City Connections Realty Inc

Real Estate Corporation

71 W 23rd St Ste 1001, New York, New York, 10010

City Connections Realty Inc is a licensed real estate principal office in New York, New York and is in the business of real estate transactions in New York County of New York. Licensed real estate professionals / entities are also commonly referred to as real estate agents or Realtors. The real estate license number 109920435 was issued to City Connections Realty Inc by NYS Department of State (Division of Licensing Services). The status of license is Active and address listed on City Connections Realty Inc's license document is 71 W 23rd St Ste 1001, New York, New York, 10010.

City Connections Realty Inc has a license type of Real Estate Principal Office which allows a real estate professional or entity to perform services such as selling, buying, renting, auctioning, advertising of real estate properties for compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage which is generally negotiable.

Realtor's Profile

NameCity Connections Realty Inc
CredentialsReal Estate Principal Office
Contact Address71 W 23rd St Ste 1001, New York, New York, 10010
License Number109920435
CountyNew York County

License Status

Real Estate License 109920435
License TypeReal Estate Principal Office
License StatusActive

Employees of City Connections Realty Inc

As per our records, there are 83 real estate agents who are currently working for City Connections Realty Inc (Real Estate Principal Office).
Employee NameCredentialsLicense NumberValidity
Parsegian JohnAssociate Broker1030120007513 February, 2021
Gandelman Fanny AAssociate Broker1030120492624 January, 2021
Palumbo Yin ChenAssociate Broker1030120537012 July, 2021
Klugman Laurie MAssociate Broker1030120560929 January, 2021
Azarian Adina EAssociate Broker1030120624730 May, 2022
Kawai YukoAssociate Broker1030120895622 July, 2021
Asch Stephen MAssociate Broker1030120897130 July, 2021
Farb RichardAssociate Broker1030120911510 September, 2021
Malul Amnon MAssociate Broker1030120958716 January, 2022
Kaneko Elizabeth JAssociate Broker1030121320705 May, 2022
Rehani BobbyAssociate Broker1030121385406 October, 2020
Beczynski ThomasAssociate Broker1030121398213 November, 2020
Rhinier Jesse CAssociate Broker1030121426531 January, 2021
Hsu WenAssociate Broker1030121528905 October, 2021
Mecum Alexander MAssociate Broker1030121556112 December, 2021
Yosefoff ElvinaAssociate Broker1030121564909 January, 2022
Kiyan Gary EAssociate Broker1030121670419 September, 2020
Quintero Barbara KAssociate Broker1030121709806 January, 2021
Zhou YunjieAssociate Broker1030121799114 August, 2021
Saintdenissanchez Philip RSales Agent1040120015123 April, 2022
Tiboris StephanieSales Agent1040120347330 July, 2022
Lebow Sara MSales Agent1040120961928 March, 2021
Gholyan Moghaddam HoneySales Agent1040120990208 September, 2021
Punjabi AnoopSales Agent1040121097212 April, 2021
Brenes Adolfo Jose IiiSales Agent1040121433128 July, 2021
Oros GabriellaSales Agent1040122126803 October, 2020
Oros LidiyaSales Agent1040122693415 May, 2021
Colvin Nicholas AndrewSales Agent1040123653115 October, 2021
Torres Ronald JohnSales Agent1040124569318 August, 2021
Katsanis Nicole MarieSales Agent1040124614301 May, 2021
Thompson EdwinSales Agent1040124815507 April, 2021
Albers JessicaSales Agent1040125178521 July, 2021
Farias Leo AnthonySales Agent1040125253312 August, 2021
Alicea ChristopherSales Agent1040125487517 October, 2021
Niwinski MeganSales Agent1040125774914 January, 2022
Dourigan ThomasSales Agent1040126128803 March, 2022
Shen HuizhongSales Agent1040126650109 September, 2020
Frucher AaronSales Agent1040126877909 November, 2020
Cox KelseySales Agent1040127139130 September, 2021
Naber AnthonySales Agent1040127289726 April, 2021
Bryant LisaSales Agent1040127371002 April, 2021
Mann GurpreetSales Agent1040127483425 September, 2021
Bak AndrewSales Agent1040127867009 August, 2021
Mansurov DilshodSales Agent1040128244318 November, 2021
Zakrzewski BarbaraSales Agent1040128606002 March, 2022
Garcia SamanthaSales Agent1040128821019 April, 2022
Jamison DarlineSales Agent1040129586515 May, 2021
Connors PriscillaSales Agent1040130638703 August, 2021
Rosenberg MiaSales Agent1040131384005 March, 2022
Delmonaco AlessandroSales Agent1040132158420 September, 2020
Parker Jeremy TravisSales Agent1040132816327 March, 2021
Altahawi SarahSales Agent1040132894214 April, 2021
Chernitskaya AnnaSales Agent1040132909317 April, 2021
Mosca Lisa AnnSales Agent1040133102305 June, 2021
Schermerhorn Paul JSales Agent1040133235014 July, 2021
Paulson Annie MicaelaSales Agent1040133879420 January, 2022
Schillmoeller DirkSales Agent1040134046403 March, 2022
Adler Elliot RAssociate Broker30AD091113503 May, 2022
Asis Ray AAssociate Broker30AS100036818 October, 2021
Belec Paul TAssociate Broker30BE108969704 November, 2021
Chametznik StaceyAssociate Broker30CH074834619 February, 2022
Goldberg Herbert LAssociate Broker30GO069714019 May, 2021
Jungreis IsraelAssociate Broker30JU044257913 November, 2020
Lewis Herbert L JrAssociate Broker30LE105682123 June, 2021
Robertson Tama RAssociate Broker30RO095906113 January, 2022
Schlamm DavidCorporate Broker31SC072299805 May, 2021
Block Allison BSales Agent40BL108576914 September, 2021
Deltsova Yelena ASales Agent40DE102337707 November, 2020
Dourigan KathleenSales Agent40DO072311921 February, 2022
Fattori AnnamariaSales Agent40FA102451209 July, 2022
Ferman Kenneth BSales Agent40FE098830810 June, 2021
Fields BarrySales Agent40FI086592116 March, 2022
Hartley AniaSales Agent40HA090362609 November, 2021
Igrutinovic LatinkaSales Agent40IG103454314 February, 2022
Levine Irene GSales Agent40LE096767319 November, 2022
Mann Donald WSales Agent40MA112145517 February, 2021
Milvaney Willis BSales Agent40MI102149809 April, 2022
Plechavicius John PSales Agent40PL112226601 March, 2021
Rosen MyrnaSales Agent40RO093846529 October, 2021
Rosen HermanSales Agent40RO093846707 June, 2022
Roper Franklin ESales Agent40RO114818628 April, 2022
Todd Patrick MSales Agent40TO108004201 August, 2021
Weiner Andrew SSales Agent40WE102524425 November, 2020

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