095857211 March, 2021
Ramdharry Andrew KSales Agent40RA105075505 May, 2021
Ramlall RichardSales Agent40RA105444224 August, 2021
Racanelli Marie GSales Agent40RA105637430 June, 2021
Ramezani Mahasty SSales Agent40RA106211920 September, 2021
Rafael Vitaliano VSales Agent40RA109181215 April, 2022
Raber JamesSales Agent40RA116469130 August, 2021
Reinoso Samuel ISales Agent40RE098095525 February, 2021
Reisner ElisaSales Agent40RE103241813 January, 2021
Reddan Karen LSales Agent40RE108951818 October, 2021
Rehman Shams UrSales Agent40RE110350422 February, 2022
Ricciuti Lori ESales Agent40RI085145805 March, 2021
Rodriguez LitsieSales Agent40RO084912708 June, 2021
Roffe Sheryl MSales Agent40RO086015609 September, 2021
Rosenberg PaulaSales Agent40RO097360307 January, 2021
Rodriguez Cirilo SSales Agent40RO100789316 December, 2021
Ross Eton LSales Agent40RO113312207 November, 2020
Romano Danielle DSales Agent40RO117403803 February, 2022
Rudolph Beth ESales Agent40RU101620131 December, 2020
Peres Alexa LSales Agent40RU107095319 May, 2021
Sarubbi Patrick MSales Agent40SA086907008 July, 2022
Santulin Laurie RSales Agent40SA104515529 November, 2020
Santa Jose VSales Agent40SA108568202 July, 2022
Sadlo JustineSales Agent40SA111856522 June, 2022
Sanacore JeanmarieSales Agent40SA117523520 December, 2021
Scully Suzanne ESales Agent40SC110882704 April, 2022
Schmitt LaurieSales Agent40SC111406519 July, 2022
Stratton Cherolyn LSales Agent40SH087121403 June, 2022
Sher MariaSales Agent40SH091243705 June, 2022
Sharaga HedvaSales Agent40SH103697023 September, 2022
Sheridan Anne MSales Agent40SH105912925 September, 2021
Shields Scott Janet KSales Agent40SH111000030 March, 2022
Singh RaminderSales Agent40SI101652101 March, 2022
Simmons Barry LSales Agent40SI105630815 July, 2021
Singh Savita SSales Agent40SI109132205 March, 2022
Simone Joseph HSales Agent40SI110900931 March, 2022
Spina Carolyn TSales Agent40SP090130012 November, 2021
Spivey ReneeSales Agent40SP107340631 July, 2021
Spencer KingsleySales Agent40SP116941118 October, 2021
Sternlicht CarlSales Agent40ST051705530 November, 2021
Steinberg Pamela JSales Agent40ST107566623 June, 2021
Stewart NadeenSales Agent40ST111285026 June, 2022
Suarez RicardoSales Agent40SU115010720 May, 2021
Taylor GannellSales Agent40TA085477625 June, 2021
Tarantino Ralph FSales Agent40TA092658827 March, 2021
Taylor Linval ASales Agent40TA099758302 September, 2021
Taylor Temra KSales Agent40TA110285910 June, 2022
Thomas Virginia CSales Agent40TH094474814 February, 2022
Thomas Valerie MSales Agent40TH097380606 June, 2021
Thomas Lance ESales Agent40TH100993401 February, 2022
Thomas Patrick ASales Agent40TH108395314 October, 2020
Thompson Patrick MSales Agent40TH113956405 January, 2021
Destefano Tobin GinaSales Agent40TO098563117 March, 2022
Tonderella AngelaSales Agent40TO106184421 March, 2021
Tropaitis EleniSales Agent40TR083715811 June, 2021
Tyburczy MalgorzataSales Agent40TY116823607 January, 2022
Ungaro CarolynSales Agent40UN113399611 March, 2021
Ungaro NicholasSales Agent40UN113974016 July, 2021
Uzan YehoshuaSales Agent40UZ108873925 November, 2020
Valis Sandra LSales Agent40VA096084529 August, 2022
Vaughan Desiree ESales Agent40VA105037813 January, 2021
Vergara MarySales Agent40VE066274225 November, 2021
Villacreses Fabian PSales Agent40VI111346212 May, 2022
Wallace Denise MSales Agent40WA095544714 September, 2020
Walia MandeepSales Agent40WA115296225 April, 2021
Weiss LaurieSales Agent40WE094758819 March, 2022
Wei Whai Chil CathSales Agent40WE117995303 March, 2022
Williams John RSales Agent40WI089066212 January, 2022
Williams WinstonSales Agent40WI102497618 May, 2022
Wint Theodore K JrSales Agent40WI104775820 December, 2020
Williams PaulineSales Agent40WI111922228 June, 2022
Williams Tonya LSales Agent40WI112570418 July, 2021
Williams DarnellSales Agent40WI115645231 May, 2021
Wojtusiak Lawrence MSales Agent40WO097127616 December, 2020
Woroch Zwenyslawa AniziaSales Agent40WO105977603 December, 2021
Wojcik IwonaSales Agent40WO106314406 April, 2021
Yu MichelleSales Agent40YU096966408 March, 2021
Zappoli Adele MSales Agent40ZA070587913 September, 2020
Zarama JaimeSales Agent40ZA113931315 June, 2021
Zachariah TomsSales Agent40ZA116338130 June, 2022
Zhang EnnaSales Agent40ZH098687408 July, 2021
Zory Frank JSales Agent40ZO098129825 May, 2021

Branch offices of Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc

As per our records, there are 3 branch office/s of Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc (Real Estate Principal Office) at different locations as mentioned below.
Employee NameLocationLicense NumberNo. of Employees
Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc217-04 Northern Boulevard, Bayside1039120016712
Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc220 Ferris Avenue, Suite 202c, White Plains103912005404
Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc275 West Main Street, Suite 101, Sayville103912007269

Address Location for Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc
Real Estate Principal Offices in Nassau County, NY
Phoenix Organization

Real Estate Corporation
2250 Washington Ave, Suite 1-ground Floor, Seaford, NY 11783
Piermont Properties Inc

Real Estate Corporation
865 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590
Pignataro Danielle S

Real Estate Corporation
1061 Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598
Pikus Rubin

Real Estate Corporation
42 Bayview Ave, Manhasset, NY 11030
Pilgrim Realty Inc

Real Estate Corporation
3366 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Pillari Thomas V

Real Estate Corporation
114 Old Country Rd Ste 652, Mineola, NY 11501
Pinzino Stephen D

Real Estate Corporation
160 Plandome Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030
Piping Rock Associates Inc

Real Estate Corporation
94 Ryefield Road, Locust Valley, NY 11560